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Shazam: Jupiter and Uranus in the Channel of Initiation

1st February 2011

My overall take on 2011 is that we are in training. For what? I believe we are in training to become Co-Creators. I know that’s a bit of a buzz word, but it’s part of my reality, rather than just some lovely esoteric idea I might enjoy dreaming about. And I believe it’s a very important concept that will be much more a part of the collective consciousness by the end of this year.

Specifically what I see in the transits for 2011 is a series of ongoing opportunities for us to choose to step out of any of the roles we may have cast ourselves in and to grasp the opportunity in each moment to sparkle with life.

No more dwelling in the land of hurt, powerlessness, resentment and all those other delicious forms of victim mentality that have been our playground for so long. We’ve certainly enjoyed them in our own sweet way, but now we get to learn a new game. And it asks us this question repeatedly – How will you perceive this moment differently if you know you truly are master of your own life and destiny?

Transit chart for 3rd April 2011

Transit chart for 3rd April 2011 showing the Heart Centre connecting to the Ji Centre

One of the most significant indicators for this question comes from Jupiter and Uranus moving through the channel of initiation that links the Heart Centre to the Ji Centre. This channel is a profound Aries initiating energy that has us applying our willpower (Heart Centre) to the calling of our soul (Ji Centre).

This is an individual energy with the courage to be part of the collective, maintaining it’s own boundaries of self in the process.

The Heart Centre end of the channel – Gate 51 – is the hexagram of Shock.  It flows on from hexagram 50, which signifies a new beginning.  The double thunder of hexagram 51 shakes everything up, overthrows the old and throws open the gate to the new.

The Ji Centre end of the channel – Gate 25 – the the hexagram of Innocence.  It is about the purity of self that flows from disentangling from the pathways of others and focusing on our own way.  Trying to engage with the pathways of others simply creates (and is caused by) illusion.  This gate holds the profound truth of synchronicity and it’s potential for perfect manifestation when we come from that core purity within us.

Like a Shazam!!  moment, the result of the two gates forming this channel can be a feeling of shock, both physical and emotional.  The purpose of this energy is to propel us out of the victim position of ‘how could this happen to me’ type shock and into an exploration of our power as creators.  What is the germ of creation in this moment for me?  Why have I created this experience for myself?

We move from shock to initation, and from there into greater levels of wisdom.  Life becomes simultaneoulsy simpler and more profound.

The next three months and beyond will be a delicate dance between the two – choosing our unique pathway, recuperating and taking advantage of the Gate 51 doorway as it opens and closes with the transits.

Jupiter and Uranus will both be in Gate 25 from 8th to 12th February 2011.  During this time there is an asteroid called Hephaistos transiting in Gate 51. Hephaistos (already working with Jupiter now in Gate 25) is giving us the faith to heal any shock that has disabled our will, rendering us unable to express our individuality in alignment with our soul.  It operates specifically in regard to abandonment by our mothers and old armour we have carried on our hearts to protect us from the pain of this wound.

Uranus will be in Gate 25 – from 8th February 2011 to 13th March 2012.  Jupiter moves into the adjoining Gate 51 on 2nd April 2011 till 24th April.   During the time we have some very interesting transits by the Sun and Mars, adding to the courage to be an individual idea, this will be a period when it will feel as if the door is being flung open and then suddenly closed again.  Uranus won’t begin it’s own long term transit in Gate 51 until 2015.

It’s of interest that both Pluto and Ceres, transiting together almost exclusively in the Root Centre since 27th December 2010 till tomorrow, and the asteroid Hephaistos, have an effect on our legs, representing our mobility and ability to move in the direction of our own joy and nourishment.  The Root Centre rules the legs and Hephaistos can represent lameness.

It’s also significant that Ceres is exactly conjunct the Sun in Gate 19 today.  This is a gate that has us rejecting others – getting in first so that they don’t get the chance to reject us.  We’re often in deep denial of this process and it can be hard to spot.  Ceres of course represents the specific type of nurturing we required as children and how it’s lack can make us a bit … well, just a touch neurotic.   Gate 19 certainly has it’s neurotic side with it’s need for security and it’s tendency to extreme emotional sensitivity to rejection.

