The Sacred Human

Dwarf Planet Eris had the provisional name Xena

29th March 2011

As Mercury goes retrograde in Gate 42 tomorrow we can expect hickups to communications as our perceptions shift and change.  Although we may not be aware of it,  we are opening up to new ways of seeing and doing.  Everyone is ready to blame Mercury for any problems, but when he is keeping company with the Goddess of Discord Eris, as he is now, well, expect to see a bit of chaos!

But it’s not necessarily just a mess of bad news.  Because in April, we also have Jupiter joining the mix.  Jupiter and Eris together tend to set wrongs to right.

From Philip Sedgwick’s Galactic Times:

Long ago, Jupiter was displeased with the ruler of Mycenae. So he summoned Mercury to approach the leader of the land and ask if he would relinquish his throne if the Sun and Moon rose in the west. The ruler, forgetting the messenger was the inveterate trickster, quickly agreed. Then, Jupiter dispatched Eris, the goddess of discord, for a hand.

Together, they reversed the motion of the heavens for but one day so the stars, Moon and Sun rose in the west and the Pleiades wept (and that’s why that asterism holds the reputation as weeping sisters/brothers). Bottom line: Jupiter and Eris aligned energies to correct a political wrong and to reverse courses that did not agree with Jupiter’s aspirations.

Eris is also responsible for showing us the places where we tend to create chaos in our own lives because we are being ignored.  It’s not that others are ignoring us.  We’ve been ignoring an aspect of ourselves and it’s capacity for chaos is rampant around the globe, unseen because we have as a species been oblivious to it in our individual selves.  Keeping an aspect of ourselves locked away in inhuman conditions – effectively in hell – has left us open to treating others as less than human.  More on that later.

On 29th April, Jupiter and Mars will align with Eris in Gate 42.   Remember I mentioned that we are seeing the fall of the ‘head’, the king?  Well here is part of the description for meeting of Jupiter, Mars and Eris in Gate 42:

You have a blessing of unshakeable intrinsic value.  It is good to respond with a fluid steadfastness: to stay with it and invest your whole, true self, but also to stay mobile and responsive to change.  Receive your blessing as a king, who understands that s/he is blessed and chooses to dedicate the whole changing experience to the higher good.

Hilary Barrett

Saturn and Jupiter are opposite each other today, a completion of all those oppositions we sweated through in 2010.  The key issue here is an activation of the place where we struggle to keep our blinkers on and don’t want to look at the good things in our lives.

It’s partly because of the trauma we’ve been carrying, the inner child hiding away from the world, huddling in a safe place.  I’ve been feeling a bit Harry Potterish, like a wild and magical child who’s been locked in a dark cupboard below the stairs for a very, very long time.  The only thing is, our hiding places haven’t actually been safe and it’s gotten very lonely in there.  With the asteroid Child conjunct Pluto just now, we have a choice to stay in hell or get the hell out of there.

How?  By giving up having to know how.  By trusting the range of fractal possibilities in an abundant universe.  By living fully in each moment and seeing the gift it brings.

Saturn urges us to take responsibility for our own growth, but we have launched ourselves into another reality where that responsibility aligns with the power and freedom of our own soul journey, rather than with following the agenda of others.  When we build a life with the newly evolved Saturn, we create a life that makes perfect sense (Jupiter).  A stable (Saturn) faith in life and ongoing sense of good fortune (Jupiter) is the result.

The Sun in Gate 17 is at the centre of the whole Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter/Uranus shift we’re in the middle of.  Gate 17 is a mental gate that can tend to see only what it wants to see – the pattern of reality we’ve decided will keep us safe.   Our ego mind wants to have a logical plan, a goal and a pathway we believe is safe.  There’s a lunacy in the illusion that we can control our lives in this way.  But never fear!  Our ego is evolving, opening out from a limited logical mental view to one that sees more possibilities and connections.  It is listening to our true awareness.   It is shifting from linear to fractal.

Letting go of the neurotic (but perfectly understandable) need of the inner child to keep safe opens us up to a flow of universal energy that we were previously blind to.

The way we view the ‘head’, – as in headmaster, headquarters, etc – shows us clearly how our culture assumes the head should always be in charge and in control.  Our inner landscape is littered with the bits of our psyche that didn’t make the grade, didn’t make it past the logical gatekeeper, couldn’t rationally justify their existence.

But those days are numbered, on the inner and outer planes and hence the ‘beheading’ of various world leaders just now, as they are toppled by the ‘body’ of their citizens.  Notice that this is not faction fighting or alternative dictators we are seeing in the middle east, but citizens against the leader – a true Aquarian revolution.  Saudi Arabia is starting to shake and shiver, as the ruling dynasty has just refused women the right to vote at it’s upcoming elections.  Many influential Saudi’s feel that this sort of regressive tactic might not be a good move in the current climate!

