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A Divine Galactic Moment in Time

What happens when Mars meets Venus in the Channel of Initiation?  And an even bigger question, what happens when Venus is conjunct Uranus meeting Mars conjunct Jupiter in the Channel of Initiation?  What about when retrograde Mercury is part of the picture (being in the same Centre) and he is opposite Saturn? And when Jupiter … Read More »

Here Comes The Kingdom

1st April 2011 Well we are on the rollercoaster from today!  When I was sentimentally considering the idea of ascension and 2012, way back in 1999 …..  well, lets just say this isn’t quite what I was expecting! What we didn’t factor into the equation back then was that the higher dimensions of our spirit/soul … Read More »

Shazam: Jupiter and Uranus in the Channel of Initiation

1st February 2011 My overall take on 2011 is that we are in training. For what? I believe we are in training to become Co-Creators. I know that’s a bit of a buzz word, but it’s part of my reality, rather than just some lovely esoteric idea I might enjoy dreaming about. And I believe … Read More »