Shaking Loose the Bonds of Culture


27th November 2010

Niobe and Altjira are fascinating me at the moment.  They are both in crucially important positions in the bodygraph and they both deal with how we relate to our creations, whether they be children, works of art, acts of charity or business projects.  They both seem to point to the idea that we must learn to live in the moment, to release any attachment to goals, to create simply for the innocent and pure joy of the process.

Niobe is an asteroid, and sitting between Saturn and Pluto in the Gate of Family Patterns (18) she is a key player just now.  It’s not a pretty story.  Niobe was prideful and boastful about how wonderful her many children were.  She was basically saying she was better than Apollo and Artemis, who only managed 2 children, perhaps because they were twins but that’s another story.   Apollo and Artemis weren’t happy about the slight, and killed Niobe’s children as they practiced their gymnastics.   Niobe was turned to stone but continued to weep unceasingly for her lost children.

This is a person who believes that her creations make her more important or better than others, not a good look.

It ocurred to me this morning, as I continue to work with a sense of sadness that seems to arise from the very earth just now, that we are all walking through a field of bereavement.  It’s not that we can understand what we’ve lost, but still it seems to permeate so deeply.  My feeling about this is that we are experiencing a deeply suppressed grief at the loss of many things – our lost inner child, our lost connection with our own bodies and with the magical abundance of the earth, our severed connection with our souls, and a deep cultural disconnection with both the mother and earth matrixes that has profoundly affected our ability to relate to each other in simple joy.

All these things are showing up in the transits just now.   The Spleen Centre, where we find Niobe, Saturn, Venus retrograde and Haumea, is the part of the bodygraph that relates to our ancient reptilian brain.  The reptilian brain is lightning fast.  It doesn’t want to wait to think things over or seek emotional clarity when a sabre tooth tiger is poised to pounce, threatening our very existence.  But the reptilian brain, and hence the Spleen Centre in Human Design, is not operating well in the current climate.  As Joseph Chilton Pearce points out in his excellent book, The Biology of Transcendence, what most threatens our survival now is not tigers and bears, but our culture.  We are threatened with losing our jobs, our homes, our families, with being too fat, too thin, accidentally saying the wrong thing, loneliness, various forms of discrimination and political blindness, and a myriad of other cruel but everyday tragedies.

And it’s here, in this cultural milleu, that our Spleen Centre is busily doing what it was originally designed to do, projecting it’s ancient fears into a modern context, and preventing us from clearly seeing the truth.  Our minds also connect to our heart/soul (the G Centre), but by the time our heart gets to hear about what’s going on, the lightning fast reflexes of the ancient survival brain have beaten it there and already informed us that we are at grave risk and should respond as if the threat is real.  In the rush to survive we ditch the joyful simplicity of being alive, and aspects of self not directly involved in survival – our hearts, our creative child, our loving relationships – get thrown overboard as too much ballast.

Last week and this coming week are creating a huge upheaval in our ancient brain.  It is getting an upgrade, a brand new 21st century renovation.  It’s being rewired from the old way of being human – short, brutish and inevitably ending in death after a lifetime of paying taxes – and released into a glorious new reality.  In this new reality it has a whole different job description.  It lets us know in each moment what choice will infuse our cells with the most deliciously wonderful experience of life. The rasberry or the chocolate?  The bright warm sun or the dappled shade?  The snuggle or the time alone?

And Altjira?  He is a Trans Neptunian Object, doing a long term transit in Gate 20.  This Throat Centre gate has been the main access for Pluto and Haumea to express themselves in the past 2 to 3 years (Pluto when he was in Gate 10, and Haumea in Gate 57).  They have been weaving the Spleen Centre (survival) with the G Centre (soul/heart) and the Throat Centre (expression).