This week’s amazing Pluto (58), Earth (18) and Saturn (48) lineup is shifting our perception of reality and opening us to a new view of our future.  Venus, Ceres, Chiron,  and Dwarf Planet Snow White – all in Gate 55! with Neptune close by in Gate 30 -are triggering our emotions to help us wake up to our wounded self, the parts of ourselves who didn’t pass the logical test.  This gives us a whole new way of seeing what’s really going on.  As a result, we are casting off the mesmeric effects of our long term somnambulance,  owning our personal needs for nurturance, accepting the abundance constantly flowing to us, and realising the sacred nature of our own humanity.

There is nothing about you that isn’t sacred, nothing within you that isn’t love.   It may not be logical, but it’s true!

aroon kalandy ~ flickr.com


Gateway To The Garden

The landscape shifts like sticky mud under our feet as we try to hold our ground.  December dishes up the unexpected, as if we have been searching in the garden for a particular plant and suddenly wander through a gate to find ourselves in another garden entirely.  Reacquainting ourselves with our new environment needs to be our main focus for the next few weeks.  Who knows what wonders we’ll find there!

Lift Off by AussieGall on www.Flickr.com

Yesterday’s New Moon was conjunct The Great Attractor (5), and the Full Moon on 20th is in the same channel (15).   This channel is the only one activated on 21st December 2012, and it deals with the opening of time dimensions and a re-balancing of the masculine and feminine energy.  Time both speeds up and slows down, warping space and our sense of self.  Being ‘at home’ becomes a soul journey rather than a real estate transaction.

Human Design Transits for 6th December 2010

There’s a whole pile of things going on in the chart right now.  With the Earth in Gate 35, we are able to express our emotions directly and immediately.  Usually a transit to this channel leads to emotional outbursts, but this time the planetary influences have created a deeper slower expression.

In the emotional centre, Neptune is conjunct Chiron in Gate 30.  These two have been travelling together since 2008.   In this gate they seem to be bringing up old emotional wounds to our sense of needs and wants and desires.  They are giving us a reality check on our fantasies, and in this way creating the conditions for instant manifestation.  If what we want isn’t really what we want, but just a glamourous fantasy (think Ferrari), then we will have subconscious resistance.

Feeling wounded about not getting what we want focuses our attention on this question over and over again – is that what I really want?  Or perhaps we could put it this way – if that Ferrari turned up in the driveway right now, would it make me any happier?

There’s a deep but mistaken belief here that we need to rely on others to get what we want.  And this involves manipulation of them (but muuuummmmm!!, why can’t I have it!!!!) and of ourselves as well, as we shift and twist to make ourselves the right shape to attract what we believe we need.  And because we haven’t yet quite mastered the manifestation dance, we never got to do the bit where we learn how to distinguish our true desires from our “childish” fantasies.   We are filling in the dots now.

The second emotional issue is Jupiter and Uranus in Gate 36.  There is a sense here of feeling that our emotional selves are quite mad, they just won’t listen to reason or comply nicely with our ego goals.  And they are making it difficult for us to fit in with the old concept of time.  If I feel emotional and can’t get my work done by 5pm, is that wrong of me?  Waiting for emotional clarity isn’t something we can get sorted by making to-do notes in our diary.  It’s much more receptive than that, and this is where the feminine integrative aspect of self can’t live within the prison of our current time frames.

That suppressed emotional energy is like a powerful horse that will ride in and carry you forward exactly as you desire (36.2).  But our addiction to mechanical time keeps it locked away where it can’t topple the order of our neat and tidy lives.  Without that power we find even walking is difficult (there are so many hexagrams that talk about not being able to walk just now!).  We rely instead on the false ‘horsepower’ of our imaginary Ferrari, living on fantasies where the real thing is waiting for us in an adjacent and parallel time universe.

The third highly significant event is Pluto (58) and Saturn (48) making a sandwich with Gate 18 being the delicious filling.  Gate 18 is a profound gate of DNA healing that affects us on the mental and physical levels.  Pluto (and Mercury about to retrograde) are letting us know that joy is our natural birthright.  I want to quote from 58.1 in Hilary Barrett’s excellent I Ching:

This is the promising beginning of a conversation: not mere self-expression, but the capacity to listen and respond.  You foster trust, and make mutual enrichment possible, by opening up your inner space to exchange.

The foundation for this responsive communication is autonomy and self-reliance: it means that you have something to give, and that you can create a harmonious connection that is not dominated or distorted by what people need from one another.

This is a channel that deals with our relationship to authority – tribal leaders both matriarchal and patriarchal.  There is a potential rigidity being cleared from our energetic fields as we realise that we are safe to connect with the depths of our own horsepower, our own truth and confidence (Saturn in 48.6).  Again from Hilary Barrett,

Water flows strongly into this well from underground sources.  It’s an image of effortless plenty; the water rising in the well, gathering even more as you draw from it – a constant dependable flow.

