The unexpectedly quick and clear result in the US election last night took everyone by surprise.  Amidst the political analysis, the one thing that shone out for me was a comment about the shift in the grassroots demographic of the people of the USA.  One commentator pointed out that the election result came about because the majority of Americans don’t want divisiveness, they don’t want hatred.

Unfortunately the rabid edge of the Tea Party movement poisoned the more well meaning Republican agenda.   It’s why so many people in other countries had their fingers crossed for Obama.  This is not an Amercian export that I feel comfortable with and I’m glad it was put to bed.

We can find the reason for this grassroots shift in the asteroid Astraea, the Star Goddess.  In Greek Mythology she represents the return of the Golden Age.   She vowed to return when people were prepared to be kind to each other.  The Dalai Lama has Astraea conjunct Saturn in the Gate of Family (37).  Obama has Astraea in the Gate of Progress (35) with the politician Pallas conjunct Achilles in Gate 36 (what we bring from the darkness into the light).

Astraea is currently conjunct the North Node in the Gate of Great Possession (14) and will be conjunct the Sun on the Full Moon of 29th November.

We have some extraordinary times coming up.

Recovering Our Intuitive Clarity

human design transit chartOn 10th November, Venus moves into Gate 57, creating a channel with Mercury retrograde in the Gate of Power (34).

One of the aspects of this gate is the body’s fear based responses going into overdrive and creating paranoia.  When the pattern is perceived incorrectly the intuition is not reliable.   Venus is a planet of recovery.  Her transits represent the place where we are healing, rediscovering truth, beauty and connection with life.

Venus has been moving through the patterning gates – 18 and 48 – correcting our pattern of shared resources.  This will become a major theme in 2013 – how we share and who owns what.   The very concept of ownership will begin to take centre stage when Uranus moves into Gate 21 in April next year.

This Venus transit, active since 1st November, has created a subtle shift in our desire to share and would have affected attitudes to things like the health care debate.

At a deeper level, this Venus Mercury transit is part of the process of helping to detox our bodies at every level.  When our thoughts are unkind our emotions are unstable and our bodies are in chaos at the cellular level.  We simply can’t trust our intuition in a similar way to us being unable to trust our emotions in the moment.  Venus is helping us to find our intuitive clarity.   And along with Mercury, putting the brakes on our using our vitality without intuitive awareness, we will find our bodies becoming a much more hospitable home for our spirit over the next week.

Haumea is also in the Gate of Intuitive Clarity (57), Venus is currently passing over this slow moving Dwarf Planet and drawing out her wisdom of how we can all live together on this beautiful planet without the need to rush about destroying things.

Makemake in Gate 46 is assisting this process, revealing the stories that no longer serve us.  They’re mean and hurtful and they’re just not the truth!

Recovering Our Creative Intelligence

human design transit chartOn 11th November the Moon moves into the Gate of Correction.  Look at this extraordinary pathway!  Starting at Pluto in the Root (Gate of Joy), joining with the Moon in the Gate of Correction, this is a channel of challenging authority.  This channel is a gentle flow rather than a harsh revolution.  What needs correcting?  … now move on.  There’s no need to step out of joyfulness, as we find what needs to be repaired and then share it with others.

The beautiful TNO called 1992 QB1 is in the Gate of Beginnings (3).  She is a powerful force for change, showing us that there does not need to be struggle, strife and decay in order to move on.  We can simply look to the creative intelligence in each moment and move with it.  Of course this means we must learn more about the nature of death, how to release what is no longer viable, no longer relevant, and not see this as a catastrophic loss.

I’m doing a monthly webinar on The Planets in Human Design on 20th November.  One of the things I’ll be talking about is the evolutionary shift in the meaning of planets like Saturn.  Traditionally considered a ‘malefic’ influence, Saturn is shifting to become a builder of heaven on earth. He was after all the father of the golden age!

Saturn in the Gate of Great Exceeding (28), also in the Spleen Centre, is showing us how to be flexible, to adjust and flow with the moment so we don’t end up with life structures that are so rigid we live in fear of them toppling.  Again, we have this fear of loss, of change that we generally refer to as ‘death’, but is more truly an addiction to decay and a fear of life.

And then, of course we have the Sun and Earth meeting the Nodes and activating the Sacral to Ji to Throat!  This is changing our very understanding of who we are, individually and collectively.  It’s giving us the power to take back our own life force energy and use it for it’s true purpose rather than to keep the oppressive machinery of the economy ticking over as it slowly kills us all.

On 13th/14th November we have a New Moon and total solar eclipse in the Channel of Re-Structuring.   This activation brings up our fears of not knowing.  What will happen?  How can we understand it?  What if we can’t control it?   This a tipping point from an unbalanced intellectual approach to life.  When we talk we make a lot of noise.  When we don’t talk perhaps we can find something more.  Perhaps much of what we need to know isn’t even accessible at the intellectual level and talking simply obscures it. There are aspects of humanity trapped within the accepted intellectual constructs of reality and this New Moon will reveal them to us.

Mars is conjunct Eros on the Galactic Centre in this New Moon, in the Ajna Centre.  This is an explosive release of human life force energy into the galactic realm.  A passionate embrace of our honoured role as galactic humans.

We are Recovering Humans …  recovering humanity … returning.  Enjoy!


I’d like to send all my love to my wonderful friend Zeno Dickson who is unwell at the moment.

Zeno, you have been a rock for me in the hard times of holding to what I felt to be true about the Human Design System.  You are an angel.  I hope you recover your Projector vitality and return to teaching soon, and that life continues to bring you the best of everything.  You deserve it!  Blessings and hugs to you.      Zeno’s Blog

Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.