1230085_10151816578975865_243589014_nNew Moon 5th September 2013 at 11.36 UT, 3.36 PDT, 6.36 EDT and 8.36pm Australian EST.  

This month’s New Moon brings vision and a slower pace to fulfill it’s promise.  Rushing a transition is never a good idea. Giving birth to your dreams has it’s own natural and organic timing.  We don’t tug at new shoots when they poke their tiny heads above the soil to get them to grown faster, and yet we put our own dreams under so much pressure to manifest.

The relationship theme that I talked about in my last blog post is less intense, but still present as Mercury joins dwarf planet Ceres in the core intimacy channel in the Human Design bodygraph.

There is still a high degree of emotional sensitivity, and the tendency is to either float off or rush around trying to make things happen, rather than staying present and gently ground the energy.

We are beginning to create our Godself.  And that means we must release our grip on what we have till now held onto as God (or whatever name you wish to use).

As small children we see our parents as ominpotent.  They are our mythological god and goddess, and we tend to build the foundation of our spiritual worldview on that relationship. They represent our safety, and as we mature we seek the same sense of belonging and care within our romantic relationships.  Again, we get that projection of the omnipotent god/goddess who will love us completely and keep us safe.

This New Moon is propelling us out of that space by opening us up to the immense energy of love available to us in the cosmos.  But it’s a bit like tearing a small child away from it’s parent.  We have clung with fear to what keeps us safe, and fear is a much denser energy than love.  Which is why cosmic love feels so unreliable!  When it comes to my physical survival it seems more sensible to rely on my employer and my family to keep me safe than some vague but beguiling sense of love that’s ‘out there’ floating around in the universe.

The New Moon is happening in the Head Centre, which is the equivalent of the Crown chakra.  This is a place of inspired new ideas, so volatile they can shift us from one reality to the next. They represent a transition in our thought processes, a profound shift in our thinking.  They open us up to visions and dreams that can change our direction in life.

It is in the Head Center where we open up to loving guidance, to connections with beings from higher dimensions who can shower us with advice that will help us support and care for ourselves in truly loving ways. It is this relationship to other dimensions that calls to us in this New Moon.  It is our first step into a self-reliance that goes beyond the self, beyond feelings of abandonment, isolation, invisibility and lack of love.  It supports us to step into a field of love and light that we can trust, because we have become familiar with it’s ever present nature.  Unlike our human idols, this presence is always there for us and perfectly attuned to our needs.

In the Kaballah the equivalent to the Head Centre is the Sephirah known as Kether, ruled by Archangel Metatron.  The place where cosmic unity and our personal archetypal reality begin to blend for the first time to create something we know as our life.  This is where our world first emerges from non-existence and into form.  Where we begin to create something from nothing.  The Head Centre / Crown Chakra / Kether Sephirah is the first step in the creation process of the fully grounded Godself.

We allow the seed to take hold in our minds (in the Ajna Centre) and hold a space for it’s natural growth process. As it reaches the Throat Centre we share it via the universal source codes as the vibration of sound.  We speak the inspired seeds of the new into relationship through conversation, and then come together to bring them into manifest form.  This is the portal nature of the Throat, that it translates the codes within us, first into relationship with others, and then into form and matter.


The Cycle of Beginnings and Endings

The Sun and Moon are in Gate 64 – the final hexagram in the I Ching.  It is called Not Yet Complete.  At the very end of one thing, we can hesitate on the verge of transition, trying to figure out whether it is safe to commit ourselves.  Wilhelm says this:

The conditions are difficult.  The task is great and full of responsibility.  It is nothing less than that of leading the world out of confusion and back to order.  

 We need to go carefully, rather than boldly.  We need to go humbly, not carrying our new treasures proudly but aware that we are newcomers, at the beginning of a new evolutionary phase.  We may subconsciously consider things will go on as before, and behave accordingly but this approach won’t serve us well.  We must be attuned to our own heightened sensitivity, itself a tool of a newly emergent reality, and move slowly and with consideration.

