Mind Burst

Chiron in Gate 36 – Wounded Brightness

Mind BurstOn 8th April 2016, Chiron will shift into Gate 36 – Wounded Brightness. This is the barest overview of the immense forces at work right now in our lives.

This is one of those SHAZAM kind of relationships. Chiron is about what’s wounded within us. Gate 36 is about how we have hidden our best selves away because circumstances have given us no other choice.

It’s been about survival. We will be revisiting, but gently, dark times that have forced us to adapt and wait till things got better. We’ve hoped and prayed that we could bring out our wondrous light filled selves, and now that time is here.

This transit ties in with a powerful galactic event, happening in the physical aspects  – the Spleen, Sacral and Root Centres. Pluto is a gateway to our galactic consciousness, which is heralded by the new planets discovered since 2005 – Eris, Haumea and others. Between now and 2019 Pluto is activating two planets which orbit out beyond what we normally consider as our solar system – Eris and Haumea.

Eris is in Gate 42, showing us that we have been ignoring our blessings. She represents sudden and unexpected events that we find challenging to deal with, because they trigger something previously neglected within us. Negotiating the challenging event brings us in touch with aspects of ourselves that were previously invisible or neglected. As we explore the new, we experience change from within.

Haumea is in Gate 32, and activates our capacity to maintain soul awareness throughout many lifetimes, to give birth over and over again to our sacred selves.

These two planets will be astrologically opposite each other for many years to come and Pluto is sitting in the middle of them. The most significant activation will commence in July 2016, when Uranus moves to Gate 42, joining Eris.

But we don’t have to wait for July, this combination of planets is triggering cellular memories, and when Chiron moves into Gate 36 we will add our suppressed emotions to the mix, which will make those cellular memories pop!

Adding to this picture we have Jupiter and Neptune in the mental realms during 2016 – Jupiter in 64 and 47 all year, Neptune shifting into 63 on 25th April 2016.

Together this gives us emotional (Chiron), physical (Pluto, Eris and Haumea) and mental (Jupiter and Neptune). This is about becoming conscious of the past and the memories we have been holding in storage in our bodies and our emotions. Our frontal cortex, home of our consciousness, will be able to connect with what previously lived in our unconscious. This is nothing less than a new way to experience our humanity.

I will soon be offering programs that teach cellular methods of accessing and healing embodied trauma within the Human Design context (where we refer to it as ‘conditioning’). For now though, remember this one key tip from Chiron –

When you feel uncomfortable or triggered in any way, there is no need to proceed further. Don’t feel you need to speak to anyone or be swept along in unfavourable circumstances. Hold to your own inmost consciousness of what you are experiencing, do not permit anything to shake your inner knowledge of your own reactions and responses. Rest, attend to your wounds, and then consider how to proceed.

Chiron will be in and out of Gate 36 between 7th April 2016 and November 2018.


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Annett Bank Yellow Dancer

Learning to Dance with the Creative Powers



There’s an explosion of creative energy available to us just now.  And we’re hanging back, possibly even feeling depressed or anxious about the lack of movement.  Why?  There’s a few reasons.  Firstly, we may not trust what’s coming to us.  Second, we may not even see it.  Third it can feel a bit overwhelming.

Human Design transit chart

The Moon is passing over Mercury today, bringing something new to consciousness.  Here’s what the I Ching says about it:




[box]Creative force is the absolute power of heaven, that moves the stars in their courses and makes the seasons turn.  A noble one (that’s you!) finds this creative force is within her, as close as her own breath.  It does not pause and rest and nor does she.

Hilary Barrett’s I Ching[/box]


Which is all very well, but we’re not accustomed to flowing with such an amount of creative power.  And we shouldn’t mistake the flow of this energy as being anything like our old ideas of busyness.   We are stretching our wings, feeling the breeze under them, considering vast possibilities.

At this stage there is no need to manifest creation.  It’s the first dance and we’re all just getting to know each other.  How does it feel?  What adjustments can you make?


Annett Bank Yellow Dancer


The reason we’re not feeling so comfortable is that the Earth is making out with Eris just now.  Eris is not the easiest of girls to snuggle up to.  She’s a bit cross at having been left out of things.  So there’s this sort of cranky energy that wants to hold things back till it’s sure you’re not going to leave it behind.

We’ve got some choices to make about our direction in life.  Eris asks the question – who is the most fair?  Are we seeking beauty, love, career?  There’s a new level of responsibility and artistry here in how we create our own lives.

Eris and the Earth are in Gate 42.  This is a place where we can feel our growth is stifled, or distrust that it will ever lead to anything worthwhile.  It’s a fear that if things get good, they could get bad again, so maybe it’s better the devil we know. But this is a bifurcation point for us.  Our very ideas about what’s good and bad are shifting as we move deeper into our understanding of the process of co-creation.

How can anything truly be good, if deep down, something in us is being left out of the story?  There’s the key for this week – don’t blame others for what’s not working in your life just now.  Look at the story of your life to see if you’ve overlooked something that’s deeply important when you’ve put together the mix that led you to here.


Learn more about the Earth in Human Design


The Steps of Transitioning

Ceres is in Gate 63 just now, and tomorrow will shift into Gate 22, meeting the South Node in Gate 12.   The clear message for this week is that we are well nourished when we are present for each step of the journey.  We are only hungry when we try to rush forward and miss out on the treasures that are lovingly laid on our pathway.

For a long time I wondered why Gate 63 was called After Completion and Gate 64 was called Before Completion.  There are 64 Hexagrams in the I Ching.

Surely Before Completion would come before After Completion?  After much reading and contemplation I realised that Gate (Hexagram) 64 is like a transitional stage.  It comes after the completion inherent in Gate (Hexagram) 63 and before the new beginning of Gate (Hexagram) 1.  So the Before Completion of Gate 64 doesn’t mean this completion, it means what we must do to begin moving towards the next completion in our new cycle of experience.

So whenever a planet is sitting in Gate 63, as Ceres is today, it’s clearly at the end of a cycle.  Perfect for Mother’s Day!

Gate 63 is only halfway through Pisces, and it’s interesting to have a look at what it needs to shift through before it reaches the astrological new beginning of Aries – Gates 22 and 36.  Both emotional manifestor gates.  Gate 22 reaches for something true amidst the falsity, breaking down old social structures that might keep us trapped into doing the nice thing rather than the true thing for ourselves.  Gate 36 reaches for what is trapped in darkness and confusion, seeking to free it before the new energy of Aries rushes forth to renew things.

Once I figured all this out, I began to wonder – why are Gates 63 and 64 opposite each other astrologically in the Human Design System?  An opposition represents two polarities that we tend to swing between.  We start out being unable to see how these energies can coexist.  Gradually, as we shift from one pole to the other and back again we discover ways to integrate the two.  The swings become less wild and eventually we find a balanced central resting place.


The swinging poles of Gates 63 and 64 are important because they teach us how to move through times of transition in our lives. Note that they are both in the Crown Chakra.  During transitional times, we are connected to ‘reality’ at the level of our spiritual inspiration.  The next port of call is our emotions – Gate 22 and 36 – and then we move to the Aries Point contained in the Gate of Innocence (25) in the Ji Centre – our soul geometry, identity and direction.

These are the natural steps we take as we move through these transitional times.  The polarity of Gates 63 and 64 remind us to hold simultaneously the understanding that we are both releasing the old and beginning the new.  We must trust in own knowing that something new has begun for us.  As yet it’s not clear, and neither do we have any idea how we will live in this new place, what will support us and nourish us there.  While taking these small exploratory steps, we also have to hold in our consciousness the need to attend to every small detail of completion of our old world.  If we don’t give this attention to the process of completion, we drag the bit of the old world that we have tried to ignore through the gate with us; we basically recreate our old reality in the new place.

A few hours ago the Moon passed through Gate 53 – sometimes considered a gate that initiates change.  It had a powerful effect because it connected with Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Eris in Gate 42.   You may have felt an intense wave of fear – I’m stuck here in this place, I’ll never be free to move on – etc.   But that 10 hour lunar transit carried a seed of the new for you.  It’s very likely you will have significant dreams over the next few days, if you haven’t already.  And even if you don’t remember them, you will probably feel like sleeping so that you can connect more easily with the collective unconscious.


Lunar Sleep Chart

The Moon was in Gate 53 from 8th May 6.36am till 16.52pm UT.

