Last night I dreamed that a droid was developed that could tune into the dead and buried.   I’ve been dreaming a lot about the dead lately.

I’d probably be a bit confused and maybe a bit morbid about it if I hadn’t learned from reading Alice Miller’s book Drama of the Gifted Child, that when something in us dies we ‘bury’ it in our subconscious.  When we feel safe enough to go back and recover it, we often dream of the dead.

I liked the ‘droid.  A nice touch, tuning in to the new life starting to buzz underground.  Something is stirring in our subconscious, something still buried. It may have represented the internet,the global meeting place of the subconscious made visible!

What’s stirring to life will be different for each one of us, but the reason it’s buried will be the same.  Loss of meaning.  When we can’t access our own meaning of life, we live encapsulated within the meaning of someone else.  It’s like a franchise – here’s the life template, complete with image, forms and scripts.  Go out and fit yourself into it.  Don’t tell me what you think or feel unless it’s going to add to my bottom line.

Living in the franchise means something very simple – we lose our connection to what’s real. We end up living a life without plurality, filled with policies and procedures, and, dare I say it, keywords!  A single straight line from birth to death.  No dancing allowed!

I wonder if I’ve ever told you the story about sending my daughter to a public (government run) school. She had been in Steiner/Waldorf schools since she was 4 years old.  I moved when she was about 8, and she enrolled in the local public school.  On the first day she rushed home, breathless with amazement, to tell me about something extraordinary.  Mum, we stood in a straight line!   I laughed and laughed – it would never have occurred to me, but it was something she’d never been asked to do in her life!

When Child, Magdalena and Pallas all passed over the Aries point recently (in gate 25) and began approaching Uranus (in Gate 17) we had a game changer on our hands.  These are all asteroids that relate to the suppression of truth – the child’s truth (that DID hurt!),  society’s truth (Pallas – our current ways are one sided and DANGEROUS!), and our sacred truth (Magdalena – yes, I DO EXIST and life without sacred partnership just sucks!).

I found myself unable to talk or leave the house for three days, slooping around in my pj’s drinking warm cups of sweet milky tea.  It was incredibly delicious.    My mental projector aspects are pretty strong (here’s my chart and I have Ceres, Magdalena and Vesta in 24).  I also have the highly sensitive Psyche in Gate 62, adjoining transiting Uranus in 17, so every little thought was almost too much. Doors were flung open, as the energy of Gate 17 raced through me – here was the place where I had lost access to being able to think (and therefore feel) authentically, where I had been taught and told and utterly convinced that my own perceptions were invalid.  That there was no room for them, that they were too chaotic, too messy, too challenging!

It’s not just thoughts.  The opposite Gate – Gate 18 – is a powerful gate of control.  You shan’t listen in to your own joyful impulses (Gate 58 at the Root).  That, of course, constitutes evil.  As does anything that threatens the GOD franchise.  Satan walks here!  And must be corrected (Gate 18 is the Gate of Correction, Gate 58 the Gate of Joy).   This is how our bodies are controlled.  Get up when the alarm goes off, step out of real time and into franchise time!  When dreaming is ‘lazy’, and dreams are meaningless, we are lost.  When we force ourselves out of bed in the morning we leave our own ‘home’ of love and connection and joy, too quickly jolted into ‘reality’ from the dream world of the dancing subconscious.   It’s not about the desire to stay in bed, just a matter of timing.  Only you know when the healing, dancing subconscious is done and ready to arise, integrated and whole again, to enter into the day.

I laughed last night when I saw that those age old enemies, the Catholic and Anglican churches, are joining forces to combat the movement towards same sex marriage.  It must be truly alarming for them, as they wave their bibles and keep reminding people that it’s forbidden to be who they really are!  Here!  On page …      oh, I know somewhere in the bible it MUST be forbidden!   Surely?

As a whole pile of planets race through the mental sign of Gemini we are integrating our bodies and minds, and finding our own sense of personal meaning.  All ‘objective’ realities can leave the room now.  I’m not having any fun in that world anymore and it’s time to move into something more real and magical!


Here’s today’s chart for those who want to see it:

Human Design Transit Chart 19th June 2012


Image Attribute:  Human Seed, by Pawel Jonca ~



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