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How to Locate Minor Planets In Your Human Design Chart

This video demontrates the step by step process for locating any minor planet – including dwarf planets, centaurs, asteroids, transneptunian objects, etc – in in your human design gates and centres.

$9.99 AUD


How to Read Your Human Design Chart

Want to understand your Human Design chart?

This 90 minute video and Ebook package takes you through the 10 steps of reading your Human Design chart.  Packed with useful information about the meaning of the Centres, the Gates and the Planets.

A wonderfully accessible tool for understanding your chart, and for learning how to read the charts of friends and family.

$25.00 AUD


Monthly Human DesignWebinars

These 90 minute recorded webinars are available for immediate download.  You’ll receive a video recording, and some include an mp3 audio version as well.


Understanding the Planets in your Human Design

The Planets form a very important part of your Human Design.  Mars and Venus will give different flavours.  If you have Pluto in a Gate, and your friend has the Moon in that same Gate, you are not going to be experiencing that Gate in the same way.

Learning how the planets influence your Gates, Channels and Centres brings a whole new dimension to your design.

This is not astrology.  In Human Design we have Gates, not houses.  We have Centres and not trines or sextiles.  Understanding how two planets interact with each other in a Centre, a Circuit, a Channel is part of the emerging knowledge of the Human Design System.

$12.00 AUD

Using Ceres in Human DesignUsing Ceres in the Human Design System

Did you know there is a planet between Mars and Jupiter?  Its’ true!  Since 2006, Ceres has been classified as a planet.  Sitting between the inner personal planets – Mercury, Mars and Venus – and the outer planets, Ceres tells us how we bridge the gap between our personal lives and the world we live in.

Ceres is also the planet that tells us most about how you relate to others.  It’s a key to what nurtures us, and what feels good  for us in relationships.

I believe that Ceres is even more important in the design than Chiron.  While Chiron has a highly spiritual purpose, Ceres affects our lives each and every day.

Download this webinar, and learn all about the planet you probably didn’t know was in your design!


$12.00 AUD


Human Design Webinar Getting Grounded in the New Millenium

Have you noticed that the way you used to do things doesn’t work anymore? It’s unsettling!

We’re being challenged to get more grounded, to fully embody our sacred purpose in ways that make a difference.

That’s where knowing about your Earth activation in Human Design can help.

In Astrology the Earth is always at the centre of the wheel, in your Human Design chart you can find where it’s placed within your body and your energy field.

This is your unique connection to our beautiful planet and it gives crucial information about your co-creative journey of bringing things into true form.

In this recorded webinar discover what your Earth activations can tell you about your purpose, direction and co-creative powers. We’ll look at the mythology and symbolism and what practical information the Earth activation holds for you.


$12.00 AUD

Using Asteroids In Human Design System WebinarUsing Asteroids in Human Design

We know how precise Human Design can be.  Asteroids add even more precision.

They are an astonishing tool for understanding the underlying stories of our lives. People are often amazed at how closely their lives have followed the mythical versions of the main asteroids in their design.

One of the reasons my Human Design work is so accurate is because I use Asteroids, both in personal sessions and when interpreting the transits.

There’s another reason why I love to use Asteroids in Human Design.  Unlike the standard planets we find in our chart, the asteroids carry strong feminine archetypal energies.

Pandora, Isis, Psyche, Juno, Kassandra, Ophelia, Vesta … the list goes on and on! Here is a rich vein of understanding of the feminine self that just isn’t present in the standard chart.

We’ll also look at some powerful asteroids in John Lennon and John F Kennedy’s charts, to see how uncanny the mythologies can be.


$12.00 AUD


Human Design Subtle LayersSubtle Multidimensional Layers in Human Design


In the class we explore The Subtle Multidimensional Layers, particularly the spiritual and interactive layers of the design.  What switches on when you’re aligned with your higher purpose?  What happens to your design when you are around other people?  Where is your strongest conditioning field?

We also explore chart activations beyond the standard 13 planets, including dwarf planets, centaurs, significant objects such as Psyche, Persephone, Zeus and Hades.  Which archetypes are you most strongly expressing in your life and what can you learn from their story?


$12.00 AUD

multidimensionalchartsidebaradvertisementGet Your Personal Subtle Layers Charts Here

You’ll receive a set of Earth Plane Charts (8 charts) plus a copy of the Ebook Multidimensional Human Design – An Introduction.  Just complete the form after payment and I’ll email your charts and Ebook to you within 24 hours.

Price: $15.00




Understanding the Subtle Layers of the Reflector Chart


Going beyond the standard chart can have special significance for Reflectors, because it reveals a whole world of activation hidden within the openness of your design, and gives guidance on how to navigate life in the flow.

This webinar was prepared in collaboration with 4 very wonderful Reflectors!

It covers the Subtle Layer charts, minor planets and progressed charts.   This webinar shows how incredibly useful these additional layers are to help Reflectors discover what it is they can truly rely on in life.


$12 AUD