Is Your Inner Goddess Invisible?

A few years back I began to notice one particular asteroid turning up in significant positions in the charts of my private clients.  That asteroid was Ophelia. I went searching. There was nothing about her in the astrological literature. It was as if she was invisible. And that’s exactly what my clients were feeling – invisible!  Since that time Ophelia has been one of my go-to asteroids, particularly in women’s charts. There is something within each of us that has been lost in the tumult of daily life and Ophelia is a key to what that something is. It is a clue to what we need to recover as we step out of our cultural roles and into a central position in our own lives.


John William Waterhouse – Ophelia


Ophelia has been tuning us into what has been invisible even to ourselves, since 18 May when both she and asteroid Vesta moved into the emotional manifestor channel 35/36.

This channel is about discovering, through our experiences, what has been wounded within us, what light has been dimmed, and how it can now emerge from your character.  Think back over your experiences in the past 10 days, what has felt invisible? What have you longed for others to see?

Ophelia and Vesta will both be in this channel between 18 May and the Full Moon on 2 June 2015. The energy of the channel itself provides a interesting juxtaposition with Vesta, who represents our own personal sacred flame. The energy of the gate – wounded brightness – and the planet Vesta – sacred flame – work perfectly together.

Where has your own inner light been kept at a low wattage?  Your light now wants to shine brightly again and you are hungry for experiences and adventures where you can live from that place.

vesta~illuminareVesta is a fabulous planet in your design. She is not only about your inner light.  She goes deeper than that, into the very heart of the ancient goddess, family, community and matrilineal lineage.

The Vestal Virgins of Ancient Rome come within Vesta’s realm. These priestesses tended Vesta’s eternal fire in a temple designed to ensure the safety of the Roman Empire. But like all Greek and Roman goddesses, there is a more ancient story and the promise of resurrection in our modern times.

Vestal virgins were originally goddesses, keepers of the sexual rites honouring the generative powers of the Moon Goddess.  Their inner flame was not a solar but a lunar energy – the reflected fire of moonlight rather than the direct gaze of the sun. They brought the fertilizing powers of the goddess into effective contact with the everyday lives of human beings.

In modern times Vesta shows the pathway from sexual ownership to powerful fertile goddess, from barren spinsters and dutiful wives to sexual sovereignty and self determination.  Vesta is the place in your design where you connect with what you are truly devoted to, the place where you are touched and illuminated by the Moon Goddess.

There’s another important aspect to Vesta and this is playing into an important evolutionary theme right now.  In Ancient Greece the sacred hearth flame was carried by women from their mother’s hearth to their new homes. The journey of sacred flames throughout generations provided an ongoing connection for women to their source of nourishment, nurturing and mother love.  Men also carried a portion of that flame when they emigrated, to link their new community back to their homeland. Vesta represents our home, our hearth, our roots.  She represents our desire to create and maintain warm, loving and nurturing families and communities.

It took over 1000 years to suppress the matriarchy, and during that millenium women learnt to hide and protect their power, their magic, their sisterly relationships. These gifts are returning to our consciousness, but after so long we are unsure in their presence.  Are we ready? Can we wield such power? Will be we safe? We are pulling the pin on the whole ‘protecting the patriarchy’ story and stepping back into our own gloriousness. We are making pathways out of moon and starlight and spreading our footprints upon the earth.

Today Mars enters Gate 35, and adds an additional trigger to this already powerful combination. Arachne is there as well, prompting us to rush forward in our attempts to get free. But this is both a beginning and an ending.  A long term project and an immediate event. We should settle in for a new cycle of 12,000 golden years and also pay attention to what is right in front of us, the practical steps we need to take today. We are weaving a new reality, rekindling an ancient flame, arousing our kundalini and recovering our devotion to our own sacred flame. This is a daily round of undertakings and each small step is a dance with our own divinity.



What Can A Blind Eye See?

Our own native son James Murdoch is being hoisted on his own petard as his claims to know nothing about the phone hacking going on in his News Corp in the UK turns around and bites him squarely on the bum.   Apparently it’s not just about what James actually knew, it’s also about what he should have known.  It’s called CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Messrs Murdoch!  And it takes into account not just your actions, but also your omissions.

