A Divine Galactic Moment in Time

What happens when Mars meets Venus in the Channel of Initiation?  And an even bigger question, what happens when Venus is conjunct Uranus meeting Mars conjunct Jupiter in the Channel of Initiation?  What about when retrograde Mercury is part of the picture (being in the same Centre) and he is opposite Saturn? And when Jupiter and Mars are opposite Makemake?  Which is in turn square the North Node conjunct Quaoar and the Galactic Centre?

It’s enough to make your head spin and with Ceres in the Crown Chakra (gate 63) from today, your head may well be spinning.

This is an alchemical moment, a very large SHAZAM!  One of the reasons we’ve been so unable to fulfill our full divine potential is that our inner feminine and masculine have been separated from each other.  This week they get back together again.  But never like this before, we’re going Galactic along with all the other things we’re doing!  A global reunion of the galactic and divine creative energies – attraction meets desire!

This channel connects our personal ego selves with our bigger divine selves.  Can it get any more wonderful than that?  Even when we feel a bit like we’re cracking up? Because indeed we are, but finding love, connection and clarity underneath all those decrepit old ego defences we no longer need.

How is it playing out for you?  How is it affecting your Ji and Heart Centres?

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What’s Goin’ On?

Even if I tried I couldn’t cover everything that’s going on just now and do it any kind of justice. There’s major ‘events’ in the Ji Centre, the Solar Plexus Centre, the Spleen Centre.

Here’s a quick run down for you.

Ji Centre

Mercury conjunct Ceres in Gate 13 ~ Where did you have your natural boundaries breached when you were a child? In what way did you learn that you had to do or say or be something other than what you truly are? That breach becomes a source of constant aggravation, as you struggle to protect the richness of your inner space from outside influences. This week you get to do a full repair job that leaves you free to connect with others from the heart with no fear of dreadful repercussions.

Spleen Centre

Saturn conjunct Haumea ~ When we listen to our body’s intuitive responses we are able to move slowly and steadily towards health and wholeness. Right now our bodies are shedding the toxicity of outmoded emotions and thoughts. Drink lots of fresh clear water, allow the past to leave your physicality.

Solar Plexus Centre

On the 18th February we have a Full Moon in Gate 29, opposite a Full House in Gate 30 in the Solar Plexus Centre. The Sun, Mars and Neptune will all be in Gate 30. Mercury shifts into Gate 30 a few hours later to join them, and Chiron is a hairsbreadth away in Gate 55.  We are learning that our emotions are our friends, not something to be feared.

These gates are about learning to make choices based on the higher knowing that comes from emotional clarity. When we make choices in this way we can commit ourselves to each moment, body and soul, because we know they are absolutely right for us. We don’t worry about other options we had to say no to, and we don’t concern ourselves with where our choice will lead us.

Jupiter is opening our minds to new neural pathways, gently guiding our egos past old mental blocks (17).  Pluto (58) and Venus (38) in the Root Centre are taking us out past our comfort zone, helping us to develop an inner consistency and grounded centre regardless of how far from home we may feel.

Be very gentle with yourself, this is a profound time of cellular change.

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Masters of R-Evolution

The Sun shifts into the Gate of Revolution as we begin what will be an extraordinary few days.  Days that have the potential to leave us changed forever.  If you feel like you’re becoming a different person, you’re probably right.

8th February 2011

Here’s the timetable:

Jupiter and Uranus are both in the Gate of Innocence (25) in the Ji Centre.  This is the place where we are challenged to return again and again to the simple soul essence, our purity and innocence.  Jupiter moves on to the next gate – Gate 17 on 11th February.  Jupiter last passed through the Gate of Innocence in early 1999.  Many of us remember that year as one of incredible shifts.    The Ji Centre is the energy centre that represents our sense of identity, so we can expect a huge expansion in our sense of self.

Jupiter opens the doorway to gifts of self but sets us two last tests.  Firstly, we must have worked hard at building a solid Saturnian container for our exuberance, we must have the discipline to hold Jupiter’s expansion within a secure personality framework.  We have been busy constructing that framework in 2010, during Saturn’s oppositions to Jupiter /Uranus and squares to Pluto.   And secondly, Jupiter asks if we are ready to step through the doorway of opportunity with an unconditional acceptance of what will be on the other side.

Eris is also in Aries, and will play out particularly in April this year as Jupiter passes over her current position in the Gate of Increase (42).   One of the key factors Eris brings to consciousness is the issue of blame.  We blame others when we fail to take full responsibility for ourselves, and we find ourselves blamed for our natural tendency to seek expansion and growth.   Blame is thick on the ground just now so be alert to how it’s impacting in your life.  Blame energy entangles our field and prevents us from clear co-creation.

Uranus was last in Aries (and Gate 25) in 1927.   Uranus seeks to shake us free from the restraints of self-imposed external authority figures.  When we chafe under the yoke of ‘I have no choice’ we are giving up our genius, our right to full and free self expression.  We are committing a polite form of suicide.  Our culture is still strongly based on the old Saturnian ideals of hard work, complying with roles that bestow status .. or not, and taking imposed responsibilities seriously.  Kids brought up under this old Saturn are not allowed to play until they’ve done all their chores.  Play is a reward rather than a way of life, a birth right.   Uranus gives us the chance to shrug off the chores and learn that life is play, creative and loving play.   Uranus says we don’t have to be alike, we don’t even have to agree with each other, we all fit together like a jigsaw puzzle and the overall image is amazing.  Uranus demands that we step outside the rules and live larger!

Tomorrow, on 9th February, Venus will be conjunct Pluto in the Gate of Joy in the Root Centre.  On her way here, Venus passed over the Galactic Centre in the Gate of Peace (11) and the North Node in the Gate of Treading (10).  She’s a powerful mover and shaker right now, triggering our ability to create beauty and love.   We can, however, choose self indulgence and comfortable superficiality rather than an active receptivity to the chance for radical transformation of relationships.  Let’s agree not to do that, but to go for connection over the old defensive story of isolation.

On 8th March we move into the Ninth Wave of the Long Count Mayan Calendar, according to some.  And after 7 months, Chiron finally shifts from Gate 30 to Gate 55, both in the Solar Plexus Centre.  This happens today, with Chiron also shifting into Pisces where it will be till 2018.

There is a cornucopia, a wealth of resources – but also a wealth of choices, tasks and demands.  This is a crucial moment, when it all comes together.  Despite what you have lost, there is a new charge given to you that leaves no place for sorrow or anxiety.  It is not a time to hide yourself away and grieve the past.  Decide what you will do, take it on, make the practical preparations and march out.

Hilary Barrett

There is a continued focus on our emotions over the next week, till the 11th February.  I know, I can hear you going arrgghhh from here :).  Mercury (19) is creating a channel with the Sun (49) right now in a channel that ramps up our sensitivity, and has us considering our needs – material and emotional.  No doubt it’s why our Prime Minister was crying in Parliament today while talking about the flood victims.  So unlike her, everyone said.

This channel says you may feel foolish at times (Earth in Gate 4) while you are making changes, but the bud needs to open!  Also, and this is important, it’s a solo thing.  While the shift is global, it happens because each one of us chooses to risk going it alone a la Uranus.   We’ll all end up at the party, but must take separate taxis.

This week’s emotional shifts create an internal revolution.  It asks us not to push for outcomes, but to allow the process to complete itself naturally.  In this way it opens like a flower.  Like the Egyptian protesters left sitting outside parliament, we may at times doubt our own senses, but the revolution has it’s own purposes and if we impose our will we limit the outcome.