Full Moon ~ October 2012



Full Moon October 2012 - Human Design ChartFull Moon in Gate 27.6 ~ 6 Taurus ~ 29th October 2012 at 19:49UT

It’s time we all had a close look at how we create our own individual eco-system.  Today’s Full Moon brings our attention to what we are choosing to nourish ourselves with.  What we take into our lives.  What we become as a result.

This Full Moon reveals where we are feeding our own victim consciousness, rather than stepping into our own power.  This process keeps alive the forces of decay, of decline. It cuts us off from life, from true growth, from evolution.

Imagine, as we begin to apply our vital energy to what is truly alive within us, what will be released into the world!


What We Hunger For


The Moon will be in the Gate of Nourishment ~  Gate 27.

Line 6 says we are now capable of choosing to do what’s best for the highest good.  It’s about making our personal energy available to the divine will.

The Sun will be in the Gate of Great Exceeding ~ Gate 28.  It tells us that we can wade into this new flow of energy, but we are likely to drown if we are not tuning into the feel of life – particularly in our physical body.

This is about shifting our concept of what we hunger for.  This is not selfishness, not greed, not self interest.  It’s knowing instinctively when life calls our energy out, and experiencing that as a source of true nourishment at the personal level.  Can you feel life right down at the cellular level?

We all hunger for life and life hungers for growth.  This Full Moon is a portal into a new dimension, via a bifurcation point where life and evolution takes one path, death and decay the other.  This is not a once off invitation only event, but a point in time to set our intentions and tune into what feels right.  Remember, we are only at the beginning and yes, you are doing it right!  It just doesn’t feel so great for all of us quite yet!


Divine What?


Since 2009, the channel between the Spleen Centre and the Heart Centre has been home to a range of planets that have been quietly cleansing our personal will and tuning it up to divine will.

On this Full Moon we have:

Gate 44 – Klotho, Industria, Pandora, Poseidon, Deucalion and Ceto.  This is a lot of busy busy energy trying busily to avoid drowning in the apparent horrors of our own subconscious.  Gate 44 is a wonderful gate, known always to me by the classic hexagram 44 warning – the woman is bold, do not marry this woman!  Pandora was the Earth Goddess of Abundance, and she’s trying to come up for a breathe, but we keep busy (did I mention that already) and keep pushing her down again.  A bold woman, trying to get her head above water!

Gate 26 – Diana, Pholus, Ixion, Hylonome, Cupido.  When we actually let go of our own childish need to believe in our own omnipotence, we discover something quite interesting.

In particular, look at the meaning of Cupido:


This is about fertile abundance of creative effort shared in the harvesting of it.   There is the understanding that what is given to one does not diminish, but increases what is shared with others.   (http://www.uranian-institute.org/jpcupido.htm)

We don’t have to do much at all to create magic.  The huge efforts we had to make as a child to try to have our needs met created an illusion of struggle and effort.  Being forced to share has stripped a lot of us of the feeling for that natural flow of beneficial will, creating instead a sense of lack.

Those old heroics make us less rather than more safe and secure in the world.  I’m watching the gift of some crucial public space in Sydney to a local billionaire on the grounds that he will save our financial future by building a VIP casino there for wealthy Asian high rollers.  We don’t need billions, or at least we only need them when we are trying to make heroic efforts to save ourselves from …. what?  Our dreams?  When we hold our energy intact until the right moment to release it in small amounts, we find a fractal truth that is constantly bringing abundance.

This channel will be activated by major planets a number of times between now and the culmination of 2012, so expect this issue to rise up to mass consciousness.

If you feel exhausted, unbalanced, as if you can’t hold onto the old structures of your life any longer, you’re probably right.  It’s time to cull what isn’t supporting the life in your life.  It’s time to invest your life force energy more consciously, and to trust in your intuitive knowing of what amount of investment is required.  It’s time to tread more gently, slowly, carefully.  It’s time to let go of trying to save the world, and instead to learn to live fully in the world.



Image attribution:  http://www.juliryansart.com/




Going Sane

There’s lots of talk about the world having gone mad.  I suspect it’s been mad for a long time, and what’s changing is that we’re going sane.