Of course it’s not just the Murdoch’s who have suddenly been asked to see what they have previously been blind to.  We are all in the same boat.  Yesterday, as Uranus went retrograde, Ceres moved into Aries and Venus moved into Gate 39 and triggering the potent Neptune, Chiron, Snow White configuration in Gate 55, all the fury of those living in the illusion that someone else would take care of them if they followed the rules, was released into the world.

Mars continues in that very significant Gemini Throat Gate 35, the one that allows us to make easy progress so long as we agree to connect with deep seated and uncomfortable emotions.  Right now we are being asked to trust ourselves as we never have before, to dance a new creation with no guarantees of how we will be met and received in that place other than what we know in our own heart.  New minor planet Salacia – Neptune’s unwilling bride – is in Gate 36.2.  Philip Sedgwick gives these keywords for Salacia:

Positive – driven, determined, resourceful, able to work with the unseen, chaste, pure, calm, sensational

Negative – salacious, ostrich-like – hiding to avoid commitment or confrontation, relationship phobic, exaggeration, distortion of facts and visions, projection, hyperbolizing

Back to the News of the World for a moment, it encapsulates everything that is shifting and changing just now.  Since the story broke a few days ago, James and Rupert have repeatedly made the outrageous statement that their number one priority is to protect the one woman executive involved (and strongly implicated) in this drama.  What is that about?  Business journalists around the world are scratching their heads and saying ‘Are they nuts?  Their whole multi-billion dollar organisation is on the line and that’s their number one priority??”

I suspect that Salacia is a part of this dynamic and that it is also being affected by Saturn’s current trine to Pallas (in 19).  Pallas is a dwarf planet candidate so she’s not an inconsiderable energy in the chart.  In addition to being trine Saturn (old structures, Rupert Murdoch and other patriarchal influences), she’s also trine Ophelia and in a channel with Damocles and Nessus.  Read more about Ophelia’s Solution.

Pallas Athene could be seen as an attempt by an unsure young patriachy to co-opt a token of the old matriarchy to help it feel safe on it’s journey to adulthood.  They dressed her up as the daughter,  but really she was their only link home and they needed her much more than they ever let on.   This explains why she is the last port of call for the old patriarchal energies –  there’s an instinctive sense that she’s the mother ship, they’re last chance for survival.  All this, when it looks on the surface like they’ve perhaps just gone a bit dotty over a youngish woman who should really be sacked and handed over to the police with her male colleagues.

The second thing is the interlocking parts to this story.  Scotland Yard didn’t follow up because, well they need the media to make the police look good.  The politicians didn’t follow up because, well ditto really.  I mean who on the planet can afford to upset Rupert?  Thanks to one lone Labour MP in the UK Parliament who kept banging on about this for years, until finally it’s come to light.   And that light reveals the complex and unexamined web of relationship that has kept the entire structure of the patriarchy invisible and intact. Until now.

Expect further unravelling as the new energy of Saturn throws out the old rule book and calls for personal responsibility and Pluto asks to see where the money and power have been squirrelled away.   We about to discover what a blind eye really can see!




Ophelia’s Solution

It’s so fascinating to have found myself suddenly and unexpectedly thrust into the world of business at this time.  I am up at 6.30 every morning and off to work rather than sitting in the sun with a cup of tea writing my blog.  How did that happen??

It’s not a permanent thing. A friend asked me a few weeks ago to be on the Board of a local not-for-profit organisation and it turned out that it was in crisis and I was “johnny on the spot” with the skill set needed to steer it through the worst of it and out the other side.  I hope it will only be about another week.  The synchronous thing is that this organisation has the potential to dovetail neatly with some wonderful plans I have been nurturing for the expansion of understanding of Human Design!

