You may notice I’ve repeated myself a few times in this post. It’s because after 2 hours of research and writing I lost almost the entire post and had to rewrite it. Rather than go back and edit it again, I’m leaving it in it’s imperfect form, enjoy!

11056544_10153363289880865_3959892291538068861_nEveryone is looking forward now to the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon on 28th September, but between now and then we have some rather large transit events happening. And when I say rather large, I mean freakin’ huge.

The main trigger for this event is Mars. He moves into the Gate of the Abyss on 16th September at 8am UT (ie, just about the time I’m posting this).

Mars will be making a channel with the North Node. You can read more about the Nodes here. And find out about this particular Nodal activation and how it’s activating a new soul heart frequency here.

The main thing you need to know about the North Node is that it represents a place of global discomfort, a place we can grow into but which perhaps we’d rather not visit at all, but go on a picnic or take a nap instead. Because the North Node is challenging us out of our comfort zone and into a new version of self.

When Mars turns up we know the qualities of courage and vitality and strength are ours for the taking. So Mars can act like a jet propulsion unit, propelling us towards our destiny.

21st September 2015

Let’s look at each gate and then the channel.

Mars is in Gate 29, the Gate of the Abyss. This is a gate that can be quite scary. The fear is about what might happen if you launch yourself into the universal flow without control over outcomes. You are developing the capacity to trust to your own personal truth in the present moment. The more present you are, the more available you are to a greater reality with more options.

In the deep waters of the abyss the things that previously felt solid fall away. There is no external security and no way to orient yourself. You must go into your heart to navigate your way into a great universal creative flow.

North Node in Gate 46, the Gate of Pushing Upward. The one thing you need to know about the North Node is that it’s a place we would rather avoid. Perhaps a nice nap or a swim might be better than leaving our comfort zone and going into the new places our North Node has mapped out for us.

The transiting North Node shows a global evolutionary point, an issue that everyone on the planet is being challenged to address within themselves. You can read more about the North Node here, and about the particular Nodal transits we have right now.

Align your actions with natural order, set out towards light, warmth and inspired activity. This is a gate that speaks of step by step action that comes from the coherent and aligned heart. It’s motif is the seed, deep underground, instinctively growing it’s way to the sunlight.


tried to bury us


When we put the two gates together we have a channel that connects the Sacral (vitality/creativity) to the G Centre (soul identity and direction). Mars gives us the courage and commitment to let go of trying to control or manipulate outcomes, and to step into a greater flow of life force energy. To surrender and open to what is seeking to come through us. The North Node represents a destiny point and that point is about letting go of worry and doubt, and following the calling of our soul heart frequency.

On 25th September, the Sun will be exactly conjunct the North Node, in Gate 46 line 3. Hilary Barrett’s I Ching says about this:

This place was once at the centre of the action, full of life and meaning. You might have thought it still  would be, or at least that there would be something here to engage with. But now it stands empty. If you are committed to change and progess it is up to you to move on.

If you are committed to change and progress, it is up to you to move on. Travel straight through towards your objective. Do no linger here waiting for the echoes to talk to you.

The key points for this transit event are that Mars is bringing the courage to move in the direction of your dreams. It will almost certainly not look as you expected. That’s because you are busting some boundaries that have kept you doing what was expected, what was approved of, what felt comfortable and familiar.

There is something coming alive in you now and it may feel as if you couldn’t possibly! But all the other options are falling away. Be aware of what feels as if it holds no life, and what feels tantalisingly alive. Even if what feels tantalisingly alive feels wrong or off track, experiment with it. Let yourself feel into the possibility it brings. Take one small step in it’s direction.

There’s no need to panic or rush or be afraid. Remind yourself that you are safe in each moment, right here and now. Appreciate what is in your moments. Mercury retrograde, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune and the Sun and Earth play into this transit. The Moon dances lightly over it, triggering various activations that I will post on Facebook each day.


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