Full Moon ~ Friday 18th October 2013 UT 23:37, EDT: 18:37, AEDT: Saturday 19th Oct 9:37 ~ Moon in Gate 42.6, 25+Aries, Sun in Gate 32.6, 25+ Libra.


You may be experiencing a great deal of discomfort.  And it’s all about the process of change.  Should we?  Shouldn’t we?  If we decide to change, how should we do it?  Should they be big or small changes?

Back on 8th September, Jupiter moved into Gate 53 – the Gate of Gradual Development that rules the cycles of our lives.  We’re talking endings and new beginnings.


[sws_blockquote_endquote align=”” cite=”” quotestyle=”style02″] “Before you begin anything new in your life you need to ask yourself – What is the true essence of this beginning?” ~ Richard Rudd [/sws_blockquote_endquote]


Right now, the Earth is joining with Jupiter to activate the Energy Format Channel of Cycles.  This means our consciousness has penetrated to a certain level of material reality that enables us to begin a new cycle of experience.    There is a powerful evolutionary impulse to expand beyond our existing comfort zones.  Our circumstances can feel so complex and the demands on us overwhelming.

What is evolving here for you?  Can you distinguish between fear and excitement?  Between complexity of too much thinking and the simplicity of allowing yourself to move with the evolutionary impulse?  What is the nature of the cycle you’ve been in since Jupiter was last in this gate, back in June 2002?

The connection is between the Sacral and Root Centres, so we’re looking at fears of taking ownership of our own vital creative energy.

We’re looking at fears of being trapped if we crystallise our options into one material outcome.  What if it turns out that we don’t want that widget / new home / relationship after all?  We’ll be stuck with it!


Show Us The Money! 

There is a lot of emphasis on money.  Jupiter is in the Gate of Development, which carries a desire to material abundance.  It’s not so much about money, as it is about creation.

How do we reconcile the continual evolutionary impulse for expansion with our current economic and environmental circumstances?  As Huffington Post headlines scream out DEFER or DEFAULT! amidst fears of a domino effect that could take the global economic system down with it, we wonder how it might be possible to prosper.  Especially given the parlous state of the environment.  Surely greed is most definitely out!  

Luckily for us, we have reached a financial tipping point, and it’s beginning to tip in our favour.  

The power and greed that have characterised the modern financial system have become more and more transparent, thanks to Neptune in the Gate of Abundance and Pluto in business-minded Capricorn.  There is no longer anywhere to hide the nefarious actions that suck money out of the collective pool of goodness.  The irony is that those who have been truly greedy have not considered themselves to be greedy at all. And those who might believe they could – just maybe – be worth a tiny bit more, have felt that it would be greedy to claim it for themselves.

My tip in navigating these difficult and confusing waters is this:

Go to the centre of your life, feel the flow of energy there at the core of who you are.  What’s calling to you?  It might be a warm bath or it may be a ticket to the Moon.  Whatever it is, trust that creative impulse.  We are making a new alignment with Heaven and no longer need to be satisfied with how things have been.  This is a major upgrade.  A radical shift.

But it’s not about opportunism.  It is about natural increase and blessings where we open ourselves completely to the flow of nourishing energy.  We send out all that is true and generous.  And we feel safe to offer and receive.  We can trust that what we send out will be received and become the source of what returns to us.  The money is beginning to flow on new fractal lines – the lines of true vital creative energy used in alignment with a higher universal truth.

This is the power to re-create the whole circulation that sustains us.  What do you want to offer to the world?  Be clear on that, rather than trying one thing or another.  We are not jumping from one cycle to another, but building on our experience, on our successes.  We can make the shift by taking one small step after another.  And occasionally taking a few large leaps!

Meeting Eris

Jupiter in 53 is meeting up with one of the Dwarf Planets, Eris in Gate 42.

