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Loving What Is

Venus meets Neptune in the Channel of Family- 10 till 15th September 

amandacass1This channel – Gates 37 and 40 – is one of the trickiest in the Human Design chart.  That’s because it holds two polarities – I love spending time with you, and then I love spending time alone.  Can’t live with you, can’t live without you.  I have Chiron and Pluto and my nodes in this channel and I remember as a child how much I enjoyed being in my own room and hearing my family go about their business on the other side of the door. That was the perfect blend for me.  I was definitely part of the family, but not affected by their dramas, their regular rhythms, not pulled in by their (or my own) need to belong.

This is the tribal circuitry, home to codependence.  It’s a tricky subject, codependence, and not one that’s easily explained.  I thought I knew all there was to know about codependence, until we explored it more deeply in my coaching certification course.  It turns out I knew NOTHING about it.  Like my friend, who said to me … but Kim, you can’t be codependent, you’re single …  I thought it was purely a relationship thing.  Co-dependence is so ubiquitous in our culture, we are hardly aware of it.  And yet, it keeps us from true personal power and authenticity.

Wikipedia defines codependence as:

where one person supports or enables another person’s addiction, poor mental health, immaturity, irresponsibility, or under-achievement.

Tell me who doesn’t do that?  Where do we each protect our own perceived inadequacies by enabling anothers?  As I dug more deeply into my own discomfort around this question, I was really stunned at my constant compromising around other people.

If there is one planet that epitomises codependence it’s Neptune – the saviour, the martyr, the victim archetypes all reside within Neptune’s embrace.  Venus, of course, rules relationships, so when they both meet in the channel that is all about our family patterns of relating .. well, you see what might come up!

In particular, watch for idealisation followed by demonisation.  Have you ever thought someone was perfect, only to feel abandoned, betrayed, even ashamed, when we realised they were only human after all?  With {gasp} human imperfections!!  This channel is where we store our unconscious expectations of others.  Those agrements that were unspoken in our family (you cook, I’ll clear up), which we took on as if they were universal rules.  Gate 37 is about healthy personal boundaries, so be aware of any unspoken expectations of what you ‘should’ give or receive.

Venus and Neptune can be very healing when we allow ourselves to step out of any idealisation, delusion about the perfect relationship (surely it will come good if I can only love them enough), being attached to being loved in an ideal way. Let go of any attachment to getting or giving (to get) within relationships and focus on the warmth generated by your relationships – family and friends. Be aware of the warm comfortable feeling that comes from having good friends and family, and cherish it as a base to feel good going out into the world.

This transit is about trusting the support we are receiving from others.  It is working with Pluto in Gate 38, deeply transforming hidden beliefs that we are without support and have to push on alone.  I’m travelling in the US at the moment, and I have been feeling a push to trust in the beneficence of strangers.  And with that expectation, I’m meeting it everywhere.  I saw a man drop his boarding pass in the airport in Chicago and walk on without realising.  People rushed fom everywhere to pick it up and return it to him.  It was so lovely to feel into the human warmth of that experience!

Venus and Neptune are bringing boundaries to our unformed aspects of self.

This is part one of the birthing of self from the tribal soup.  It is followed up next week by Mars in the Gate of Power. 

Imagine if everyone you meet in the world is part of your family.  How much more able will you be to trust in each moment, to relax and be yourself with no need to push or strive.  You can align without force, create the greatest outcome with the minimum amount of effort. Gate 40 is all about learning to relax and recuperate.  Venus by transit brings a release from struggle, like a long relaxing exhale.  With the Sun in the Gate of Exhaustion (overdoing the social thing) and Jupiter in the Gate of Retreat, I expect the energy this week to be very laid back and quiet with a hint of delusional relationship activity coming to consciousness. Any unforced interactions will be wonderful (the Earth is in the Gate of Grace).

This week’s hint:

Balancing time alone to deeply relax and renew, with time spend giving and receiving from others.


14th September 2014


On 14th September, Mars moves to Gate 34, creating a channel with the North Node in 57.  This is a major spiritual upgrade to our personal power. More on that in a few days.

More here on how Saturn and Neptune are working together right now. 



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