This chart shows how we function in our deep sleep layers when we are deeply immersed in the collective archetype of humanity.  In particular the energy format channel of cycles – connecting the Sacral to the Root – is activated.  Given the number of planets in that channel, this activation opened up a floodgate of deep subconscious material that can now move through into conscious reality.

But you don’t have to be in a deep sleep to access these archetypal layers.  As soon as you lay down – get horizontal – the theory is that you shift from a 64 gate matrix to this 15 gate matrix.  Your functional consciousness shifts and you begin accessing a different reality.  We call it a nap :).

Eleanor Haspel-Portner was told by Ra Uru Hu that in this sleep chart the Design Crystal resides in the Sacral Centre, and the Personality Crystal in the Root Centre. (1)  Both were activated in this transit – you can see that both the Root and Sacral Centres are activated, giving a powerful shift in soul direction and identity for each one of us on what is the first day following a massive 6 week activation to the Ji Centre via the Channel of Initiation. Yes today is the first day that both the Ji Centre and Heart Centre have not been activated by transit since way back on 1st April. (2)

When Ceres shifts to Gate 22 tomorrow – the Gate of Grace – it will meet the South Node in Gate 12 – Standstill.   She will be there till 30th May. This will be a time when we question deeply what it is that truly nurtures us, and feel the need to act in ways that not everyone will understand.  It’s also likely that we will need to grieve what we are leaving behind, since Ceres is an indicator of loss and grief.

We have a set up here for us to  find a renewed sense of core self worth in our feminine aspects.  We can rage about what is lost or we can grieve it and move on.  Ceres shows where we have neurotically sought to have our needs met in relationship and ignored what was truly nurturing to us.  We are shifting out of trying to control what we receive and opening up to what is truly on offer.  Today the Sun is conjunct Hekate (she represents crossroads in life) in the yin Gate of Earth.  Venus is conjunct Eris in the Gate of Increase (42) tomorrow as the Sun moves in to share a gate with Sedna (in Gate 23).  The women of our starry skies are speaking to us loud and clear – we are taking the steps of transition, simultaneously birthing and dying.


(1) Calculations and Layers of the Multidimensional Design System by Eleanor Haspel-Portner PhD.  p. 21.

(2) We had one day 28th /29th April when there was nothing in Gate 51.


The Threshold of Love and Money

6th May 2011

My vacuum cleaner just blew up, so I can’t clean. My plans for the day blew up with it, because I’ve been waiting to get a day to clean.  It’s just that kind of day.

After the New Moon we went immediately into a new Sun/Earth energy. The Sun – a yang energy –  in the yin Gate 2, and the Earth – a yin energy – in the yang Gate 1.  Weaving, weaving, weaving.  We manifest by allowing our yin selves to open up and receive the yang energy into us.  This is a natural process, but one we’re largely unfamiliar and uncomfortable with.

The yang energy may feel uncomfortable – it could be heat, anger, more energy than you’re used to, conflict.  I’m feeling really pissed off in a sort of delicious way, and about nothing in particular :).

Mars in the last line of the Gate of Increase wants to push forward, to take it a step too far.  Over the past few weeks we’ve had a taste of what’s to come and we’ve grabbed the reins and tried to take control.  Again.  I know.  We’re used to moving forward from the ego and it’s hard to see all the places where we still do it.

Mercury and Venus are travelling in close company in Gate 51 – the Gate of Shock.  This might have us trying to push forward from our ego, taking leaps into the unknown.  But actually Venus is giving us an opportunity to fine tune our relationships.  In particular we are learning that what we have to offer is always exactly the right thing in the right amount. Any attempts to give more than feels right, to offer something other than what comes from our own simple authenticity, is doomed to keep us trapped in an old cycle of struggle.  We can only move forward together, and a focus on how we do relationships is paramount over the next 10 days.

There’s some accompanying sadness and anger here (Ceres in 63.5 is sextile the Sun today).   Why do I have to give more?  Why don’t you give more?  Why do you want something I don’t want to give?  And so on.  Uranus, Mercury and Venus work at the heart level, Mars at the Sacral Centre.

This is about where we have become accustomed to trading our life force energy for love.  Or money.  Or anything else we feel we need to survive.

Mercury leads, opening us up to conscious awareness of the way in which the shock and trauma of past compromises have affected us.  Venus follows closely behind, bringing the energy of healing, recuperation, connection and the ability to attract what we need to move forward.

Mars is conjunct 1992 QB1 in Gate 42 line 6, Increase.  This gives us the courage to move over the threshold from the old way of developing and growing and increasing.  Expect to see lots of news stories over the next week about economic growth and it’s effect on the planet.  On a personal level, we can let go of toxic concepts of forcing growth and increase.  This is no longer the way we get to the good stuff.

Here’s a lengthy quote from Eric Francis that probably says all we need to know about today:

I have described 1992 QB1 as representing the archetype of the thresholder. That is the person who helps others make major transitions; I associate her with midwives, doulas, hospice workers, orgasm coaches, grief counselors and everyone who steps in at that moment of total transition and offers themselves in service. Many nurses function in this capacity without getting acknowledgement. There are highly skilled, trained volunteers who show up at the scenes of fires and crime scenes and help the survivors. These are all the thresholders.

In Aries, we get the clue that this really is about guiding our own processes of reinventing ourselves, and supporting the similar experiences of others; of letting go of an old form and an old pattern of energy and transitioning into something entirely new, liberated from constrictions that seem so daunting today — particularly those of the human ego.


Today’s shocks – like my blown up vacuum cleaner – are disruptive for a reason.   They reroute our attention, opening up new possibilities, so that our hearts desires speak more clearly to us.  Mars and 1992 QB1 give us the energy to get under way.  Tomorrow Mars will be in the Gate of Confusion at the Beginning (Gate 3).  This from the Wilhelm I Ching is my favourite description of the energy of this gate:

Times of growth are beset with difficulties.  They resemble a first birth.  But these difficulties arise from the very profusion of all that is struggling to attain form.  Everything is in motion, therefore if one perseveres there is a prospect of great success, in spite of existing danger.

In the chaos of difficulty at the beginning, order is already implicit.  We have only to arrange and organise the inchoate profusion, just as one sorts out silk threads from a knotted tangle and binds them into skeins.

Today’s imperative is that we don’t just drift along, but take hold the wheel of our own vehicle and point it in the direction we want to go, holding true regardless of circumstance.  Allow life to find you, let it work to get your attention.  Drop the old traumatic belief that you have to be always rushing out to meet it.  Underneath this shift is a profound change to our relationship with money and resources, but thats unlikely to be apparent for a while yet.

It can feel difficult as grief and anger well up and confuse the issue, but keep in mind that these are largely responses to past trauma.  All the places where we have felt unattractive, unloved and unwanted can rear their head over the next week. They need recognition and gentleness but don’t get too caught up in the idea that they are inherent in your present reality.



Embodying The Planetary Matrix

3rd May 2011 ~ New Moon in Gate 24 line 6 at 12 Taurus 30 at 6.51am UT.
This New Moon brings the new masculine into alignment with the earth so that there are no more obstructions to us moving forward to express our potential.
It connects our creativity with the earth, and represents an embodiment of the Planetary Matrix.


This really marks a watershed for the end of the patriarchy.  It is a reclamation of our own personal yang energy – taking back responsibility for our own potential, our creative energy, and our own personal sense of knowing and soul direction.

I’m glad I gave myself permission to be imperfect in a recent blog post, because this is the most imperfect blog I’ve ever written.  I’m writing about a reconnection, an alchemy, that I have had to integrate as I have been writing. It’s as if I’ve had to hack this post into stone!  Nonetheless….

I hope you enjoy it.  🙂


Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus

I want to start out by pointing out a few home truths about Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.   Since September 2009, these three planets have been dancing around each other and messing with global politics and the lives of ordinary people.  It’s not surprising.  They are named after Greek and Roman Gods who considered mortals to be nothing more than pawns in their personal larger than life dramas.




Uranus – Father Sky 

Son and husband of Gaia




Son of Uranus


Son of Caelus


Son of Cronos


Son of Saturn

There is a family pattern here of son’s killing fathers to protect mothers.  Not a very healthy family dynamic.  They buried or swallowed the children, effectively creating a “stillbirth”.  Whilst Uranus the Sky God came down each night to cover the earth and mate with Gaia he found his children monstrously ugly and buried them under the earth causing great pain to Gaia.  Saturn killed Uranus by cutting off his genitals, an obvious statement of emasculation – at the request of the mother. Jupiter did the same thing to his father, Saturn.   There is then almost a karmic completion, when the son turns against the feminine as a way to assert his own masculinity.