When Eris turns up we can expect some sense of conflict between being our unique individual selves, and our desire to fit in.  Eris contains different levels of this process. At one extreme we can find ourselves demanding our right to independence while rejecting the diversity of others. At the other polarity we are trusting that our authentic nature will attract like minded others with whom we can co-create. At it’s highest expression, Eris brings us trust in our capacity to maintain our own unique shape and texture while enjoying the love, support and companionship of others.  

Eris is also about the causes of chaos and crisis. We can expect a level of chaos in our lives, especially as the TNO Chaos is in the Money Gate (45) and the planet of the unexpected, Uranus, is in Gate 21.

I can’t even begin to express the signifance of finding Eris in the mix here. Her 12, 000 year orbit is just about the largest in our solar system, and is around half the period of time taken for the precession of the equinox. It represents an intimate relationship between our evolutionary process and the Great Central Sun, known in astrolgy as the Galactic Centre, found in Gate 11 in the BodyGraph.

When Chaos reigns we become more sensitive to any tiny shifts in our lives and this prepares us to make the necessary changes, ready for the next iteration.  Embrace this sensitivity and what it is telling you.


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shivaThe New Creative Masculine

The Sun is conjunct asteroid Siva, named for the Hindu God Shiva.  This represents an activation of a  powerful masculine creative force.  Not the masculine acting alone, al la the patriarchy, but a masculine deeply entwined with the feminine.  A sacred masculine aligned with tantric sexuality and the true creative energies of the universe.

As we align our sense of identity (the Sun) with Siva, we will discover that we can transform circumstances with very little effort.  If we consider how Yin (receptive) and Yang (active) work together, it’s clear that we need to be receptive to the times when we must take action.  We can only do this when we are consciously making choices about what we do with our own vital energy.

This is accentuated by Eros (vitality, passion for life) meeting up with Chiron in the Channel of Community.  Eros is in Gate 40 and Chiron in 37.  There is a healing of our wounds of giving up our energy to our family or tribe out of mistaken loyalty and unconscious agreements for mutual support.  Eros pulls our energy out of those old agreements, Chiron heals the wound of our lack of nourishment we collectively created in this old patterning.  Eros is helping us unravel from our past codependency, so deeply embedded in our culture we are often barely aware of it.

We have to be very careful not to descend into the underworld and find ourselves incapable of coming up again.  That will happen if we allow ourselves to be carried forward by fear or adrenaline, terrified that things won’t change for us. That’s the active yang energy devoid of it’s more receptive yin partner.

On the other hand, we may have fears that things will change and we’ll be trapped in uncertain or unpleasant circumstances.  This is the frozen yin, not able to access the active principle it needs to create  from the formless void.  As we calmly allow change to carry us along and take action when necessary the process will create a natural completion and new beginning.  Don’t apply too much pressure, or use too much energy.  Get out of your own way. Relax and enjoy the ride!

We must find the courage to clearly and definitely complete one cycle, and the power to allow the new beginnings to emerge in our lives.  This is taking some time, but our patience is well rewarded.  We do not want to take any of our old fears into the new cycle with us.

pandora's boxYou may remember from my last post, Pandora is bang on the Galactic Centre.  She is literally sucking out the old curse energy and replacing it with what sustains and nourishes us.  Like a fairy godmother she brings us what we have given up believing in.

The asteroid Cyllarus is in Gate 39, meeting Neptune.  Cyllarus represents the wasteful loss of masculine energy on this planet through ‘factory farming’ of humanity and through war.  Instead of limping on alone, be aware of when you need help and support.

Even if you find it difficult to reach our for help in particular areas of your life, at the very least make sure you are clear in your own mind about what you need.  Take whatever small steps you can to give yourself what you need, even if your actions feel clumsy or imperfect.

We don’t need to keep battling on as before, there is much to be gained by turning to each other and interacting with a bigger picture.  It really is beyond our capacity to understand the immensity of the new cycle we are beginning, and we certainly can’t control it!

