The Portals To Your ET Self

Just a quick note on a busy day full of immense potential arising out of the chaos of the old.

When Venus conjuncted Uranus in Gate 25 in the Human Design transit chart last week I noticed a lot of people having experiences of connecting with a more ET like aspect of self.  Now I know that 10 years ago many of us didn’t talk about this sort of thing, but so many people are consciously connected to something ‘otherworldly’ in themselves that I thought I’d like to share this with you.


I have long suspected that Gates 17, 25 and Gate 56 represent portal gates for connection with more multidimensional ET self.

  • Gate 56 is the voice of the Galactic Centre in Gate 11.
  • Gate 25 holds the shift from Pisces to Aries, the beginning of new eras.  It connects the multidimensional knowing of the Ji Centre to the shock and trauma of our ET selves trying to assimilate life in the human body on planet earth
  • And then Gate 17, where Venus is currently transiting, represents the way we assimilate the mental aspects of being here – language and time in particular.

You can see the portal gate of 17 in the transits shown on this Angelic Matrix chart.  It’s like a hanging gate, waiting to connect with Gate 62 which seeks to put the ideas of 17 into a more human scale and context.


Angelic Human Design Transit Chart 28th April 2011

Notice that Venus, Pluto, Saturn and the North Node are all in this matrix just now.  This matrix also shows Gate 56 and 54 as additional portal gates which I’ll explore in another post.

What really prompted me to write this post was the news that the SETI is shutting down.  It seems to me that we no longer need to pour money into technology to search for ET’s in space because there is a sufficient mass of people who now are conscious that the truth is in there and, as the sticker says on my filing cabinet We are the aliens.  My kids grew up listening to me laughing uproariously at ET scare movies.

As Lilith and Eris bring tremendous energy to the concept of discovering our own inner space, dark matter and manifestation abilities just now, the Human Design portal gates open to allow us access to new ideas and technologies beyond our planetary limitations.

I’m very interested to hear your ideas and experiences with this, so please share if you feel to.



Venus conjunct Uranus

Today Venus will be conjunct Uranus in a tiny channel

that has the power to affect all life on planet earth.


The reason this tiny channel is so significant is that it links the Heart Centre with the Ji Centre.  Or to put it another way – the ego self with the divine self.  So, that’s a pretty big deal and explains why we all feel a bit queezy and uneasy at the moment.  It has us reaching to be the best we can be, ready to leap into the unknown and take up our mantle as spiritual warriors plotting a new course for humanity.

Another reason we feel so shaken about is because this tiny connection contains ALL the planets currently in Aries – Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus. Aries is pulling us out of the old cycle and into a new one. We may not be entirely convinced that we are ready to move on quite yet, but we’re going anyway!

But aren’t we ready already?  Why is it such a drawn out process?  Well one answer to that question is that there are a couple of oppositions happening just now helping us relocate lost parts of ourselves.  Because, let’s face it, we don’t really want to move on and leave important bits of ourselves behind.  Especially as they are likely to be bits of ourselves that our ego’s have disowned as being troublesome or not good enough in some way.  Oppositions have us swinging between extremes trying to find a balance of two seemingly incompatible aspects of self.

Mercury opposite Saturn

We’re trying to get out house in order, but it’s not going to happen unless we allow ourselves to drop heavily into the very depths of our humanity.  Just coming out of it’s retrograde, Mercury is in Gate 21 opposite Saturn down in the Spleen Centre in Gate 48.

The Spleen Centre holds information about our fears for survival, and Saturn is in a Gate that triggers our fear of inadequacy and insignificance.  Yes, it’s true that there is an aspect of you and I that is simply human and nothing more.  This insecurity is obviously not a comfortable fit with the Aries channel that has us wanting to be the best we can, it holds us back and makes us timid.

This opposition demands that we move on regardless, thus purging our cells of old memories of being done in for ancient sins of being and doing, and regardless of our fears that what we can achieve is oh so limited by our human foibles.  It also asks us to be present with our need to express ourselves even though there may be no hint of approval, financial gain or acceptance coming our way in return.

Jupiter and Mars opposite Haumea

These two planets are gates that form a powerful alliance of spiritual initiation through alignment with our deep intuitive knowing.  Haumea is in Gate 57 line 3 and Jupiter/ Mars are in the opposite Gate of 51.   Mars and Haumea will be exactly opposite tomorrow – 24th April, in line 3.