But now it’s Sunday morning and here I am sitting in the sun (well glimpses of sun anyway) with a cup of tea writing my blog. 🙂  What an extraordinary time it’s been and will continue to be.  As I write this, the Moon is passing over Mercury which is activating a channel with the North Node and the Galactic Centre.  If you’re having trouble thinking straight, remembering things or talking, that’s why!  The Moon will be exactly conjunct Mercury at 23.56 UT today (2nd July).  It’s a chance to slough off any ideas about who’s in charge of your life and feel more at home in the big picture.

I expect the next week to bring something of a showdown between what we might call the old order and the new way of being.  It’s not so much the old order that’s being dismantled, as the dissolving of the groupthink matrix that allowed it to operate largely unhindered.  All the big planets are getting a run just now and the effect is to lift the veil on the abuses that have been considered acceptable ‘collateral damage’ to a way of life that has proven ultimately to be designed to feed prosperity ever upwards to those at the top while leaving those further down devastated.

I’m just reading a series of articles by Mikio Kaku on the issues facing three nuclear plants in the US,  While we’ve been told that nuclear energy is very safe, a fire is threatening the reactor at Los Alamos and now we find that “In 2009, the Department of Energy issued a report, stating that fire fighters are not well trained to handle the sophisticated equipment and radioactive waste stored at Los Alamos in case of an emergency.” It also turns out that radiation is being found way outside the expected area around Fukushima and tens of thousands more people are now being advised to evacuate.

The underlying issue here is that these power plants were never safe, just safe enough.  As Mikio Kaku points out, they were not designed to withstand the sort of weather events we are now experiencing.

This is scary, right?  I mean, if we can’t rely on our governments to make decisions that keep us safe, where does that leave us?   Well truly, it leaves us a whole lot better off.

Because what’s happening now is that a significant mass of people on this planet are no longer giving up their power to those who are not using it wisely on their behalf.

Of course I’m talking a lot about Pluto here – plutonium, nuclear power, personal power, underhanded dealings.  I’m not surprised that fire is threatening the Los Alamos plant, since fiery Mars is bringing Pluto to the Throat for expression just now.

As for the flooding that is threatening the Nebraska plants, look no further than Ceto (deep sea monster), Decaulion (the Greek Noah) and Poseidon in the Spleen Centre in the Scorpionic Gate 44, meeting minor planet Quaoar (new forms of creation) in Gate 26.  These planets are all connecting to Saturn and Pluto.

I just want to mention Ophelia again, because I think she is so very significant just now.  She is sitting in the Gate of Correcting Family Patterns (18). Right now, this gate is the bridge between transiting Saturn and Pluto.  I’ve been watching Ophelia very closely lately and my feeling is that she is the daughter who holds the potential for new life.  But she gets ignored by the apparently powerful men who are busy politicking, desperately trying to find a short term solution.  And because they are controlling the agenda via the groupthink matrix, no one sees the obvious way out of the difficulties, and Ophelia dies, carrying the child who represents a new start.

Sedna carries a similar story (see The Whale Rider video clip at the end of the page) and as she is in the Throat Centre, Sedna is also a part of this activation.  The difference now is that we have made huge leaps in our ability to see clearly, to resist the mesmeric quality of groupthink, and so as if by magic, Ophelia’s solution is showing itself to us.

But for now, what I really want to focus on is the astrological bad boys, Ixion and Nessus, both of whom are very active in the chart at the moment.  Ixion and Nessus both tell us something about traditional use of power against others.


Currently transiting in Gate 5.6, Ixion is generally considered to be a tyrant, the first mythological figure to spill kindred blood and a man with a tendency to treat women badly.

What strikes me most strongly about Ixion though, is that everything he did wrong was met with another wrongdoing by those in power.  He failed to pay the brideprice for Princess Dia and so her father stole Ixion’s horses.  He lusted after Hera and so Zeus tied him to a fiery wheel until he repented and was able to show gratitude to his benefactor.  While Prince Dia’s father and Zeus were certainly wronged benefactors, I find it fascinating that their retribution is usually interpreted as ‘karma’ rather than an act of power against Ixion to punish him for transgressions against them.  There’s a bit too much moral high ground here for my liking, and the mesmeric quality of personal aggrandisement by those in power being cleverly disguised as “fate”.