Altjira was a creator deity of the Australian Aboriginal people. He created the earth, created a few lesser deities to run the show, and then he left.  No doubt to create another world somewhere else.  He didn’t hang around to make sure everyone played the way he thought they should.  He just left.  There’s echoes of the absent working father in Altjira, another source of bereavement we are currently experiencing.  But I’ve observed a deeper message in Altjira.  He isn’t attached to his creations.  He creates from joy and then moves on.

As the Zen saying goes, if you have one eye on the goal you only have one eye on your path.  Altjira is in Gate 20, an energy of being present in the moment and loving what we do.  This gate contains the essence of being fully present and integrated, and those who truly live it have a powerful effect on everyone who comes into contact with them.

Our culture tells us to keep both eyes on our goal, so long as that goal is culturally sanctioned, and to give our path only fleeting glimpses.  But the goal is a glamour, an illusion.  What’s real is the process, the pathway.  What’s real is the experience of the journey.  And this is where our Spleen Centre is paramount.  It knows how to live the journey, step by step.  It knows that the journey is filled with health, abundance and wonderful soulful connections with others, all felt at the cellular level.

Tomorrow we have a rare event – the Spleen Centre connecting directly to the Throat Centre via the Gate of The Well (48).  This is the gate of prana at the cellular level – an unlimited source of pure life force energy that brings a deep wisdom and connection to life.  The transit is made up of Saturn (48) and the Earth (16) and will be in place for 5 days.

It’s about breaking through the old illusion of being worthwhile through our cultural achievements, and being here now in all our glory.  It will shake us loose from goals that are culturally conditioned rather than soulful.

the next 5 days are about choosing to know that we are spiritual beings on an earthly journey that is housed in incredible magic vehicles that we call our physical bodies.   It’s about our physical bodies coming back into the picture and a new culture (Venus in Gate 50) arising from a place that includes all aspects of self and not just those that are culturally sanctioned.

Joy Riders by Rassouli

Returning to the Cycle of Life


19th October 2010

I had to pull my head in about two weeks ago because I had stumbled unwittingly into what I could probably best describe as an anti-synchronicity zone. Every time I tried to achieve anything, something broke. My car, my internet router, my phone line … it went on and on till I was for all practical purposes disabled from operating my business.  At one point I couldn’t even get my blog posts to load.

Actually, I say ‘unwittingly’, just because …. well, it’s a great word isnt’ it?  But I can’t say I was clueless.  I was watching the apparently destructive force build and build. The unwitting part was me trying to sneak past it. Shhhh don’t make a sound and it may not hear me! Or if I push hard enough perhaps I can make things go my way. Huh!

So I cancelled everything I had coming up and I’ve been having a delightful time. I’ve been writing an article on Quantum Business and thinking a lot about things generally.

And with Saturn transiting in my undefined Spleen Centre I’ve been having some very profound conversations with my body. I just let everything be and only did what felt good physically and watched the outcome. And felt the pressure fall away, pressure I’d become so used to I was taking it for granted as an unavoidable part of my life, no longer conscious that it was a choice I was making.

Tomorrow Ceres will be conjunct Pluto (10.6). There’s a key transformative theme here that resonates through our personal lives, our businesses and our families.  We can’t make something be the way we want it to be by holding on tightly to it. It’s the classic situation of “if you love something, let it go“. This relates to the structure of our own lives, our bodies, our relationships, our creativity, our children.

Joy Riders by Rassouli

Joy Riders by Rassouli

Altjira is in the mix as well (20.5) He is a creator god of the Australian Aboriginal central desert people, the Aranda. In the dreaming, Altjira created the world, plus a few new creator gods and goddesses. And then he left them to it. He didn’t stay around to make sure it was all working okay, that the newly created divinities were keeping everything clean, that all the animals were getting on well and sharing nicely. He just nicked off, probably to create another world in a far distant corner of the galaxy.

