Did you hear that loud POP!  It was me coming out of the confusion I’ve been in for 48 hours.    I can feel the slime falling off me as I climb free.

There’s a whole lot of layers of the life and death motif floating around at the moment.  It’s because we are making a major shift in where we put our attention.  The mutative individual circuitry meets the ancient survival instincts of the Spleen Centre and we have a whirlpool of confusion.

I was watching a report on the post-Thanksgiving sales yesterday.  One economic forecaster explained how great it is that people are applying for more credit cards so they can buy more.  Apparently that means consumer confidence is up.  Really?  I can think of other reasons, just as worthy of our consideration.   But no, let’s grasp for the one that offers us at least a faint if delusional hope of being rescued from our fears of annihilation.

In my life at the moment I have five situations where I feel stuck in a life and death struggle.  Where I feel I should behave in particular ways, because that will create various forms of good.  In each case the behaviour required of me goes against what feels right for me.  I’ve been trying to explain, apologising for myself, trying to make sense of my part in it all.  And here’s the rub.  When we sacrifice ourselves to the greater good we are acting out of a collective survival fear.  And that fear is death, annihilation of self and the entire human race.  This fear is so deep within our consciousness, and woven so tightly through all our relationships that our own life force energy is barely a blip on the radar by comparison.

The current transits are connecting a range of dwarf planets into the mix of our consciousness.  We’ve got Haumea in 57, Sedna in 23 and Eris in 42 – all connecting in with the 20/34 Sun/Earth activations, all reminding us that we need to step out of our accustomed roles and find our true nourishment.    But wait!  We’re conditioned into believing that those very roles are what keep us safe and connected to ‘reality’.   If I don’t have labels for who I am in relation to everyone and everything, do I even exist?

Then there’s Snow White conjunct Neptune over in the Solar Plexus Centre asking us to let go of our sleepy delusions and wake up to our natural abundance.  We are yawning and stretching and feeling things that we’ve never felt before!

The planet that’s making a huge impact just now is 1992 QB1 (no she hasn’t been named yet).   She’s in Gate 3, the place where yang (gate 1) and yin (gate 2) come together and create life.  She’s in the Sacral Centre, the place where we find our personal blueprint for expressing the universal creative energy.  And she’s calling us to let go of all the ways we have entered into the dance of staving off death.  1992 QB1 shows us that life IS creation.  Each moment is a creative act.  What is lost quickly becomes the past, as each aspect is reborn into great joy, love, expression.

Death is a natural part of any process that involves life.  In fact, life and death are the same thing.  They form the cycle of creation.  1992 QB1 calls us beyond the duality of life and death and into a new way of being.  Behaviours that we all take for granted – things like compromise and ‘earning a living’ – are on the way out of our lives.

The majority of people are convinced that joining with others to keep death at bay is the most important thing we can do.  It can take many forms – save the planet, get the message out, get a job, cling to the family values, anything really that involves a sacrifice at the individual level for the betterment of others.

At the tribal or Splenic level of functioning your own well being can even be read as a threat to life, especially with the individual mutation energy connecting in.  Those who don’t serve the tribe threaten the existence of all and must go.

Haumea in the Gate of the Gentle (57), is showing us how we can get back into the mix without losing ourselves.   This is a dimensional shift in consciouseness to a new more complex layer of creation.  We have more to offer and it’s time to step into that larger sphere.  The death energy is serious and self important!  Creativity takes itself seriously at key points, but it’s playful and light and full of joy.   After all, it’s not life and death!  It’s joyful creation in each moment.

We don’t need to leap, it’s simply a case (as Gate 57 tells us) of gently moving forward one step at a time with our focus on what makes us feel more alive.

It’s time for us to step into a great flow.


Image:  Kathy Klein ~ http://www.danmala.com/



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