Embrace Your Dreams sign with a beach on backgroundThere is one clear, precise and profound message from today’s New Moon, and it’s this:

Get ready to shift into the flow of a greater life.

We’re coming face to face with all our dreams denied and inviting them to come out of the shadows and into reality.

There can be no half heartedness  here, no more lives half lived.  There will be no detours.  We are getting into the flow and taking each step as it shows up for us.

But don’t get into thinking this requires a superhuman effort.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite.  The only real effort is in your intention and willingness to surrender to where life wishes to take you.  After that, your offerings and actions need only be modest.  You are not being asked to give beyond your means.  In other words, don’t push and don’t rush and don’t believe you have to put yourself out in any way. That’s taking you OUT of the flow, so it will only be counter-productive anyway, and how good is that.

New Moon February 2015

New Moon February 2015

The Sun and Moon are in the Gate of Clarity and Illumination, where inner and outer light meet.  Here we drop our seriousness and efforting, and find a lightness by surrendering to a trust in the flow of life. Because, let’s face it, if you are not trusting life you are simply making yourself a victim of it.  And that’s never going to do you or any of the rest of us any good.

This is a gate of desire.  The channel itself pressures us to follow our desires, feel and feed our hunger, into emotional experiences that teach us about our world.  As Richard Rudd says in his GeneKeys book, our desires don’t have to be followed, but they do have to be felt.

The pressure itself, coming out of Mercury in the Root Centre, is for a dream of a better life.  In the past we have had to live on hope alone.  We haven’t had the tools to manifest our dreams into physical reality.  But now we are entering the frequency of physical manifestation and as a precursor, we need to get in touch with what we choose to create.

Gate 41, the Gate of Decrease, is the only start codon in the Human Design chart.  It switches on when we allow ourselves to truly feel the emotional energy of our desires.  This is not an intellectual exercise, or a busy-ness. It is an emotional energy.  There is a huge morphogenic field being created today, as if we are all at the starting gate awaiting the signal.

Don’t be concerned about what you are giving up.  Let go of any entanglements in futile actions and beliefs that no longer align with your core dream.  Even if you don’t know exactly where you want to go, imagine stepping into a greater flow of life – actually close your eyes and take a step with the intention of it taking you into the flow.  This liberates the whole creative flow into your life.  Then it is available for you to leverage.

This is an excellent day to re-evaluate your plans, dreams and goals.  Take some time out to remember desires you have stuffed down the back of the wardrobe.  Take them out and brush them off.  Update, refresh and renew them. But don’t get caught up in making an effort.  Just know your next step and then you can go your way both lightly and purposefully, joining in a more creative energy. This is Heaven on Earth.


Let your aspirations rise to heaven and shine out brightly, but also enter deeply into the ordinary earth your experience grows from.

Hilary Barret, I Ching



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