Going Sane

There’s lots of talk about the world having gone mad.  I suspect it’s been mad for a long time, and what’s changing is that we’re going sane.

Jupiter has moved to the Gate of New Beginnings (3) this morning, and will stay there till the 15th June.  This is a place where subtle new beginnings become clear amidst the chaos.  Look at what that gives us in the Sacral Centre:


19th May 2011 ~ Jupiter in Gate 3

We’ve got Mercury, Mars and Venus in Gate 27 meeting Niobe and Apollon in Gate 50.  The Earth is in Gate 14, adjoining Hera. And the Moon is passing over Quaoar in Gate 26 as I write this, speaking to hidden aspects of our psyche in Gate 44 where Ceto, Poseidon and Decaulion are lurking in wait.  Jupiter is conjunct Minor Planet 1992 QB1, both trine the Galactic Centre and North Node.   And Makemake (square the Galactic Centre and the North Node) in Gate 6 meets TNO Orcus in Gate 59.

HUH!?  🙂

Firstly, Hera represents the need for equality in relationships, so we have this channel connecting the Sacral to the Ji Centre – life force to soul – and we have the Earth in the Gate of Power (14) and Hera in the Gate of Earth (2).  This is a deep upwelling of feminine equality. Hera also raises interesting issues of producing and caring for children, more on that later.   And while Hera can bring up feelings of not being taken seriously, abandonment and lack of commitment in relationships, Ceres is creating an emotional channel with the South Node that is triggering similar issues.

Hekate is conjunct Sedna in Gate 23, splitting our world apart so that we can clearly see the crossroad we have arrived at through denying the pure potential of the energy of the daughter (and remember the Neptune and Chiron are conjunct Snow White in the Gate of Abundance – 55 – just now. Snow White is another spurned daughter!)

Persephone is currently transiting in Gate 35 – Progress – along with the TNO Chaos, which brings us back to the idea of Heaven and Earth bringing forth life, the core idea of Gate 3. Ceres wasn’t at all happy that her innocent young daughter got kidnapped and taken to the underworld and that *gasp* she had such a good time there that she wanted to go back! So one of the notions from all of this is the daughter stepping out of the shadow of the mother’s influence and control and getting a life that includes joining with the masculine to create more life.

The Defence Circuit

I’m not a huge fan of circuits in Human Design, but it’s useful to look at what’s sitting in the Defence Circuitry right now. Let’s start with Gate 50 and the Uranian Apollon and asteroid Niobe, helping us burn through and regenerate the old recycled situations we find ourselves in, especially where they relate  to blind pride, or using our creations (work, house, children) to make us feel better than others (Niobe).  Hera was another one who took pride in her wifely duties and creations, so watch for where we might unwittingly destroy out of excessive pride just now.  Gate 50 represents the beginning of a new era and according to astrologer Eileen Nauman,  “When a new sine wave of vital energy is showered upon our planet, it comes through the lens of Apollon.”

I usually wouldn’t mention Apollon and Niobe, but with Mercury, Mars and Venus in the adjoining Gate, we have to sit up and take some notice!  The core idea in Gate 27 is that when we allow our sacral energy to flow we are naturally nurtured by it.  Remember that Saturn is in the Spleen Centre in Gate 48, and this is the gate that connects us to Chi at the physical level. I suggest that with Apollon involved you take the opportunity to go outside and get some Sun!

Now over to the emotional side of the story, Gates 59 and 6.  Makemake has been in Gate 6 for ages now, since January 2006.  Gate 6 is about emotional and sexual boundaries so it’s a big deal.  It represents the way we create conflict rather than open up to intimacy, it represents the way we react to the externalised threat rather than allow time to discover the inner emotional truth.  Makemake has been helping us find our wild selves, and open up to sharing it with others.  This wild self is completely in alignment with a creative balance of feminine and masculine energies, and with the natural and extraordinary abundance that exists on this planet outside of the ‘civilised’ first world economy.

I’m not clear on the meaning of Orcus, but one interpretation from my astrology group is “Not being afraid of the death of something brings a type of non-attachment to current sacred cows and lets the person see clearly the inconsistencies and hypocrisies in the behaviors of others.”  This makes perfect sense in Gate 59, which demands that we allow our defences to dissolve in order to free up our vitality.  It is also a huge part of the process of us ‘going sane’, as we drop the ego defences (Gate 59) and allow our vitality to flow we also discover what is truly nurturing and nourishing and can begin to “de-addictify” ourselves from the so-called civilized way of living.