In a world where children are often put in front of a computer screen or ferried to endless lessons rather than encouraged to run wild, I wonder what anxiety our own inner creations are experiencing.  Under constant supervision lest they step over the line of various forms of correctness.   When Ceres is involved, we are often dealing with deep grief.  When Pluto is involved we are often dealing with deep evolution.

I think it’s likely that this conjunction represents a return of cyclical processes to our life, a shift out of the straight linear way of seeing things that we have clung to since Newton unravelled the mystery of gravity.   When we shake ourselves out of linear time (where we are on a straight line to aging and death .. tick tock) we are free to wander into a garden of delight.  There is always something old to be released and something new to be discovered.  When we allow ourselves the vision of what’s new (rather than seeing life as simply one more step on the pathway to ultimate destruction) it’s so easy to release what’s old.

Cute Little Girl in Pink Dances on the Beach during the Kite Fes

Dancing Life


26th September 2010

I’ve been reading about the financial ‘adjustments’ going on in Europe. The major issue we’re facing at the moment is that no one knows how to get out of this mess. That’s because most people are still looking for solutions within the old paradigm.

A friend spoke to me last night about living in debt. We’ve been out of balance with the planet, digging up the past in the form of fossil fuels to run our homes and vehicles. With Mercury in the very last position in the I Ching ~ hexagram 64 line 6 ~ we’ve run out of past and all we have left is the present. We’re overdrawn on every balance sheet available ~ culturally, economically, environmentally, socially, physically, emotionally.

The Sun is about to move over Saturn in Libra, bringing some restructuring that will rebalance our lives. They’re not just in Libra, they are (or will be, the Sun shifts tomorrow) in the gate of Correcting What’s Been Spoiled. At the same time Mercury moves in the gate of Exhaustion. These two gates are powerful conditioning fields and for two days we have a doorway wide open to change.

The gate of Correcting What’s Been Spoiled is the place where we hold DNA mutations that we believe (at the physical level) are necessary for our survival. They are directions from the past on what to do in any given set of circumstances. Perhaps your great grandmother added a mutation for what to do if someone uses an angry tone of voice, and your great great grandfather added his bit of genetic advice on what to do if you hear a very loud noise (perhaps shells exploding!).

These genetic mutations have worked in the past because life has changed very little over the millenium. Our DNA was well suited to such slow and steady building up of survival information. These days, with such rapid change, the information is worse than useless. It’s become a threat to our survival, keeping us locked in and responding to a past that no longer exists. Nevertheless, giving up these adjustments feels dangerous, fearful, terrifying. Some part of us knows they aren’t true and yet ……..

Mercury is showing us how we have been strung along, believing things that seem increasingly untrue.  For example, products in supermarkets described as ‘strawberry flavoured’, have a photo of a big juicy strawberry on the pack, but when we read the ingredients there is not a single strawberry there!   As my friend said last night, we have been fooled out of our humanity.  Along with Neptune and Chiron down in the Solar Plexus (emotional) Centre, Mercury has been pulling the wool from over our eyes.  We are becoming less like sleepwalkers out to buy the latest iPhone just because …  well we don’t really know why, and more like humane citizens in a global network of real people sharing a planet.

Today though, we complete 5 days of dwarf planets Haumea and Quaoar supporting us to release fear based ego structures that have us living a lie in one way or another.  These fear structures keep us from relating to each other at the cellular level and force us into false and measured constructs of self that have a smile pasted on our face and an approximation of reality on our lips.  Carefully weighing our suvival chances in each moment, we must be ever vigilant to the threat of life. Or so we believe!

In Gate 26 in the Heart Centre (ego and will) from 2007 to 2011, Quaoar lets us know that when we dam up our energy and our very will to live in order to placate the fears of our ego self we create nothing more than chaos.

Quaoar is one of our new dwarf planets, named after the creator god of the Tongva people, the indigenous inhabitants of what is today the Los Angeles area of Southern California.   With Venus in the adjoining Gate 44 and Mars joining her there later today, Quaoar gets to party with Pluto, Haumea and Altjira (a TNO who is doing a long term placement in Gate 20).

