kundaliniLet’s talk about the Root Centre for a bit.  It’s the home of our kundalini and a place where our energy can get trapped, causing depression in some and just simply a feeling of being blocked from the full flow of life for others. Does that ring a bell?

The Full Moon on 2 July this week is showing us all the places where we want to get out into the world but keep bumping into opposition and obstructions.  It’s telling us that if we carefully and consciously meet each obstacle we will be able to create a new life narrative. We will see a blessing rather than a curse and sail past what previously seemed insurmoutable.

Why opposition and obstruction? Because on the Full Moon, the Sun and Moon are in Gate 38 – Opposition.  The Earth is in Gate 39 – Obstructions. And just to make it particularly interesting, Pluto is also in Gate 38.



This doesn’t mean we are in for a time of opposition and obstruction. It means we become more aware of where we are feeling blocked and powerless to move or take action. Getting some consciousness in here is crucial for what’s coming up in July and August. We need to free ourselves up from the shackles of old habits of powerlessness.

In the past when we have experienced that BUMP! of being blocked, we have fallen into survival mode. We shut down our creative energy, pulled it back down into our Root and waited for life to facilitate our escape at a more advantagous time. These two gates have operated like wounds to our capacity to operate as individuals within a broader creative context. After so many experiences of being opposed and obstructed, we have tended to give up. Which looked a bit like   … oh well, life isn’t providing me with the support I need so I will just sit here passively, or rage against indiscrimate fate without actually achieving anything useful.

This is a survival code gone wrong.

It harks back to tribal times, when it was important that we guard our individuality against the demands of our community, a kind of slavery that took no account of our individual genius or purpose. That was a closed system that could only evolve – mutate – when the individual broke free. Well break free we did, and now we are figuring out how we use that genius. We are learning to trust that if we express our genius-ness (I think I just used my genius to invent that word) we can be loved and supported rather than shunned and abandoned.

Our current western world view espouses the power of individual will as our key to success. Our chakra system tells us something entirely different. We can try our best to will our way to wherever we would like to go, but if our vitality is locked into an unconscious fear pattern we will continually sabotage ourselves to stay safe.

Quantum science tells us that the very concept of an individual is a nonsense predicated by the Cartsian world view that we are all discrete machine-like blobs of matter. We are in the middle of a paradigm shift, from the age of (the belief in) the individual, to the age of the collective. As we join with others who share our individual vision we lock together like shards of a particularly powerful puzzle.

Pallas Athene ~ Brunnen von Karl Donndorf (1911)

It’s no wonder you’ve been crying .. I can’t do this alone anymore!! Because it’s true! You were never meant to do this bit alone.

Minor planet Pallas has been approaching the Galactic Centre via Gate 26, which activates a new relationship fractal. Pallas represents the integration of feminine wisdom with all that we have learnt of the ways of the patriarchy over the past few millenium.

This is the energy of our times. The return of a powerful feminine force and how that will evolve our existing culture. Metis, the mother of Pallas before she was appropriated by Zeus and the Cities of Men, is conjunct Chiron right now (22). She is the root of our feminine wisdom, vast and earthly.

Metis and Pallas are telling us we need to give things time to grow. We need to put our focus on relationships and work with others, to heal the rifts that had us feeling fear of connecting.  We can’t get much done if we are struggling along in our own little bubble of fear. (Supported of course, most ably, by mainstream media! Be afraid! Be very afraid! it cries daily!) The smart money right now is on you sloughing off fear and shame and anything else that prevents you from connecting from a real place of intimacy.  Can you feel a hunger for that?

 You Need Other People 

This week’s Full Moon brings our attention to what’s arising. Forget the past. We are about to take a leap into a whole new level of soul. We are on the verge of a personal paradigm shift. We’ve been beavering away to improve ourselves, to correct old patterns and get free of our reactivity for years now. It’s generally been a quiet and solitary process. Now we’re about to spring out of the box and into a new collective story.

In the old Cartesian world view, everything happens in straight lines. Change happens in straight lines and in neat timely interludes. Think about your car. It needs a service every 5,000 kilometres. It’s predictable and known. But in the quantum reality it’s very different. We trundle along .. lalalllaaaa lalaaa … and then BOOM! a shift! And then we trundle along …. dada  baabaaa llalala  … and then BOOM! another shift!

These are paradigm shifts. They happen for two reasons. The first reason for a paradigm shift is that two elements that previously didn’t know each other come into a new relationship. Suddenly a new universe is created. Falling in love is a great example. The second reason for a paradigm shift is the slow underlying changes that suddenly break into something completely new. The fall of the Berlin Wall demonstrates this perfectly. It surprised many so-called experts, who didn’t see it coming. I blame Bruce Springstein who played in East Berlin 16 months before the wall came down!