The Defence Circuit relates to the survival of the species through reproduction and caring, and if you look at the news this is a big deal just now.  Our cells are programmed to believe that our survival depends on us holding tight to our relationship to the ‘father’ (patriarchy), but our mother is finally coming home to tell us a story of another way of living, and right now many people are not very comfortable with what feels like a threat to their very existence.

In two days time the Sun and Earth will shift to give us this:


21st May 2011

With Jupiter in the Sacral Centre in the Gate of New Beginnings, that’s going to be an amazing ride for the 5 days that the Sun is in Gate 20 and Earth is in Gate 34.  Can you tell this post just tumbled out and onto the page?  I hope everyone can follow it, there’s so much happening!


The Gateway of Beginnings

There is heaven and earth, and so the ten thousand things are born. Heaven and earth are so abundant, they overflow, sprouting and birthing and creating.  This is the energy of the Gate of Beginnings.  It is Gate 3, following on from Heaven (Gate 1) and Earth (Gate 2).

Mercury, Venus and Mars are all in the Gate of Beginnings today.  This Sacral Chakra gate starts out in Aries before moving into Taurus in line 4.   In Jovian HD, this gate is known as difficulty at the beginning.  The difficulty arises because our natural creative energy has been suppressed, and our natural subtle knowing/sight has been invalidated.  When we allow ourselves to know what we know, to see what we see, to claim our space as a creative being dancing between heaven and earth, then the difficulty dissolves.

Wilhelm also calls this hexagram/gate Difficulty at the Beginning –

In the chaos of difficulty at the beginning, order is already implicit.  We can arrange and organise the inchoate profusion of such times, just as one sorts out silk threads from a knotted tangle and binds them into skeins.  In order to find one’s place in the infinity of being, one must be able to both separate and to unite.

Jupiter is still back in Gate 42 line 5, where we can sense the feeling of expansion but as yet are not sure where to look for it’s manifestation.  What action should we take?  In our growth oriented world we are encouraged to squander this delicate energy by racing off in any direction, it doesn’t matter so much, as long as we are moving!   But when these three inner and personal planets – Mercury, Venus and Mars – shift over into the next Gate we can begin to understand what that feeling of expansion might translate into.

The Sacral Chakra is the center of our sexuality and creativity.  We have given up our life force to ‘the man’, abusing our natural energy by putting it to the use of someone else’s agenda.  Today is a moment in our lives for calling that energy back to ourselves and our own unique expression of self.  Today is a day to gently and surely reclaim our own creative energy.

We can only follow this pathway if we trust our subtle senses. Mars brings courage, and helps us protect these vulnerable new beginnings, Venus brings support and helps us see the beauty and love inherent in their growth and Mercury brings consciousness and helps us see the possibility of communicating with others.  While nothing should put us off our course, we need to take notice of hindrances because they represent new possibilities that we hadn’t considered before now.  Prepare for a new life to rise from the profusion of the old.








The Threshold of Love and Money

6th May 2011

My vacuum cleaner just blew up, so I can’t clean. My plans for the day blew up with it, because I’ve been waiting to get a day to clean.  It’s just that kind of day.

After the New Moon we went immediately into a new Sun/Earth energy. The Sun – a yang energy –  in the yin Gate 2, and the Earth – a yin energy – in the yang Gate 1.  Weaving, weaving, weaving.  We manifest by allowing our yin selves to open up and receive the yang energy into us.  This is a natural process, but one we’re largely unfamiliar and uncomfortable with.

The yang energy may feel uncomfortable – it could be heat, anger, more energy than you’re used to, conflict.  I’m feeling really pissed off in a sort of delicious way, and about nothing in particular :).

Mars in the last line of the Gate of Increase wants to push forward, to take it a step too far.  Over the past few weeks we’ve had a taste of what’s to come and we’ve grabbed the reins and tried to take control.  Again.  I know.  We’re used to moving forward from the ego and it’s hard to see all the places where we still do it.

Mercury and Venus are travelling in close company in Gate 51 – the Gate of Shock.  This might have us trying to push forward from our ego, taking leaps into the unknown.  But actually Venus is giving us an opportunity to fine tune our relationships.  In particular we are learning that what we have to offer is always exactly the right thing in the right amount. Any attempts to give more than feels right, to offer something other than what comes from our own simple authenticity, is doomed to keep us trapped in an old cycle of struggle.  We can only move forward together, and a focus on how we do relationships is paramount over the next 10 days.