Those who move with it will find themselves building up their resources, moving beyond their habitual boundaries and into new experiences.  Can you feel it?  It will be more apparent when Venus comes to Gate 26 between 24th and 29th October.  Be ready for new connections to flourish!

And speaking of the masculine, Mercury is about to go retrograde (okay, stop groaning!) in the most yang gate in the Human Design BodyGraph – Gate 1.  It’s going to pull in that Jupiterian tendency to fly too high, too fast and with no recognition of natural limits.  This is important.

Our whole culture is based on avoiding natural limits.  We can print more money, extract more gas, pollute more water, buy more shoes on our Visa Card.  We need to focus on what supports our dragon flight.  We can act when the time is right, we can create amazing and wonderful things, but there is always a need for the humility to know that we stand firmly on Gaia, dependent upon her for our human form of existence.  During this period of Mercury retrograde – till mid November – it’s useful to take regular time to stand with your feet on the earth and give thanks for the incredible abundance we take for granted each day.

Who is the boss of you?

Vesta has joined Ceres in the Channel of Abstraction, between the Head and Ajna Centres.  Vesta is in Gate 64.5 and Ceres in 47.5.  Vesta says you are not yet across the divide between the old and the new, but don’t feel bad about it.  You have a growing clarity of what is needed and an increasing capacity to take the initiative to make the necessary changes.   I want to stress that we are at the commencement of a new era, a fresh 26,000 year cycle.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither are the changes we are engaging with at the moment.  Vesta represents our return to recognising the sacred in all things, including our work and our relationships.

It’s why there is such a pressure on so many people right now to enter into a soulmate type relationship, and to break out of old jobs and work in a way that allows them to share their true gifts.  It is time for us to begin making these changes, and they will bring a deep and profound cultural impact.  In particular, watch the economy change over the next 12 months,  as more and more people begin to collaborate with like minded others to create amazing new products and services.

Ceres asks us to face our sense of being trapped in old patterns of nourishment.  When Ceres was told she couldn’t have her daughter Persephone back from the Underworld she drew on her not inconsiderable power, and withdrew food from humanity.  Jupiter and Pluto really cared about this, because without well fed humans they would have no one to adore them.  They would lose their ‘god-ness’ for a lack of subjects. They gave in to Ceres’ demands.

The I Ching for Gate 47.5 speaks of Officials in crimson robes who announce a punishment.  Who invested these officials with such power?  (Those watching the US financial situation may have asked themselves these very questions recently!).  It goes on to suggest that you not get involved in the problem, but instead seek out modest actions based on your own inner state.  If you are choosing your own response, how can you be trapped?  It is an illusion that any circumstances can entrap you and that any person or system can have power over you.

This channel creates a mental pressure to understand what’s happening in our lives.  Jupiter in the Root Centre creates a physical pressure to act.  Both channels are part of the Sensing Circuit, which is about the process of cycles, and particularly about the pressure to have new experiences so that we can grow and learn.  It is the Human Design circuitry that helps us develop emotional clarity.  So taking some time to tune into our emotions is crucial just now.  The simple question – how do I feel about this?  is useful.  As is the ‘mantra’ .. it’s okay to feel this way.

This week’s Full Moon is a powerful point of shift, radical and far reaching.  It calls us to see that our biblical period of dominion over all things is at an end.  We are beginning a new cycle that calls us to take back our creative power, and to use it in alignment with our inner knowing – our emotions, our sacral response, our intuition.  This is the voice of the sacred speaking to us through our bodies and we would do well to take the time to tune in this week.  They are telling us a brand new story of life on earth.


 In alignment with the times, I find myself in a new cycle of offering.  I have withdrawn my single personal sessions, and will be launching new programs in the area of Emergent Human Design and Flourishing Business very soon.  I will be making a small number of personal sessions available between now and the end of November. Details will be in the next newsletter.

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Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the LoveYourDesign.com blog.