Things feel quite chaotic just now.  Even if we didn’t take notice of the news, we might feel it within our own bodies and emotions.  Strange feelings, anxieties and physical symptoms beset us.

Ironically, chaos isn’t really chaotic.  Chaos is made of fractals.  And fractals have a very important quality.  They hold the same energetic pattern from the largest macro level down to the most minute micro level.  That pattern operates holographically.  In other words, if you take one portion of the pattern you will find it is reproduced over and over again, up to the macro level.

This is important to you and I.  It is the basis of our growing personal power in the world, and gives a huge clue to how we can create change.

For the past few hundred years, the world we know has been held in place by our collective agreement to believe in a mechanistic universe.  We saw it as such, and so it was.  That very concept is post-mechanistic.  Quantum mechanics tells us quite clearly that we see what we expect to see. Reality is what we make it.  That’s no longer a new age or hippy idea.  It’s cutting edge science.  We just don’t quite know what to do with that knowledge yet.

Our bodies are essentially creatures of chaos.  They contain many fractals.  The tubes that take air into our lungs.  The nerves in our brain and spine.  Blood vessels.  Then there’s nature.  We find fractals in trees, rivers, wind blown patterns in sand.  Chaos is everywhere.  Nature is so intricate that it appears disordered.  In fact, these days we just call it ‘complex’.  We need supercomputers to comprehend the order, and to render it  predictable and understandable to our level of thinking.

But the intelligence of our bodies goes far beyond that of complex maths and supercomputers.  Human Design is one of the most astonishing tools for tuning us into the new emergent reality. It teaches us about our own personalised  connections with the universe.

Our personal and collective safety has relied upon an agreement that “reality” comes from outside of us.  It is something objective, and something that we are largely powerless to do anything other than respond to.  Quantum reality tells a different story.  It tells us that you and I create reality, even matter itself, around our expectations and observations.  We do it on a personal level, and collectively.  The science of fractals tells us that what we expect and observe in this moment will extrapolate out holographically, expressing itself in all levels of our life.

Yesterday I wrote about Saturn in the Spleen Centre.  Saturn, grand upholder of homeostatis and stable structures, finds himself in the gate of collapsing houses.  Saturn, lover of tradition, finds himself in a house that is no longer adequate to the weight it’s being asked to bear. The existing structures of our lives are under stress.  Saturn’s role is to tell us we can’t just sit around bemoaning the destruction around us, we have to step up.  As Hilary Barrett says about this gate – Our greatness of spirit and purpose goes beyond the scope of the situation.  We reach out imaginatively and explore.  Since things cannot hold up as they are, there must be movement.  

The Spleen Centre is filled with gates that are in the astrological sign of Libra.  Libra and Saturn are not the best of friends but they do share a love of balance.  Then along comes Pluto in the Root Centre and flings them both to the wolves.  Balance be damned!  Pluto demands change at the deepest level of our being.  Pluto, harbinger of the atomic age and a chaotic universe, calls for emergence.  He demands that we step to the very precipice of our safe and stable world and leap into the verdant evolutionary void.

Jupiter in the Root Centre

The Root Centre is so important to you and I just now.  The Sun moved there this week.  And Jupiter will arrive on 13th July, remaining until 2nd June 2014.

As we move towards fully embodying our spiritual being, the Root Centre is the last stop.  It’s not an easy place to focus our attention.  Centuries of conditioning have made it difficult to stand firmly on the earth as an individual and hold a clear expectation that we are enough, that we will be accepted, loved, included.  Jupiter has demonstrated, as it’s moved through the Throat Centre recently, that all manner of things can turn out well, against every rational expectation.    So, although the Root Centre is a place where our fight/flight adrenal response resides and we hold deep dna messages filled with fear, Jupiter brings the chance to make things come right.

Women are important here.  Recent research shows that while men are wired for fight and flight, women have a greater tendency towards what’s being called the tend and befriend response.  When faced with difficulties women naturally tend to reach out, to trust, to collaborate.  These next 12 months, with Jupiter’s positive glow hovering over the adrenal energy of every human on this planet, that tend and befriend response is going to change the world.

Scientific research over the past 20 years has debunked the tough guy stance of survival of the fittest.  I turns out the the most successful organisms over the huge sweep of history were those that learnt to cooperate rather than compete.  Organisms that rely on competition tend to die off.  This makes the tend and befriend response to stress a more more attractive survival strategy than the old fight or flight.  Seek out those who can help, work out a plan, take joint action.  (*)

Neptune Activations

Human Design Transit ChartFrom the 1st to 7th July,  the Sun and Earth move to Gates 39 and 38 in the Root Centre.  The Earth will be in the same gate as Pluto.  The Sun will create a bridge between Pluto and Neptune.  The Root Centre will be connected to both the Spleen Centre (your physical intuition) and the Solar Plexus Centre (your emotions).

This is a recipe for anxiety, fear and depression, for feeling that the world is against us, that we are abandoned, alienated, exiled, that we are trapped and can take no action.  That’s enough to get anyone’s fight or flight kicking!  However.  And it’s a big however.  The next 10 days bring a major opportunity to disregard the old fear based conditioning, to reach out to others in a community humanity.  There’s no need to buy into the old stories, to react to bad behaviour.  The most potent action you can take during this period is to stay grounded in your own life, and choose kindness and inclusion.  This doesn’t mean rescuing others or doing things you aren’t comfortable with, but it does mean exercising compassion for yourself and others in our humanity.

Neptune is doing something amazing in Gate 55 in the Solar Plexus Centre.  It is cleansing our emotional bodies of anything that prevents us flourishing in the world.  That includes a tendency to be mesmerised and glamourised away from the truth.  Watch next weeks as veils lift and truths are revealed about powerful systems (Saturn/Pluto).  Neptune also activates the well known triad of victim – rescuer – perpetrator.  Richard Rudd believes that Gate 55 is specifically related to this dynamic, so Neptune’s time there must surely be dissolving these roles.  If you don’t take up one of these three roles, what’s left?  David Emerald suggests the alternative is that we each become powerful creators, and that we help and support others to do the same.  There are new skills of universal creation that we are only just on the cusp of grasping.

Mercury, Venus and Mars will pass through some challenging gates during this six days.  In particular  Mars will spend most of it in the Gate of Standstill, meaning that your naturally soaring sense of grand possibilities may feel like they are coming to nothing.  Mercury will be retrograde in the Gate of Small Exceeding that counsels us not to overdo things, to stay close to the ground.  This is good advice.

When I was giving birth to my daughter, 15 years ago, I got some of the best advice of my life from the midwife.  She said to me “if you keep screaming like that your baby will never be born!”.  All my energy was going up through my voice and throat, and not enough was going down into the birthing process.  She held my hand while I started breathing the energy down, down, down.  Things were a lot easier after that.

The screaming was simply fear.  Fear of pain, fear of possible outcomes that might not be comfortable.  But like a pregnancy, we’re in this now.  We’re here to give birth to something and all the words in the world won’t change our grand trajectory.  The next few weeks call on us to breath the energy down.


(*)  LynnMargulis and DorionSagan, Microcosmos Summit, NewYork, 1986, p.15.

Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.