ballsNew Moon in Gate 53.2 ~ Monday 8th July 7:15am UT, 0:15am PDT, 3:15 EDT, 5:15pm AEST


Today’s New Moon comes on the heels of the Sun making a channel with Neptune in the Gate of Abundance.  The Sun was signalling a crucial moment in our lives, a time when all the balls lined up and we got a vague sense of the possible cornucopia our lives could be.  I say vague, because Neptune likes to let us wander around in the fog for a while.   But the signs of what is emerging are starting to show more clearly and Neptune’s role here is to help us refine them.  He wants us to find the highest possible expression of our dreams.

One of the problems we face when the balls are all lined up, is that they look so pretty!  If we take a shot it will all be chaos again, balls all over the place!  So sometimes, instead of taking that shot, we pour a glass of wine, ring a friend for a chat or go outside and have a cigarette.  And dream about the perfect shot we might have made, and how many of those perfect balls we could have sunk in the corner hole.   Neptune likes to dream of perfection.  And knowing how to create perfection on Earth, that’s his ultimate goal.

The New Moon is encoded with instructions for that shot.  And I’m here to let you know, there are no expectations.  We don’t expect you to win the Championship Point with that one shot.  All we want is that you do something.  Take some kind of action.  Small or large, it doesn’t really matter.

When we take action on our own behalf it creates change.  And change is not something we’re really comfortable with. Not really.  Change means something is lost and something is gained.  Moving to a beautiful new house means packing up and leaving the old one behind.  I got a new car about 2 weeks ago.  My old car is still parked in my driveway.  I can’t bring myself to sell it.  I love that car!  I put up with it breaking down on me for two years in preference to buying a more reliable one.  Actions require decisions and decisions bring loss.

And uncertainty.

When we launch ourselves on that new trajectory, who knows what will happen?  What if I spend all my money on a new car and I don’t like it?  What if I move to a new neighbourhood and spend every day wishing I was somewhere else?

This New Moon is a whisker away from Pluto and right on top of Mercury retrograde.  It’s also creating a channel with Eris, the Goddess of Discord and Chaos, who is sitting in Gate 42.  When Eris takes action, well things happen.  And not always good things.  So no one could blame us for not taking action right now, could they?

The Sun and Moon will be in Gate 53.2.  This is the Gate of Gradual Progress, a gate where we grow into life’s possiblities, where we get results gradually and almost imperceptibly when we have the patience to stay loyal to the destination as the journey unfolds.   The Earth is in Gate 54.2. This is the Gate of the Marrying Maiden,the concubine who seeks to better herself.  This is a gate of slowing finding your place in a new world, accepting that you are not yet Queen, that you don’t yet know the lay of the land.  This is not so much a time to take decisive action or have a clear agenda.  We are entering new territory, a new consciousness and a new way of being.  We mustn’t allow our old fears to drive us into action too soon out of fear of missing out.  Nor should we attempt to control our lives out of a love of winning, becoming the Queen rather than the concubine.

This week, act as if you have arrived in a new household.  Your existing assumptions and beliefs may apply here.  Then again, they may not.  Take your time to observe the customs, the ways in which things are done here.  Be gentle, we’re in the Root Centre and the ancient fears of humanity reside here.  If you try to take control of anything, Mercury retrograde and Eris may make mischief with you.  It’s not so much about achieving anything in particular as it is about getting to know yourself and what you’re capable of, and what you truly enjoy. Take your time, observe, act in small ways that support you to open up to new possibilities.




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Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.