Is your head spinning?  I wouldn’t be surprised!  Here’s the chart.


human design transit chart


The Earth is making a channel with Uranus on the left hand side, and in the middle we’ve got the North and South Node.  This takes us the full gamut from scared and feeling a bit weird, to angry and trying to prove we’re right about everything, to skipping the light fantastic on the evolutionary edge, grounded new intuitive understandings.

We don’t have to change our world or leap tall buildings, just stay present to what’s authentic in each moment and be open to the input of others.  It’s a bit like being unsure – is my world view right?  Or is the other person right?  And this is the dilemna we’re moving out of.  We’re all right!!  We’ve just been raised in what I call the one reality world. If my opinion is right, yours must be wrong.  No more.  Our relationships are maturing, and our edges are holding their own unique shape as we find new ways to connect.

Relationship goddess Juno adds even more oomph to these mental transits.  She’s down in the Root Centre, conjuct Pluto.  This is another evolutionary edge.  What happens when the focus of our relationships (Juno) is in the Gate of Opposition (38) with the Lord of the Underworld (Pluto) and our minds are hell bent on telling their truth to the world?

The positive outcome is that we can take small steps in explaining ourselves.  There’s a certain amount of danger in this.  It’s very likely each one of us has been here before, whether we were old enough to remember it or not, and the result was not good!  So be gentle with everyone involved.  We don’t have to push too hard.  Allow the other person time to consider and respond from their authentic selves.  Avoid childish rebellion.  Do what you need to nurture yourself and try to avoid dropping into a rebellious “take it or leave it” space.  Don’t keep pushing against a brick wall.  Turn towards encouragement and recognition wherever you find it.

We are opening up new channels of communication that have a trajectory way beyond our individual relationships.  We are working together to make space for our weirdest and most outcast self to be loved and cherished again.



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Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.