There’s some accompanying sadness and anger here (Ceres in 63.5 is sextile the Sun today).   Why do I have to give more?  Why don’t you give more?  Why do you want something I don’t want to give?  And so on.  Uranus, Mercury and Venus work at the heart level, Mars at the Sacral Centre.

This is about where we have become accustomed to trading our life force energy for love.  Or money.  Or anything else we feel we need to survive.

Mercury leads, opening us up to conscious awareness of the way in which the shock and trauma of past compromises have affected us.  Venus follows closely behind, bringing the energy of healing, recuperation, connection and the ability to attract what we need to move forward.

Mars is conjunct 1992 QB1 in Gate 42 line 6, Increase.  This gives us the courage to move over the threshold from the old way of developing and growing and increasing.  Expect to see lots of news stories over the next week about economic growth and it’s effect on the planet.  On a personal level, we can let go of toxic concepts of forcing growth and increase.  This is no longer the way we get to the good stuff.

Here’s a lengthy quote from Eric Francis that probably says all we need to know about today:

I have described 1992 QB1 as representing the archetype of the thresholder. That is the person who helps others make major transitions; I associate her with midwives, doulas, hospice workers, orgasm coaches, grief counselors and everyone who steps in at that moment of total transition and offers themselves in service. Many nurses function in this capacity without getting acknowledgement. There are highly skilled, trained volunteers who show up at the scenes of fires and crime scenes and help the survivors. These are all the thresholders.

In Aries, we get the clue that this really is about guiding our own processes of reinventing ourselves, and supporting the similar experiences of others; of letting go of an old form and an old pattern of energy and transitioning into something entirely new, liberated from constrictions that seem so daunting today — particularly those of the human ego.

Today’s shocks – like my blown up vacuum cleaner – are disruptive for a reason.   They reroute our attention, opening up new possibilities, so that our hearts desires speak more clearly to us.  Mars and 1992 QB1 give us the energy to get under way.  Tomorrow Mars will be in the Gate of Confusion at the Beginning (Gate 3).  This from the Wilhelm I Ching is my favourite description of the energy of this gate:

Times of growth are beset with difficulties.  They resemble a first birth.  But these difficulties arise from the very profusion of all that is struggling to attain form.  Everything is in motion, therefore if one perseveres there is a prospect of great success, in spite of existing danger.

In the chaos of difficulty at the beginning, order is already implicit.  We have only to arrange and organise the inchoate profusion, just as one sorts out silk threads from a knotted tangle and binds them into skeins.

Today’s imperative is that we don’t just drift along, but take hold the wheel of our own vehicle and point it in the direction we want to go, holding true regardless of circumstance.  Allow life to find you, let it work to get your attention.  Drop the old traumatic belief that you have to be always rushing out to meet it.  Underneath this shift is a profound change to our relationship with money and resources, but thats unlikely to be apparent for a while yet.

It can feel difficult as grief and anger well up and confuse the issue, but keep in mind that these are largely responses to past trauma.  All the places where we have felt unattractive, unloved and unwanted can rear their head over the next week. They need recognition and gentleness but don’t get too caught up in the idea that they are inherent in your present reality.



Trusting Your Own Sanity

18th April 2011

This is a delicate and potentially confusing Full Moon, whispy with many meanings and fraught with the potential for misunderstanding.  It is bringing a kind of madness to the surface and allowing us to see just how we have survived and what it has done to us.

The Moon is in Gate 50.2.  This gate represents the beginning of a new era.  Hexagram 50 is traditionally known as The Ting, a ceremonial cauldron.  In ancient China, when a new dynasty began a new ting was cast in bronze and the new constitution was engraved upon it.

Gate 50 also represents the link with our ancestors, the union of the family and the care of it’s members.  People with Gate 50 in their design tend to find it difficult to balance their desire to cling to old values and their need to find a new way.

We’re all in that particular boat just now, still clinging to the past and yet desperately seeking out the new.  Sometimes we take responsibility for holding onto things that are naturally falling away in the mistaken belief that this will support others.   If it’s stressful, it’s probably not supporting you or anyone else, no matter what fears you may experience at the idea of letting go.

In line 2 we find a time when the ting is being cast but not yet complete.  We are like seeds, filled with potential and some sense of what we are to grow into, but we are waiting for the rain to come and the germination process to begin.   We are beginning a new era for humanity and this is not a short term project.  The benefits of what we are creating now will continue for a very long time.

