Back in 1990, when I was a 29 year old lawyer, I was running a small and fairly unimportant case in one of the modern Sydney courtrooms built inside the shell of a old sandstone building.  It was all fancy lighting and maroon carpets and slick timber tables.  I don’t remember finishing the case, although I assume I did.  What I do remember is waking up hours later to find myself sitting quietly and all alone in a darkened room, and wondering where I was.

The floor lighting, all the light I could see, filled the room with a maroon glow from the richly coloured carpet.  Back in the womb again perhaps?  Or maybe I was dead?  The thought did occur to me.

As I slowly began to move I remembered.  I was in a coutroom.   I wondered if the court ushered noticed me there, and perhaps thought I was catching a quick nap between cases?  I managed to get myself outside to a payphone – this was years before mobile phones – and rang my boss.  I expect I sounded very odd.  He told me to go outside to the street and wait, he was ringing a taxi to take me home.  I spent the next 12 months sleeping, and didn’t work again for many years.

I still don’t know what happened that day.  I wasn’t alone.  My doctor didn’t know, and the neurologist who ran a series of tests on me suggested I go home to bed and hope I recovered.  He had nothing else to offer me.  To this day I can remember the confused look on his face.  I was eventually diagnosed with a brand new type of illness called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.   It helped to have a name, but I spent many years being treated badly by doctors, even one dentist abused me!  No one really had any idea what to do, it was as if everyone just hoped I’d recover.


In 2001 with Megan and Cameron.

Over the years I spent tens of thousands of dollars on various therapies. For a few years – around the time of this photo – I cried a lot … a lot!  That seemed to help, at least as much as anything else on offer.  I’ve just read an article by the doctor who was my treating specialist back in the 90’s.  He says we are still at least a decade off understanding what causes CFS.  Thank goodness for Human Design!!

When I discovered Human Design in 2003 it gave me a very … very .. important clue.  I could relax, respond, wait.  It also filled me with a passionate longing to explore something that I truly felt I would never grow bored with.  I can get bored very quickly, so this was a bonus.   This idea of responding rather than initiating filled me with a new hope.  Perhaps life would lead me to something that made sense, something truly fulfilling, somewhere that a difficult and unusual person like me could find acceptance.

From that time on my health improved dramatically.  However, I have been managing rather than flying free.  I just forgot I was managing because it became the norm for me.

In October I started to feel a bit more tired than usual.  My house got more untidy, the dishes stacked up more often.  Menopause perhaps?  Living with a teenager?  Or just overdoing things?  In mid December I hit a wall.  I couldn’t avoid it, I had to accept that I was back in the world of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

It was very different this time around.  I don’t have any underlying viral infections these days, and I’m emotionally stable.  It’s not scary or overwhelming the way it was. After all these years of being authentic, emotionally clear, grounded in each moment, it’s down to this.  It’s all about getting my physical body healthy.  I believe that Jupiter retrograde in Gate 16 has triggered this last layer of the illness to come to the surface for healing.  It’s the most difficult layer for me, as I have an undefined Spleen.

So I am still fine to teach online, and do sessions.  What I can’t do though, is come to the US to teach in June as I’d planned.  I waited till the end of January to see how I was progressing before I posted details of my trip and opened registrations.  I’ve decided that I don’t want to put that pressure on myself at this stage.

My idea was always that it would be an annual trip for me.  I’m so excited about the idea of coming and spending time with you all, doing face to face teaching and sessions.  It’s just that the plan has changed and the annual trips will begin in 2014!  I am still planning to teach in Mumbai India in September 2013.

I feel that it’s important to share my story.  It’s important for us all to share the reality of our lives, to mitigate against the ongoing media campaign for perfection and constant achievement.  And I know that Jupiter in 16 has cause a lot of physical illness for many people. Between Pluto and Jupiter, the fears embedded in the Spleen Centre have been pushing their way to the surface. Jupiter is going retrograde in a few days.  I’m writing a post about it now, and I expect many, like me, may breathe a sigh of relief.  But I can’t deny the huge gift he’s brought to me in the past few months.  I’m going to be completely well, with all four of my motors switched on!

And while I feel sad and disappointed about postponing my US trip, I can only feel happy and excited about the possibilities we have before us.




Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.