A devastating war that nearly destroyed the Universe ensued between Saturn and Jupiter.  Jupiter was able to make use of the weapons of thunder, lightning and earthquake and was victorious.  Some of this may sound horribly familiar to you just now.  Are we, in fact, sitting amidst a not so mythological war between Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter as they attempt to destroy creation to prove their masculinity?


One of the main issues in this chart is the way in which our potential as humans is stillborn, our ‘creations’ destroyed.  Many of us have the experience of trying again and again to get our lives to make sense!   From birth – even before birth – we are being interfered with in ways that prevent our natural growth and development as powerful sovereign beings.  At this moment my focus is on the 2000 year old lie that men give birth, and women don’t.  That life comes solely from the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  There is an underpinning here of hatred and fear of women (see this), that they have been blamed for the sins of the father, so to speak, for so long.  Men suffer equally, under a system where they are disconnected from the earth, the mother and their own femininity.  Our babies, our potential, our creativity, is swallowed up in the war to prove who’s boss.

New Moon in the Gate of Returning

Today’s New Moon is in the Ajna Centre in Gate 24.6.  This hexagram is made up of Thunder and Earth.  Thunder is the eldest son, the yang returning after winter darkness when the old yang completed and died away. Earth is the mother, responding to the new yang energy of the son so that he can move forward without obstruction.

“Things cannot go beyond the extreme.  When they reach the limit, they turn back to the origin.”

The old yang has gone to it’s extreme and the new yang now turns to the earth to begin again.  In the Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter story the son supported the mother against the cruelty of the father.  It was only when the son grew to be a husband and father himself that he took on the mantle of the fathers actions and repeated them.  He had learnt that the way to be a man was to destroy creation, to bury it deeply within the earth in the hope that it wouldn’t rise and destroy him in turn.

Pan, Eros and The New Masculine

While Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter have played out the old masculine dynamic, the new masculine energy has been quietly making inroads.  Two asteroids in particular – Pan and Eros – have been turning up at auspicious moments to show the way forward.

Pan is in Gate 45, so he is bringing the whole Channel of Initiation to the Throat, including all those extremely important activations in Gate 21. Also, for those of us born between approximately 1941 to 1963, our natal Eris is in Gate 21.  Venus is there now, taking on great responsibility in the old order, rather than flowing with the new and as yet unknown.

Gate 45 represents the lord, the king, the one who owns everything and lets us use it.  But Gate 45 – the gate of money – is about gathering the pieces together in a shared destiny, a shared purpose.   It’s about aligning your effort with your purpose and in this way gaining access to the resources of the community.  It’s scary to let go and flow with the collective energy, mixing in and releasing our need to distinguish ourselves in some way and in a sense that is the core of this New Moon.

Eros (22) is making a connection with the South Node (12), suggesting a transformation, letting go of something from the past.  Eros represents the cosmic masculine’s desire to create.  Demetra George sees Eros as a higher octave of Mars, refining and transforming the instinctual sexual energy.   We will feel blocked if we accept the idea that we have to compromise ourselves (South Node is in the Gate of Blocked/Standstill).   This is an emotional energy, so allow something shamed or guilty (disgraceful) to rise up and inform you, to clear the blockage.

My son has been offered a deal by his school today, he can only stay if he abides by certain rules – like wearing a uniform and attending 100% of classes – that he finds offensive to his dignity.  The school can’t understand why he won’t compromise himself, they don’t hold his soul knowing in any place of value compared to the smooth running of the system.  I suspect we are all experiencing a similar choice somewhere in our lives today.

I explained to my son that the school system believes that the bubble it lives in is the totality of reality.  In fact it makes up only a minute proportion of reality and it’s time for each one of us to step out of that bubble, to take the challenge and prove that we do believe in what we know to be true.  Enough to step out and live it.  The I Ching says there’s no need for fanfare here – your honest presence and commitment are enough.

I declined to get into a philosophical discussion with the principal about the nature of reality :).  You can imagine that conversation!

Eris and Terrorism

This New Moon comes on the heals of an exact conjunction of Jupiter with Eris, and Mars a whisker away from them. Eris has much to do with war – she is significant in the chart of Joan of Arc.  Generally I see Eris as being the one who is blamed when things go wrong.  Everyone else forgets what they added to the drama, and points the finger at one person.  Take Osama Bin Laden as a topical example.  I’m not saying he was a great guy and someone you’d want in your neighbourhood.  But he does strike me as a bit of a fall guy for terrorism just now.  His death certainly takes the heat off questionable US behaviour over the past decade or so.

Eris is shifting our focus on who is actually responsible for what – holding people accountable for their actions within the group matrix. It can be very, very difficult to sift through complex situations like the Global Financial Crisis, but Eris has been supporting us to begin that process and point clearly to those places where we can see that blame has to be attributed, even if we can never understand the big picture completely.

Eris may need to act in ways that seem chaotic and “blameful”.  Eris shifts us from one era to the next, but sometimes the beginning may not look pretty or even make sense to those watching from outside of us.  Remember Eros in the Gate of Grace who is being called to act ‘disgracefully’.

Philip Sedgwick has this to say about Eris:

Her astrological signature implores each person to make highly individualistic decisions regrading status, money, success, visibility and compliance or disregard for all social norms. Together with Jupiter and sparked by Mars, personal reversals of fortune can be conceived and created.

From my observations I’d say that Gates 13 (Seeking Unity With Others) and Gate 49 (Revolution) are the main gates that have an effect on terrorism and political unrest.

On this New Moon these two gates tell a significant back story.  Well, not so far back really.  They are side by side in Aquarius, and there has been a parade of important players moving through them in the past weeks, cleaning up the mess of the old in the wake of the Aries rush for the new.  (We had 7 planets in Aries last week!).


Nessus has been in Gate 49 since early January 2011. This is important because Pallas, Vesta and Kassandra have been moving through the adjoining gate 19 over the past 2 weeks, facing off over our need to be in touch with our feminine wisdom (Pallas), to have control over our life, including our sexuality and creativity (Vesta), and to effectively share our intuitive knowing with others (Kassandra).

This channel is extremely emotionally sensitive – the reason for much of the anxiety people have been feeling over the past 10 days.  It feels keenly when others hold different views and perspectives.  With Lilith and Vulkanus in the 17/62 channel, we can let loose if our opinion or world view is threatened.  I want to weave back into the Mental Projector issue held within the heart of this New Moon further on.

Nessus is about how men use their sexual energy without regard for others. Nick Anthony Fiorenza says this about Nessus:

Nessus inspires our need to radically sever from the conformity of the past and pierce our veils of illusion, to relinquish our denials, and to enter new realms of vision and creativity. Aiding in creating greater awareness around issues associated with tyranny and sexual abuse, suppression and denial.  Inspiring a perspective from the incarnational purpose of the soul.

Melanie Reinhart relates Nessus to issues surrounding sexuality, death, revenge and jealousy. Although Nessus may appear to have a disrespect for morality, a bit on the wild side, it also seems to teach us about embracing our sensual and sexual nature, to enjoy this abundance in life, rather than denying it or shutting ourselves down to it due to righteous or erroneous beliefs of wrongfulness or emotions of unworthiness.

As a centaur, Nessus connects Saturn with Pluto, and that’s very significant because right now Saturn and Pluto are working together, separated by only one gate – the Gate of Repairing Family Dynamics (18). Ophelia has been in Gate 18 recently but has moved on now – one aspect of Ophelia is that she was used as a pawn in a political game and was invisible on a personal level.  See here for bin Laden apparently using a woman as a shield to protect him.

Again we find the idea of disconnection from the feminine – her very existence is as part of the earth, to be owned and used for power and status.  Her value as equal partner in the divine dance of creation is still barely a blip on the screen.

Keep in mind Eros and the South Node, and Eris’ need to create change – both point to acting disgracefully!

Pallas and Kassandra

On the New Moon, Pallas and Kassandra have moved on to Gate 13, which is about universality – we are all one and can learn to live in harmony with each other.  The message in these gates is to see how we can blend our unique contributions to find common ground.  As we discover common ground and the alliances it creates, we find strength in each other and can take further risks, entering new territory.