There is truth coming to light and it’s shocking to our ego self, who thought it had things under control! This is new knowledge about who we are.  We can open ourselves to this knowledge and allow ourselves to be influenced by it.  Rather than blocking our fears, or taking defensive and reactive action to avoid them, it’s a time to breathe into them and allow them to speak to us of what we haven’t been able to hear before now.  This is the voice of our own personal truth.

Haumea shows where we can feel exhausted and overwhelmed from trying to reach outwards for nourishment rather than relax inwards.  Listening to our body gives us a rock solid sense of soul self that is balanced and in complete integrity through all layers of being and becoming.

Venus conjunct Uranus

A long standing anxiety inducing problem is a drain on your energy.  Do you know what it is?  Has it been bugging you for days now?  You want to sort it out, but that’s only going to get you tangled into more of a mess.

Stop believing it’s a problem.  It’s not, it’s purely a projection that there’s something wrong with you.  There is nothing that needs to be fixed. Your body knows the problem doesn’t exist and if you follow your natural processes the problem will resolve itself as if by magic and those lost parts of yourself will find a home in your life.  This is not a time to be concerned with perfection, but rather with the beauty of the creative process.

Uranus wants to rebel rather than grow up and take responsibility for it’s own gifts. Venus wants to connect with others out of a fear of going it alone.  Together they support each other to delve deeper in our relationships with each other to draw out our gifts. This is an alchemy of connection and sharing of our unique inner treasure with people who will love and value us.

Ceres in the Crown Chakra

This is the Gate of Already Across The River (63).  We have released ourselves from places where we were denying ourselves nurturing, discovered our own self-neglect and begun to receive the first little mouthfuls of nourishment.  It’s wonderful, but now we have realised we’re really, really hungry.  Starving for more of this delicious nectar.  Things are bound to be slow and uncertain as we find new pathways, take the time to stay grounded, to be balanced and to reorient yourself to the new landscape that is your life.




Venus and the New Relationships

21st April 2011

We’ve come through one wave of ego dissolution, mainly centred around Mars and our newly understood need to have healthy personal boundaries.  Now we’re into stage two, courtesy of Venus who joins the party in the Gate of Innocence (25).

She’s joining Uranus in that gate so expect relationship shake ups as the combination of Aries energy and Uranus’ need for freedom creates sharp pointy bits in otherwise good connections.

This will be strongest over the next 24 hours, after which Mars shifts out of the gate of ‘get your hands off my stuff'(21)  and into the gate of shock (51).

The Sun will be in the Gate of Beginnings (3) during this time, asking us to be aware of very subtle issues about what we invest our energy in.  We are unlocking old patterns that have us giving/doing when we don’t really truly want to.  Jupiter is moving to the Gate of Increase (42) on the 25th April so you want to put down some good habits between now and then for what feels good for you.  If not, Eris is waiting in the Gate of Increase to join with Jupiter in creating right royal mess ups.   That’s unlikely to be the way it plays out for you though.  Jupiter and Eris together provide the energy to untangle a gordian knot of confusion that may have been hanging over your life for a very long time.

Venus by Titan ~ wikimedia commons

So what’s Venus up to?  Fresh from her opposition with Makemake (in 6.6), she’s made us look really closely at what resources we have and what we want to create with them.  Aided and abetted by Mercury and Mars in the Gate of Resources (21), she has had us considering the possibility of creating something based on beauty and love.  And not just idealised versions, but the beauty and love that has us sighing with pleasure.

And as the recent Mars transits have given us courage to stake claim to our own lives, Venus now shows us how to connect from this new place.  My dad used to sing this funny song fragment – you’ve got to have skin, it keeps your insides in.  Mercury and Mars are opposite Saturn, and Saturn rules over our skin.  Venus is in the Gate of blood (25).  There really is a deep sense of us having to figure out what needs to be kept to ourselves (on the inside) and what we are happy to share.  It’s not calculating, more of a natural healthy flow of sharing with clarity. A return to a way of life that is naturally generous, rather than tight with lack.

Gate 25 may have some connection to the idea of the grail or chalice, so Venus is really in her element here.  When considering how the whole idea of healthy boundaries and keeping the insides in might work for you, imagine the difference between sharing a chalice filled with sacred liquid as opposed to unconsciously tipping the liquid out so that all you have left to share is an empty chalice.  You are the grail and your energy is the sacred liquid – offer yourself as a full container, not an empty one.

