I’ve read two astonishing news reports in the past couple of days.  One reported that the bankers Goldman Sachs had taken a $1.3 billion dollar investment from Libya and lost just about all of it within 12 months.

Well it didn’t really matter, there was obviously much more play money where that came from, Gaddafi was rumoured to have another $53 billion available for investment.  Never mind that this money was the sovereign funds of the people of Libya.  Real people trying to live real lives.

The second article described how the Chinese government virtually forces it’s people to hand over their savings to be used, at extremely low interest, for the uses of the government and it’s cronies. The opportunities for investing and saving are so limited in China that this is pretty much the only option available to the middle classes for creating wealth.  Unfortunately, the low interest rate effectively reduces rather than increases their wealth because it’s less than inflation, and the ‘party’ reaps all the benefits.  The money is used for goodness knows what.

What does this have to do with a Scorpio New Moon?  Well, lets just say that the methods used to steal wealth from the “99%” are becoming visible, and therefore less effective.  Scorpio is perhaps more often associated with death and sex than with money, but for Scorpio money is power, and the power of money is hidden.

Today’s New Moon is a major change in that story, but as usual the shift comes about by alchemical means.  We’re not playing this old game, not entering the old power arena.  Instead we are approaching virtually unseen, using a very different type of hidden power – love, gentleness, compassion and innocence.  In short, we are beginning to create a world of true humanity.  Who saw that coming??

Conjunct this New Moon we find the asteroids Atlantis and Nemesis.  An excellent line up! Atlantis can represent the hidden use of power, money and information to manipulate the masses, invasions of privacy, insider information and abuse of resources.   Nemesis is just as it sounds – a dark aspect that follows us around threatening to reveal the truth about us. Perfect for secretive Scorpio!

To add to the picture, lets take some notice of the asteroid Child in the adjoining gate.  Here we find we have a choice between being child-ish, and being child-like.  There’s literally a world of difference.  A child doesn’t hold authority figures to account, but to be a wise innocent, unattached and present in the moment, means you can observe with clear eyes.

This is a channel that can bring a feeling of the house falling down upon us.  It represents a structure that is no longer sustainable.  Whether that’s the world economy, patriarchy, your relationship or your job, this New Moon is calling on you to allow the natural process of destruction to take place.

There’s the relief of letting go of age old struggles to survive, of risking death for the sake of life.


It doesn’t mean anything in particular will be destroyed, it doesn’t mean your marriage will end or that the banks will fail tomorrow.  It simply means that if we relax a bit, the aspects of our lives that aren’t working anymore will have some space to sort themselves out.  And in standing back and taking a breather from the struggle of holding our world up all by ourselves we might just discover a power that we previously handed over to some authority we thought might come in and save us.

Trying to do it all ourselves is symptomatic of the beliefs of the patriarchy.  God is the creator and didn’t need any helpers.  Apparently! The masculine has to do it all, unaided by the immense creative power of the feminine.  Times they are a’changin’.


Don’t hold your breath.  Breathe out long and slow. Then breathe in again. Feel how fragrant that breathe is.  Get used to it, the energy of life is releasing from it’s prison and becoming available to you and I.


Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the LoveYourDesign.com blog.