This is the opposite of the logical ‘one reality’ universe that says there is one truth, one reality which we can all subscribe to if we just get the facts.  This reality requires that we shut down on our embodied wisdom and listen only to what is going on in our heads.  We don’t share, we line up and march in one single direction.  Just back to the school system for a moment, we are all familiar with the single concept of intelligence and the disregard for a huge chunk of human perception and conceptualisation that’s taken for granted in most schools.

Here’s a great quote from astrologer Dan Rudhyar:

‎”Facts” can be used to destroy the integrity of the human person, even if they are correctly ascertained; because when presented to that person by another individual (or in a book stating them), the knowledge of these facts may utterly confuse or even kill as well as heal and make whole.

Facts have no value except in relation to the consciousness which perceives them.

Return of the Mother – Metis and Haumea

One of the things that tipped me off to what was going on in the so-called “back story” was when I realised that the asteroid Metis was travelling very close to Pallas throughout 2011.  The story goes that Pallas was born from the head of Zeus, but digging deeper we find that her mother was Metis, Goddess of Wisdom.  With these two travelling together we can expect a shift in Pallas from being an upholder of the patriarchy, to being more in touch with her feminine wisdom.

This is a big deal.  A really big deal.  Women are so well trained to stay within the rules of patriarchy that some aspects of government and religion have been able to get away with major abuses of women, children and the planet.  (Remember Lilith is in 17 and Vulkanus in 62 – you may have noticed the volcanic anger about abuses against women being expressed lately).  Much of the abuse goes completely unseen, because it is literally woven into the web of the ‘one reality’.  Anyone who speaks out against it is treated as bonkers in some way.  Today, in my discussions with the school,  I was very politely labelled as ‘alternative’ and thus sidelined completely.  A wacko who’s views are outside of the agreed reality.

Pallas in Gate 19 over the past 10 days (adjoining 49) has been a pivotal energy here, showing the shift in emphasis from a purely masculine perspective to a more balanced view of the world that includes and values feminine knowing.  This runs very, very deep as there is much about birth and creation in this New Moon chart.

The Mental Projector

Another thing that triggered my ideas about this blog post were my observations over the weekend of women desperately seeking the approval of a few different men in discussion groups I’m involved with. It seemed very obvious and I was getting that tingly sense that here was a major clue … to something!

I watched these women discount themselves and what they knew in favour of earning kudos for ‘getting’ the intellectual aspects of the issue under discussion.  I could actually feel the ‘hit’ in my body – the addictive rush of approval from the male teacher as they got a pat on the head. This is what we are taught – to do what’s necessary for approval, to give up anything for that hit.  To answer the question right, to do well in exams, to come up with a great proposal at work, to write a popular blog post.  Even as I write this my body says – yes this is a huge addiction in our society.

The fear of activating the subterranean violent hatred of women/the feminine is ever present.  We have not really been conscious of this fear as it operates at the collective, as opposed to the personal, level.   We are supposed to be scared of authority, our entire system of government is based on that premise!

I’ve felt that energy in women’s groups over and over – the Pallas Athene need to be useful, to be good at what we do, to succeed in a man’s world.  I have observed that it goes much, much deeper than we realise, and with 2000 years of patriarchy behind us that is not really surprising.  Imagine how much of our energy is going into this almost invisible need for mental recognition.

Both Pallas and Minerva point to the desire for approval of the father – especially at the mental level.  Pallas I’ve talked about.  Minerva is in Gate 39.6, lining up with Neptune, Chiron and Snow White in 55.   Metis and Pallas will be exactly conjunct on 28th September 2011, and both will be in Gate 60.1 on the September equinox.  I mention this particular date because Saturn will also be conjunct Haumea on the September equinox.

Some conclusions

The New Moon in Gate 24 shifts us out of our mental prison, the place where we are only true if we can prove ourselves with facts.  It lets us know that we can trust ourselves to move out into the world with our ideas, our intuitive sense of what is true, and we can return safely, again and again.   This is the Gate of Return.

Like a small child toddling out to explore the world and then returning to the safety of his mother’s lap, this New Moon represents our ability to experiment with life. It is a critical gate in establishing the meaning of our own lives within the context of our own personal big picture. This constant returning to the mother is very different to the straight line forward motion we have become accustomed to.

With the support of those with common vision, we can share, act and play in alignment with our own truth and return to the safety of our own bodies, to our mother, to the earth. We take our ideas and then we act to embody them.   In this way we move way beyond a purely mental understanding (imprisoned in the mind and unable to align with reality) and into the realm of pure physical manifestation.

In this way we draw on the support and synergy of our community.  In this way we act and return, act and return, allowing birth and creation once again to arise naturally from the coming together of feminine and masculine in loving embrace.  It seems very, very important to go slowly enough to untangle the bonds of hatred that have kept us imprisoned.  The son and the mother are creating a new world and we want to ensure the karma is complete.



Jupiter conjunct Eris

Jupiter met up with the Goddess of Discord Eris yesterday for the first time since Eris was discovered. And Mars is there, within one degree. You know, just to make it more fun for us!

Jupiter expands what it touches, so Eris themes loom large this weekend for all of us. I’ve been saying for ages now that Eris represents a place where we have tended to take the blame for a complex situation, as if everyone else’s contribution had become invisible and we are left holding the smoking gun.

This is a really big deal because deep down in the DNA of each of us is something we have taken responsibility for within our family dynamic. Are you the crazy one? The sick one? The one who works hard? The married one?

We’ve been untangling ourselves from these projections, letting ourselves off the hook, since Saturn joined with family oriented Haumea in the Spleen Centre back in September 2010 (when it went into Gate 18).

Eris can also indicate a fear of unintended consequences. It’s not that we need to be concerned about unintended consequences just now, because we are doing a massive clean up. Instead, we need to be aware of how we have shut down aspects of ourselves that have created unintended consequences in the past.  Why would you keep trying to do something when you just know you’ll get blamed as the bad guy?  Over and over again!

I’ve had so many examples of this over the past 24 hours I could hardly count them – People afraid of confronting the damage they’ve created in the lives of others, feeling powerless to do things differently. People afraid of standing up to injustice and chaos out of fear they’ll be blamed. People too afraid to confront things they don’t like in their lives because in the past they’ve experienced shocking responses when they stood up for themselves.

Although Eris and her crew are in the Sacral Centre (in Gate 42), there’s a strong emotional content to this energy.

Lurking off to the side, Vesta and Pallas are in Gate 19 and Nessus is in Gate 49. Kassandra was in Gate 19 as well until she moved into Gate 13 yesterday. Vesta and Pallas are in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter with Ceres, and are significant enough to be classified as dwarf planet candidates, so they are well worth taking note of!

These two gates – 19 and 49 – connect the Root Centre to the Solar Plexus Centre  –  feeling safe to express your true emotions free from the fear of being rejected.  And speaking of being rejected, they’re joined by the almost invisible Goddess of Wisdom, Metis tomorrow.  Remember how Pallas Athene was born by popping out of Zeus’ head?  Well if we dig back through the mythology we find that she actually did have a mum – Metis.  The rejected and invisible wisdom of the mother.

Pallas can be the place where we choose to take the masculine view of reality rather than the feminine.  The feminine reality then operates under our conscious awareness, often creating chaos.   A great example – I’m working through a situation with my daughter where bullying by girls is going largely  under the radar whereas bullying by boys is pretty obvious and in your face.  Metis is like the mother ship of feminine wisdom turning up and reminding us of what we’ve forgotten.

Nessus represents a karmic completion that ties in perfectly with the ideas put forward by Eris – responsibility taken!

The most poignant key concept for Nessus comes from Melanie Reinhart: the buck stops here, indicating that in some situations it speaks to the conclusion of the karmic cycle involved: the truth revealed, the perpetrator caught, the situation resolved, responsibility taken.

Eric Francis

It’s a really potent combination on it’s own but if we add in everything else that’s going on, it’s a huge component of what we’re experiencing just now.


NB:  Sarah Palin has Design Jupiter conjunct her Natal Eris in Gate 21.1.


Enjoying Jupiter’s Expansive Ride

25th April 2011

There’s two ways we can go with Jupiter in the Gate of Increase (42) until 18th May.  We can get depressed about everything that is wrong with our lives and the world.  Or we can relax, release our attachment to how things should be, and enjoy the ride.  Because ride it will be, as Jupiter approaches Eris who sits waiting in line 6.