There’s another fascinating idea held within Ixion, and that is the inner and outer struggle between the civilized aspect of self (the Lapith’s in the mythology) and the wild and unruly and ultimately wounded self (the Centaurs).  It is reflected in the relationship between the civilized patriarchal world and the wild natural world. This is a theme I’ve also seen arising in Makemake’s sphere of influence.

In keeping with Ophelia’s themes turning up in the Gate of Correcting Family Patterns, Ixion deals with very long standing family feuds. In fact, it’s likely that it represents the history of all humanity in terms of it’s ongoing struggle to find a way to apply our own power and get along with each other. There is a resolution here of ancient ways of masculine relating. Ixion was from the family line of the god Aries, and so is strongly linked with soldiering and concepts relating to the warrior, as well as hotheaded action.

I should just mention that when it was first discovered in 2001, Ixion was in the Gate of Great Power (34.6) in the Sacral Chakra.  This is a gate that tends to push forward before thinking or feeling things through, like a goat butting it’s head mindlessly against a hedge that is blocking it’s way.   Venus moves into the adjoining Gate 15 today so I’m watching to see how that might affect the archetypal energies of Ixion.


Nessus is a Centaur, who’s orbit links up Saturn and Pluto.  Interesting connection to Ophelia again, she who is currently creating a bridge between Saturn and Pluto.   Nessus was another nasty creature who tended to rape and murder, reaching even from beyond the grave to exact his revenge.  Like Ixion, Nessus also has a link to the use of  power, in this case physical power.  His revenge against the strong man Hercules led to Hera granting Hercules immortality.  Nessus is currently in Gate 49.5 in the Solar Plexus Centre, in a channel with Pallas (19.6), Vesta (49.1), Damocles (49.3) and Icarus (49.5).  This is the Gate of Revolution  – a revolution that comes from allowing our true emotions to inform our relationships with others in our community.  More on Nessus.

I could go on and on with details, but I think I’ll just sum up what I’m seeing here.  We are looking at the underpinnings of the power of the global masculine.  On the surface it can still pass as self assured and in control, but only just!

Ceres has just moved into the Gate of Innocence.  On 12th July it will pass over the Aries Point (0 degrees Aries) in gate 25.3, completing a cycle that began back in March 2007.  There are two significant factors here.  Firstly this period has been a time for the relationship between mother and daughter to heal, allowing the archetypal daughter to reclaim her true creative potential, and the archetypal mother her power.

Secondly, we are cracking into the very heart of the wounded masculine here.  As the feminine has gradually regained her power, the exhausted and deeply frightened masculine can put down the mantle of the illusion of being the sole creator of life and rejoin humanity.

I was watching one of our Australian politicians being interviewed on television about the dangers of gas fracking a few weeks ago.  He was parroting the oil and gas industries line that the chemicals they are pumping into the water table are safe.  When asked if he knew what they were he replied that it was a commercial secret. So, said the interviewer, oil and gas companies are pumping chemicals into our precious water supplies and none of us know what they are.  Are you really comfortable with that? A look of sheer panic passed over the face of the politician.   As well it might!  Saturn, that bastion of patriarchal power, is in the Gate of the Well.  This gates invites us to drop deep down within ourselves to find our true nourishment and power, represented as clear, clean water.  For some it may seem easier to externalise that process by fracking, but that is not the truth and Saturn no longer supports that old rigid paradigm.

I’m expecting this last remaining aspect of the old masculine power base to put up a struggle over the next few days and it might look like things are getting really bad for all of us.  But the true power has shifted, the group think matrix is dissolving, and all you and I need to do is stay on course with the purity of our own heart (Ceres in the Gate of Innocence) and tune into grounding the energy of the big picture that is being revealed to us just now (Mercury joining the Galactic Centre).




Trusting Your Own Sanity

18th April 2011

This is a delicate and potentially confusing Full Moon, whispy with many meanings and fraught with the potential for misunderstanding.  It is bringing a kind of madness to the surface and allowing us to see just how we have survived and what it has done to us.