Jupiter has moved to the Gate of New Beginnings (3) this morning, and will stay there till the 15th June.  This is a place where subtle new beginnings become clear amidst the chaos.  Look at what that gives us in the Sacral Centre:


19th May 2011 ~ Jupiter in Gate 3

We’ve got Mercury, Mars and Venus in Gate 27 meeting Niobe and Apollon in Gate 50.  The Earth is in Gate 14, adjoining Hera. And the Moon is passing over Quaoar in Gate 26 as I write this, speaking to hidden aspects of our psyche in Gate 44 where Ceto, Poseidon and Decaulion are lurking in wait.  Jupiter is conjunct Minor Planet 1992 QB1, both trine the Galactic Centre and North Node.   And Makemake (square the Galactic Centre and the North Node) in Gate 6 meets TNO Orcus in Gate 59.

HUH!?  🙂

Firstly, Hera represents the need for equality in relationships, so we have this channel connecting the Sacral to the Ji Centre – life force to soul – and we have the Earth in the Gate of Power (14) and Hera in the Gate of Earth (2).  This is a deep upwelling of feminine equality. Hera also raises interesting issues of producing and caring for children, more on that later.   And while Hera can bring up feelings of not being taken seriously, abandonment and lack of commitment in relationships, Ceres is creating an emotional channel with the South Node that is triggering similar issues.

Hekate is conjunct Sedna in Gate 23, splitting our world apart so that we can clearly see the crossroad we have arrived at through denying the pure potential of the energy of the daughter (and remember the Neptune and Chiron are conjunct Snow White in the Gate of Abundance – 55 – just now. Snow White is another spurned daughter!)

Persephone is currently transiting in Gate 35 – Progress – along with the TNO Chaos, which brings us back to the idea of Heaven and Earth bringing forth life, the core idea of Gate 3. Ceres wasn’t at all happy that her innocent young daughter got kidnapped and taken to the underworld and that *gasp* she had such a good time there that she wanted to go back! So one of the notions from all of this is the daughter stepping out of the shadow of the mother’s influence and control and getting a life that includes joining with the masculine to create more life.

The Defence Circuit

I’m not a huge fan of circuits in Human Design, but it’s useful to look at what’s sitting in the Defence Circuitry right now. Let’s start with Gate 50 and the Uranian Apollon and asteroid Niobe, helping us burn through and regenerate the old recycled situations we find ourselves in, especially where they relate  to blind pride, or using our creations (work, house, children) to make us feel better than others (Niobe).  Hera was another one who took pride in her wifely duties and creations, so watch for where we might unwittingly destroy out of excessive pride just now.  Gate 50 represents the beginning of a new era and according to astrologer Eileen Nauman,  “When a new sine wave of vital energy is showered upon our planet, it comes through the lens of Apollon.”

I usually wouldn’t mention Apollon and Niobe, but with Mercury, Mars and Venus in the adjoining Gate, we have to sit up and take some notice!  The core idea in Gate 27 is that when we allow our sacral energy to flow we are naturally nurtured by it.  Remember that Saturn is in the Spleen Centre in Gate 48, and this is the gate that connects us to Chi at the physical level. I suggest that with Apollon involved you take the opportunity to go outside and get some Sun!

Now over to the emotional side of the story, Gates 59 and 6.  Makemake has been in Gate 6 for ages now, since January 2006.  Gate 6 is about emotional and sexual boundaries so it’s a big deal.  It represents the way we create conflict rather than open up to intimacy, it represents the way we react to the externalised threat rather than allow time to discover the inner emotional truth.  Makemake has been helping us find our wild selves, and open up to sharing it with others.  This wild self is completely in alignment with a creative balance of feminine and masculine energies, and with the natural and extraordinary abundance that exists on this planet outside of the ‘civilised’ first world economy.

I’m not clear on the meaning of Orcus, but one interpretation from my astrology group is “Not being afraid of the death of something brings a type of non-attachment to current sacred cows and lets the person see clearly the inconsistencies and hypocrisies in the behaviors of others.”  This makes perfect sense in Gate 59, which demands that we allow our defences to dissolve in order to free up our vitality.  It is also a huge part of the process of us ‘going sane’, as we drop the ego defences (Gate 59) and allow our vitality to flow we also discover what is truly nurturing and nourishing and can begin to “de-addictify” ourselves from the so-called civilized way of living.

The Defence Circuit relates to the survival of the species through reproduction and caring, and if you look at the news this is a big deal just now.  Our cells are programmed to believe that our survival depends on us holding tight to our relationship to the ‘father’ (patriarchy), but our mother is finally coming home to tell us a story of another way of living, and right now many people are not very comfortable with what feels like a threat to their very existence.

