Sitting On The Edge Of What’s Known



This week I went to lunch with a group of women and one of them asked us …  how do you experience the difference between your masculine and feminine sides?  The women went on to talk about their masculine as the breadwinner, out there in the world making things happen and bringing home the bacon.  They identified their feminine side with intuition, feelings and a desire to care.  One of them explained she was having a year off.  “Off what?”  I asked.  The obvious answer was ‘off work’, but the deeper answer is that she is having a year off from being in her masculine side that gets up every morning and goes out in the world, leaving the intuitive, feeling, caring side of her nature at home.

This split bedevils our world.  In her book Approaching The Corporate Heart, Margot Cairnes describes the corporate high flyers she works with in her consultancy as well trained and highly disciplined.  She also describes them as the living dead.  They have learned that in order to succeed they have to suppress their own feelings, to spare little time for their emotional and spiritual growth.  In a quest to create the world, they put their souls and emotions on hold.

This will never turn out well!

I had a similar experience.  As a young lawyer on the verge of a junior partnership I found myself one Friday evening sitting in the boardroom with the senior partners, obligatory glass of whisky in hand.  Part of me felt like I was approaching a place of personal power.  But then, as I sat sipping my drink, I realised how grey these men were.  Their hair was grey, their faces were grey, their very demeanor was grey.  In that moment I made a choice.  I was never going to end up like those men, successful but only half alive.  A few weeks later I collapsed at work and that was the end of that era of my life!


We’ve arrived at a turning point in the evolution of humanity, Gaia, and consciousness itself.  At a personal level this turning point is all about connecting with what’s within us.  We can’t go on ignoring our feelings, our bodies, our heart and soul.  Even those of us with many years on a spiritual path are still conditioned away from trusting what our inner awareness tells us.  Can we trust it?  Will we be safe?  How will we survive?

Life seeks always to expand.  The very universe itself is constantly expanding.  But seemingly we have exhausted all our resources on this planet, and now we must contract in order to survive.  Governments are cutting back on spending on education.  Health care is unaffordable.  People are losing their homes and their jobs.  Perhaps, the thinking goes, if we make ourselves smaller there may be enough to go around.  If we deny ourselves, surrender the bliss of our personal desires, we may just manage to survive.

The people telling this story are corporate and government leaders.  They are fighting so hard to retain their simplistic linear way of thinking and operating that they are blinded to the possibilities inherent in the world being transformed around them.  They are creating a myth of doom and gloom that arises from a mind that has no connection to the magnificence of what surrounds it.

The marvellous Charles Eisenstein tells a different story.  In The Ascent of Humanity, he says:


I experience such an odd mix of emotions whenever the latest symptom of financial, political or ecological collapse comes onto my radar screen.  On the one hand I feel dread; on the other, a kind of gratification or even gleeful excitement.  I hope you will not think ill of me if I confess that sometimes, when a promising catastrophe fails to materialize, I feel a little disappointed.  

Such contradictory feelings are common among those working to create a more beautiful world.  We want the same thing that we fear: the end of our world and the beginning of a new.  Our seemingly perverse desire for the world to end is more than just a Freudian death wish; it is our yearning to be born.


Right now two dwarf planets – Vesta and Ceres – are making a channel with the Sun in Gate 10.  They are creating a field of sensitivity that may be eliciting feelings of anxiety, fear, sadness, anger and general discomfort in your body.  And perhaps particularly in your heart.  This is the mind-body split at it’s most potent.  We may feel that something is wrong with the world, that we are alone, separate, isolated when the truth is that it’s our body we have separated out from – the spirit of our physicality.    And it is this separation of self that is actually creating the fear, the anxiety, the sadness.

This is a highly complex evolutionary manoeuvre.  At this moment we are attempting to integrate our highly tuned, ancient fear-based survival instincts with our high functioning conscious neo-cortex.  We are bringing this modern part of our brain into our bodies and saying .. yes, it’s safe here.  The nightmares you have been experiencing are not a real threat, they are part of the fear frequency on this planet.  You are a part of nature and your intuition, your body, is where that connection is made.  If you don’t want to be living in the fear frequencies, you can make a choice to tune into your intuition instead.  Your body wants to move, to be juicy and alive, to smell and touch and taste.  It is showing you how to step out of survival and into paradise.