The up side is that it also has a unique sensitivity to delving into our emotional and material needs and how to meet them in conjunction with the rest of the community we call family.

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We’ve got a New Moon coming up tomorrow, as the Sun finally moves out of the Root Centre and into the Ji Centre – Gate 13.

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  1. Dear Kim-
    I have no words to describe life right now- is there any reason why I keep feeling like its “my fault” that I became something the country I live in has no use for? Why I feel like I have to apologize for following my passion to be a starving yoga instructor- instead of following a traditional career path. By the world and my parents standards- I’m not much of anything. I keep wondering if I did something wrong? If I’m suppose to be alive when nothing seems to support me. I straddle this boundary everyday between supreme faith despite lacking privations or letting the ‘outside’ world get to me and the overwhelming feelings of abject despair. I feel like I need a spirituality 12 step support group! Can you relate to this? Is whats happening now real? How come so few ‘feel’ it or are sensitive to it? I’m 30 years old and struggling with this, I could really use some guidance.
    Sending you my best wishes and thanks for your blog

    • Cody, I have just read a book “the Gifts of Imperfection” by Brene Brown – you can buy it from Book Depository UK for about $17, or ask your library to order it which I did. your note to Kim prompted me to tell you about this – i feel quite sure you will find some insights in Brene’s ground-breaking research over the last 10 years on vulnerability, wholeness, etc. you can also find a talk she gives on utube or look at her website. blessings of wellbeing going your way, Mariana (friend of Kim)

  2. Lovely to have you back on the ether-waves Kim!
    As ever your post brings smiles of recognition as you articulate and explain so much of what I can sense or know tacitly. Your pan-dimensional understanding is nourishing and exciting as it resonates in both individuals and the collective!
    For me this is the training – to know myself as both an individual creative source, a hologram of the universe, and as a part of the larger hologram – conscious in both mind and body.
    Thank you dear heart!

  3. Fabulous post, Kim, illuminating the current energies and how to dance with them.

    I had one of my typical “early receiver” experiences with the shift from a perspective of powerlessness to a sense of empowerment, associated with a heart-clearing (that armor you were talking about) a week or so ago in a particular area, much as you describe here with the transits.

    Cody, there is a little tribe of us who can relate to what you share in your post. Kim’s HD reading was one of a stream of “little lights” that helped me to navigate it a bit more gracefully (well, some of the time, anyway!). 🙂


  4. The New Moon talks about that little tribe Jamie – I found it fascinating. We need each other now, need to know we can open up and rely upon each other.

  5. Wonderful post Kim… sorry I didn’t get chance to read this last night when you shared it with me…. sign of those bloody transits I guess!

    I am equating my life currently to an Enlightenment Intensive …. how to live through the maelstrom while remaining non attached and calm? Plus if I get through this I’m sure enlightenment awaits me on the other side; LOL!

    This post gives me lots of hope and perspective.. I guess its just a case of holding onto our hats and getting on with whatever is being thrown at us.. I mean what we have attracted/created!

    Thanks for sharing, Kim

  6. I love this post Kim. It so helps me to read your posts and some more than others. I too can relate to what Cody is saying at 60 year of age not 30!!! I really would like to have you do a more in depth reading for me but not sure which one to go for… any suggestions would be most welcome. I have had a “grilling” (mostly in the area of relationships with family and friends) all year and would like some help! That is to say that it feels like I’ve been on this roller coaster you are describing for about 6 months already!!! so am wondering what is in store for me…

    I am also curious about the name “Ji” centre…. what this means and represents for you. I have always seen it written G centre and the only thing I could relate it to was g for gravity – pulling us in the direction we need to go as the seat of the magnetic monopole… I’d love to hear your comments.

    deep love and gratitude to you,

    • Hi Mary – I have used Ji occasionally. It was originally suggested by Zeno Dickson as being more in alignment with the chinese concept of Chi or life force. I saw Hal Bohr using the term Ji on his blog this week and decided to revive the use of that term. I see the G/Ji as the higher aspects of the Heart Chakra, the soul – both expression and geometry, and life direction/identity.

      Mary perhaps the Predictive Reading may be useful?

      Otherwise, you can simply book an hour session from the readings page and we’ll take it from there.

      love to you

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