Venus and Uranus together in Gate 25 have the potential to awaken us suddenly to the wealth inherent in the relationships we already have, and bring new relationships into our lives that show us new and unexpected aspects of self.  Venus rules both romantic and business relationships.  The new relationships may not be lasting ones, but they will shift your trajectory.   If you feel a cooling of your current relationships don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, take some time out to see what you need in your life that’s not there now.  And if a new relationship comes roaring into your life, be aware it may not be something lasting, but on a short term visit to awaken something dormant for you, something you’ve been unable to see and recognise in yourself.   Look for the positive projection.

We are disentangling from the old ways of relating  this week, but it doesn’t mean our relationships aren’t working, just that they may need re-working to align with our new selves.


Venus and Mars by Elsa Dax ~ Wikimedia Commons







Sun conjunct Uranus

22nd March 2011

The Sun has moved into Aries and today it is conjunct Uranus in Gate 25.3 in the collective heart energy of the Ji Centre.

Astrologically it’s huge, with Saturn opposite Jupiter, and Uranus square Pluto.  Right now the Sun and Uranus are in a loose square to Pluto, pushing us to find the power within us to take hold of our own personal destiny.

I am hearing incredible stories of shifts and transformation.  I am also hearing about people feeling incredibly stuck.  Honour the place you are in, there is change coming for us all.

But I’m not here to talk about the astrology.  Human Design shows a different pattern.  As the Sun conjuncts Uranus in the Human Design chart it creates a channel with Mercury.  This is a channel that gives us the courage to leap into the collective pot and hold our own shape.  We are losing our fear that we will be stirred into the stew and disappear.  There’s a profound sense of becoming, and it is tantalising, teasing us with possibilities while our old fears warn us that this is the path to oblivion.

22nd March 2011 - Sun conjunct Uranus in Gate 25

We are stepping out of the matrix of imaginary security.  And in this process our eyes are opening to the plunder that’s been going on behind the scenes.  Our true security – things like healthy soil, water, air, loving relationships and supportive prosperous communities – have laid untended as we have sat mesmerised by superficial ephemera.

It’s important now to know what needs to move and what needs to be stable.  When we need to travel and when we need to stay put.

That Mars and South Node channel connecting the Solar Plexus Centre to the Throat (12/22) on the right hand side is a completion and beginning anew of the masculine energy.  Combined with Jupiter in Gate 21 in the Heart Centre we have the overthrow of the King.  No more will we die for some religious, philosophical or economic agenda that has no real personal meaning.  Personal freedom, now that’s another issue!

Libyan protesters


Over and over again I’m hearing men in the middle east say they are prepared to die to secure the freedom of their children.  There is a gate in the Heart Centre (21) that represents the serf, the underling, the servant to the monarch.  The Heart Centre shows how we organise our personal life, our will to be present to our own individual ego container in this life.  Jupiter transiting here represents the ruler sitting in the gate of the servant.  We are finding our own inner monarch and in the process demanding back our own space to breath, to grow and to prosper. What this fight for freedom reveals is valuable on a whole new level.  We are spiralling upward.

Jupiter passes through this gate every 12 years, but this time he is joined by the Sun/Uranus/Mercury aspects that suggest profound shift at the personal and global level.

The South Node has just passed over Cyllarus, which Eric Francis sees as representing the pointless waste of human life, especially men dying from senseless violence in war or otherwise.

Mercury is in the gate of shock coming in waves, destabilizing us.  Well Japan has certainly experienced this.  But this destabilization breaks up the old so the seed of the new can poke it’s sweet little head through.  We’re like seeds who don’t know what we are going to grow into.  A rose? An oak?  Who knows! All we can do is keep moving towards the warmth and light of the sun – our own profound potential.


The next big Human Design transit is on 25th March when the Earth moves into Gate 18 and creates a bridge between Pluto and Saturn.  Keep in mind that Pluto is square Uranus and Saturn is opposite Jupiter, so all players get to contribute!  It’s a beautiful puzzle where all the pieces fit together perfectly!