We’re seeing both of these underlying reasons for paradigm shift right now. In particular, this Full Moon tells us – don’t be so attached to your own personal goals because as you get out there and interact with others they will change. Steer a general course rather than get fixated on an ideal. Relationships are at the heart of the quantum world. When we try to go it alone we struggle. When we interact with the right people we flourish. We get recognition, support, encouragement. We can invest our efforts knowing they will be appreciated. We feel valued, safe and loved. This is no small thing.

Relationships force us to confront our stories about how perfect we are, or how put upon, or how heroic, or how … well, you get to choose your own story so fill in the gaps to suit yourself here. With Ceres now in the Gate of Fantasy (41), we are being held in a nurturing and safe space to drop any versions of our personal story that have wandered from the pathway of reality and into the realm of make believe.

Coming face to face with reflections of ourselves that may challenge our previous conceptions is part of our evolutionary process of coming into our bodies. We need to be unreservedly present in each moment, and that means we must be able to be truthful with ourselves. Our relationships are helping us do that.


Let’s Talk About Asteroids and Dwarf Planets

The Sun and Moon are conjunct Eros on the Full Moon. Eros is life as an erotic adventure. Eros is the cause of love as creative force, and life itself. This speaks to me of a return of our life force, a call to the adventure of sharing our individual creative force with others, and having the juicy courage to stand our ground.

Mercury is in Gate 45 with Astraea, Star Goddess. I do love Astraea! When all the other Goddesses left in the last Bronze Age, Astraea stayed till she could bear it no more, but vowed to return as soon as the Golden Age began to birth. In Gate 45 Mercury and Astraea speak of a shift in our economic relationships. They tell us to stop pushing our will, to become more gentle and devoted to each other. Let’s give up the habit of seeing each other as commodities, as a potential source of income first and an actual person second.

Ceres has shifted into Gate 41, augering new beginnings. There is so much in this Full Moon of not referencing to the past but looking forward and asking repeatedly – where will I go next? Get on Abraham’s high flying disc and get flying!  Keep offering up what you no longer desire in your life. There is no need to DO anything, just have a ritual of offering it up, even if that ritual is just to acknowledge I don’t need this anymore, thank you! before you move onto the next thought.

pan_39Toro is conjunct Saturn in Gate 14 and Pan is in Gate 2.

Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love Pan? He was, after all, one of the main inspirations for the christian devil. And a major player in astrological Capricorn, home of this week’s Full Moon!

Half wild thing and half human, he brings a receptivity to our wildish nature before the activation to Makemake coming on 15 July (see below).

If we try to maintain our veneer of civilized ‘nice’ person, socialised beyond our capacity for life, we won’t make this shift.  We have to embrace our own devil, our pagan, our ancient and powerful goddess, our nature devic self.

This is the perfect Full Moon to go out and dance naked under! Shake your booty and shake loose the masks of civility that have kept you enslaved!

You do not need religion or employees to survive. In joining with like minded others we create powerful collectives where we can recognise gifts in each other that have no value within the existing economically based culture but which are the basis for our evolutionary leap.

You are already in possession of great riches, knowledge, wisdom and talents.  All that’s been missing is our capacity to shake free the old restraints of consciousness and the relationships we need to give birth to our new selves.  We have to stop resisting the flow of life force energy and jump in!  Close your eyes and feel the difference between resisting and flowing. Just know that to stay within the flow we have to give specific shape to our visions and dreams. No holding back and pretending we are moving when we’re not!

Soul Leaping

On 15 July 2015 we have the beginning of a powerful shift, calling us to leap from our ego selves into our soul selves. It reminds me of the scene in Mary Poppins where they hold hands and jump into the chalk picture!

Here’s the chart. The South Node will create a channel with Uranus from 15 July till the end of November 2015. The North Node will create a channel with Jupiter until 11 August 2015. This is extraordinary!


29th July 2015 – South Node creating a channel with Uranus

I will write more about this, but for now I just wanted to mention dwarf planet Makemake, which is in a long term transit in Gate 46. It will be activated by this amazing combination of planets. Makemake represents

  • the relationship between our wild sustainable natural self and our civilised self
  • our capacity to navigate our lives by our own ‘stars’ rather than rely on outside influences to tell us what’s best for us
  • our relationship to sustainability generally – expect to see major shifts in the environmental debate and in particular we may see a new narrative that sees through cultural and economic lies which have till now been accepted as truth.

Makemake adds to the energy of Pan and Eros, calling us to a more sensual engagement with our bodies and a more conscious trust in our ability to navigate in partnership with life and nature. Get wild.

If I could share one thing about this incredible transit it would be that we are heading into some deep and dangerous places, with a heightened capacity for presence. This is a high level spiritual practice of remaining present, staying positive and looking for solutions in every situation. July and August will bring some intense and profound experiences, each one of which is designed for your good.


Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the LoveYourDesign.com blog.