The Next Evolutionary Stage


petyakonstantinova1The Venus Neptune combo this past week has been all about creating boundaries from the formless. It’s a birthing of self from the dna tribal soup.

The tribal coding is essentially codependent. The suvival of the group is more important than the indivual, and heaven awaits those who sacrifice the most for the common good.  It’s most potent symbol would be the suicide bomber, but we all engage in this kind of behaviour to some degree.  More here.

On 14th September, Mars shifts to the Gate of Power – Gate 34, and the individual comes forth into the world.  In conventional Human Design, this channel is the energy that pulled humanoids out of the animal kingdom and empowered them to stand upright.  This week’s Mars and North Node transit is a significant event in that evolutionary trajectory, as it propels us to take a stand for our personal life purpose.

It’s more than just Mars in the Gate of Power.  This transit is significant because Mars will meet up with both the North Node and Mercury in the Gate of Gently Penetrating – Gate 57.



The transit is most potent on 14th September between 7.30am and 4.30pm UT when the Moon will bring the power to the throat for expression.

This circuitry is sometimes seen as a difficult energy to work with, but that difficult only exists when viewed through a tribal lense.   This particular individual energy doesn’t look outside itself for a reference point, it simply feels into whatever is happening and responds.  People who are still tribally focused, and who therefore believe we should only do what makes OTHERS happy, find this self-referencing disconcerting.  How is it possible that someone is simply out to do what makes THEM happy?

This is the Sacral (raw creative life force) meeting the Spleen (body felt instincts for wellbeing).  Mars is a planet of personal power, but it’s the act first ask questions later kind.  So, it’s likely this transit may bring up fears from times in the past when we’ve trusted our natural responses and it hasn’t worked out for us.  Hilary Barrett describes Gate 34 like this:

With Great Vigour you stand upright and robust, full of resiliant energy.  You are inspired and animated by strong purpose, and ready to wield your strength like a hero.  For this to yield results, you will need to act with steadiness and consistency – standing in your strength but without mistaking it for omnipotence.  

That’s good advice for Mars if ever I heard it!

The downside of this channel happens when the mind tries to take control (please, allow ME to tell you what to do, you KNOW you can’t trust your body!!).  When this happens, the power of this channel can be used to force the body into submission, getting it to align with old outdated beliefs that don’t serve your health, wellbeing or purpose.

The lines in Gate 34 have some wonderful examples of how we confuse force with true power.  One is the image of kicking the door down because you can’t find your keys, and then discovering they were in your pocket all along.  The other is a ram who, confusing reaching his goal with forcing his way through the obstacles, gets his head stuck in a hedge.  He loses the free range of the field he was leaving and never even reaches his goal.

Between 14th and 22nd September, watch your tendency to confuse your potential for power with an ability to force things to your will.  Remember, this is about responding with humility to a divine purpose.  Your power comes not from forcing outcomes, but from being fully present and aware of the larger (and most divine) field of opportunity opening out in your life.

The reason why purpose and opportunity awaits Mars is that North Node in the adjoining Gate 57. Woohoo!  While the North Node may be uncomfortable – as in, I know I signed up for this but I’ve changed my mind now I’m here –  it does signpost our life’s mission.

There will be a lot of information coming from your body during this transit, and it’s well worth your while tuning in.

The transiting North Node shows our collective edge of discomfort as we continue on our evolutionary journey together.  The effect of the North Node is hugely accentuated by Mercury turning up.  And, because Gate 57 is the programming partner of Gate 51, where Uranus is currently transiting.  This is going to be a leap into the unknown, and likely one that is unexpected and perhaps spontaneous.

Let me be clear.  This is a major life upgrade.  Anything can happen.  But whatever does happen, if you meet it with reverence and gentle humility without giving up your power, it will propel you onto a new path.  

 The North Node position – in Gate 57 line 5:

There is real achievement when you penetrate to the core of the matter, bring out what is valuable and discard what is useless chaff. This is accomplished by carefully, attentively, bringing things into awareness and setting them into a broader context.  There is a real opportunity to change everything for the better. 

(adapted from Hilary Barrett’s I Ching).

Here’s the crux of this transit – you get to be powerful, you get to be ‘on mission’, you get to do whatever the hell you want to do.  And while you’re doing all this, you also get to be perfectly aligned with your own and everyone else’s divinity.  Can you imagine how this will shift the way we access and express our Sacral energy on this planet?  No more compromise, I’m on the divine highway!

This week’s hint – what does it feel like when you truly GET that your personal desires also carry the highest potential for collective good?


Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.