Uranus in Gate 25

Innocence and the Unexpected

On 7th February 2011, Uranus went into Gate 25, which spans the end of Pisces and the beginning of Aries.   This is a point on the astrology chart that some call The Aries Point, and it is said to represent where the personal and the political meet. At this time we’ve witnessed grassroots political movements in Egypt and Libya removing dictators.  The people said enough is enough and their fiery passion for change was unstoppable.   The Aries point is the strongest CARDINAL point on the horoscope and when something passes over this point things happen.  Cardinal points are initiating energy.  Aries is Fire, so there is passion and energy being released in unexpected ways, but always in alignment with the soul of the Ji Centre.


Uranus is known for creating unexpected events in our lives.  It breaks open our existing psychic container and manifests new life for us on the physical plane.  It brings sweeping change to our consciousness that manifests new ways of being.  It opens us up to flashes of revolutionary intuitive understanding of cosmic patterning.  It has us longing for something new, exciting, impulsive, anything to break us free of the old rigid ways of the past which have become suddenly untenable.  Uranus has carefully arranged this growth impulse to propel us out of our old ego self and into a new collective consciousness.

Uranus in the Gate of Innocence connects the Ji Centre to the Heart Centre

Gate 25

We meet the unexpected with innocence.

In the Human Design chart Gate 25 is known as the Innocence and the Unexpected.  As the first of the Aries gates it represents a burst of energy that is concerned with the Self and it’s expression and direction.

There are a few very important concepts attached to this Gate/Hexagram:

  • Accepting that gentle and pure love is the most powerful force on the planet,
  • Releasing our beliefs that our pure innocent heart self is insignificant
  • Staying true to our own gentle connection with self
  • Disentangling energetically from the problems and stories of others
  • Walking away from what doesn’t concern us
  • Releasing our expectation of negative events
  • Re-evaluation of plans, dreams and goals and imagining new ways to fulfill them
  • Breaking free of our need for approval
  • Stepping away from the resistance, fear, critisism and rejection of others in order to renew ourselves
  • Discovering something entirely new and unexpected about ourselves
  • Healing of our pure simple and innocent heart/soul energy and the shocks it has received from negative events of the past


Uranus in Gate 25 is a trigger that releases this heart self from it’s hiding place within you.  It does this through connecting you to others.  This is an alchemy of finding the gold where you had previously only seen lead.  As we reflect the golden purity of our pure and simple innocence back to each other, the unconditional love of the Ji Centre heals the shocks and traumas of the past and creates opportunities for unexpected new pathways and connections.

Gate 25 is part of a channel that connects the Heart and Ji Centres.  This is an individual energy, blending our healthy ego self with the collective soul.  This channel seeks new ways, never content with the old worn out pathways to heaven.   The other gate in this channel is Gate 51 – the double thunder hexagram of Shock and Initiation.  Since Gate 25 is made up of heaven and thunder trigrams, we have three thunder trigrams and one heaven trigram in this channel!

This channel is not so much about being the best or the first, but being as truly and uniquely yourself as possible.  Uranus in Gate 25 is the beginning of the expression the sacredness and specialness of our unique creative self as an integral part of the collective.  It represents the death of the concept of competition and the birth of an understanding of co-creation and the natural abundance it releases to all.

In Chinese cosmology, Thunder affects the Pericardium and Triple Warmer meridians.  The Thunder trigram represents movement and initiation of change.

This is a channel that teaches us to release our negative expectations and interpretations.  When we meet life with an open face and an open heart and trust that it brings us only good, we begin to relax and truly see the benefits being bestowed upon us in each moment.

This shift is being supported by Makemake in the Gate of Conflict (6) for intimate relationships and Saturn and Haumea in the Gate of the Gentle (57) for family relationships.  Pluto in the Gate of Joy (58) brings that shift to the level of our DNA.

  • Uranus in Gate 25:   7th February to 13 March 2012
  • Enters Aries on 13th March 2011, in Gate 25 line 2.
  • Retrograde: from 12th July 2011 (17.1) till 12th December 2011.
  • Re-enters Gate 25:   In retrograde from 22nd August 2011 to 12th December 2011
  • Uranus goes stationary and continues in Gate 25 until 13th March 2012.

When retrograde, we can expect Uranus to challenge us to find where we have internalised the disapproval of others.  It encourages us to discover where we have prevented ourselves from experimenting out of fear of failure or censure, where we are stuck in angst and rebellion rather than free to take mature action.  Developing a more profound attunement to what is truly essential.