And speaking of Eris, we need to watch where we blame others for the chaos in our lives.  And look for what that person is trying to unlock for us.  It will be something deeply hidden, some sort of limitation we have imposed on ourselves.  I find Byron Katie’s The Work excellent for this type of self enquiry.

With Mercury still sitting in the Gate of Resources in the ego based Heart Centre, expect the root of a lot of the problems to come from a deep seated belief that there’s not enough (of whatever) to go around.

Do you remember I wrote about 10 days ago that a friend of my neighbour, Jan, had been screaming and smashing her things up?  That was when Venus was in the Solar Plexus Centre, in Gate 22.  Well Jan told me this morning that the friend (actually her daughter-in-law) has taken over her home to such an extent that she feels she has to move out to her daughter’s, and leaving the daughter-in-law to it.  She’s moving in with five children under 6 years old!  It’s not going to be peaceful!

So I have my own private Eris, a screaming, plate smashing nemesis right outside my door – and it’s very close because we share duplex apartments.  I expect it’s going to be really  uncomfortable but I’m also fascinated to see what she is going to be reflecting to me about how I create chaos in my own life!  Maybe I should start practicing with the plates now?


From Hilary Barrett’s I Ching, Gate 42 Line 1:

This is the moment to get underway, to make the greatest possible use of your gifts.  There’s no need to limit yourself to modest, sensible, short-term goals.  Allow yourself an unhampered view of the possibilities. This is just the starting point, but from here you can see the emerging shape of the finished work.


Getting Off The Merry Go Round

11th April 2011

We’re all in recuperation mode, recovering from giving too much and receiving too little in return.   There is a major disenfranchisement being revealed just now.  Around the globe we’ve been effectively shut out of the power to influence our own lives economically, politically, sexually.  We’ve been told we don’t deserve things like health care and homes, the right to vote, to care for our children properly.  And so we try harder, and harder.  And get less and less.  It’s time to get off this merry go round and make claim to our own existence, create our own ease and prosperity.

Astrologically what’s triggering this process is a line up of dwarf planets that are revealing an underhanded game of ‘blame the victim’.

Quaoar is on a slow approach towards the Galactic Centre, already in Gate 11.  Makemake is in Gate 6, square to the Galactic Centre.  Both Quaoar and Makemake have an aspect of disenfranchisement – throw the indigenous people out of their homes because we want the land.  Or in Makemake’s case because we want to put the people into slavery.

Lilith played her hand in the recent New Moon, and expecting women to play the victim for society’s ills has been a large part of the US political debate since then.  Icelander’s are having their own experience of wondering why they are trying to repay the money plundered from their economy.  This is a question that is about to explode upon the world at large.

The North Node is supporting these two planets, directly conjunct the Galactic Centre (11.5).  New ideas are being revealed, old ideas suddenly and shockingly debunked.  And the South Node – what we need to let go of?  It’s in the Gate of Standstill, a place where we say ‘Oh, blankets and trinkets.  What a lovely offer, you’re so kind, but No Thanks!!’

And then there’s Eris.  Tomorrow we have the Sun conjunct Eris, and then the whole Aries bunch will turn up to inhabit Gate 42 between now and early May.  Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Venus.  1992 QB1 is in Gate 42 as well, creating a bridge to a new consciousness, a new prosperity that flows from creativity not power, greed and theft.

Eris is showing us a new way to walk away from the complications of groupthink and find our own path.  No more parcelling out the blame and then playing the game.  If you know how family systems work, you can see it writ large on the political scene at the moment – each party and ideology playing their part in the drama.  We project our hidden darkness onto the other players and everyone goes around again.  Merrily, merrily!

Uranus in Gate 25 says disentangle yourself from this old matrix of complexity and live freely as yourself.  The new fractal connections arise from flowing freely, not enmeshing out of fear of survival. Ease, grace, prosperity. Stop going round and round in the old game, and claim them as your birthright.



The Sacred Human

Dwarf Planet Eris had the provisional name Xena

29th March 2011

As Mercury goes retrograde in Gate 42 tomorrow we can expect hickups to communications as our perceptions shift and change.  Although we may not be aware of it,  we are opening up to new ways of seeing and doing.  Everyone is ready to blame Mercury for any problems, but when he is keeping company with the Goddess of Discord Eris, as he is now, well, expect to see a bit of chaos!

But it’s not necessarily just a mess of bad news.  Because in April, we also have Jupiter joining the mix.  Jupiter and Eris together tend to set wrongs to right.

From Philip Sedgwick’s Galactic Times:

Long ago, Jupiter was displeased with the ruler of Mycenae. So he summoned Mercury to approach the leader of the land and ask if he would relinquish his throne if the Sun and Moon rose in the west. The ruler, forgetting the messenger was the inveterate trickster, quickly agreed. Then, Jupiter dispatched Eris, the goddess of discord, for a hand.

Together, they reversed the motion of the heavens for but one day so the stars, Moon and Sun rose in the west and the Pleiades wept (and that’s why that asterism holds the reputation as weeping sisters/brothers). Bottom line: Jupiter and Eris aligned energies to correct a political wrong and to reverse courses that did not agree with Jupiter’s aspirations.

Eris is also responsible for showing us the places where we tend to create chaos in our own lives because we are being ignored.  It’s not that others are ignoring us.  We’ve been ignoring an aspect of ourselves and it’s capacity for chaos is rampant around the globe, unseen because we have as a species been oblivious to it in our individual selves.  Keeping an aspect of ourselves locked away in inhuman conditions – effectively in hell – has left us open to treating others as less than human.  More on that later.

On 29th April, Jupiter and Mars will align with Eris in Gate 42.   Remember I mentioned that we are seeing the fall of the ‘head’, the king?  Well here is part of the description for meeting of Jupiter, Mars and Eris in Gate 42:

You have a blessing of unshakeable intrinsic value.  It is good to respond with a fluid steadfastness: to stay with it and invest your whole, true self, but also to stay mobile and responsive to change.  Receive your blessing as a king, who understands that s/he is blessed and chooses to dedicate the whole changing experience to the higher good.

Hilary Barrett

Saturn and Jupiter are opposite each other today, a completion of all those oppositions we sweated through in 2010.  The key issue here is an activation of the place where we struggle to keep our blinkers on and don’t want to look at the good things in our lives.

It’s partly because of the trauma we’ve been carrying, the inner child hiding away from the world, huddling in a safe place.  I’ve been feeling a bit Harry Potterish, like a wild and magical child who’s been locked in a dark cupboard below the stairs for a very, very long time.  The only thing is, our hiding places haven’t actually been safe and it’s gotten very lonely in there.  With the asteroid Child conjunct Pluto just now, we have a choice to stay in hell or get the hell out of there.

How?  By giving up having to know how.  By trusting the range of fractal possibilities in an abundant universe.  By living fully in each moment and seeing the gift it brings.

Saturn urges us to take responsibility for our own growth, but we have launched ourselves into another reality where that responsibility aligns with the power and freedom of our own soul journey, rather than with following the agenda of others.  When we build a life with the newly evolved Saturn, we create a life that makes perfect sense (Jupiter).  A stable (Saturn) faith in life and ongoing sense of good fortune (Jupiter) is the result.

The Sun in Gate 17 is at the centre of the whole Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter/Uranus shift we’re in the middle of.  Gate 17 is a mental gate that can tend to see only what it wants to see – the pattern of reality we’ve decided will keep us safe.   Our ego mind wants to have a logical plan, a goal and a pathway we believe is safe.  There’s a lunacy in the illusion that we can control our lives in this way.  But never fear!  Our ego is evolving, opening out from a limited logical mental view to one that sees more possibilities and connections.  It is listening to our true awareness.   It is shifting from linear to fractal.

Letting go of the neurotic (but perfectly understandable) need of the inner child to keep safe opens us up to a flow of universal energy that we were previously blind to.

The way we view the ‘head’, – as in headmaster, headquarters, etc – shows us clearly how our culture assumes the head should always be in charge and in control.  Our inner landscape is littered with the bits of our psyche that didn’t make the grade, didn’t make it past the logical gatekeeper, couldn’t rationally justify their existence.

But those days are numbered, on the inner and outer planes and hence the ‘beheading’ of various world leaders just now, as they are toppled by the ‘body’ of their citizens.  Notice that this is not faction fighting or alternative dictators we are seeing in the middle east, but citizens against the leader – a true Aquarian revolution.  Saudi Arabia is starting to shake and shiver, as the ruling dynasty has just refused women the right to vote at it’s upcoming elections.  Many influential Saudi’s feel that this sort of regressive tactic might not be a good move in the current climate!

