We are heading into eclipse territory in October, but September is giving us one last hurrah –  New Moon conjunct the super galactic centre.  This is a time for making love with yourself, for being your own soulmate.  Sounds romantic, huh?

Tomorrow’s New Moon is not just about some generic idea of loving ourselves.  It invites us to honour our personal progress, to celebrate each step on our journey. To be completely on board with how amazing we are, even when it might look like we’re not doing a great deal.  Like me, you probably have times when it feels as if nothing too much is happening in your life, and yet deep down below the surface I know that something profound is going on.  As I Ching scholar, Margaret Pearson says:

In a fast paced world it can be hard to remember how long really solid growth takes. This hexagram [Gate 46] reminds us of the tenacity of trees, the usefulness of sequential small steps and ritual celebrations. Even celebratory goals are possible if we just keep piling up the good deeds.

There is something profound about making your choices based on your own individual soul path.  The concept of seeking approval from others becomes obsolete.  You don’t need to opt in and take on the rules of any person or tribe, you are simply YOU.

In September I’ve been to two very different events, both powerful in their own way.  If I was operating from the old tribal dna it would have been important for me to figure out how to fit in with each group.  I admit, I tried! But it wasn’t working out for me.  I had to stand out, I had to stay uncompromisingly true to my own being.  I am blending two very different ideas and processes into my own personal reality.  This is creation.





Philip Sedgwick says this about the Super Galactic Centre:

This Libran vacuum cleaner (super massive black hole) is insatiably hungry.  It squeezes people in relationship (and groups) to take on everything about the other person’s life. We feel the exceptional squeeze of needing to be all things at all times. These types of relationships are doomed.  Not even God can deal with that much codependent compression. 

from The Soul of the Sky – amended for brevity by me

This is not your everyday garden variety New Moon. It comes with a great whopping spoonful of spiritual initiation.  The Earth is creating a channel with Uranus.

Here’s the thing for me.  Anything we touch right now has to be true, right to the level of our soul.  We must be up for our highest choices.   There is no room for compromise, because Uranus is heading for freedom – through your unique expression of divine will acting in the world.  We all need you to bring your personal A game, because you are creating a pivot point, literally a new soul trajectory.

I’m noticing a hollowness to goals I had in the past.  Even if your choice is to get really rich, it has to be for the highest purpose.  This is a new high velocity game – Ester Hicks would call it your fast spinning disc.  I call it the love velocity.  There is no process here, it is the speed of being.

I Ching scholar, Lise Heyboer, says it so well:

Acquiring cannot create stairs to Heaven, but ascending can.


Not that acquiring is wrong, but it needs to come from your heart space, it has to be a part of your big picture destiny.  So, dream big and trust in what’s yours.  Love who you are, more than you ever have before. Slowly and with consistency, you are creating a new world. It’s what you came to do.

There’s nothing comfortable about this process.  If you’re feeling comfortable you are probably holding onto old stuff.  What’s calling you forth?  Where are your fears strongest?  If you have any negative emotions or experiences, simply pivot them by asking – what’s returning for me through this?

Uranus may come up with some quick shifts over the next 24 hours, but overall this is a steady shift.  It reminds of the space shuttles returning to earth – increasing to the love velocity (fast!), letting go of unnecessary baggage, the heat tiles flying off one by one.  We are approaching earth!


Img:  Alma de aa Melena Cox –  https://www.behance.net/AlmasArt

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