While Uranus is in Gate 25 we have a flood of activations to both Gates 25 and 51

Gate 25

These are the periods when these planets will be conjunct Uranus in Gate 25:

Mercury: 9th to 12 March 2011

Sun:  20 to 25th March 2011

Mars:  31st March to 7th April 2011

Venus:  20th to 24th April 2011


Gate 51

These are the periods when these planets will create a channel with Uranus

Mercury:  19th March to 24th March 2011

Jupiter:  2nd April to 24th April 2011

Mars:   22nd April to 29th April 2011

NB:  Jupiter and Mars will both be in Gate 51 from 22nd April to 24th April 2011

Mercury and Uranus bring a profound attunement of the conscious logical mind up to the level of Universal or Galactic Mind.  Expect insight, ingenuity and originality.

Mars and Uranus brings restlessness, excitability and extraordinary drive and need to take action even to the point of wanting to overpower others.  There can be eruptions of tension into anger and even sudden and unexpected violence.  Allow time for this energy to settle, as the process can be erratic and potentially overwhelming.  It will be useful during this time to do things that engage the physical body in calming movement – yoga, swimming, walking to support you to connect with your underlying motivations.  Being in nature will support you also.

When Jupiter adds his expansionary energy we will be discovering a new way to experience life, a new sense of personal meaning.  You may find an astonishing new idea at this time changes the way you think of yourself and your life. Expect significant issues around the breakdown of traditional religion at this time. Particularly I would expect to see a significant shift in the role of Pope Benedict XVI within the Catholic Church. He may issue some extraordinary new edicts or be replaced by a younger and more dynamic person.

Mercury:  1st May to 9th May 2011

Venus 4th May to 9th May 2011

NB.  Mercury and Venus will both be in Gate 51 from 4th to 9th May 2011.

Venus and Uranus contacts open us up to feeling valued as an individual, safe enough to open ourselves up to the challenge of being part of a global humanity without losing our sense of self.   We will see a huge impact on relationships as they become more open and free.  Expect to see quite a lot of relationship breakdown, but also a very significant shift in the way we experience ourselves in relationship – more openness to our unique and individual needs for expression and movement.  We are also likely to see a strong desire to experiment with various forms of intimacy.  We will find a huge awakening of the collective global spirit at this time, as we realise what an  incredible resource we have in our relationships with each other at the soul level.

During the time that Uranus is in the Gate of Innocence, Pluto is in the Gate of Joy and Neptune in the Gate of Abundance. We also have powerful connections between Saturn and Pluto around the 23rd March 2011, and the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Mars will all conjunct Eris in the Gate of Expansion (42) in the Sacral Centre between now and 9th May 2011.  On that date Mercury, Venus and Jupiter will be conjunct Eris!

It’s impossible to predict the outcome of this momentous period of time.  This next few months are a time to cruise carefully over the bumps life sends you, and to turn your attention to the most wonderful dreams and visions you can possibly imagine.











Masters of R-Evolution

The Sun shifts into the Gate of Revolution as we begin what will be an extraordinary few days.  Days that have the potential to leave us changed forever.  If you feel like you’re becoming a different person, you’re probably right.

8th February 2011

Here’s the timetable:

Jupiter and Uranus are both in the Gate of Innocence (25) in the Ji Centre.  This is the place where we are challenged to return again and again to the simple soul essence, our purity and innocence.  Jupiter moves on to the next gate – Gate 17 on 11th February.  Jupiter last passed through the Gate of Innocence in early 1999.  Many of us remember that year as one of incredible shifts.    The Ji Centre is the energy centre that represents our sense of identity, so we can expect a huge expansion in our sense of self.

Jupiter opens the doorway to gifts of self but sets us two last tests.  Firstly, we must have worked hard at building a solid Saturnian container for our exuberance, we must have the discipline to hold Jupiter’s expansion within a secure personality framework.  We have been busy constructing that framework in 2010, during Saturn’s oppositions to Jupiter /Uranus and squares to Pluto.   And secondly, Jupiter asks if we are ready to step through the doorway of opportunity with an unconditional acceptance of what will be on the other side.

Eris is also in Aries, and will play out particularly in April this year as Jupiter passes over her current position in the Gate of Increase (42).   One of the key factors Eris brings to consciousness is the issue of blame.  We blame others when we fail to take full responsibility for ourselves, and we find ourselves blamed for our natural tendency to seek expansion and growth.   Blame is thick on the ground just now so be alert to how it’s impacting in your life.  Blame energy entangles our field and prevents us from clear co-creation.