This week’s amazing Pluto (58), Earth (18) and Saturn (48) lineup is shifting our perception of reality and opening us to a new view of our future.  Venus, Ceres, Chiron,  and Dwarf Planet Snow White – all in Gate 55! with Neptune close by in Gate 30 -are triggering our emotions to help us wake up to our wounded self, the parts of ourselves who didn’t pass the logical test.  This gives us a whole new way of seeing what’s really going on.  As a result, we are casting off the mesmeric effects of our long term somnambulance,  owning our personal needs for nurturance, accepting the abundance constantly flowing to us, and realising the sacred nature of our own humanity.

There is nothing about you that isn’t sacred, nothing within you that isn’t love.   It may not be logical, but it’s true!

aroon kalandy ~ flickr.com

Video Blog for 11th January

Enjoy the video take on today’s transits.  Just one note, Haumea is in Gate 57 line 4 (not line 5 as I say in the video).

Nature's Spiral by Cuba Gallery ~ http://www.cubagallery.co.nz/

Karmic Dissolution

20th December 2010

There is something in each one of us that has always moved to a rhythm of a dance that is unseen by others. This is the orphan within, the part of us that longs to belong, that seeks to be sought and that yearns to be perfectly understood and loved.  For so long we have dealt with each other as if we are possessions – my wife, my son, my friend.  As my possession you need to behave in certain ways in order to get my approval:  as my lover you need to be sexy and entertaining, as my child you must obey, as my husband you must provide.  Add to this our role as cogs in the economic machine of ‘life’ and we can easily see the ways we lose touch with each other while looking as if we are connected.

These next few weeks are unravelling the way in which we possess and are possessed.  In order to move on to the next stage of evolution each of us must be sovereign unto ourselves whilst held in a net of love and light.   Our co-dependent attachments are completing.

Human Design Transit Chart for 28th December 2010

28th December 2010

You might have noticed lately that Saturn is making a channel with the North Node, connecting the Spleen Centre to the G Centre.  They’ve been there since 8th December and will remain together in that channel until 17th March.

This presages change at the physical level, a place where we are not very conscious, and yet it’s a part of our lives that affects us profoundly.  We can be very uncomfortable with our bodies and their limitations and ills.  We can be very unconscious about how our hormones and the electrical circuitry of our minds and emotions drive our lives.

This is also a channel that seeks perfection in it’s creations.  Each of us seeks to create our own experience of perfection, beauty and harmony. Saturn and Haumea in Gate 57 are linking our capacity for relationship with our power to endure and manifest as individuals. It’s as if we have come to the end of what beauty we can create alone, but are terrified of the alternatives.  And that’s because we can remember, even if only at the cellular level, the horror of past wrongs between family, friends and  lovers.

It’s that horror we are clearing from our cells now. And when I talk about cellular clearing I am talking about readjusments to the endocrine system, adrenals and the nervous system in particular.  I’ve got so many strange and unusual symptoms just now that I would probably be pronounced dead if I had a medical checkup!  (Thank you Neptune in my Spleen Centre!!).  In fact I am doing the highly unusual, and getting a checkup next week just to make sure there’s nothing I need to pay attention to.  What we may notice is past life physical symptoms begin to clear, so they may come and then go quite mysteriously.  Go see your doctor if you are concerned.

The Moon pops in momentarily to aid in the process of correcting family patterns, always giving us the impetus to choose our own joyfulness over anyone else’s ideas of how we should live our lives.   As I write this blog la luna is in Gate 18, connecting the Sun conjunct Pluto with Saturn conjunct Haumea and that is perfect!

Saturn is a bit like the circus ringmaster just now, aspecting a few interesting characters –

Ixion, (26.1) who was the first mortal found guilty of kin-slaying when he murdered his father-in-law.  He was also the father of the Centaurs, who represent transformation via woundedness.   Ixion found himself bound to a wheel forevermore by Zeus after attempting to sleep with Zeus’ wife Hera.   Zeus had actually slept with Ixion’s wife Dia, but didn’t see that as having any bearing on Ixion’s punishment!

This reflects something of the Eris story as well, asking us to be clear within ourselves where the blame is being cast by the head of the family, and how fair or otherwise the punishment may be.  I believe that Ixion, having just completed an activation with the South Node (15) has been clearing our collective karma around past life ill treatment of family since 5th November 2010.

Narcissus, (26.1) who was so exceptionally proud that he failed to appreciate those who loved him. As divine punishment he fell in love with his own reflection in a pool, not realizing it was merely an image, and he wasted away to death, not being able to leave the beauty of his own reflection.

Narcissus by Caravaggio ~ Wikimedia Commons

Pholus is also in gate 26.1.  He can represent parts of our nature we are not yet in touch with, something waiting to manifest.  In combination with Heracles (63.5) who was partly responsible for the death of Pholus,  this is the human part of ourselves stumbling around trying to make sense of things, trying to do the best we can, but feeling almost blind, as if our strength and curiosity work against rather than for us.

Pholus is letting us know that if we take small steps to replenish relationships, take pleasure in each moment and stop postponing our own happiness we will make great leaps forward.  Pholus is saying the slower you go, the faster you’ll move forward.

Gate 26.1 speaks of finding our power and nurturing it’s growth by finding hidden dangers and regaining conscious control of our direction.   It’s as if, enamoured of our own ego self, we betrayed those who would have loved and supported us, and so lost our safe base in life.  Over many lifetimes we have been on both sides of the drama, hiding our guilty fear of being found out as the bad guy, but also worrying about being hurt again while wearing our good guy hat.  That drama has been hidden behind veils of guilt, shame and fear, but the veils are being lifted this week.

Adding to the family context is Mercury conjunct Dwarf Planet candidate Quaoar in Gate 26.  The conjunction was exact on Christmas Day and will be again on the New Moon on 4th January 2011.   My reading of this, taking in a whole lot of subtle connections, is that we are getting a chance to become more conscious of how our ego selves may create chaos rather than consciously step up into our own perfection.  Worried we may be left behind or move ahead too quickly, we want to stay put with those we love, not realising that we all want to move on and if we open up truthfully we can do so together.

Unfortunately, our tendency to try to stay put simply prolongs the difficulties for all of us, as it continues to mask the underlying family dynamics that created the problems in the first place.  Remember Pholus is about to join Quaoar in gate 26 and Pholus is an unseen force within us, drawing us forward.

Quaoar is one of the creative energies that operates out past Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.  It is pure manifestation without karmic baggage, and asks only that you allow it to flow through you without hindrance from past fears.  In Gate 26, there is considerable interference from the ego self who wants to run the show.  The adjoining Gate 44 is so chock-a-block I’m not even going to go there except to say we can get caught up in going round and round the wheel like Ixion if we don’t let ourselves off the karmic hook.

And of course there’s more but let’s take it slow and steady :).  Remember to nourish yourself (Persephone in 27 and Ceres in 60), practice dissolving into your powerful immortal goddess self (Sedna in 23 opposite Venus 43) choose to be joyful in the moment no matter how things may appear to be on the surface, and to care for your physical body as it goes through this massive cellular shift to release the past.

Nature's Spiral by Cuba Gallery ~ http://www.cubagallery.co.nz/


Snow White and the Theft of the Time Lords ~ the Pisces Full Moon


25th August 2010

Today’s Full Moon might be in Pisces but it’s no laid back affair.  In fact, it’s electrifying as the Moon conjuncts Snow White in the Gate of Thunder and Fire ~ Abundance (55.2).

Snow White ~ Julia Arielle

Snow White ~ Julia Arielle

Snow White fascinates me, and not just because she sits bang on my natal Chiron.  Oh well, okay probably yes absolutely for that reason.   Clarissa Pinkola-Estes talks about the daughter stories as being a rite of passage for waking up and coming into fully alert feminine power.

Many “daughter” stories, like Sedna and Persephone, involve the father/husband as the evil do-er.  In Snow White and Psyche it’s the mother/mother-in-law/ evil stepmother.

Sedna and Persephone were perhaps reluctant to leave the world of childhood and needed a bit of a push.  But Snow White and Psyche had a different problem entirely.  They were so beautiful that neither the evil step-mother nor Psyche’s mother-in-law Aphrodite/Venus could take such competition and so the beautiful daughter had to go.