What is very important during this time is that we give some seriousness to this process.  We could be cajoled by Mars (21) opposite Saturn (48) to push and shove to try to get things to fit back into the old container.  Especially as Zeus is conjunct Saturn, adding to the Mars feel of wanting to do anything necessary to feel safe, to feel our feet on solid ground, to get our own way.  But Mars needs to let go of his deeply embedded self esteem issues, the things that make him so reactive and aggressively defensive.

The new Mars is protective not defensive, he ensures the safety of what is yours.   There are some things, like blood, that are meant to be kept for you and not shared with others.   There are things in your life that are sacred and meant only for you.  It might be your special moisturiser, or time alone, or a space where you do yoga and meditation.  It could be an idea you’re not ready to share.  Mars and Mercury in Gate 21 are telling you that this new protectiveness needs to be treated carefully and respectfully and that the results will be far beyond what you might imagine.

This is definitely a time when it is your sacred duty to ask “what’s in it for me?” because you are returning to the centre of your own life and everything to come will radiate from that place.

The Sun is in Gate 3, in one of what I call the birth channels.  These are the channels that connect the Sacral Centre (creation) with the Root Centre (birthing into the physical).  It adjoins Magdalena in Gate 60 – Limitations.

Gate 3 holds the potential to create something new.  It’s not about action per se, but it signifies a time for preparing to take action, to observe and respond to the subtle shifts that are creating a new order out of old chaos.

In line 2, we are resisting a familiar and dominant pressure to accept an alliance with the old order, and waiting with patience for new alliances to form.

There is a lot to be said about insanity in this Full Moon.  Venus holds an important position in the Solar Plexus Centre in Gate 36, the place where our brightness is injured, where we feel that our soul is locked in a dark and difficult place.  This is the place where we believe ourselves to be insane.

In line 4 we flee a place where insanity seems normal, and wait for things to change before returning.  It’s fascinating in Human Design terms that this line also talks about going into the heart and belly to find the truth.  Mars and Mercury (21) and Jupiter (51) are in the Heart Centre and the Sun (3) is in the belly (Sacral).  There is a huge importance for us in listening to what’s happening in our hearts (Ji Centre) just now and avoiding the pressure to continue to believe the insanity. To actually trust in our own sanity.

Another, perhaps more personal, aspect of the insanity is Ophelia who is linking Pluto and Saturn.  She is in Gate 18, which deals with family madness, the curse of sharing a delusional view of the world with those we love so that not one of us can really see clearly what is going on.  Ophelia, a character in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, is fascinating me just now and that’s not surprising given that the asteroid Ophelia is transiting in an incredibly crucial place in the Human Design chart.

Given the current activations to the Gate of Shock, I was intrigued to see this quote about Ophelia:

Her frailty and innocence work against her as she cannot cope with the unfolding of one traumatic event after another.


Ophelia is innocent and inexperienced in the ways of the world, aware only of love and affection.  This leaves her open to being manipulated by those who purport to love her – her father, her brother and her lover.   Rather than treasure her they abuse her innocence to gain their own politically motivated ends and in the end she goes mad and then dies, perhaps at her own hand.  In Gate 18, Ophelia represents the family madness inflicted upon the innocent within each one of us.

Given the placement of Venus (brightness wounded), and Uranus (innocence), there is a definite energy here of how we have been made mad by the world.  That madness has, in a sense, served it’s purpose in keeping us safe by providing some shield to our innocence.  But now we have to find the courage to drop those defences, to reach the place where we are consciously aware of the insanity of the world and it’s shockingly abusive ways.  It’s crucial that we see how we have separated from this insanity, and how we are now about to recover from it’s effect on us.

Helping out in a big way is the Kuiper Belt Object called 1992 QB1.  On the Full Moon she was conjunct the Sun.  She’s become one of my favourites, providing a bridge of consciousness between the old world: think Pluto and his obligatory trips to the underworld,  and the new world: think Haumea, Makemake and Quaoar and their message of dancing and celebrating new creations into life.

It can seem that there is an overabundance of things to be done just now.  That’s the old energy trying to drag you away from your own simple knowing.  As aspects of your life break and fall away, thank them for what they have brought to you and release them with love.  As things rise in a crescendo of chaos, breathe deeply and wait for the implicit order to arise and inform you of the new creation you are bringing to material reality.  Take yourself and your journey seriously, but don’t be too serious about it. The Galactic Centre and the Nodes are fully engaged in this Full Moon.  Aligning with a greater sense of reality brings peace …. and a sense of sanity.  It is real, and so are you.