Uranus was last in Aries (and Gate 25) in 1927.   Uranus seeks to shake us free from the restraints of self-imposed external authority figures.  When we chafe under the yoke of ‘I have no choice’ we are giving up our genius, our right to full and free self expression.  We are committing a polite form of suicide.  Our culture is still strongly based on the old Saturnian ideals of hard work, complying with roles that bestow status .. or not, and taking imposed responsibilities seriously.  Kids brought up under this old Saturn are not allowed to play until they’ve done all their chores.  Play is a reward rather than a way of life, a birth right.   Uranus gives us the chance to shrug off the chores and learn that life is play, creative and loving play.   Uranus says we don’t have to be alike, we don’t even have to agree with each other, we all fit together like a jigsaw puzzle and the overall image is amazing.  Uranus demands that we step outside the rules and live larger!

Tomorrow, on 9th February, Venus will be conjunct Pluto in the Gate of Joy in the Root Centre.  On her way here, Venus passed over the Galactic Centre in the Gate of Peace (11) and the North Node in the Gate of Treading (10).  She’s a powerful mover and shaker right now, triggering our ability to create beauty and love.   We can, however, choose self indulgence and comfortable superficiality rather than an active receptivity to the chance for radical transformation of relationships.  Let’s agree not to do that, but to go for connection over the old defensive story of isolation.

On 8th March we move into the Ninth Wave of the Long Count Mayan Calendar, according to some.  And after 7 months, Chiron finally shifts from Gate 30 to Gate 55, both in the Solar Plexus Centre.  This happens today, with Chiron also shifting into Pisces where it will be till 2018.

There is a cornucopia, a wealth of resources – but also a wealth of choices, tasks and demands.  This is a crucial moment, when it all comes together.  Despite what you have lost, there is a new charge given to you that leaves no place for sorrow or anxiety.  It is not a time to hide yourself away and grieve the past.  Decide what you will do, take it on, make the practical preparations and march out.

Hilary Barrett

There is a continued focus on our emotions over the next week, till the 11th February.  I know, I can hear you going arrgghhh from here :).  Mercury (19) is creating a channel with the Sun (49) right now in a channel that ramps up our sensitivity, and has us considering our needs – material and emotional.  No doubt it’s why our Prime Minister was crying in Parliament today while talking about the flood victims.  So unlike her, everyone said.

This channel says you may feel foolish at times (Earth in Gate 4) while you are making changes, but the bud needs to open!  Also, and this is important, it’s a solo thing.  While the shift is global, it happens because each one of us chooses to risk going it alone a la Uranus.   We’ll all end up at the party, but must take separate taxis.

This week’s emotional shifts create an internal revolution.  It asks us not to push for outcomes, but to allow the process to complete itself naturally.  In this way it opens like a flower.  Like the Egyptian protesters left sitting outside parliament, we may at times doubt our own senses, but the revolution has it’s own purposes and if we impose our will we limit the outcome.

colourmad1 ~

Shazam: Jupiter and Uranus in the Channel of Initiation

1st February 2011

My overall take on 2011 is that we are in training. For what? I believe we are in training to become Co-Creators. I know that’s a bit of a buzz word, but it’s part of my reality, rather than just some lovely esoteric idea I might enjoy dreaming about. And I believe it’s a very important concept that will be much more a part of the collective consciousness by the end of this year.

Specifically what I see in the transits for 2011 is a series of ongoing opportunities for us to choose to step out of any of the roles we may have cast ourselves in and to grasp the opportunity in each moment to sparkle with life.

No more dwelling in the land of hurt, powerlessness, resentment and all those other delicious forms of victim mentality that have been our playground for so long. We’ve certainly enjoyed them in our own sweet way, but now we get to learn a new game. And it asks us this question repeatedly – How will you perceive this moment differently if you know you truly are master of your own life and destiny?

Transit chart for 3rd April 2011

Transit chart for 3rd April 2011 showing the Heart Centre connecting to the Ji Centre

One of the most significant indicators for this question comes from Jupiter and Uranus moving through the channel of initiation that links the Heart Centre to the Ji Centre. This channel is a profound Aries initiating energy that has us applying our willpower (Heart Centre) to the calling of our soul (Ji Centre).

This is an individual energy with the courage to be part of the collective, maintaining it’s own boundaries of self in the process.

