25th August 2010

Today’s Full Moon might be in Pisces but it’s no laid back affair.  In fact, it’s electrifying as the Moon conjuncts Snow White in the Gate of Thunder and Fire ~ Abundance (55.2).

Snow White ~ Julia Arielle

Snow White ~ Julia Arielle

Snow White fascinates me, and not just because she sits bang on my natal Chiron.  Oh well, okay probably yes absolutely for that reason.   Clarissa Pinkola-Estes talks about the daughter stories as being a rite of passage for waking up and coming into fully alert feminine power.

Many “daughter” stories, like Sedna and Persephone, involve the father/husband as the evil do-er.  In Snow White and Psyche it’s the mother/mother-in-law/ evil stepmother.

Sedna and Persephone were perhaps reluctant to leave the world of childhood and needed a bit of a push.  But Snow White and Psyche had a different problem entirely.  They were so beautiful that neither the evil step-mother nor Psyche’s mother-in-law Aphrodite/Venus could take such competition and so the beautiful daughter had to go.

The older women didn’t want to move on to the next stage and become the wise crone.  They were desperate to remain in the beautiful stage, able to lure the man with their physical charms. They needed a bit of a push to move on.

The Moon is giving us that push now, to give up the safety of where we are at and allowing us to mature and grow into something new.  In doing so we must release what is no longer part of our life.   And that includes a certain innocence, a certain not-seeing of what harms us.  And it includes a tendency to gloss over what angers and frightens us, out of fear of being overwhelmed.  And it includes a desire to live in a fantasy world that is really a half death, and a wanting to wait for someone to come save us so we can live happily ever after.

Our fantasies need warm support from real people to bring them to life.  Left alone they hold us captive in a nether world of endless possibilities.  As children we are rarely given the activation we need to bring our brilliant ideas to physical fruition and so we spend our lives trapped in this nether world, endlessly seeking new ideas, ways to catch the attention, fresh persuasive arguments in favour of our dreams.  We can channel our creative energies into shopping, sexual adventures and raising children.  Or we go into a dreamless sleep where the fantasies sustain us from even having to try – they are, after all, only fantasies.

Pisces Full Moon

Pisces Full Moon

The Moon is also conjunct Neptune and Chiron, although they are still sitting in the Gate of Flaming Brightness and Illumination.  In this gate, our old masculine energy has been consumed by fire and we feel that we have nothing solid to cling to.  Except perhaps our Chirotic wounded sensitivity, or our Neptunian ability to dream and suffer from the effects of the ‘real world’ and engage in acts of apparent self-less caring for others.

What will we use to dress our visions and dreams now?  How will we support them?

Let’s have a look at the Sun, which might perhaps represent the masculine element of this Full Moon transit.  He’s in the Gate of Dispersing, where ice is broken up, becomes water and then flows away;  something frozen within us is thawing.   Orcus is there as well, suggesting a need for integrity in the masculine.  And telling a tale of how a lack of integrity both personally and culturally/economically can cause us to freeze up to protect ourselves.

Sedna, Goddess of the Northern Ice Realms, is being activated by Chariklo, Echeclus, Sappho and Magdalena in 43 (also about dispersing).  When we have increased to excess, we have a breakthrough and what is unhealthy is eliminated.  Magdelana seeks to redress the imbalance by acknowledging the equal partnership of the feminine receptive principle with the masculine active principle.  Echeclus gives us a mental ability to balance abstract and linear thought.

Indian Ocean by Flokifoto ~ www.Flickr.com

Sedna is in the Gate of Splitting Apart where the relationship is finding a new way and it can feel as if there is nothing solid to rely upon.  Even the ice has melted.

Remember Orcus?  He’s telling us something very important.  That our masculine active principle has been waaaay out of alignment with our inner feminine knowing.   Did I say waaaaaaay out of alignment?   Did I mention that the feminine is frozen?  We can’t properly connect with our deep intuition or natural sensuality and vitality.

The result is that we’ve all been racing around like lunatics without any real sense of what we were doing, hoping it would all turn out okay.  And now we’re exhausted and we can’t go on another minute.  Good!  Now we get to recover, recuperate, regroup and find a better way forward.

Eris, Goddess of Discord, has been sitting in the Gate of Growth and Increase in our Sacral Centre (think energy and vitality) since 2008.  She’s letting us know that our current methods of growth and increase are toxic, built as they are upon the poverty of vast sections of humanity and the general rape and pillage of the earth’s resources and her people.   This creates internal discord, as it leaves us with a constant craving for something new, what we have already partly consumed is strewn behind us, and we have nothing solid within us or outside of us that we can trust as truly reliable.  Not even our iPhones and Manolos.

A perfect example is the banks throwing people out of their homes when they lose their jobs and can no longer afford the mortgage payments.  That’s business and homeowners knew the deal when they signed the mortgage contract.  But the question remains … what kind of society treats it’s people in that way?  What kind of society throws people out of their homes just when they really need a sense of safety and security in their lives?

Again, Orcus conjunct the Sun asks us to delve deep and deeper into what we truly see, what makes us angry and what creates our fears, what is our personal emotional response to such actions.

Enter stage left …  Venus and Mars conjunct Haumea.  They are all sitting in the most potent gate of intuition in the Human Design chart, the Gate of Penetrating and Proceeding (57).  Haumea is one of the new dwarf planets, and she is the Creatrix of Hawaii.  In this gate of double wind, she is doing a balancing act (it is after all a Libran gate), that has two parts – waiting patiently for the right time to achieve our aims and being persevering in accomplishing them.  Big hint … Mars and Venus are both here and we are in Libra which is about balancing apparently opposing forces.

Here’s what Confucious had to say when I skyped him about this today 🙂 :

Before one’s mood of pleasure or anger, sorrow or joy, is released, one’s mind is in a state of equilibrium.  When those feelings have been released and are at an appropriate degree, they are in a state of harmony.  This equilibrium is the great basis of all human activities and this harmony is the universal path for all to pursue.  We must devote ourselves to achieving this state of equilibrium and harmony, and to establishing the proper order between Heaven and Earth.  Then all things will be nourished and will flourish.

Fractal Fire Rose by Pirate ~ www.Flickr.com

Are you wondering where the Time Lords come into this story?  There’s one reason why we don’t experience this state of equilibrium and resulting harmony in our lives.  And that’s because we have all bought into the story of constant growth.  We can’t stand still long enough to be consciously present in our bodies.  And so we don’t embody our dreams and visions.  We don’t have time.

If we take the time we need to truly live we’re accused of selfishness or laziness.  We need to give ourselves the time to experience our authentic emotional responses and the wonder of our physical bodies.   This will heal our anxiety and depression, and give us something solid and integral to cling to.

We’re too busy to allow our dreams to grow naturally, organically.  We push them to keep up with some insane rhythm that has nothing to do with true nourishment.  The Time Lords have stolen our lives and it’s time to take them back.  We want to live in our physical bodies, abundantly, sensually, juicily, joyfully alive.

It’s time to allow the natural in and out breath of growth, time to grow by looking within, time to trust what we know and embody our dreams and visions beyond the realms of pure fantasy.  There is an implicit order sitting under the apparent chaos and we can sense it arising in our lives.  Don’t let anyone confuse or limit it’s growth in your life.

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