The older women didn’t want to move on to the next stage and become the wise crone.  They were desperate to remain in the beautiful stage, able to lure the man with their physical charms. They needed a bit of a push to move on.

The Moon is giving us that push now, to give up the safety of where we are at and allowing us to mature and grow into something new.  In doing so we must release what is no longer part of our life.   And that includes a certain innocence, a certain not-seeing of what harms us.  And it includes a tendency to gloss over what angers and frightens us, out of fear of being overwhelmed.  And it includes a desire to live in a fantasy world that is really a half death, and a wanting to wait for someone to come save us so we can live happily ever after.

Our fantasies need warm support from real people to bring them to life.  Left alone they hold us captive in a nether world of endless possibilities.  As children we are rarely given the activation we need to bring our brilliant ideas to physical fruition and so we spend our lives trapped in this nether world, endlessly seeking new ideas, ways to catch the attention, fresh persuasive arguments in favour of our dreams.  We can channel our creative energies into shopping, sexual adventures and raising children.  Or we go into a dreamless sleep where the fantasies sustain us from even having to try – they are, after all, only fantasies.

Pisces Full Moon

Pisces Full Moon

The Moon is also conjunct Neptune and Chiron, although they are still sitting in the Gate of Flaming Brightness and Illumination.  In this gate, our old masculine energy has been consumed by fire and we feel that we have nothing solid to cling to.  Except perhaps our Chirotic wounded sensitivity, or our Neptunian ability to dream and suffer from the effects of the ‘real world’ and engage in acts of apparent self-less caring for others.

What will we use to dress our visions and dreams now?  How will we support them?

Let’s have a look at the Sun, which might perhaps represent the masculine element of this Full Moon transit.  He’s in the Gate of Dispersing, where ice is broken up, becomes water and then flows away;  something frozen within us is thawing.   Orcus is there as well, suggesting a need for integrity in the masculine.  And telling a tale of how a lack of integrity both personally and culturally/economically can cause us to freeze up to protect ourselves.

Sedna, Goddess of the Northern Ice Realms, is being activated by Chariklo, Echeclus, Sappho and Magdalena in 43 (also about dispersing).  When we have increased to excess, we have a breakthrough and what is unhealthy is eliminated.  Magdelana seeks to redress the imbalance by acknowledging the equal partnership of the feminine receptive principle with the masculine active principle.  Echeclus gives us a mental ability to balance abstract and linear thought.

Indian Ocean by Flokifoto ~ www.Flickr.com

Sedna is in the Gate of Splitting Apart where the relationship is finding a new way and it can feel as if there is nothing solid to rely upon.  Even the ice has melted.

Remember Orcus?  He’s telling us something very important.  That our masculine active principle has been waaaay out of alignment with our inner feminine knowing.   Did I say waaaaaaay out of alignment?   Did I mention that the feminine is frozen?  We can’t properly connect with our deep intuition or natural sensuality and vitality.

The result is that we’ve all been racing around like lunatics without any real sense of what we were doing, hoping it would all turn out okay.  And now we’re exhausted and we can’t go on another minute.  Good!  Now we get to recover, recuperate, regroup and find a better way forward.

Eris, Goddess of Discord, has been sitting in the Gate of Growth and Increase in our Sacral Centre (think energy and vitality) since 2008.  She’s letting us know that our current methods of growth and increase are toxic, built as they are upon the poverty of vast sections of humanity and the general rape and pillage of the earth’s resources and her people.   This creates internal discord, as it leaves us with a constant craving for something new, what we have already partly consumed is strewn behind us, and we have nothing solid within us or outside of us that we can trust as truly reliable.  Not even our iPhones and Manolos.

A perfect example is the banks throwing people out of their homes when they lose their jobs and can no longer afford the mortgage payments.  That’s business and homeowners knew the deal when they signed the mortgage contract.  But the question remains … what kind of society treats it’s people in that way?  What kind of society throws people out of their homes just when they really need a sense of safety and security in their lives?

Again, Orcus conjunct the Sun asks us to delve deep and deeper into what we truly see, what makes us angry and what creates our fears, what is our personal emotional response to such actions.

Enter stage left …  Venus and Mars conjunct Haumea.  They are all sitting in the most potent gate of intuition in the Human Design chart, the Gate of Penetrating and Proceeding (57).  Haumea is one of the new dwarf planets, and she is the Creatrix of Hawaii.  In this gate of double wind, she is doing a balancing act (it is after all a Libran gate), that has two parts – waiting patiently for the right time to achieve our aims and being persevering in accomplishing them.  Big hint … Mars and Venus are both here and we are in Libra which is about balancing apparently opposing forces.

Here’s what Confucious had to say when I skyped him about this today 🙂 :

Before one’s mood of pleasure or anger, sorrow or joy, is released, one’s mind is in a state of equilibrium.  When those feelings have been released and are at an appropriate degree, they are in a state of harmony.  This equilibrium is the great basis of all human activities and this harmony is the universal path for all to pursue.  We must devote ourselves to achieving this state of equilibrium and harmony, and to establishing the proper order between Heaven and Earth.  Then all things will be nourished and will flourish.

Fractal Fire Rose by Pirate ~ www.Flickr.com

Are you wondering where the Time Lords come into this story?  There’s one reason why we don’t experience this state of equilibrium and resulting harmony in our lives.  And that’s because we have all bought into the story of constant growth.  We can’t stand still long enough to be consciously present in our bodies.  And so we don’t embody our dreams and visions.  We don’t have time.

If we take the time we need to truly live we’re accused of selfishness or laziness.  We need to give ourselves the time to experience our authentic emotional responses and the wonder of our physical bodies.   This will heal our anxiety and depression, and give us something solid and integral to cling to.

We’re too busy to allow our dreams to grow naturally, organically.  We push them to keep up with some insane rhythm that has nothing to do with true nourishment.  The Time Lords have stolen our lives and it’s time to take them back.  We want to live in our physical bodies, abundantly, sensually, juicily, joyfully alive.

It’s time to allow the natural in and out breath of growth, time to grow by looking within, time to trust what we know and embody our dreams and visions beyond the realms of pure fantasy.  There is an implicit order sitting under the apparent chaos and we can sense it arising in our lives.  Don’t let anyone confuse or limit it’s growth in your life.

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A Day of Massive Integration

Does it feel like you’re being sucked into a whirlpool? Or perhaps racing down a ravine on a flimsy raft? Both of these images make sense.

Apart from the obvious – Cosmic Cross, sitting between two eclipses – we have lots of dwarf planet and black hole action going on. Plus Mars and Venus are playing out an ancient story right before our eyes. Let’s go have a closer look.

Our galaxy revolves around the sun. Which revolves around the Galactic Centre. Which itself revolves around the Super Galactic Centre. Wheels within wheels. And then we have the super massive black hole called The Great Attractor. So what?

All three black holes are impacting hugely upon us right now.

Let’s start with the Galactic Centre. In the Human Design Chart it’s in the Ajna Centre in Gate 11, which is about Heaven and Earth coming together. And sitting right there keeping it company just now is the very important dwarf planet, Ceres.

The Galactic Centre is like a giant vacuum cleaner that sucks out all your old subconscious ideas and replaces them with new ones. We simply have to look at the planet making contact with it to see what kind of ideas are getting removed and to know what they’re getting replaced with. Ceres represents the places within us that haven’t been nurtured and nourished, plus loss and grief, and anything to do with food.

This pressures us to release old ideas that don’t feel good and to learn new ways of thinking about ourselves and our lives. Thinking nurturing thoughts, releasing grief at not being loved.

Moving through space and time, we arrive at the Super Galactic Centre and find …. Saturn! In the Human Design Chart the Super Galactic Centre is in Gate 46 in the G Centre. The Super Galactic Centre wants us to find a soul mate. Not in the romantic sense and not even necessarily in the love sense. It wants us to have stable loving and creative relationships, starting with our relationship with ourselves.

This is the Gate of Pushing Upwards and it’s story is that of a seedling pushing up through the soil towards the light and warmth of the sun. The seedling doesn’t really know where it’s headed or what it will find when it gets there.  All it knows is that it must make the effort and it must move towards warmth and light.  Saturn helps us release old self imposed limitations to relating, peeling off heart armouring, and supports us to build solid stable and supportive long term loving creative relationships.