The Heart Centre end of the channel – Gate 51 – is the hexagram of Shock.  It flows on from hexagram 50, which signifies a new beginning.  The double thunder of hexagram 51 shakes everything up, overthrows the old and throws open the gate to the new.

The Ji Centre end of the channel – Gate 25 – the the hexagram of Innocence.  It is about the purity of self that flows from disentangling from the pathways of others and focusing on our own way.  Trying to engage with the pathways of others simply creates (and is caused by) illusion.  This gate holds the profound truth of synchronicity and it’s potential for perfect manifestation when we come from that core purity within us.

Like a Shazam!!  moment, the result of the two gates forming this channel can be a feeling of shock, both physical and emotional.  The purpose of this energy is to propel us out of the victim position of ‘how could this happen to me’ type shock and into an exploration of our power as creators.  What is the germ of creation in this moment for me?  Why have I created this experience for myself?

We move from shock to initation, and from there into greater levels of wisdom.  Life becomes simultaneoulsy simpler and more profound.

The next three months and beyond will be a delicate dance between the two – choosing our unique pathway, recuperating and taking advantage of the Gate 51 doorway as it opens and closes with the transits.

Jupiter and Uranus will both be in Gate 25 from 8th to 12th February 2011.  During this time there is an asteroid called Hephaistos transiting in Gate 51. Hephaistos (already working with Jupiter now in Gate 25) is giving us the faith to heal any shock that has disabled our will, rendering us unable to express our individuality in alignment with our soul.  It operates specifically in regard to abandonment by our mothers and old armour we have carried on our hearts to protect us from the pain of this wound.

Uranus will be in Gate 25 – from 8th February 2011 to 13th March 2012.  Jupiter moves into the adjoining Gate 51 on 2nd April 2011 till 24th April.   During the time we have some very interesting transits by the Sun and Mars, adding to the courage to be an individual idea, this will be a period when it will feel as if the door is being flung open and then suddenly closed again.  Uranus won’t begin it’s own long term transit in Gate 51 until 2015.

It’s of interest that both Pluto and Ceres, transiting together almost exclusively in the Root Centre since 27th December 2010 till tomorrow, and the asteroid Hephaistos, have an effect on our legs, representing our mobility and ability to move in the direction of our own joy and nourishment.  The Root Centre rules the legs and Hephaistos can represent lameness.

It’s also significant that Ceres is exactly conjunct the Sun in Gate 19 today.  This is a gate that has us rejecting others – getting in first so that they don’t get the chance to reject us.  We’re often in deep denial of this process and it can be hard to spot.  Ceres of course represents the specific type of nurturing we required as children and how it’s lack can make us a bit … well, just a touch neurotic.   Gate 19 certainly has it’s neurotic side with it’s need for security and it’s tendency to extreme emotional sensitivity to rejection.

The up side is that it also has a unique sensitivity to delving into our emotional and material needs and how to meet them in conjunction with the rest of the community we call family.

colourmad1 ~

We’ve got a New Moon coming up tomorrow, as the Sun finally moves out of the Root Centre and into the Ji Centre – Gate 13.

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An Innocent Full Moon


23rd September 2010

Today’s Full Moon rides into town on the heels of this weeks   Jupiter conjunction with Uranus in the Gate of Innocence.  Throw in a Pluto T-square and we’ve got ourselves a real shake up!

The Full Moon in a line of the Gate of Innocence suggests we be good and true, and not be attached to the outcome of our actions.  We may, in fact, misinterpret the outcomes, seeing bad rather than good, misfortune rather than good fortune.  Our interpretation of the outcomes of our actions is not so important as our intention to find within us the place where we face life with authenticity and sincerity.

This ties in with an idea that’s been hatching for me in the past few weeks, after talking to Philip Shepherd on LoveYourDesign radio last week.  Philip talks in his book about letting go of examining ourselves, letting go of our practiced self consciousness and instead just enjoy living in each moment.  This idea rests firmly upon an assumption that we have already mastered the natural place within us where we come from innocence.  It’s not an idea that we might suggest to, say, a serial killer.

I was at a lecture earlier this week and watched with fascination the discussion about the benefits of positive and negative thinking.  What struck me most was that there a shared assumption that our thoughts are our reality and there seemed no suspicion that lurking beneath those thoughts was the thing that they were thinking about all along .. our authentic experience of living in each moment. If we drop into that authentic place any judgment of positive or negative becomes nonsensical.