The Sun, Earth and Moon are in the Head Centre, so this is not a time for action.  But the very concept of action is changing.  Our understanding of the process of creation is expanding.  We know that having a vision is in itself a crucial part of the creative process.  And as we mature spiritually, we can learn how to take responsibility for that vision.

The Earth in Gate 63 – Already Complete – warns that acting without care can plunge us back into the disorder of the old cycle.  Again, from Wilhelm:

It may happen that those who have come to power grow arrogant and conceited and no longer trouble themselves about fostering new talent.  If your superiors withhold their trust from you, you may seek means of drawing attention to yourself.  You are warned against such an unworthy procedure.  Do not throw yourself away on that old world.  Wait tranquilly and develop your personal worth by your own efforts.  Times change and the new era dawns.  That which is yours cannot be permanently lost.  It comes to you of it’s own accord and you only need to be able to wait.  

There is a certain meaning in Neptune’s position in Gate 55 – the Gate of Abundance – that talks about our fear of loss.  At the high end of the wheel when everything is going well and we have abundance we fear coming down the other side.  In the dark we fear the light, and in the light we fear the dark.

This is the basis of our push for more and more growth that we also see entrenched in our global economy.  This is a linear process.  We begin to believe we can always be happy, healthy and rich if we just think the right thoughts.  In the process we lose some of our humanity.  And we misplace the real meaning of the spiritual maturity we are beginning to access.  It could perhaps be encapsulated in the saying that it’s not what happens to us but how we respond to what happens that’s important.  Consider how your fear of loss might be contributing to anxiety about moving gradually forward.

This theme will be paramount between 8th September and 9th January 2014, as Jupiter activates the format energy channel of cycles with Eris.  More on that next week.



Anna Silivonchik


I could talk about relationships as Mercury joins Ceres in the Channel of Mating, but this is more than that, much more.  Right now, a whole lot of our creative energy gets channelled into sex, consumerism and working in what anthropologist David Graeber calls ‘bullshit jobs’ that are just empty busyness.

[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”left” cite=”” quotestyle=”style02″] “Some day, after we have mastered the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness…the energies of love. Then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.” ~ Pierre Theilhard de Chardin [/sws_blockquote_endquote]

Remember the Monty Python sketch Every Sperm is Sacred?  It’s not just sperm we’ve been wasting.  We are slowly awakening to our wasting of the vast reservoirs of creative energy inherent in our human biological systems, convinced that all we can achieve is in the successful joining together of sperm and egg.

The concept of supra-sex is a communion of all levels of our biological being with the creative force of the universe. It is the method by which we join forces with evolution and consciousness itself to create life.  This is what I believe the so called Channel of Mating holds in trust for us.  It is evolution’s higher use for the sexual system in the same way that we can evolve to higher experiences of our mind through meditation and our digestion through eating superfoods.

To access the energy of supra-sex we need to let go of our need to obtain intimacy through sexual intercourse.  It doesn’t mean we won’t achieve intimacy in that way, in fact I expect it will mean exactly the opposite.  It does mean that our sexual energy will move closer to being pure Eros – life force energy in motion – rather than something we trade for a dowry.


The Incoming Feminine

Saturn lines up with the North Node in the Gate of Coming To Meet (gate 44) on 17th September 2013.  This gate represents a powerful incoming female force, a profound and mysterious power that attracts us, takes us over and changes everything.  Saturn will be right there making sure we’re committing to our own inner convictions and giving them the inner space to ensure they meet their long term potential.  Opening to this feminine power is frightening. Again we are going against thousands of years of conditioning that only the father, the patriarchal forces of economy, will keep us safe and secure.  Our trust in the archetypal mother to love and cherish us is thin on the ground, and our grief is strong.   Keep reminding yourself that you are safe.  And loved.  And amazing!



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