Ceres represents our capacity for nurturing and nourishing ourselves.  She also triggers any sense of deprivation in relationships.  Ceres calls us to connect with our own internal mothering and to reach out to the Great Mother.  Spend some time just letting your body call the shots today, allow your mind to follow it’s lead.  You’ll find that much of your anxiety and indecision is resolved. As we connect more deeply with this energy we can shift our resources from the victim energy, and from the need to defend ourselves, into more creative pathways.  And that’s where Vesta comes in.

Vesta represents our devotion to our path of service.  She can also represent our sexual sovereignty – ownership of our sexual selves. Right now so many people are letting go of their pain and waking up to the gifts they have to offer the world. It is truly miraculous to consider the changes we are on the cusp of creating – the healing, the creativity, the new ideas for living a healthy and happy life.  This healing and growth is coming directly from connecting to the ancient Goddess cultures that are infusing our lives with a body based bliss. Despite the possibility that our external world doesn’t provide either nourishment or a path of service that matches our internal frequency of desire, we find the capacity to stay true to what we feel within.  We are not seeking an active outcome, simply acting in each moment from the root of ourselves.  This makes our path smooth and our treading harmonious.




Until now we believed in certain limits as if they were a physical reality, but we are about to find ourselves expanding beyond them.  In times of expansion we need an anchor, and that anchor is our physical intuition. When we are confident of our innate integrity, we are able to traverse new worlds while growing into our own unique pattern. Your body is unfreezing, releasing old fear patterns.  Move it gently, wildly, freely.  As much as possible, release your mental hold over your body and allow it’s innate wisdom to return to your day to day life.


Creating New Culture

Jupiter and Saturn are major players in the current cosmic scene.  They are the planets that we use to build culture – Jupiter is our ‘religion’ and Saturn our ‘economy’.  Saturn is making a channel with dwarf planet Sedna, which is in Gate 23.  The essential concept here is sustainability.  What are the limits of growth? Do we need to get smaller in order to survive or can we expand our own consciousness and allow our world to respond accordingly.  I’ll write more on sustainability soon, but right now the essence is to see our own pattern of expansion rather than to buy into these horrid logic mind ideas of linear growth.  As we bring the feminine intuitive senses back into the game of life, dimensional doorways open and the rules shift.  Some astrologers see Saturn as representing the return of the Goddess – the wise Grandmother. Expect miracles.

Jupiter is retrograde at the moment, which means we have to make our own luck by acting on opportunities as they arise.  Our intuition is strong, our only task to ensure we are acting from our wellbeing, rather than fear and survival instincts.  The one supports our growth, the other makes us shrink down to nothing.  On 6th January, Jupiter will shift back to Gate 39, creating a channel with Neptune and a circuit with Pluto and the North Node.  Believe me, this one will take hold of our world!  We’ll have Pluto, Neptune, Jupiter all connecting to the North Node (destiny), in a pair of channels that are about reacting out of fear to people and situations.  Or the alternative, to open up to new opportunities and diverse people and situations.  At the DNA level this is shifting the tribal fears of the unknown, allowing us a greater field of play in the fractal of relationships we are creating.



These two channels will be in play until the end of January.  Movement of the body and emotions will shift the fear and bring you into alignment with your joy.  I’ll write more on this specific alignment next week.


What’s seeking to be born

I believe this turning point will shift us into a third age of consciousness.  The first age was the matriarchy.  Evidence suggests that phase was communal, peaceful and creative.  It relished art, beauty and the sensual body. Women ruled and men gained power through marriage.   The second age was the patriarchy, which began when the horse people swept down from the North.  They viewed themselves as superior people because of their ability to conquer more peaceful people, and they revered their aggressive warriors and the priestly caste of high standing.  They relished heroes, the mind and achievement.  The matriarchal times were communal. The patriarchal times celebrated the individual.

I acknowledge this is a Euro-centric view of reality, but I believe it’s the dominant evolutionary creative principle in our lives at this moment.  We have entered a time when these two polarities – the feminine and the masculine – are realising what they can create together.  And in their powerful embrace, something wonderful is seeking to be born.  That wonderful newling is a way of being that effortlessly blends our so called masculine and feminine.  In other words we can create a life that is successful and satisfying through connecting with our inner awareness.  We are learning that when we allow our every day self to be guided by our inner knowing good things happen.