In two days time the Sun and Earth will shift to give us this:


21st May 2011

With Jupiter in the Sacral Centre in the Gate of New Beginnings, that’s going to be an amazing ride for the 5 days that the Sun is in Gate 20 and Earth is in Gate 34.  Can you tell this post just tumbled out and onto the page?  I hope everyone can follow it, there’s so much happening!


Full Moon Opens Us to New Directions

Full Moon in Gate 14.2 in Scorpio on 17th May at 11:08am UT

This Full Moon is about us maturing in our ability to hold to our own direction in life.  It’s in a Channel that connects our Sacral Chakra to our Ji Centre –  life force meets soul geometry.

This is a gate of the power that flows from an abundance of money, talent, relationships, energy.  Not feeling quite like that for you just now?  Well that’s because we are beginners at this new game of discovering what we need within ourselves and then sharing it authentically with others.

I’ve been saying for a while now that we are experiencing a change in our understanding of how to succeed.  We are shifting away from cutting a swathe through life as rugged individuals and moving towards relationships and connectedness as the basis for creation.    Our individual selves are being led into a way of relating that is perhaps not very comfortable.

The Sun and Moon are both in the individual circuitry that seeks to find that unique spark in each one of us, to add it to the collective mix, and to create something unheard of, unimagined and entirely wonderful.  In Gate 14.2, the Moon is letting you know that it’s time to move to a new place:

A great chariot is big enough to move great possessions – carrying you, and your life, to a new place.  This should be used to move on.  The only mistake would be to stay in the same place, imagining that you’re stuck.

Clarify where you are, and what you have, and how this enables you to travel onward.  Hold a vision in mind of where you want to arrive and set out to explore.

Hilary Barrett

The Sun in Gate 8.2 has us searching for connection and belonging.  We have been like children who have wandered out into the world expecting one response and getting another response entirely.  In the innocent and subjective way of children we had taken this to mean we were wrong.  But in the past few years our view of the world has expanded and matured and we have come to the point where we finally understand.  There is nothing wrong with us, we had simply landed in an environment that was unsuited to the truth of who we are.  And in this way we have begun to create a new environment:  new friends, new jobs, new families, new healthier bodies.

Gate 8 is a way for us to express our unique creative self in authentic relationships.  In the process we create an entirely new world.  It calls on us to know our own source and to sense our own direction in life.  Holding to our natural affinities, staying true to our own path, we connect and create with new power.

Mars in the Gate of Nourishment (27.3) suggests that it is helpful to be without direction just now.  But that means ‘without direction’ in the old ego sense.  We must be open to possibilities, able to sense what is needed in each moment.  This is how we see what opportunities are opening up for us.  We have to be both entirely self supporting and open to deep and authentic connection with others.  If we continue in our old ways of pouring out the best of ourselves in an unrecognised and unrewarded effort to forge ahead, we simply end up exhausted.

On the other hand, it’s important not to fall into despondency.  We can certainly look around and see that things are not good in the world.  And perhaps there are aspects of our own lives that are very difficult. But each one of us shines a light and we are beginning to connect those lights into a grid that wraps the planet in a loving embrace.

Over the next few days Mars, Mercury and Venus will move through the Gate of Nourishment (in that order).  From 18th to 21st May all three will be there together.  Working in conjunction with Neptune in the Gate of Abundance*, this is activating a shift in how we see our life direction.  As we cut ourselves free from a more childlike dependency – I’ve been so good, why am I not getting what I want? – we can see so much more clearly what it is that we really want to commit our energy to.

This Full Moon asks us to look at options for self-nurturing that we have been unable to explore before now.  We have, consciously or otherwise, assumed someone else would look after these aspects of our lives for us.  In my own experience I’ve been vaguely aware of not wanting to look after myself in various ways, but haven’t been able to push through the wall of grief and infantile rage to get clear enough to do anything about it. A year ago I would have hit a wall filled with feelings of abandonment and neglect.  But now it’s as if that wall has crumbled and I am really enjoying caring for myself.

This is a part of a powerful detoxification of the Sacral Chakra, freeing our bodies from slavery coding.  Achilles is in the Money Gate (45) suggesting that we remove money from any part of our decision making process.  Relying on financial considerations take us straight into fear, into our heads and out of our creative power and freedom to express and connect at the soul level.  Once we get clear about our direction and what we want to commit to, then we can bring financial considerations back in.


Full Moon May 2011


* I have a blog coming that covers this topic in more detail … any day now :).

I’d also like to acknowledge the beautiful photographic art work of Cuba Gallery from New Zealand.