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2017 will not be more of the same. We are creating a blueprint for a new world. The Emergent Women 2017 Program helps you identify your role in creating the change.


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You are naturally successful when you love your Design. Your personal session will uncover what's blocking you, and re-align you with personal meaning and a renewed sense of purpose


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"Working with Kim was like having a brilliant lightbulb shown on my greatest gifts and what I uniquely provide to the world."


Why the Womens March is so important

It's more than time we stopped allowing others to define our reality, particularly when they...

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Can you release yourself from the Gilt Gods?

The task seems so huge many people have given up any belief that it is...

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Awakening the dormant feminine DNA: consciousness evolving

If we can't rely on the state, our culture, our government and society to care...

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