New Moon 11+Scorpio, Gate 9.6.
Sunday 3rd December 00:22 UT, 11:22am Sydney, Sunday 2nd December 7:22pm Eastern


What a year it’s been!  Are you able to see what you’ve achieved?  Have you noticed how you’ve been slowly learning that you need to do things a bit differently?

We are learning to see our achievements clearly, and to acknowledge our capacity to change the direction of our own lives.  As we begin to see what has been stored up through small actions taken one after the other, we learn how to make use of that potential.  If we think of our lives as nothing more than a string of small and ineffectual acts we miss the significance of our actions and the deep change they can create.   We need to learn how small actions can change our lives, building up over time into something great.  When we can be in the moment, carefully tending something, no matter how small it might be, we create a shift in our own lives and in the trajectory of life on earth.   It’s a movement away from the hero archetype that calls us to greatness.  The greatness is in the attention to what calls our curiosity

This is different behaviour to what went before.  When we trust in our smallest efforts to have an impact we can relax, do less, achieve more.  We can move past obstacles, step by blockages, resolve conflict.




It’s important not to stay trapped in the pain of  ‘if only’.  Recognise what you have stored up and what use you could make of it.  Sometimes this means to let go of unnecessary details, to step into a broader flow of understanding.  Usually it means allowing our attention to be drawn to what’s next, rather than staying stuck in old patterns or diverting ourselves from what’s really important.

There is something about the ego in this New Moon, something that will become more obvious in January.  It has to do with the ego’s need to hold tight to a smaller view of ourselves, even though some part of us believes in a more expansive self.

The Sun and Moon are in the Gate of the Small (9).  This gate releases magical intention when we focus on what triggers our curiosity and enthusiasm.  Each moment is a new beginning, a new creation.  What you focus your attention on creates your actions. Each action you take is of vast importance to the evolution of humanity.

Dwarf planet Ceres is in Gate 48, significant because in this position she acts as a bridge between Pluto and the North Node, and the Earth in the Gate of Enthusiasm (16).   There is a deep and intense fear triggered through this connection. You may find that external events trigger a need for you to face your fears this week.  Rather than sticking with the old pattern of trying to control things or avoiding them all together (la la land), allow the sense of whatever is going on for you to penetrate deeply.  The fear may be something that feels overwhelming, controlling even malevolent.  It may feel very uncomfortable. That’s because we’re deep in the cellular level of the body here.  We are accustomed to dealing with fear as an emotion or an instinct, but Gate 48 is fear held in the body and it is an unfamiliar experience to actually become aware of it.  After all, we put it there in the first place because we didn’t want to be aware of it!

Rest into your fear.  Sigh and release.  Drop down.  Here is a place where we all meet as a collective.  There are no good guys or bad guys.  I have found this fear to be very uncomfortable, but allowing my breath to be deep and slow has released energy that’s probably been trapped all my life.

Sitting next to Ceres in Gate 48 are two asteroids – Hybris and Achilles.  Hybris relates to our expectations about what we will achieve in life, and the possibility of our banking on it.  Achilles has, I believe, a triple layer function.  In the deepest layer we feel, deep down, that we are wonderful and magical and all powerful in our own lives.  Then in the middle layer we are anxious about how we may be received in a world that may not agree with our innate knowing of our own goodness and inherent value.  The top layer, our face to the world,  is one that tries to cover up our anxiety by pretending to be the very thing we know ourselves to be deep down.  It’s the fake version of the deepest layer.  Astrology Eric Francis has suggested that Achilles represents false confidence, that we pretend we are not confident when we really are.  This has played out in my experience of working with people on their Achilles in their Design, but I do believe there are three layers at work here, not two.

I was so surprised years ago when a friend said that the ego self was more likely to play small than to play big.  After all, that amazing creature, the ego, is most interested in keeping us safe and what better way than to be unthreatening. In our smallness we cling to many small details, fearing that if we release our grip on them we will become unhinged from reality, step too far into the flow of life and be swept away.   Our mind (which is a great partner of the ego) has it’s regular pathways, the habits of a lifetime that make up who we are.  Change and growth requires new behaviour.


claire stoner

Newly discovered minor planet Orius is conjunct the Sun and Moon, in Gate 9.5.  Based on the work of astrologer Philip Sedgwick, I consider Orius to represent a deeper and simpler way of knowing that comes from inner awareness rather than external props like fancy clothes, fast cars, sexy partners and high status careers.  Without these props we can feel disoriented, as our sense of identity is stripped away.  I remember feeling this way when I first became ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and realised I could no longer work as a lawyer.  Who would I be?  I had no idea.  It was quite frightening at the time.  Orius calls us to be alert to the changes that are taking place, and to allow our own insight to form the structure of our reality.

This week’s New Moon calls us deeply into relationship with our body.  Pluto has finished in Gate 58, where he helped us begin to shake up the cellular patterns that we were stuck in.  This week’s New Moon calls out that new capacity by asking us to move – stretch, walk, dance, roll around, jump, skip.  Whatever you DO, include your body.  Find new ways to move, small ways to change the way you move, different shapes and colours and smells and sounds of movement.  I just bought a yoga hammock so I can hang upside down!

Regardless of possible challenges we can take the time to see that many potential threats to our existence are actually blessings in disguise.  Rather than react from fear we can allow a deep transformation to occur by responding to the threat slowly and with great awareness.  We can move our body in response to any feelings of anxiety, fear, discomfort.  Shimmy, shake, slide, swing.  They only need to be small movements, gentle movements.  In this way we find the true blessing being offered to us, because our bodies get to move through the process.  We are breaking down so much old structure.  We are creating personal sanctuary within our own bodies.  This process works very deeply on our wounds of abandonment and betrayal within the family, wounds that have cut us off from each other and from our capacity to be at home on the planet and even in our own bodies.

One major benefit of this process is that we will be more grounded in reality, and no longer over or underestimate what we can achieve and who we can be.   Our natural enthusiasm will be authentic and false enthusiasm no longer necessary.  Because even in our bodies, we feel safe enough to stand our own ground.    The overpowering and malevolent threats of the past are cut down to size and we realise we can easily move past them without dying.

On 9th January Jupiter shifts to Gate 39, and both channels will be activated until 31st January, when the Node shifts.  Mars will be in 57 almost that entire period, until 24th January.  The Centaur Asbolus will be in Gate 20 during this time, giving the energy of letting go of old concepts of success.

The Root Centre corresponds with Malkuth in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life.  This is the place where we walk on the earth plane.  This is the place where we bring our godself to material reality. During this period we can turn our gaze from the difficulties of the past and face the future.  Here is where we are creating!


Img:  Claire Stoner

Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.