Pluto recently went direct after 5 months retrograde.  I immediately felt a strong death energy take hold.  When that death energy stalks the planet it’s like a seductive voice calling us to release life from our systems and follow death instead.  It’s all too hard, death whispers to us. It would be so much easier to just let go.  Saturn in the Spleen Centre (also connecting to Pluto) has been activating a sense of being cut off and isolated from our bodies and from others.  At the cellular level.

Bangarra Dance Theatre ~ Australian Indigenous Dance Company

What does that mean?  In our culture we tend to relate at a very superficial level that involves mainly just the conscious mind and the throat (speaking).  Our senses have become numb to all the more subtle ways we are connecting with each other, with nature and with our own bodies.  Living in this “modern” way is hard work.  Not only do we need to use our energy to shut down huge and wonderful aspects of ourselves, we also need to work harder to try to get our basic needs for relationship met because we are trapped outside of what we seek.

Despite the resistance, there are very deep cellular changes going on right now that will shift the trajectory of humanity.

Breathing deep into your body, being alert to any areas ~ organs, joints, limbs, area of skin, etc ~  that are not being fed by the breath, breathing out any old fears that arise, these are all great ways to move through the next few days.

Using your mind to figure things out is not the way to go just now, because the mind is still in the process of moving out of that false superficial reality.  It’s the body’s intelligence that we are connecting with in a powerful way.

Releasing plans and allowing yourself to be informed by what life brings you in each moment is another clue as Venus and Mars shimmy it up in the Gate of Encountering.  When we open to what we truly know about each moment, we can encounter any situation and be safe.   When we encounter Venus as an integrative field of being, and Mars as a responsive field of doing within the field of being, then we are balanced.

Quaoar and Altjira both danced the deities into being and then left them to it.  The deities then went on to create a wonderful world, just as they pleased.   Both Quaoar and Altjira speak of having no ego involvment in what we create.  The act of creation is enough, they don’t hang around and try to keep their ‘offspring’ under control but move on to the next creative act.  Life is a dance.

Flower Field by Patrick Campagnone ~

Finding Our Way to Prosperity and Love


1st September 2010

This is a time when we can be seduced back into the world we have worked so hard to change. This week is a potent mix of disconnecting from what manipulates our energy for it’s own purposes, and instead joining a collective dance that is  joyful, free and creatively inspired.

There is an unmasking of what Philip Shepherd refers to as the tyranny of the independent “known self”. Independent in that it is apparently “self-made” and not connected to anything else. The isolation of the independent known self is an ego based construct that is such a part of our culture, as we lock ourselves in our homes and sit safely ensconsed in the bubble of our cars, that we mistake it for ‘reality’. This despite scientific proof that we are each one of us nothing more and nothing less that a constant flow of energy. And this despite our own experiences of how our relationships are the core of our existence.

We hold on so tightly to our possessions, or at least what we perceive as what is ours. We pay insurance against theft and put bars on our windows.  Altjira has been subtley informing us that this is not a healthy way to be.  A creator god of the desert Aranta people in Australia, Altjira created the earth and everything on it, and then left it to it’s inhabitants to enjoy as they chose.  He is sending us a strong message right now, connecting as he is to Haumea and Pluto, that individual ownership of anything is a dangerous nonsense.

The internet has changed forever the way we experience ownership of our creative output.  Just ask Hollywood and the music industry.  When we see our creations as something we alone  pulled from the ether with only our own heroic efforts of genius, when we fail to recognise the input of others during and after the creative process, we impoverish humanity and life on earth.  Industry that uses the earth’s resources with impunity, governments that allow them to do so, people who create something and then stultify it by a fear of sharing or by refusing to allow it to grow and change through that sharing prevent a true weaving of abundance.

