Venus and the New Relationships

21st April 2011

We’ve come through one wave of ego dissolution, mainly centred around Mars and our newly understood need to have healthy personal boundaries.  Now we’re into stage two, courtesy of Venus who joins the party in the Gate of Innocence (25).

She’s joining Uranus in that gate so expect relationship shake ups as the combination of Aries energy and Uranus’ need for freedom creates sharp pointy bits in otherwise good connections.

This will be strongest over the next 24 hours, after which Mars shifts out of the gate of ‘get your hands off my stuff'(21)  and into the gate of shock (51).

The Sun will be in the Gate of Beginnings (3) during this time, asking us to be aware of very subtle issues about what we invest our energy in.  We are unlocking old patterns that have us giving/doing when we don’t really truly want to.  Jupiter is moving to the Gate of Increase (42) on the 25th April so you want to put down some good habits between now and then for what feels good for you.  If not, Eris is waiting in the Gate of Increase to join with Jupiter in creating right royal mess ups.   That’s unlikely to be the way it plays out for you though.  Jupiter and Eris together provide the energy to untangle a gordian knot of confusion that may have been hanging over your life for a very long time.

Venus by Titan ~ wikimedia commons

So what’s Venus up to?  Fresh from her opposition with Makemake (in 6.6), she’s made us look really closely at what resources we have and what we want to create with them.  Aided and abetted by Mercury and Mars in the Gate of Resources (21), she has had us considering the possibility of creating something based on beauty and love.  And not just idealised versions, but the beauty and love that has us sighing with pleasure.

And as the recent Mars transits have given us courage to stake claim to our own lives, Venus now shows us how to connect from this new place.  My dad used to sing this funny song fragment – you’ve got to have skin, it keeps your insides in.  Mercury and Mars are opposite Saturn, and Saturn rules over our skin.  Venus is in the Gate of blood (25).  There really is a deep sense of us having to figure out what needs to be kept to ourselves (on the inside) and what we are happy to share.  It’s not calculating, more of a natural healthy flow of sharing with clarity. A return to a way of life that is naturally generous, rather than tight with lack.

Gate 25 may have some connection to the idea of the grail or chalice, so Venus is really in her element here.  When considering how the whole idea of healthy boundaries and keeping the insides in might work for you, imagine the difference between sharing a chalice filled with sacred liquid as opposed to unconsciously tipping the liquid out so that all you have left to share is an empty chalice.  You are the grail and your energy is the sacred liquid – offer yourself as a full container, not an empty one.

Venus and Uranus together in Gate 25 have the potential to awaken us suddenly to the wealth inherent in the relationships we already have, and bring new relationships into our lives that show us new and unexpected aspects of self.  Venus rules both romantic and business relationships.  The new relationships may not be lasting ones, but they will shift your trajectory.   If you feel a cooling of your current relationships don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater, take some time out to see what you need in your life that’s not there now.  And if a new relationship comes roaring into your life, be aware it may not be something lasting, but on a short term visit to awaken something dormant for you, something you’ve been unable to see and recognise in yourself.   Look for the positive projection.

We are disentangling from the old ways of relating  this week, but it doesn’t mean our relationships aren’t working, just that they may need re-working to align with our new selves.


Venus and Mars by Elsa Dax ~ Wikimedia Commons







New Moon ~ Fear of the Flow

New Moon:  3rd February UT 2.30am.

Satellite image for Tropical Cyclone Yasi

Well there’s no need to read a transit blog to find out that this is one doozy of a New Moon.  We have a monster cyclone in Australia – and for once that’s not media hype, a volcano erupting in Japan, mammoth snow storms pounding the US.

We also have major unrest in Egypt that threatens the fragile stability of the Middle East, the oil industry and the global economy.

They have one thing in common at least.  Their effect is more widespread than we would normally expect.  Yasi is likely to contine beyond the coast for many hundreds of miles, and the US snow storms are cutting a swathe through the midwest.

As I suggested in my Short Take on 30th January – this New Moon has been building on the Sun, Mars and Ceres energy in the Root Centre in Gate 19, prior to the Sun shifting to the Ji Centre in Gate 13.  The potent combination of the two gates has created a bridge between our personal emotional world and the greater collective, between our personal survival and our desire to be part of the collective heart.

It is asking us to look at some specific issues – how we use our power (Sun), how we apply our will (Mars), a deep need for intimate emotional connection (Moon), and how we can become neurotic when we don’t get it (Ceres).  These are all clear messages that fit neatly into the category of environmentalism.   I’ve seen many descriptions on twitter of Cyclone Yasi as a ‘bitch’ – our disconnection from mother earth, and her angry response to this callous disregard.

I’ve watching television coverage from Queensland as I write and David Koche has just described the situation with Cyclone Yasi as akin to a war on terror, but “it’s a war on nature”.

