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New Moon March 2014

We are making a fundamental transformation, from going it alone to opening up to the thrill of relationship. It’s based on love and trust and a choice of true connection, rather than clinging together to survive.

29th August 2011

Sorry I haven’t had a chance to do a blog post on the new moon. Gate 59.6 ~ dissolving ego barriers, but not completely! Where do you need to open, where do you need to maintain a clear sense of your boundaries?   We’ve opened up so much, given our all. Now it’s time to … Read More »

New Moon in Gate 63

    Today’s New Moon represents a watershed.  We’ve already committed to a shift.  We can feel it within ourselves, but for many of us there is still a frustrating dissonance with our external reality.  The good thing is that we are now relaxing into being at home in open ended and uncertain situations. We … Read More »