Speaking of weaving, I’ve been watching the asteroid Niobe moving amongst the key astrological players lately.  Niobe lost all her children through her excessive pride in them.  The story of Niobe is of her endless grief at the loss of her progeny.  We are all experiencing this to some degree as our magical inner child is continually deadened by a society that demands we can only work and never play, that claims to own our creative efforts, and refuses to allow us to interact freely with them.   We need to also look at any fear this has created in us, of having to hold on tightly to what we create rather than trusting the reality that it has a life of it’s own that has little to do with who originally created it.

We are about to storm the ramparts of the commercial world with the message that business is not about making money, but sharing love and creating prosperity for all.

Flower Field by Patrick Campagnone ~

With the North Node about to shift into Gate 10 with Pluto, the concept of ‘father’ is shifting.  The more clearly we see our own collusion with the unhealthy ‘father’ and the more we align with the juicy and joyful energy of the incoming protective provisioning masculine the easier our next 18 months will be.  The shamanic nature god Pan is in the Gate of Enthusiasm, at the Throat Chakra calling forth some potent shifts in the feminine.

Vesta and Lilith are in the Gate of Depth with Zeus.  An interesting combination.  The power of Zeus was perhaps wasted due to  his philandering tendencies.  There was that story about the goose, but we won’t go into that now :).  Vesta represents the inner flame of the hearth, and in this position shows that women are likely to be looking deep within to see where they have been allowing that flame to flicker due to a perceived need to find the power in their male lovers rather than within themselves.  And also for the inner flame flickering weakly within the breast of men who seek comfort in their sexual relationships with women, rather than connect with the gentle nature of their own inner feminine.

This confusion has inexorably led to women (and men)  being bound up in culturally based gender roles, and Lilith’s rage at how this renders us unable to act authentically.

The asteroid Child is conjunct Saturn and the Super Galactic Centre.  The new Saturn is the builder.  He knows how to create on the material plane, what needs to be done to bring our visions to reality in the physical density we live in on this planet.  This conjunction says that our inner child is moving out of a cold and isolated place and into the warmth and light of loving relationships – both personal and business.  Saturn demands self-responsibility and we will be able to hold our heads with true rather than false pride as we increasingly find the pathways our inner magic seeks for it’s expression.

And speaking of relationships, the Sun and Earth are in a channel that helps us understand our role in community.   Mercury retrograde will conjunct the Sun in this channel on the 4th September.  We can feel isolated when we feel the need to push forward ahead of our own power.  In my terms this would indicate trying to do things from the mental plane, when they are still an idea, rather than allow the flow of life to support us to embody and integrate first.  When we flow forward in this way not only do we align with a natural abundance, we also proceed without struggle because we emanate the quality of what we long to share.  It’s freely available to whoever wants it with no effort on our part, and we are forever changed through each interaction of giving and receiving.

I will be interviewing Philip Shepherd, author of New Self, New World sometime next week on Love Your Design radio.  I’m so impressed with this book and how clearly Philip talks about the need to deconstruct our current ‘reality’.

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Ganga108 on

Wild and Woolly


31st August 2010

I tried to book my son in for a Cranio-Sacral session last night and my friend didn’t have a free space until the end of September. When I asked her ‘why so busy?’ she told me ‘things are pretty wild and woolly out there at the moment!’. So true!

We are at a powerful point of shift. Have no doubt that this is a time of great evolutionary importance. We truly are creating a new world and here’s the thing about new worlds. They are different to the old ones.

I often wonder at the courage of people who left Europe on sailing ships and headed into the land of here be dragons simply out of a spirit of discovery.  Can you imagine having grown up in 17th century England and then, after a long and perilous sea voyage, turning up on the shores of Tahiti!   This is exactly what we are doing.

Dwarf Planet Haumea and Trans Neptunian Object Altjira are connecting with Pluto to bring massive change to the way we experience life.  Our culture truly exists in a place of mind, we think about things, we work out what to ‘do’, we have ideas.  We are taught that our body senses, our body knowing, are at best second rate citizens in the awareness stakes.  At worse they are evil and to be avoided at all costs.

