Here’s a step by step explanation of the powerful emotional shifts coming our way over the next few days.


Dissolving Ego Blockages


Friday 14th September |  10.44am BST  |  19.44AEST  |   5.45am EDT  – lasts for 10 hours.

Human Design transits for 14th September 2012


The Moon creates a channel with Mercury to connect the Sacral to the Solar Plexus.

This channel dissolves inner conflict, and supports integration of our emotional body.  It’s as if our emotions and our bodies are trying to head in different directions and got stuck.  So we go nowhere fast.  Then this channel gets triggered and there’s a kind of meltdown.  It’s usually triggered by an external event – very often within our intimate relationships.

Be very clear about looking for the reflection within rather than blaming the other person.

The last lines of the Sun in 47 and Earth in 22 indicate a fear of taking action on our own behalf, as if we can stay small and avoid having our wounds poked.  But there is no real reason for you to stay in that place any longer.   Venus in Gate 33 – Retreat – soothes us as we go within to digest old emotional energy.

Dwarf planet Makemake in Gate 6 brings up the division between our wild and civilized self – which one writes the story of your life and what untold stories of your life does the other one want to share with you?


Where Do You Feel At Home?


Friday 14th September  |  20.38pm BST  |  15.38pm EDT  |  Saturday 15th September 5.38am AEST  – lasts for 10 hours.

Human Design transit chart for 15th September 2012


The Moon leaves Mercury behind and creates a channel with Chiron that connects the Solar Plexus to the Heart Centre.  This channel is the heart of the community.   And this transit will point out all the places where your boundaries within your community (neighbours, friends and family, people in your local area)  are too strong or too weak.

Where are you over-protective of your personal space?  Where can you loosen up a little?  This channel looks at how you interact on a day to day basis, and how you express your emotions and willfulness with those you are close to.

This channel often makes me think of us westerners all sitting alone in our little boxy homes watching reality tv.  Where’s the love?  How do we isolate ourselves to stay safe?  This transit may be a bit tough, as it brings up the wounds of rejection from community that reside deep within our early experiences of family.

It could be a good time to get some pencils and paper, draw a picture of a home and all that you’d like to have on the inside.  And what you’d prefer to keep on the outside.  These contemplations are a powerful foundation for healthy future growth.


The Starlight That Is You


Friday 14th September 2012  21.35pm EDT |  Saturday 15th September 2012   2.35am BST  |  11.35am AEST

Human Design Transit Chart for 15th September 2012


And then a few hours later, the Sun and Earth move to create an alignment with Jupiter, bringing the Solar Plexus into connection with the Throat.  This will last for 6 days – till 21st September.

Gate 36, at the Solar Plexus, is the place where we hide our insanity. Or what we have been led to believe is our insanity.  It’s the darkest deepest emotional space in the Human Design chart.  This extraordinarily powerful combination of Jupiter and the Earth will open the doorway to the question of what truly is insane on this planet.  And …  here’s a hint … it’s probably going to be global corporations and what they’re attempting to do, rather than you!

While this is possibly going to be a difficult transit on a personal level, the important thing is to understand that there is a process of birthing your brilliance into the world.  These are the parts of us that are barely human – starlight and fairies and other magical subtle light energies.  Jupiter acts as a strongly protective influence in Gate 35 – Progress.


 Releasing the Gifts

Human Design transits for 21st September 2012


And then, just before this Sun/Earth transit comes to an end we have a little bit more magic.

Around the time of the equinox – 21st September – the Moon lines up with the North Node in the Sacral Centre and Mercury creates a channel with transformative Pluto.

The Moon and North Node tells us to trust, relax, let go.  We don’t have to dominate anything, control anything.  Instead our power can be put to good use in understanding and mastering our personal gifts.  After all, they are gifts!  And our greatest joy comes from developing and sharing them.

This Mercury Pluto transit has the potential to open a doorway to reveal a whole lot of nefarious underhanded dealing on the global scene.  We see you!

For you personally, look carefully at how you might allow others to make rules for you.  Where do you habitually rebel against authority rather than stepping into the power of what you seek to create?

Rather than give into anxiety, depression, or our addiction to knowing right now what the outcome will be, relax into the moment.  Good questions to ask yourself are – What makes me feel joyful in this moment?  What would I like to be creating in this moment?

Come to think of it, they’re good questions to ask any time!


Wondering who you are these days?              What new direction you should be taking?

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