And it’s not just an earth thing.  The Great Attractor, until recently considered the biggest thing known in the universe, is involved (in Gate 5.3, sextile the New Moon and creating a channel with the South Node) no doubt adding to the immense size and scope of these two extreme weather events.

But there is something much, much deeper going on here, and it’s happening within you.  It’s the war we all carry on against our own nature.  This New Moon is itself a stepping stone to the new energies that are becoming available to us in 2011.  It brings a chance to be compassionate, open and accepting of our full natural selves, and an opportunity to see our own warrior nature and allow it to champion our own cause in alignment with the ultimate good.

And the war is also between the structures we have built up to keep us safe (and feeling nurtured and nourished) and our true nature.  Roads, homes, schools, ports, island resorts – are preventing the free flow of wild energy that is a natural part of life on earth.  It’s not that we have to do without structure, it just needs to be more in tune with nature, more flexible and less likely to be destroyed.  Saturn (structure) will continue to be conjunct Haumea (healthy relationship with the earth) in the Spleen  Centre (physical realm) till October 2011, so this is a long term project!

Pluto in the Root Centre in the Gate of Joy is acting as a transformer to the Kuiper Belt, stepping us up to the energy of creation, and the chance to restructure our experience of death and transformation.

The structures are internal as well, held in place by our own unconscious beliefs about what’s required for our safety and survival.  We reject what nature offers and make do instead with an inferior version, something more ‘civilised’.  Ophelia and Zeus in Gate 48 are playing a role, with Ophelia representing the way in which we experience having strong emotions ignored.

You may want to hold yourself apart from the flow of receiving and giving for fear of losing your freedom and autonomy.  Yet only when you remove the barriers and become part of the flow can you experience the true essence of the situation and tap into it’s deeper potential.

Hilary Barrett

This is the addictive and delusional basis of our modern culture and psyche unravelling.

As always these days, I’m struggling to know where to start, what approach to take to cover the energy of the New Moon.  There are so many options.   Let’s look at the Sun and Moon.  They will be in Gate 13 line 1.

Inside the walls is the familiar village; outside, a bigger world where more can be gained or lost.  Those who think of venturing out naturally gather here at the gate – a little band of potential fellow travellers, united by their willingness to explore.  Gradually you come to the gate and gather courage to brave the unknown.  You may be concerned about what lies beyond the walls, but you’re going in the right direction.

Hilary Barrett

As we nervously peek out through the crack in the gate, our old reality is being washed away.  Poseidon, Decaulion (the Greek version of Noah) and Ceto (a terrifying deep sea creature) are still in place in Gate 44.  They were triggered by the Full Moon on Quaoar in Gate 26, causing the major flooding in Queensland 2 weeks ago.

Mars will be in Gate 13 line 2.   Ceres is holding the bridge, back in Gate 19 line 6.  She hasn’t finished there with our need to see where we reject nurturing.  A positive relationship between the two brings a feeling of acting on behalf of our own successful outcomes.  The negative issues include a subconscious grief and incapacitating loss arising from the rage of the mother directed our way.  The fear, sense of abandonment and loss of nurturing intimate connection were like a death experience when we were children.

Mars in Gate 13 line 2 has something very interesting to say.  We are not here to be safe and secure, and sometimes we just need to let go and see what happens.   Even our spiritual beliefs may become too small a space, because any rigid adherence to security eventually becomes a prison.  And a rigid adherence to security is very, very imporant to a small child who cannot rely on his or her parents for safety!  This immensely deep and painful wound is being healed on a global scale.  In this sense, the ice in the Northern Hemisphere represents the cold aloofness and the tropical cyclone in the Southern Hemisphere represents the rage and destructive fury, both disowned by us and projected out onto parent figures, mother earth, father sky, god and the universe.

Just one more point I want to make.  I’ve used the word ‘neurotic’ a few times in regard to Ceres.  It’s a word I have taken from the description by Demetra George in her book Asteroid Goddesses.  I believe this word holds the key to this New Moon.  Increasingly it seems difficult to understand what is going on in our lives, even to make sense of our own behaviour.  We naturally tend to think that we are wrong, that our reactions are neurotic.  This tendency comes from our experiences of being cut off from our natural selves.  I watch parents do this to children all the time.  “Don’t cry, there’s nothing to be sad about.”  or this “It’s okay, that didn’t really hurt.”  or try this one “Go to your room and I never want to see you behave like that again.”  Complete invalidation of the child’s reality means that our truthful and natural responses are quashed and rendered ‘neurotic’.  As a result we cultivate inauthenticity.

We are being asked to own our athentic wildness.  We are being given the opportunity to see that our willfulness is not destructive, as we believed when we were small children and it appear to destroy our security.  We are reclaiming our so-called neurotic selves.  We are being allowed to find a balance between flow and stability, a new type of security that holds us safe in the collective heart of humanity and the cosmos.