And The Great Attractor?  It’s in the Sacral Centre in Gate 5, Waiting for Nourishment.  And it’s joined by a Centaur called Ixion.   Eric Francis describes Ixion quite eloquently as “a total asshole”. Astrologer Nick Anthony Fiorenza makes this revealing comment:

“… at the least [Ixion] would also seem to be related to the suppression, manipulation, and the exploitation of women. And more specifically about those in authoritarian positions being brought to justice for deeds involving the suppression and manipulation of people, especially women, as well as the the tyrannical destruction of people for one’s own end.”

To his credit, Ixion appears to be using the immense power of The Great Attractor to reveal the way in which a certain sort of powerful, authoritarian asshole has been operating to our detriment right under our very eyes. Even to the point of having us play a part in our own destruction.   It’s as if the oil spill has drawn massive attention and now we are all on a path of unravelling, being drawn into The Great Attractor’s energy field with no hope of escaping until the story is complete.

So that’s the black holes.  But with all that going on, they are only part of the story.  Remember the Cardinal Cross?  It’s gotten bigger.  Crosser?  Because Pluto has now joined all the other players in the G Centre.  Jupiter and Uranus, Saturn and Pluto – three of the four points of the Cross (Jupiter and Uranus are both at one point) – are in the G Centre, which is all about the way we connect to each other.

8th July 2010

8th July 2010

Have a look at the connections in the chart today.   If we add in the dwarf planets Ceres, Haumea and Eris, we have a connection from Root to Ajna with the Spleen Centre included as well.   Let’s take account of Vesta in Gate 64 in the Crown,  dwarf planets Orcus and Makemake in 59/6 connecting the Sacral Centre to the Solar Plexus Centre, and the Centaur Bienor (the Strong Man) in Gate 51 – Shock – bringing in the Heart Centre and we have all 9 centres activated without having to resort to anything beyond the very sigificant cosmic players.

I’m not going to try to go over all the aspects, because it would make our brains explode on this amazing day.  Let’s just leave it this overview.

It may feel like something beloved is being removed from our lives, although we may not know what it is.  We may feel as if we are heading into a personal dark night or a global apocalypse.  This is Ceres demanding her dues as Earth, potentially releasing an outpouring of emotional energy (via Makemake and Orcus in the Solar Plexus emotional centre).    If we want to be a part of this earth play, we have to acknowledge our part in it.  We do this through our bodies and this brings Venus into the picture.

In the Feminine Mojo Teleseries, Venus was a revelation, a powerful new influence, re-emerging into our lives.  Both light and dark, morning and night.  In the Sacral Centre just now she takes hold of our energy and demands we use it in her service, and this may involve going into a personal dark night on the way to our own new dawn.  Venus tells us that we cannot live without love and beauty.  Ceres allows us to grieve for the times we have had to do so.

It drives me crazy when I read that a Venus transit means we’re going to feel lazy and spend too much money!  How this trivialises us!  Lazy is the new creative!   Money is the new abundance!   No more slavery to the protestant work ethic and doing without so that a handful of powerful people can suck up all our earthly goodness for themselves.

There is rising up a joyful, erotic and loving energy from this womb-like depth.   It is unsinkable.  It’s is unstoppable.  It’s a Venusian force of nature.  As Venus tells us in The Abyss (gate 29) we only have to flow with the rushing river through the abyss to reach the ocean.  We don’t need to try to heroically climb the sides of the ravine, or struggle to move rocks that appear to obstruct us.  It’s all in the flow and letting the water carry us on.

Mars in the Gate of Oppression and Exhaustion is instrumental for the next few days.  He is making us angry and overwhelmed.  He is probably making our head spin as he asks us to dig into our anger to dicsover the point at which it transforms to become our passion.

This is not a time to repress your rage, the world needs your fire to protect what’s rightly yours.  And mine.  And ours.   It’s the key to moving out of thoughts that will otherwise cause our own extinction.    Mars is bringing wild dreams of destruction, blood, and release from servitude.

The next eclipse is going to happen right on top of Eris, so we’ll leave her till then.  Take it easy today and enjoy the birthing of an amazing new world of creative connection, love and an erotic sensual expression of life!


Sharing Your Glow


There’s some difficult and potentially intrusive energies around at the moment.  They are at the Root and Crown, and this can create a pressure to conform to someone else’s idea of what your life would best look like.   It may be direct and in your face, but more likely it’s hidden under layers of conditioning and what gestalt therapists call “creative adjustment”.

The energies we have available to us at the moment are extraordinary, if only we can see through the cloak of oppression that has been thrown over them.

Mars is in the Crown Chakra and Venus is in the Ajna.  But they’re not alone!

Mars is joined by the Goddess Asteroid Vesta, bringing some interesting themes.  Vesta represents the fire of the mother.   The Vestal Virgins were originally an ancient order of priestesses who ruled by virtue of magic and a connection with the sacred, especially the Great Mother.

With Mars we clear anger and violence against the sexual nature of women, and experience a cleansing of the inner flame of heart, creativity and our desire to share it’s glow with others.

There is a very subtle energy coming through of violence against the sacred nature of the feminine, and a strength and courage to reclaim the inner hearth. On the negative side of Mars we might be angrily holding onto old ideas, hugging ancient injuries to our chest.

Downgraded from sacred sexual priestess to domestic goddess, Vesta was the reason women were unable to leave the house.  Mother had always to be at home …. to keep the hearth fire burning.  But for whom?

This transit allows us to reset personal boundaries around our own creative and sexual energies as they flow in through the Crown Chakra.

3rd July 2010

Let’s look at the chart.  You can see that Mars is in the Crown Chakra, on the left hand side.  This gate inspires us to think about things differently, to let go of ideas that create exhaustion and/or oppression.   Mars gives us the courage and passion to do that this week ~ a passionate and fiery devotion to our own inner flame.

Logos is in the adjoining gate 47 ~ Exhaustion and Oppression.  Logos represents the natural order of the universe, but has been misrepresented as the masculine rational way of approaching life via Carl Jung’s anima.

But of course, the natural order isn’t accessible if we look from only one end of the spectrum, we lose a sense of the connection between things.

When things go wrong in our lives, we are usually encouraged to push forward even harder and faster.  When was the last time you were encouraged to take some time out, go deep and dream, as a way of dealing with difficulties?  And then we wonder why the world is such a mess!

Mars tells us: “this is the time to lay the foundations of power and mastery for the future.”

What’s Venus up to?  She’s in Gate 4, Youthful Folly, in the Ajna Centre (mind).  It feels to me that the re-emerging Feminine energy is still quite young and unformed, and that we are still quite inexperienced in applying it to our lives.  We have had an immense opportunity to go deep within ourselves and draw out hope for a new way, but we are not able yet to see the big picture.  This makes sense when we take into account the TNO Borassisi in Gate 63, directly above Venus in the Crown.  Borassisi likes to make his own rules, but they can be narrow, personally biased, and lacking wisdom.

“In times following a great transition, everything is pressing forward, striving in the direction of development and progress.  But this pressing forward at the beginning is not good;  it overshoots the mark….  don’t allow yourself to be infected by the general intoxication.”

And speaking of development and progress, let’s head on down to the Root Centre, which is the place we go when we want to know something about manifesting on the physical plane.  And there we find Mercury hanging out with Aphrodite (53), and forming a channel with Eris and Amor (42).

This is the pressure or impulse (Root) to communicate (Mercury) what we have learnt to value in ourselves (Aphrodite) through having overcome adversity (Eris).

We seek to share the strength we have discovered within us in a loving, kind and gentle way (Amor).  We hide the places where we feel we are to blame for the disorder we are still teasing out of the mix (Eris).  There is an aspect of rejection, of being outcast here (Eris), and feeling that we need to use sneaky means (Mercury/Eris) in order to get attention (Eris), and to find and share (Amor) our love and success (Aphrodite).

Gate 53, Gradual Development, clues us into what we’ve already learnt in the Crown and Ajna, that this is a time for slow and steady development.

Because we live in a culture that believes a spark of an idea is all we require from the divine before we leap forward and create the world anew with only our own personal manly efforts.  But there are more subtle creative energies softly falling to earth just now.  Like snowflakes, if you stand very still and lift your face to the heavens you might just catch them.

We are learning how to create by embodying our ideas before we share them, half baked and unformed, with the world.  In this way, our creative energy moves out effortlessly and without resistance.