It might seem safer to cover the well.  You might want to hold yourself apart from the flow of giving and receiving for fear of losing your freedom and autonomy in the constant exchange.  Yet only when you remove the barriers and become part of the flow can you experience the true essence of the situation and tap into it’s deeper potential.

It’s hard to believe that we could be safe in a world where we can wait for the goodness and joy to surface naturally.  It’s difficult to trust that we have all we need within us to manifest what we truly desire without struggle or manipulation.   The Moon is passing over the Galactic Centre (11.5) later today and that is likely to bring new ideas that have you stepping into the next part of that journey into your new garden.


Spitting Out The Poison


21st August 2010

I’m watching the global debate just now on what will save us all. It’s assuming we need to be saved, which is interesting in itself. And I’m watching Mercury in the Gate of Oppression and Exhaustion bringing a black cloud of doom and gloom and ‘I can’t go on another minute like this’ to the mix. This is a gate that has us feeling that no matter what we do, nothing will ever change. And then Mercury is going retrograde so that alerts us to the fact that this way of thinking is exactly what we need to be aware of.

In two days things will begin to cheer up as first Venus and then Mars move into the Gate of Intuitive Clarity. At the moment they are both sitting in the Gate of Depth that triggers our feelings that we are unworthy, that what we have to offer from our authentic self will never be good enough. And that’s if anyone even notices it at all. Doom and gloom.

So what’s really going on here? Firstly, let’s get clear about the idea that the universe (or whatever we want to call it) does not get off on seeing you suffer. Here’s a major opportunity to clear some masochistic tendencies from the human condition, starting with our own thoughts. Over the next two days, anytime you feel limited, unseen, as if you have to struggle on and on with no respite, remember this: there are some deeply conditioned choices being made here and just now we have the chance to become conscious of them.

Here’s what the I Ching says:

We feel restless and indecisive. At first we want to push ahead, and then encounter obstructions that only feel oppressive when we deal with them recklessly. We butt our heads against a wall and then feel ourselves to be oppressed by the wall. We lean on things that have no stability. So then we turn back irresolutely and retire into our house only to find our wife is gone.

The wife represents something dependable, warm, nurturing. And can you feel it? She’s not there. But the whole point of this hexagram is that the wife (or what she represents) was there all along, we just can’t see her.  That’s because for two thousand years we’ve been practising not seeing her. It’s been about the father as creator and as protector and provider. But now the father is worn out, exhausted and has no answers for the questions that plague us.

One of the most common ideas I’ve come across in the past few months on the web is the idea that we must return to some sort of ethics.  It’s a loss of ethics that’s caused this problem, they say. But this won’t save our butts.  Because hidden deep under the idea of any externally formulated ethics is our authentic response to life and that’s what’s calling us out now.  In this situation any recall of morality and ethics will be used like a prison to continue to keep these aspects of self from seeing the light of day.  We have to be nice, good, kind, loving, calm, gentle, serve humanity, etc.  What do we do when the ethics we ascribe to conflict with our authentic selves?

Here’s the thing.  There are parts of ourselves that have been told they are wrong so many times that we believe if they escape our grasp we will die.  We must keep them frozen, deadened, hidden away.  It’s a life or death struggle going on within our psyche.  We may not even be consciously aware of it yet, but we feel the sense of dis-ease it’s causing and that’s our first port of call.

A deep soul woundedness that has been frozen, walking in the valley of death, is waking up, shaking her head and suggesting she might like a bowl of warm soup and a nice walk in the sun thank you.  Trying to apply ethics to such an personal alchemical experience is like being outraged that a coma patient isn’t using her knife and fork properly.  And this aspect of self has sustained damage  akin to a coma patient so we must be good to ourselves while she’s waking up.

I say ‘she’ because the activating point here is the Scattered Disc Object and Dwarf Planet Candidate currently known as Snow White.  She’s creating a channel with the South Node, demanding that if we want to ‘wake up’ and live happily ever after, we have to spit out that sliver of poisoned apple.

The issue here is our confusion about what is actually poison.  Somehow we’ve gotten confused and believe that something authentic in us is poison, rather than understanding that it’s been poisoned.  Something in us has become convinced that spitting out that poison is a bad thing to do, and we should go on being nice, polite, helpful and … well, ethical.

Let me ask you this.  What choices would you be making right now if there was absolutely nothing about you that was wrong?  What if the world was always wonderfully enthusiastic about absolutely everything about you?  What if we all celebrated your every word, every movement, every breathe of life you take?  That is the point of power we stand at today, and not just for our relationship with ourselves but for our relationships with each other.

Celebrate yourself.  You are life.  All of you.

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