Not only is this Full Moon evoking our innocent child in the Gate of Innocence, but the asteroid Child is conjunct the Dwarf Planet Haumea (in 57).  In her Hawaiian home, Haumea is an earth goddess mother, with many children including her daughter, the Goddess of Volcanoes, Pele, who creates new land from her crater-womb.   There are a few important points about Haumea.  She has a strong matrilinear lineage through her mother Sky Goddess Papa, and her grandmother Creator Goddess ULI.   She represents the feminine energy in it’s original power – earthy, fiery, watery and airy.  She is the land and the sky, the masculine within the feminine, and the feminine within the masculine.

This brings the child within us to central focus, the armouring on our heart can now be pulled away since we have the potential to reconnect with a nurturing mother energy on the planet.   This innocent self cannot bear anything that is harsh or unloving and needs to retreat to a safe space for protection. This is the basis of the so called ‘shadow self’.

Aries Full Moon ~ September 2010

The Sun is conjunct the Super Galactic Centre at 0 degrees Libra (gate 46) in the Heart Chakra, creating a powerful need for connection with others.  The message here is that we are newborns in a new world, and the world seems strange even if we can’t quite point to why that is.  Nothing has changed and yet everything feels different.  We feel cautious, alert to any danger.  But truly, the Sun position says there is no need to rush and no need to hesitate.  In fact the Venus/Mars conjunction we’ve had for about a month now has been balancing out our ability to move forward in tune with our intuition so that we’re getting quite good at it now.

Small step by small step we are attuning our body with our hearts and shifting our relationships.  Today’s Full Moon gives us a courage to connect where previously we may have projected old fears onto the relationship.  Neptune and Chiron in the Solar Plexus Centre are doing a profound job of helping us to dissolve emotional wounds that confused us.

It’s important just now to, in a sense, trust no one but yourself.  In a good way.  By which I mean, keep tuning into your heart and your intuition to see what feels right for you.  We’re shifting into a way of relating where we are interdependent so we naturally come together in creative ways.  The old dependencies are no longer necessary.

We may feel like rushing forward, but if we take steps that lead us out of presence in the moment, the asteroid Arachne (in 20) will cause us to be caught up in our own web of complexity.  We are new and learning, so taking a long term view is not possible, we simply don’t have the experience.  We need time to learn our way, become familiar with this territory and develop new skills.  To bring increase into our lives we simply need to keep our heart constant (1992 QB1 in Gate 26.6).

Jupiter has shifted into the Solar Plexus Centre in Gate 36.  Taking it to the Throat for expression are Thereus, Achilles and Chaos.  Now that probably sounds like … arghhh 🙂  But.  Chaos tells us that things are not what they seem.  Progress (gate 35) is happening, and although we may not be able to see it, we just need to allow the underlying order to reveal itself in its own time.   We are definitely not going to make progress at the moment by mooching status from our relationship, our job our possessions ~ that’s Thereus.  It has to come from within us, an authenticity that shines forth from us because we are in love with who we are and what we do.

If you are experiencing pain in your body just now, take note of pressure to do things that you don’t want to do and an overriding suppression of your own energy in order to keep yourself safe.  Breathing deep into the pelvis is good, feel the pelvic bones, the sacrum and pubic bone very gently moving in response to this relaxed deep breath.  Also, in places where you feel movement is blocked practice making small movements for short periods of time.  Just feel how that is, practice connecting with a joy in movement and expand into moving a bit more each day if that feels okay for you.  No need to push anything.  Saturn in the Spleen Centre is allowing us to restructure our physical bodies to release rigidity. This gives us back our relationship with our bodies and allows us to relate much more fully with others.

Are you noticing the confusion on the world’s money markets and the chaos in Europe about how to move forward financially? Pan and Diana are in Gate 45 shifting the concept of ownership. Pan and Diana are both wild energies, protectors of the wilderness within you. That is the place the money is shifting to. It’s going back to the earth from whence it came and you will be well provided for as your wildish self comes to earth to meet it there. Put your feet on the ground, wiggle your toes and know you are home.

PS. You may have noticed fewer blogs recently. Like everyone, I’m experiencing some changes in my life. I’m being invited to do all sorts of really fun things just now, to talk, to write, to teach. My blog is like the heart of my business so I have no plans to stop writing but just while things are still creatively chaotic and still forming a new structure the blogs may be less frequent than usual.