I suggest that if you feel a sense of being overpowered just now – whether it be a political revolution, a cyclone, a blizzard or just your own emotional overwhelm – you practice gradually and carefully allowing yourself to experience the flow of that energy rather than trying to keep yourself energetically ‘safe’.

colourmad1 ~ flickr.com

Shazam: Jupiter and Uranus in the Channel of Initiation

1st February 2011

My overall take on 2011 is that we are in training. For what? I believe we are in training to become Co-Creators. I know that’s a bit of a buzz word, but it’s part of my reality, rather than just some lovely esoteric idea I might enjoy dreaming about. And I believe it’s a very important concept that will be much more a part of the collective consciousness by the end of this year.

Specifically what I see in the transits for 2011 is a series of ongoing opportunities for us to choose to step out of any of the roles we may have cast ourselves in and to grasp the opportunity in each moment to sparkle with life.

No more dwelling in the land of hurt, powerlessness, resentment and all those other delicious forms of victim mentality that have been our playground for so long. We’ve certainly enjoyed them in our own sweet way, but now we get to learn a new game. And it asks us this question repeatedly – How will you perceive this moment differently if you know you truly are master of your own life and destiny?

Transit chart for 3rd April 2011

Transit chart for 3rd April 2011 showing the Heart Centre connecting to the Ji Centre

One of the most significant indicators for this question comes from Jupiter and Uranus moving through the channel of initiation that links the Heart Centre to the Ji Centre. This channel is a profound Aries initiating energy that has us applying our willpower (Heart Centre) to the calling of our soul (Ji Centre).

This is an individual energy with the courage to be part of the collective, maintaining it’s own boundaries of self in the process.

The Heart Centre end of the channel – Gate 51 – is the hexagram of Shock.  It flows on from hexagram 50, which signifies a new beginning.  The double thunder of hexagram 51 shakes everything up, overthrows the old and throws open the gate to the new.

The Ji Centre end of the channel – Gate 25 – the the hexagram of Innocence.  It is about the purity of self that flows from disentangling from the pathways of others and focusing on our own way.  Trying to engage with the pathways of others simply creates (and is caused by) illusion.  This gate holds the profound truth of synchronicity and it’s potential for perfect manifestation when we come from that core purity within us.

Like a Shazam!!  moment, the result of the two gates forming this channel can be a feeling of shock, both physical and emotional.  The purpose of this energy is to propel us out of the victim position of ‘how could this happen to me’ type shock and into an exploration of our power as creators.  What is the germ of creation in this moment for me?  Why have I created this experience for myself?

We move from shock to initation, and from there into greater levels of wisdom.  Life becomes simultaneoulsy simpler and more profound.

The next three months and beyond will be a delicate dance between the two – choosing our unique pathway, recuperating and taking advantage of the Gate 51 doorway as it opens and closes with the transits.

Jupiter and Uranus will both be in Gate 25 from 8th to 12th February 2011.  During this time there is an asteroid called Hephaistos transiting in Gate 51. Hephaistos (already working with Jupiter now in Gate 25) is giving us the faith to heal any shock that has disabled our will, rendering us unable to express our individuality in alignment with our soul.  It operates specifically in regard to abandonment by our mothers and old armour we have carried on our hearts to protect us from the pain of this wound.

Uranus will be in Gate 25 – from 8th February 2011 to 13th March 2012.  Jupiter moves into the adjoining Gate 51 on 2nd April 2011 till 24th April.   During the time we have some very interesting transits by the Sun and Mars, adding to the courage to be an individual idea, this will be a period when it will feel as if the door is being flung open and then suddenly closed again.  Uranus won’t begin it’s own long term transit in Gate 51 until 2015.

It’s of interest that both Pluto and Ceres, transiting together almost exclusively in the Root Centre since 27th December 2010 till tomorrow, and the asteroid Hephaistos, have an effect on our legs, representing our mobility and ability to move in the direction of our own joy and nourishment.  The Root Centre rules the legs and Hephaistos can represent lameness.

It’s also significant that Ceres is exactly conjunct the Sun in Gate 19 today.  This is a gate that has us rejecting others – getting in first so that they don’t get the chance to reject us.  We’re often in deep denial of this process and it can be hard to spot.  Ceres of course represents the specific type of nurturing we required as children and how it’s lack can make us a bit … well, just a touch neurotic.   Gate 19 certainly has it’s neurotic side with it’s need for security and it’s tendency to extreme emotional sensitivity to rejection.

The up side is that it also has a unique sensitivity to delving into our emotional and material needs and how to meet them in conjunction with the rest of the community we call family.

colourmad1 ~ flickr.com

We’ve got a New Moon coming up tomorrow, as the Sun finally moves out of the Root Centre and into the Ji Centre – Gate 13.

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