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There is another watershed upon us, shifting us from one matrix to the next.  Caught between the two, we can feel very uncomfortable and want to grasp at whatever feels solid.  But our experience of ‘solid’ comes only from old structures, old ways of being.  And they are crumbling right before our eyes.  This crumbling is happening mainly at the level of our bodies and emotions.  It can be difficult to bring to our conscious awareness.  But our bodies know.  Our deepest emotions know.  As our conscious mind rumbles along it’s merry way, it may feel fear that things are not quite as they should be.  Fear that it is accustomed to stowing away somewhere safe, as it carries on it’s ‘normal’ life.

As the Moon conjuncts Saturn in the Spleen Centre, it activates old feelings of separation, isolation.   We feel awkward, uncomfortable and a bit over endlessly dealing with the demands of the times.   And yet, this is real and authentic work that we are doing.  It has purpose, even if that may not be obvious.  Even the planets themselves represent a clash of body (Moon) and culture (Saturn).

The Moon and Saturn are in the Gate of Coming To Meet.  In misogynist ancient China, this hexagram was interpreted as a warning to beware of the bold woman.  She is too strong and you will not be able to control her.

Dr Margaret Pearson and Master Huang both give a more authentic version of Hexagram 44.  It shows an image of a queen, probably pregnant, coming to her new home.  The king steps out to meet and honour her.  This is a gate about recognising and honouring the power and creative potential of the feminine as it re-enters our lives, coming to meet us.  It has the potential to renew the masculine disregard for what she brings, to see the pregnancy, the seed of  future development.

The hexagram also gives a warning – don’t underestimate this power, nor the opposition to it.  That opposition is not just a part of our society, we have taken the conditioning into us.   In a culture where we have for so long worshipped yang attributes, this unseen power of yin is deeply unsettling and not easily integrated into our day to day lives.  All we can do is come to meet it in each moment.

Our bodies are it’s medium.  What our senses experience, how our body responds to events.  Do we blush?  Does our heart beat a bit faster?  Do we tighten or relax?  Does a fragrance prompt us to breathe deeply, or wrinkle our nose?

human design transit chartMercury is sitting right on Pluto just now, in the Root Centre in Gate 38 – Opposition.  As our spiritual being descends more deeply into our bodies, we reach the Root Centre.  and discover our cultural conditioning and the ancient fears bedded down in our DNA to ensure our group survival.

When Mercury meets Pluto they like to tear down some of our reliance on our intellect to make sense of our world.  Dark fears can’t be explained, and yet they seem so real.  People can seem as if they oppose us, but when we try to analyse our feelings they shapeshift and we’re not sure.

Persephone is in the adjoining gate – 28, the Gate of Excess.  Persephone became the Queen of the Underworld, equally at home with Pluto deep in Hades as she was wandering through an orchard with her mother Ceres.  Persephone’s position suggests we shouldn’t have any goals just now.  We are in a place that is beyond our ability to comprehend and all we can do is trust to the beauty we experience in each moment.


recovering what’s natural


One of my heroes, Joseph Chiltern Pearce, describes how, as children, we have a natural way of developing that has arisen from millenium of evolutionary experimentation. Our bodies, minds and spirit are perfectly designed to follow this natural pathway as we grow.  We are safe and contained, but have sufficient space to wander, to play, to learn in accordance with our own perfect trajectory.

Pearce describes how our culture has removed us so far from this natural way of being that we are bound up in toxic culture with little access to the inner tools we need to be aware of it’s effects on us.  2013 will bring this toxicity to the surface of our understanding.  The key is recovering our inner tools.  But before we can undertake this recovery,  we have to recreate the safe container in which they naturally reside.

The first stage in our development as humans is the Mother Matrix.  We are received into our material form from the body of our mother and held safe in her arms until the next stage is ready to begin.

The second stage is the Earth Matrix.  We move back and forth between the two, toddling out to explore and then racing back to the safe Mother Matrix to give us time to take in and integrate what we learned in our brief adventure.  This Mother Matrix has been missing from our experience.  We’ve had no time and no safe space to rest in while we metabolise and embody our experiences.  As a result we’ve become full of information and empty of wisdom.  If we do take the time to hold ourselves safe so we can consider our experiences, we tell people we’ve been doing ‘nothing’.

What are you doing today?  

Oh nothing.  

This simple conversation, repeated many times each day around the world, is a clear indication of how we have internalised the negation of our access to the feminine wisdom, our yin way.

Today, with Venus conjunct the Galactic Centre (gate 11), the Moon conjunct Saturn in the Gate of the Royal Bride and Mercury conjunct Pluto in the Gate of Opposition, we are at a watershed in recovering the ground between the Mother Matrix and the Earth Matrix.  In the natural way of healing, we are moving backwards through the steps that we were unable to properly complete as we grew from baby to small child to young adult.  We are moving from the earth back to the mother, forward and backward, in and out, adventure and safety, information and understanding.

On an intellectual level this process can feel ineffectual, unreal, unimportant.  But it is of great value.  Once we have rewoven the web between the Earth and Mother Matrices within us, we will be in a whole new personal and collective reality.  Recognise and honour what is arising within you.  Even if it seems to make no sense.




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