I’ve been talking to people all weekend about timing.  Each one of us has a personal rhythm, and when we tune into that rhythm our world makes sense.  We go at exactly the right pace and have time for everything that we need in exactly the right way.  When we are out of our natural rhythm life becomes chaotic and confusing – a struggle. When life becomes chaotic and confusing and there’s only one place left to go for answers – our head!

Those people with gates 5 and 15 in their design are holding a template for personal rhythm that holds the rest of us in alignment.  But the very idea of living in your own timing is considered crazy.  Isn’t it a selfish and lazy thing to do whatever you want, whenever you want?  I have two teenagers asleep here this morning.  They both should be on the bus to school.  But guess what, they haven’t woken up yet.  How can it be good for them to be artifically woken up and fed and dressed and packed onto a bus when they should really still be asleep, dreaming, regenerating and connecting with other dimensions of experience?  And how does this artificial time construct, so taken for granted, affect their innate wellbeing, let alone their ability to be sovereign in their own lives and express their personal creatively powerful selves?

Can you see how insidious these controls are?  They are so built into our society that we take them for granted and yet they keep us from discovering truths about ourselves.  What could you experience  if you could go at your perfect pace?  How extraordinarily different could your life be?  And how impossible does it feel to live in that way?

Ganga108 on

This is a time of connecting with our body wisdom, our physical senses, our natural abundance and connection with the earth and with each other.  It is a time of deconstructing the mental conditioning that holds us apart from ourselves and our loved ones – those we’ve met and those we haven’t yet.  We are reconnecting our bodies with our hearts.

When we are confronting choices we need to change the way we frame our way forward.  It’s no longer about what we are going to DO, but who we are going to BE in response to the challenges we face.  Haumea is challenging us to connect with the seeds of abundant life within us.  We are learning to trust that listening to her voice leads us towards something so new we can’t even image yet how wonderful it is.

I have two spaces left in the Pathways to 2012 webinar, one in each class.  If you’d like to reserve or book a space, email me and let me know ~ Kim – @ –

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Altjira ~ The Sky God Lands on Earth


25th August 2008

This is a post I’ve rescued from a previous blog, because I wanted to reacquaint with Altjira.  As I write this, on 24th August 2010, Altjira is still in Gate 20 (line 5 – 4 degrees Gemini) and creating a channel with Haumea (57) and Pluto (10).

The flood of new planetary bodies in astrology is an indication of the flood of new consciousness currently overwhelming us.

As Venus and Mercury sit atop the asteroid Makemake, named for a South Pacific creator god, a new asteroid was named on the weekend after an Aboriginal Australian god.  Having exhausted the traditional northern hemisphere heritage, astronomers are searching down under for inspiration.

This new asteroid has been named Altjira and it sits in Gate 20, which creates a channel with Pluto. Not a bad way to make an entrance into the earthly plane of existence, especially when this channel supports us to love ourselves, to be ourselves without question, to live in the moment and trust that we are perfect.

Altjira himself is a bit of a mystery (as much of Australian Aboriginal culture is).

He was a creator god of the desert tribes of central Australia.  He is said to have created the earth and then retired to the sky, indifferent to the earthly plane, and left further work to those lesser gods who remained.  As Altjira is a father type god, I was intrigued by the notion of him standing back and letting the ‘kids’ get on with their lives without interference.  A sort of deeply trusting and loving space that would allow the natural growth of free will and sovereignty.

I am quite taken by a comic book version, who appeared while people slept and created chaos for them to deal with when they awoke.  That seems to tie in nicely about now, with all sorts of subterranean material floating to the surface of our consciousness.  the comic version could shape shift and had many other hidden super powers that were never revealed.  I know just how he feels.

