shutterstock_210000454_web_1024At first glance the two gates creating this week’s New Moon seem irreconcilable. Peace and Prosperity versus Blockage and Standstill. Easy Flow versus Stagnation.

What’s to be done when we have these two very different energies playing out?  Getting the balance right this week is like collecting a golden prize and moving to the next level – we are unravelling a web of lies that has kept us trapped in being not enough.

The New Moon challenges our very modern notion that we are in control of our lives. That our efforts will always succeed to our imagined outcomes. That if we lose control and fail to achieve the expected outcomes we have failed.

This is a time of unparalleled opportunity, requiring our careful attendance to the natural forces at play in our lives. This is not about seizing control and making life as we will.  It’s a more humble recognition of the gifts we have been given, and a willingness to apply ourselves through all kinds of circumstances to making good use of them.


Have We Become Spiritual Freeloaders? 

My partner and I visited the new labyrinth in Centennial Park in Sydney on a busy weekend. We were shocked by how people seemed oblivious to the sacred nature of the labyrinth. There were kids playing football on it. Parents wandering vaguely around it chasing toddlers. One group I found particularly disturbing were all walking around while gossiping to each other about a mutual friend.  They gathered in the sacred centre to talk loudly and with great indignation about this friend while others were walking quietly around them. There was no sign explaining how the labyrinth worked, how to use it. There was no explanation of the sacred nature of this process.  Unlike this photo, it was crowded and chaotic.



What struck me as I was walking the labyrinth, well truthfully, it was a voice in my head saying – we have become spiritual freeloaders. I was painfully aware that most of the people around me had no connection with the divine at work in their day, even as they interacted with such an ancient and sacred symbol.

We are happy to accept the bounty of what is freely and lovingly offered to us but we do not appreciate it, my voice told me. We have become greedy because we cannot feel what we have already received as a blessing from heaven and earth. We are no longer considering what may be sacred.

This isn’t an idea I’ve ever contemplated before and yet it felt strangely apt that day.  And there was an inherent irony, that having been given the blessing of this labyrinth I was having difficulty appreciating the sacred nature of my particular moment with it.

Our true soul gifts have begun to awaken within us, and yet it feels as if we are stuck in the past beset by confusion and overwhelmed by obstacles, just as I was beset by baby footballers and noisy gossips.

I find in my coaching practice that people feel they are taking one step forward and two steps backwards when they pause to spend a few weeks consolidating their sense of their new self. They can feel like they are failing (and sometimes they feel they are failing me) by not keeping a continual forward motion. But that is a nonsense in nature. How many straight lines do we see in a forest? At the ocean?  This is a time for patiently engaging. For pulling out the weeds of the past whilst always moving in the direction of the bright luminous realm that calls us forward.

Do You Deserve Your New Life?

New Moon HD Transit Chart June 2015

New Moon June 2015

When we put the energy of these two New Moon Gates together we find a place where we can move in harmony with nature.

This is an auspicious time of prosperity and peace. Our little self (earth) is departing and our great self (heaven) is arriving. We are releasing the need to succeed according to our ego’s identity. We are learning to be content to move with the will of our great heavenly self, without the need to shake our fist and complain when events seem unfavourable or to see ourselves as victims of cruel fate.

Until now we have believed there is something shameful in our inability to succeed according to external ideas of who we should be. It is time to release that shame and stand in the light of who we have become. Our vital energy, long bound up in the child’s shame of not being enough, can now come free.

The child inside us is learning that life is not about working to better ourselves until we finally succeed and arrive at a place of safety and security that will go on forever. Life is charged with more adventure than that! It is an ongoing series of challenges that stretch us to respond fluidly. What is the good and bad that has brought you to this moment? What great opportunities may be hidden here?

It is this kind of resiliance to see the positive flow in each small moment that releases us out of the desire for safety and security and into the greater soul adventure which is often dangerous, death defying and disorderly. This is the place of true creation!  There is no shame in a continual crafting of our vision for greater beauty and grace. There is no shame in not having arrived when there is no final destination.

Patiently Weaving

The asteroid Arachne is conjunct the Sun, Moon and Mars in Gate 12. Imagine my delight when I saw the mythology of Arachne centred on Minerva being cross with her for not recognising that her gifts came from the Goddess!  The myth aligns exactly with the story told by the New Moon transits!




Arachne symbolises a great creative gift, and your need to use it wisely. Minerva, currently transiting in the Gate of Humility (15) wants Arachne to be less boastful and have more humility. Spiders and weaving are symbols of patiently creating. If we go too quickly, without paying proper attention to the pattern we can get into a complicated tangle of our own making.

Your Imaginary Security

Since Ceres went into Gate 19 back in early May there have been a lot of survival fears running through our nervous systems. I had a strange feeling yesterday, a recognition that the kind of security I had been craving just doesn’t exist. Anything could happen at any moment. My world could change suddenly or gradually to become unrecognisable. Minor planet Pallas – the Roman version of Minerva – is currently transiting in Gate 26.3, which says –

Townspeople identify with their group and want to stay in one place and also expect what they value to stay where they tether it. But this is an imaginary security. The valueable things in life are like cattle, free roaming and quite capable of walking away. Meanwhile travellers are mobile and flexible. They don’t need to own much and are always on the alert for changes, ready to benefit from the unexpected. Disentangling brings disaster for the townfold, but benefit for the travellers. Which would you choose to be? (Hilary Barret, I Ching)

Where does your true security lie? Are you blocking yourself from adventures by valuing only what you can tether? Are you slipping out of the potent moments of your life, unable to benefit because you fear to take on the goddess and test your skills and talents in the realm of the divine?

We CAN create our own lives as we choose to imagine them, but we are still on our training wheels, still at the beginning of our apprenticeship. We must balance humility and patience with a crazy wild eyed belief in ourselves that goes beyond anything being reflected back from our everyday reality. 


You Are Enough

You may notice in the chart that the three planets – Sun, Moon and Mars – most prominent in this New Moon are creating a channel activation with Chiron in Gate 22. This is an emotional manifestor channel which works at a deeply symbolic level (ie, it experiences life at the sacred symbolic level).

It has an inherent connection with the Galactic Centre through Gate 11 and is often prophetic and challenging to the status quo. It is particularly challenging to the social fabric, to established niceties that keep us trapped in the aspic of old ways of relating to each other that obscure our true selves.




The Sun and Mars are the champion of the child/Moon here.

The child who spoke truth, and was told to hush or humiliated by having that truth denied or contradicted or made wrong. The child who’s feelings were corrected – no dear, you’re not angry/sad/happy. The child who desires the good things in life and has spent a lifetime pretending to be someone good enough to deserve them, and feels she still hasn’t succeeded.

This week’s New Moon touches that child. It draws her in and brings succour to her heroic efforts. It is enough.

You seek to make a vital connection, to join with something or someone important to you. You feel inadequate and ashamed of how little you have to offer. But these things you are concerned about are only superficial and only temporary. Your authenticity and commitment are far more important. (Hilary Barret I Ching for Chiron in Gate 22 line 5). 

 As a creator, you are both human and divine. That is the magic and wonder of you. Claim your gifts without having to know how to use them. Patiently craft who you are becoming. Live within the construct of your larger story.

Your contribution matters to us all. Your authentic commitment to being present to each moment matters to us all. Sometimes it is enough to be moving backwards, because what’s important is that we are moving consciously. Untether yourself from old ideas of security, and be ready to spin gold from straw.


Walking Down Under: Sydney Centennial Park Labyrinth

Field of Poppies, by Mark Simont

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