The Moon is in Gate 50.2.  This gate represents the beginning of a new era.  Hexagram 50 is traditionally known as The Ting, a ceremonial cauldron.  In ancient China, when a new dynasty began a new ting was cast in bronze and the new constitution was engraved upon it.

Gate 50 also represents the link with our ancestors, the union of the family and the care of it’s members.  People with Gate 50 in their design tend to find it difficult to balance their desire to cling to old values and their need to find a new way.

We’re all in that particular boat just now, still clinging to the past and yet desperately seeking out the new.  Sometimes we take responsibility for holding onto things that are naturally falling away in the mistaken belief that this will support others.   If it’s stressful, it’s probably not supporting you or anyone else, no matter what fears you may experience at the idea of letting go.

In line 2 we find a time when the ting is being cast but not yet complete.  We are like seeds, filled with potential and some sense of what we are to grow into, but we are waiting for the rain to come and the germination process to begin.   We are beginning a new era for humanity and this is not a short term project.  The benefits of what we are creating now will continue for a very long time.

What is very important during this time is that we give some seriousness to this process.  We could be cajoled by Mars (21) opposite Saturn (48) to push and shove to try to get things to fit back into the old container.  Especially as Zeus is conjunct Saturn, adding to the Mars feel of wanting to do anything necessary to feel safe, to feel our feet on solid ground, to get our own way.  But Mars needs to let go of his deeply embedded self esteem issues, the things that make him so reactive and aggressively defensive.

The new Mars is protective not defensive, he ensures the safety of what is yours.   There are some things, like blood, that are meant to be kept for you and not shared with others.   There are things in your life that are sacred and meant only for you.  It might be your special moisturiser, or time alone, or a space where you do yoga and meditation.  It could be an idea you’re not ready to share.  Mars and Mercury in Gate 21 are telling you that this new protectiveness needs to be treated carefully and respectfully and that the results will be far beyond what you might imagine.

This is definitely a time when it is your sacred duty to ask “what’s in it for me?” because you are returning to the centre of your own life and everything to come will radiate from that place.

The Sun is in Gate 3, in one of what I call the birth channels.  These are the channels that connect the Sacral Centre (creation) with the Root Centre (birthing into the physical).  It adjoins Magdalena in Gate 60 – Limitations.

Gate 3 holds the potential to create something new.  It’s not about action per se, but it signifies a time for preparing to take action, to observe and respond to the subtle shifts that are creating a new order out of old chaos.

In line 2, we are resisting a familiar and dominant pressure to accept an alliance with the old order, and waiting with patience for new alliances to form.

There is a lot to be said about insanity in this Full Moon.  Venus holds an important position in the Solar Plexus Centre in Gate 36, the place where our brightness is injured, where we feel that our soul is locked in a dark and difficult place.  This is the place where we believe ourselves to be insane.

In line 4 we flee a place where insanity seems normal, and wait for things to change before returning.  It’s fascinating in Human Design terms that this line also talks about going into the heart and belly to find the truth.  Mars and Mercury (21) and Jupiter (51) are in the Heart Centre and the Sun (3) is in the belly (Sacral).  There is a huge importance for us in listening to what’s happening in our hearts (Ji Centre) just now and avoiding the pressure to continue to believe the insanity. To actually trust in our own sanity.

Another, perhaps more personal, aspect of the insanity is Ophelia who is linking Pluto and Saturn.  She is in Gate 18, which deals with family madness, the curse of sharing a delusional view of the world with those we love so that not one of us can really see clearly what is going on.  Ophelia, a character in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, is fascinating me just now and that’s not surprising given that the asteroid Ophelia is transiting in an incredibly crucial place in the Human Design chart.

Given the current activations to the Gate of Shock, I was intrigued to see this quote about Ophelia:

Her frailty and innocence work against her as she cannot cope with the unfolding of one traumatic event after another.


Ophelia is innocent and inexperienced in the ways of the world, aware only of love and affection.  This leaves her open to being manipulated by those who purport to love her – her father, her brother and her lover.   Rather than treasure her they abuse her innocence to gain their own politically motivated ends and in the end she goes mad and then dies, perhaps at her own hand.  In Gate 18, Ophelia represents the family madness inflicted upon the innocent within each one of us.

