Mt Wollumbin

This morning started with a pre-dawn telephone call from my 12 year old daughter from the top of Wollumbin, a nearby mountain, which she’d climbed with her friends.  She was too scared to climb down and was going to ring for a resuce helicopter.  Even in the midst of a panic attack, that manifesting generator energy was at work!  I’m sure her friends and .. yes there were adults with them .. their parents will help her down the mountain, which, in keeping with current events, is the remains of a vast prehistoric volcano.

We are entering a period of incredible initiation, beginning now .. today. Notice that every single gate in the Solar Plexus Centre is defined except Gate 37. And they all get to the Throat via the South Node at Gate 12.  This means that every single person on this planet has access to express their emotions.  And with the exception of Gate 37, it doesn’t matter what they have in the Solar Plexus Centre, it’s being triggered.


19th March 2011

19th March 2011

But just a quick note about Gate 37.  The asteroid Karma is there, representing the turn of the Wheel of Fortune. In Pisces this can be the completion of a karmic cycle.  In Gate 37 line 6, it shows that we are completing a time of feeling ourselves to be ‘not at home’, we have found a way to stand our ground in truth and substance.  The discovery point of the asteroid Karma is Gate 42.5 which speaks of us having transcended our addiction to the ‘light’ and are prepared to accept our darkness as nourishment rather than evil.

When you are completely present to the flow of nourishing energy, when what you send out into the world is free, true and generous, then there is nothing more you need ask.  It is safe to give, you can trust that what you send out is the source of what returns to you.

That sounds like the completion of the old negative karmic ’cause and effect’ to me!   Given that the whole lot gets to the throat for expression via the South Node – a karmic point that shows the past and what we need to move beyond – there is certainly a strong sense of destiny and completion in the transits here.  And just to add to the wonderful synchronicity, 1992 QB1 is on Karmic’s discovery point today.  This minor planet is a bridge between the old way of transformation:  suffering, death and rebirth – and the new way of transformation: integration of light and dark, flowing with universal co-creativity.

So, moving on.

The other astonishing thing – and yes we’ve had our eye on this one – is Uranus and Mercury in the Channel of Initiation.  Mercury is bringing the shock to the surface so we can clear past trauma.  Saturn in the Gate of Depth supports this process to go very deeply into our cells.  This is a time of profound cellular healing. Trauma held in our DNA and in our cells has been causing us to over-react to situations and has left us unable to see truly the simplicity of our reality. This is changing dramatically for us now.

In line 1, Mercury says:

The worst part of this shock is our reaction to it.  Then, as it passes by and we realize that we’re still okay and in one piece our reactions shifts from shock and terror towards excitement and relief.  This gives us greater confidence in ourselves.

The connection between the Heart Centre and the Ji Centre brings the courage of the ‘good’ ego self (Heart Centre) to align with our soul purpose (Ji Centre).

Tomorrow we have a Full Moon – a SuperMoon no less – with the Sun in Gate 25 with Uranus.  A few hours later the Moon moves into Gate 18, connecting Pluto (in 58) and Saturn (in 48), adding a deep impetus to the cellular clearing.  It may perhaps affect the nuclear situation in Japan.

The following day – the 21st March – is the Equinox.  And on 22nd March the Sun will be conjunct Uranus in 25.3.

My advice?  It comes from Gate 25 line 3:  be ready to benefit from the unexpected!

Zunehmen ~

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