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October New Moon – Beyond Survival and into Ecstacy

You are probably just as bored as I am with trying to fix everything that’s wrong with our lives. There is a wild breaking free of the dictates of culture, good manners, best behaviour going on here. This is powerful medicine, a post cultural occupation of our bodies and all they offer us for pleasure through connection with each other and the earth.

Putting Humpty Together Again

We are in a process of opening and releasing ancestral shame buried deep within our cells that has kept us from full intimate creative relationships. This process releases subtle and hidden aspects of ourselves that have been kept prisoner of a system of secrets and lies. And then, when we arrive in this new place, it’s all a bit of a fizzer after generations of desperate avoidance.

12th and 13th July 2011

All you have is your transformative imagination; use it to dance a new pathway. Bring this dance into every experience and every relationship today. Don’t allow the old dead structures to contain you. They no longer provide you with a true home and it’s time to venture out beyond the gate.   When Uranus screams … Read More »

Tipping The World On It’s Axis

7th July 2011 For the past 5 days we’ve had an experience of finding obstruction and opposition and working out whether they do truly threaten our existence or whether we can gracefully move beyond them.  There’s a giving up of the small version of the story here, and a maturation into a part of ourselves with … Read More »

Ophelia’s Solution

It’s so fascinating to have found myself suddenly and unexpectedly thrust into the world of business at this time.  I am up at 6.30 every morning and off to work rather than sitting in the sun with a cup of tea writing my blog.  How did that happen?? It’s not a permanent thing. A friend asked … Read More »