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Uranus in Gate 25

Innocence and the Unexpected On 7th February 2011, Uranus went into Gate 25, which spans the end of Pisces and the beginning of Aries.   This is a point on the astrology chart that some call The Aries Point, and it is said to represent where the personal and the political meet. At this time we’ve … Read More »

Shazam: Jupiter and Uranus in the Channel of Initiation

1st February 2011 My overall take on 2011 is that we are in training. For what? I believe we are in training to become Co-Creators. I know that’s a bit of a buzz word, but it’s part of my reality, rather than just some lovely esoteric idea I might enjoy dreaming about. And I believe … Read More »

An Innocent Full Moon

[JP-Facebook-Like] 23rd September 2010 Today’s Full Moon rides into town on the heels of this weeks   Jupiter conjunction with Uranus in the Gate of Innocence.  Throw in a Pluto T-square and we’ve got ourselves a real shake up! The Full Moon in a line of the Gate of Innocence suggests we be good and true, … Read More »