The mythological Altjira is often described as otiose.  Which means?  Yeah I had to look it up too.  It means ineffective, futile, indolent and of no use. I’m wondering who added this description and why.  He created the earth.  How is that indolent and ineffective?  I have my ideas about that actually.  Many people are feeling right now that they are absolutely exhausted from waiting for humanity to finally GET IT!  Having ‘worked’ with passion and integrity for decades, they have had a constant experience of being considered flaky, ineffective, ungrounded and of no great use to anyone.

Like Altjira, these people are being called back to earth (into the ‘real world’) right now to demonstrate the truth of love on the earth plane, in the physical body and in day to day life.  Living on this level of density is excrutiating for many.  It’s excrutiating for everyone, it’s just that some are living so completely in the truth of love that they KNOW it’s excrutiating.  Others completely suppress the knowing. There’s many, many people at various points on the continuum.

Which gets me, finally, to my point.  This is a connect the dots type of point so stay with me.  (Pretty appropriate since aboriginal art traditionally uses many dots to create an image).

Human Design Transit Chart 25 August 2008

Jupiter is doing a square dance with Eris.  Eris is in the Ego Centre.  As is Saturn.  Eris is the Goddess of Discord and she sits in a place where we build an identity based on what we possess – people, houses, cars, clothes, academic qualifications, jobs.  She sits in a place where we believe everything can be bought if we have the price in cold hard cash. The guy with the money gets the girl.

As your ability to create a life based on this old paradigm slips through your fingers, this type of possession-based identity is no longer available to us.  It is likely that your sense of identity is shifting so fast and hard now that you are losing a sense of what’s real.

Jupiter will not allow us to expand beyond the new structures being created by Saturn and the new structures are coming from within us, from our hearts.

Holding on tightly will just give you sore fingers.  This gate encourages us to look beyond the economy, to look beyond the material world and to find, amidst the discord and chaos, what is real and what creates our personal sense of power.

I can barely write about this energy because it is so strong so I’m trying to set it out simply and then maybe I can explain it better over the next week or so.

Be aware that this point is crucial to how you will proceed in life over the next few months.  As synchronicity appears to desert us and we are thrown more and more back onto our own inner resources, you can ALWAYS find what you need if you go within yourself.

I had to drive around town FOUR TIMES!! to get a parking spot over the weekend.  This from the woman who a few weeks ago drove into town during a huge festival with an influx of 15,000 people in our small village and parked right outside the place where I needed to meet my son.  Yesterday I was like, excuse me???  My head was spinning with the chaotic nature of not being able to park my car where I needed.  And the great thing was that it showed me how much I had come to take this level of ease for granted.  It will return, but apparent synchronicity is not proof right now that you’re on the right track.  Go within and check into your heart, that’s where you’ll find your direction.

Never believe that your inner self is ineffective, lazy, indolent or futile.  It is, as I have been saying, of immense power.  Saturn is building new life structures that will hold our new identities, our new hearts of love, safe and well.  Trust that what you feel within you is more real that what is breaking up and flying free around you.  That is the old world leaving stage left.  You still have many wonderful scenes to play.

Mars is still hovering in the vicinity of powerful multidimensional black holes that warp and shift our consciousness about how to get from point A to point B.  The old pathways no longer work so we need to take one step after another and create new ones.  Anger arises from old material still held in our psyche, but it is not useful except to show where we have been allowing ourselves to be disrespected in the past.  Remember, Mars is still sitting in the upper echelons of the Heart Chakra, telling us that what appears obvious, is neither obvious nor even true anymore.

Relationships with people and money are nonsensical just now, shifting so far from the known that we are lost without a compass.  With Chiron, the sensitive wounded part of us, still in the Heart Chakra, the energy is emotional.  Stay well and happy in the  moment.  That’s the truth for now.  Cherish each other.  Connect with the truth of the earth and nature.  We are creating a new world, with some help from Altjira the emu-footed Sky God.

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