Given the placement of Venus (brightness wounded), and Uranus (innocence), there is a definite energy here of how we have been made mad by the world.  That madness has, in a sense, served it’s purpose in keeping us safe by providing some shield to our innocence.  But now we have to find the courage to drop those defences, to reach the place where we are consciously aware of the insanity of the world and it’s shockingly abusive ways.  It’s crucial that we see how we have separated from this insanity, and how we are now about to recover from it’s effect on us.

Helping out in a big way is the Kuiper Belt Object called 1992 QB1.  On the Full Moon she was conjunct the Sun.  She’s become one of my favourites, providing a bridge of consciousness between the old world: think Pluto and his obligatory trips to the underworld,  and the new world: think Haumea, Makemake and Quaoar and their message of dancing and celebrating new creations into life.

It can seem that there is an overabundance of things to be done just now.  That’s the old energy trying to drag you away from your own simple knowing.  As aspects of your life break and fall away, thank them for what they have brought to you and release them with love.  As things rise in a crescendo of chaos, breathe deeply and wait for the implicit order to arise and inform you of the new creation you are bringing to material reality.  Take yourself and your journey seriously, but don’t be too serious about it. The Galactic Centre and the Nodes are fully engaged in this Full Moon.  Aligning with a greater sense of reality brings peace …. and a sense of sanity.  It is real, and so are you.



New Moon ~ Fear of the Flow

New Moon:  3rd February UT 2.30am.

Satellite image for Tropical Cyclone Yasi

Well there’s no need to read a transit blog to find out that this is one doozy of a New Moon.  We have a monster cyclone in Australia – and for once that’s not media hype, a volcano erupting in Japan, mammoth snow storms pounding the US.

We also have major unrest in Egypt that threatens the fragile stability of the Middle East, the oil industry and the global economy.

They have one thing in common at least.  Their effect is more widespread than we would normally expect.  Yasi is likely to contine beyond the coast for many hundreds of miles, and the US snow storms are cutting a swathe through the midwest.

As I suggested in my Short Take on 30th January – this New Moon has been building on the Sun, Mars and Ceres energy in the Root Centre in Gate 19, prior to the Sun shifting to the Ji Centre in Gate 13.  The potent combination of the two gates has created a bridge between our personal emotional world and the greater collective, between our personal survival and our desire to be part of the collective heart.

It is asking us to look at some specific issues – how we use our power (Sun), how we apply our will (Mars), a deep need for intimate emotional connection (Moon), and how we can become neurotic when we don’t get it (Ceres).  These are all clear messages that fit neatly into the category of environmentalism.   I’ve seen many descriptions on twitter of Cyclone Yasi as a ‘bitch’ – our disconnection from mother earth, and her angry response to this callous disregard.

I’ve watching television coverage from Queensland as I write and David Koche has just described the situation with Cyclone Yasi as akin to a war on terror, but “it’s a war on nature”.

And it’s not just an earth thing.  The Great Attractor, until recently considered the biggest thing known in the universe, is involved (in Gate 5.3, sextile the New Moon and creating a channel with the South Node) no doubt adding to the immense size and scope of these two extreme weather events.

But there is something much, much deeper going on here, and it’s happening within you.  It’s the war we all carry on against our own nature.  This New Moon is itself a stepping stone to the new energies that are becoming available to us in 2011.  It brings a chance to be compassionate, open and accepting of our full natural selves, and an opportunity to see our own warrior nature and allow it to champion our own cause in alignment with the ultimate good.

And the war is also between the structures we have built up to keep us safe (and feeling nurtured and nourished) and our true nature.  Roads, homes, schools, ports, island resorts – are preventing the free flow of wild energy that is a natural part of life on earth.  It’s not that we have to do without structure, it just needs to be more in tune with nature, more flexible and less likely to be destroyed.  Saturn (structure) will continue to be conjunct Haumea (healthy relationship with the earth) in the Spleen  Centre (physical realm) till October 2011, so this is a long term project!

