Full Moon in Gate 8 line 1 (26 Taurus), Sun in Gate 14 line 1 (26 Scorpio).  Sunday November 17th at 3.15pm UT, 7.15am PST, 1015 EST.  Monday 18th November at 2.15am Australian Eastern.

This week’s Full Moon asks one question.

Are you ready to embrace your true purpose?   

Whether Wall Street knows it or not, the economic field on this planet is shifting irrevocably.  Power is shifting, money is shifting, the very concept of ‘success’ is shifting.

Once upon a time, being a success meant fitting in.  Doing the right thing.  Working hard and paying your dues.

That kind of success wasn’t really success.  It was actually something quite different.  It was mediocrity – a fear of success – disguised as the freedom to make your way.  The ‘way’ however, was never your way.  That ‘way’ was predetermined and designed to keep you powerless.

We are stepping into a fresh new fractal alignment on this Full Moon.  One that brings the pure joy of expressing your true nature.  It’s time to take a leap of faith in yourself and reveal the bright diamond of light that you truly are.

Here’s what’s happening.

The Full Moon is in Gate 8 – The Gate of Contribution – a place where our ability to express our unique individual creative possibilities are released into the world.  But there’s so much more than your individual shiny self illuminating the world.  This is a gate about relationships.  It’s about sincerity.  In particular, how we can create a new world by being sincere AND being uncompromisingly ourselves.  “Pour your sincerity into the community as when filling an empty well bucket with pure water.   People will join the union.”  (Master Huang)

This is a pure, almost childlike, impulse towards relationship that springs from overflowing sincerity and trust.  True understanding of our place in the world flows from here.

The end that comes from this, bringing more good fortune, is a completion and rounding off and also a beginning.  True understanding grows from here.”  (Hilary Barrett)

Venus is conjunct Pluto –  in the Gate of Diversity (38).  You might also know it as the Gate of the Fighter.  Well, the fighting can stop now.  When our energy was bound up in struggling and fighting to survive as individuals we were blind to the incredible prosperity that flows from coming together and exploring how to value our diversity.

Venus calls out the immense personal power that Pluto brings to your door, and shows how to use it to attract into your life the wealth that is naturally yours to claim.  The forces of opposition that have kept us locked in mental confusion about our true nature are breaking down.  We are coming together in sincerity, sharing our natural gifts, creating a new world that is based on respect for diversity.

Pluto is square Uranus –  showing us that we can stop fighting endlessly for our freedom and move into a whole new phase of self expression.  Richard Rudd talks about finding ‘the right fight’ – learning the difference between fighting resistance rather than simply observing and overcoming obstacles.  When we point ourselves towards our own goals, find creative ways to overcome the limitation and obstacles we will naturally meet on the way, we are empowered and invigorated rather than exhausted.

An added bonus (actually the reason we even engage in the struggle in the first place) is that we discover others who are our natural allies and without whom we couldn’t even make the journey, let alone achieve our goals.

Uranus is in Gate 17.6 and Pluto in Gate 38.1.

Vesta is conjunct Makemake –  in the Gate of Pushing Upwards (46).  Dwarf planet Makemake presents you with a paradox.  There is your starry self – the wild one who knows the way.  And there is your cultivated self – the one who believes it has all the answers.  The first is a force for universal creation – the breakthrough into a new cycle.  The second is a force for destruction in the name of ‘progress’.

Vesta represents the return of all resources – including our sacral energy (our creativity and sexuality) – to the sacred realms.  She calls us to remember a time when abundance was natural and communal.  She asks us to treat ourselves as divine containers for the life force energy that pulses through us.

To do this, we need to own it, and to make more conscious choices about how we channel it.

To do this, we need to step into the emptiness that is the void from which our own creativity arises.  We need to let go of having all the answers, or trusting those who tell us that they will keep us safe.  They are lying now, and always have been.


Makemake and Vesta are conjunct the Super Galactic Centre. At it’s core, this energy can feel like an immense emptiness. This is an emptiness that can only be filled by joining into a much bigger picture.  Transits to the Super Galactic Centre can bless us with a quick joyride into the wonderful realm of our own most potent essential nature.   To get on that ride we have to ditch the addictive behaviours that we’ve picked up as a way of avoiding our fear of emptiness, and dive right into that existential pit of aloneness.

Vesta is about sex and vocation.  She covers the gamut of relationship trajectories in our lives, and how we devote ourselves to them while holding true to our own sacred nature.  Expect major sexual relationship shifts over the next few days, as we shift from death and destruction (trying to heal the wounds and save ourselves from being alone) to life and creativity.

This is a big world and while each one of us harbours ideas of being the centre of the universe, we are really so infintesimally small compared to say … oh, I don’t know ..  a supermassive black hole containing more than 3 trillion stars.  Nevertheless, as the saying goes, you are a cherished child of the universe with a very specific reason for being right here right now.  And right here and right now is exactly the time to claim your essential heritage as a powerful beam of light in the immense trajectory of the evolution of life.  Feel your aloneness and get ready to leap!



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