We are heading into a time of challenges this week.  The outcome is up to you.

Today Saturn shifts into the Gate of Great Exceeding (28),  where our very relationship to the structures of our lives come under question.  How do we sustain ourselves in the modern world?  Where and how do we grow our food?  Who weaves the cloth for our t-shirts and jeans?  Who mines the rare earth for our smartphones?

The next few months call us to extraordinary action to bring balance to the world in the face of a global fear of annihilation.   And our first step is to become familiar with our own buried fears.

twisted-fractal-wallpaperI know, not very cheery is it?  Saturn can be like that!  However, at his most potent, Saturn calls us to look squarely in the face of apparent limitations and find the nugget of gold that only we can carry away and make something of.

Between now and early August you are likely to have your eyes opened to many things in your life that, looking back, you’ll realise you were inexplicably unaware of.  The truth of who we are and how we live will seem like a different country by then.  And in the meantime, we are asked to look beyond the limitations facing us to find what Saturn, the archetypal teacher, is asking us to attend to.

There will be a revelation, some great personal and collective gift, and a new sense of purpose, for us to uncover.

Saturn is joining Pluto in the Gate of Opposition (38).  Here again the need is to look beyond the immediate challenges to find a greater truth.  When we perceive opposition we are really seeing diversity, a beautifully spun fractal of light in all it’s infinite colours.  Rather than fighting it, or trying to control it, we can simply appreciate it’s difference and carry on with our own lives. Our diversity will carry us in different directions, as indeed it’s meant to do.  We are not all meant to be standing together as one, looking in the same direction and holding hands.  Each one of us has our unique take on life, our unique offering and path.

Our instincts have taught us that here is a threat to our existence, ancient fears arise unbidden in our complex architecture of self.  In my work with people I see an extraordinary amount of energy stuck in the Root Centre and unable to release itself into the world.  These embedded fears leave the potential for collaboration untapped, as we block our connections with more diverse people, ideas and experiences without even realising we are doing it.   If we do not own our personal capacity for fear, and our unique responses to it, we do not control our choices in life.

Pluto is an extremely concentrated power, sub-atomic and hidden within the most innocuous things.  He brings to the surface material that needs to be eliminated from our lives. Releasing the unconscious fear of death, limitation and opposition is opening us up to a new creative energy that will change life on this planet.  We are already seeing the first waves of this potent force.

This is a channel that speaks of the structures we create in our lives to deal with our deeply unconscious fear of death.   All the things we engage with on a cultural level that bridge the gap between the joy of life and our own inevitable end point.   How we create a sense of personal significance for ourselves to stave off the feeling that we are about to be swallowed by the immense personal oblivion of the void.  What if we could use this power for good?

Although it sounds like a bad thing, this is the point in our lives where creativity arises.  This place of fear.  But in our death-denying culture we’ve been taught to reflexively reach for packaged solutions rather than go within.  This immense creative power is not yet in our own hands.  This transit is likely to change that.

You’ve heard the saying that what we resist persists, and in a world where millions die of starvation while others overdo the botox and dieting to try to hang onto their youth, there’s no doubt that death is something we resist.  Our fear of death is being used to overwhelm us, to keep us tame and risk-free, to convince us that we need to have the latest gadget or be shamed, to play it even safer.

While I’m writing this, Carolyn Jayne has reminded me of the fear tactics used by the pharmaceutical industry – vaccines, flu shots, cancer.   We have been inundated by funeral insurance ads recently – what will your family do if you leave them to pay your funeral expenses?  Scary!!  I’m not saying we shouldn’t be practical, but when fear is in such epidemic proportions that it overwhelms our capacity to experience our true wealth of intuitive knowing (Spleen Centre) then we retreat to the Root Centre and fail to come out into the world in a powerful and meaningful way.  We live in depression and anxiety, never able to step out and take the personal risks we need to connect and to create.  This transit helps us become aware of the toxic effects fear has had in our lives, and to do something practical (Saturn) about it.

The Root Centre brings pressure into our lives – the pressure to take action, to re-act.   What might arise from the depths of your being if you chose instead to hold to your your own timing and awaited your own inner response, allowed a more conscious knowing of the situation?  This is our challenge, to be open to the power of what arises when we resist the ingrained pressure to react to fear without first knowing what it truly represents in our lives.

Each one of us is stepping up to take responsibility for our lives, to take ownership of our own inner resources, to walk our own unique pathway and find our own personal heroic story.  There will be things to be afraid of, but they are not what we believe them to be today.  And when we shed the toxic communal fears that have made us susceptible to manipulation and have kept us small, we will have the intuitive intelligence to meet it in a different way, not as lone individuals struggling to survive but as a collective each with our own diverse tool box of creative solutions ready to share.


Human Design Transit Chart for 7th May 2013


Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the LoveYourDesign.com blog.