Pluto in the Root Centre in the Gate of Joy is acting as a transformer to the Kuiper Belt, stepping us up to the energy of creation, and the chance to restructure our experience of death and transformation.

The structures are internal as well, held in place by our own unconscious beliefs about what’s required for our safety and survival.  We reject what nature offers and make do instead with an inferior version, something more ‘civilised’.  Ophelia and Zeus in Gate 48 are playing a role, with Ophelia representing the way in which we experience having strong emotions ignored.

You may want to hold yourself apart from the flow of receiving and giving for fear of losing your freedom and autonomy.  Yet only when you remove the barriers and become part of the flow can you experience the true essence of the situation and tap into it’s deeper potential.

Hilary Barrett

This is the addictive and delusional basis of our modern culture and psyche unravelling.

As always these days, I’m struggling to know where to start, what approach to take to cover the energy of the New Moon.  There are so many options.   Let’s look at the Sun and Moon.  They will be in Gate 13 line 1.

Inside the walls is the familiar village; outside, a bigger world where more can be gained or lost.  Those who think of venturing out naturally gather here at the gate – a little band of potential fellow travellers, united by their willingness to explore.  Gradually you come to the gate and gather courage to brave the unknown.  You may be concerned about what lies beyond the walls, but you’re going in the right direction.

Hilary Barrett

As we nervously peek out through the crack in the gate, our old reality is being washed away.  Poseidon, Decaulion (the Greek version of Noah) and Ceto (a terrifying deep sea creature) are still in place in Gate 44.  They were triggered by the Full Moon on Quaoar in Gate 26, causing the major flooding in Queensland 2 weeks ago.

Mars will be in Gate 13 line 2.   Ceres is holding the bridge, back in Gate 19 line 6.  She hasn’t finished there with our need to see where we reject nurturing.  A positive relationship between the two brings a feeling of acting on behalf of our own successful outcomes.  The negative issues include a subconscious grief and incapacitating loss arising from the rage of the mother directed our way.  The fear, sense of abandonment and loss of nurturing intimate connection were like a death experience when we were children.

Mars in Gate 13 line 2 has something very interesting to say.  We are not here to be safe and secure, and sometimes we just need to let go and see what happens.   Even our spiritual beliefs may become too small a space, because any rigid adherence to security eventually becomes a prison.  And a rigid adherence to security is very, very imporant to a small child who cannot rely on his or her parents for safety!  This immensely deep and painful wound is being healed on a global scale.  In this sense, the ice in the Northern Hemisphere represents the cold aloofness and the tropical cyclone in the Southern Hemisphere represents the rage and destructive fury, both disowned by us and projected out onto parent figures, mother earth, father sky, god and the universe.

Just one more point I want to make.  I’ve used the word ‘neurotic’ a few times in regard to Ceres.  It’s a word I have taken from the description by Demetra George in her book Asteroid Goddesses.  I believe this word holds the key to this New Moon.  Increasingly it seems difficult to understand what is going on in our lives, even to make sense of our own behaviour.  We naturally tend to think that we are wrong, that our reactions are neurotic.  This tendency comes from our experiences of being cut off from our natural selves.  I watch parents do this to children all the time.  “Don’t cry, there’s nothing to be sad about.”  or this “It’s okay, that didn’t really hurt.”  or try this one “Go to your room and I never want to see you behave like that again.”  Complete invalidation of the child’s reality means that our truthful and natural responses are quashed and rendered ‘neurotic’.  As a result we cultivate inauthenticity.

We are being asked to own our athentic wildness.  We are being given the opportunity to see that our willfulness is not destructive, as we believed when we were small children and it appear to destroy our security.  We are reclaiming our so-called neurotic selves.  We are being allowed to find a balance between flow and stability, a new type of security that holds us safe in the collective heart of humanity and the cosmos.

I suggest that if you feel a sense of being overpowered just now – whether it be a political revolution, a cyclone, a blizzard or just your own emotional overwhelm – you practice gradually and carefully allowing yourself to experience the flow of that energy rather than trying to keep yourself energetically ‘safe’.