This seems obvious, but even though of us who consider ourselves very aware are still struggling with this concept.  Deep down in our cells is the belief that our feelings and our intuition are just waiting to lead us astray, that they are working against, rather than for, our greater good.  Why else would we have to work so hard to tune in?  This idea is easy to say .. oh so easy to say .. and yet much more difficult to live.  We are entering the complex and mysterious world of chemical messengers, brain frequencies, the effects of intimacy on mood, a whole new subtle way of understanding what it means to be a conscious human in the 21st century.  We are beginning an experiment in living that is beyond anything humanity has experienced before.

Pallas Athene in Gate 64 just now adds to this picture.  When Pallas arose fully formed from her father’s head she had no need of time to develop.  The patriarchy needed her blessing and she had to go to war!  Pallas brings such incredible gifts of wisdom and understanding that have, for the past 2,000 years, been used for the benefit of the warlike pattern of growth.  Pallas the weaver is about to begin a new story that returns her to the root of her feminine wisdom and to her mother Metis, the triple goddess.  Gate 64 is both the end and the beginning, and Pallas is both a warrior and a wise woman.  She knows exactly what needs to be done.

Back to Margot Cairne.  In her video The Mediocrity Trap, she tells how corporate warriors resist their emotions. Not logically, not from a clear space of arguing that they are unnecessary. But from fear of the breakdown in their reality that will inevitably occur once their feelings breach the wall.  One of the most common questions I get asked in personal sessions is How do I feel my feelings?  Being able to access our own inner awareness is a millenium tool.   It brings a breakdown in our existing reality, and great responsibility for creating the world anew.

Once we start tuning in, then what?  If we all turn into navel gazing flower children, who will run the world?  That would be you.  Because it’s not about tuning in for the sake of dropping out.  It’s about dropping in. As we begin to access this powerful inner guidance (represented by the feminine polarity) we must also begin to act on it (the masculine pole).  We can no longer look outside ourselves for directions on where to go, what to do and when to do it.  At this point in our evolution, these choices are ours alone.

This brings us to the very edge of the known world.  Because, right here and right now, our understanding of what it means to be a human being shifts.  The structures we have relied on – the mother and the father – the nurturing and the providing – are being given over into our hands.  No more goddess and gods to look out for us.  We must own the place within ourselves where we have been orphaned, where we haven’t received what we’ve needed to thrive. It’s time to step beyond the hurt and the woundedness. We have completed that part of our journey. We are on the cusp of taking these powerful capacities for creation, and learning how to make them our own.

Acting on our intuition and feelings is a new way of being.  We can no longer map ‘reality’ through knowing the rules of the patriarchal structure – that things will always be this way and we can rely on them.  We are standing on the cusp of the unknown.  It’s up to us to create what happens next.  Step by step.



After decades of dedicated personal work, it’s time for women to step into their powerful healing work.  So many others are waking up and they need you to show them the way.

If you feel called to create a new, fulfilling and purposeful business that calls out everything that is unique and beautiful in you, then this is your time.  It’s so important for you to understand – it really matters!

I have places available in the Emergent Human Design Business Coaching Program, beginning in the first week of February.  It’s time for you to be all that you can be.

Transit Chart for 21st December 2012

Dimensional Doorways are Opening

As I’m watching the transits and exploring new pathways opening up for my Emergent Business clients, it’s so clear that something immense and wonderful is being birthed.  Doorways between the past and present are opening, and the raw materials that have been locked away are now available to us.  Soul food!

Pallas and Magdalena are sitting between the Aries Point and Uranus.  Each of these hold an immense energy for changing our perspective.  Pallas was part of the archetype we know as Pallas Athene.  Co-opted to the emerging patriarchy to lend an air of legitmacy as it found it’s tentative way in creating a new world order, Pallas was seen as a warrior, a city maker, a good luck charm to all that men sought to achieve.  Of course, there’s more to Pallas than meets the eye, and especially her mother Metis, Goddess of Oceanic Wisdom, lost in the back story as Zeus claimed the wonderous Pallas/Athene sprung fully formed from his own head!

Athene and the AcropolisPallas is so significant just now. in Gate 17.5.  It’s all very well to have ideas spring forth from you head, but if you don’t allow your wisdom/body time to consider them they’ll never grow into anything sustainable and of true value.  Pallas in the transits indicates a need to look for where we have suppressed (made invisible) our own intuition.

Another very interesting fact about Pallas.  In the month she was discovered – the planet Pallas that is, situated between Mars and Jupiter – Lord Elgin stripped a large proportion of the treasures from her temple (the Acropolis) in Athens.  His reason?  To take them to the British Museum to keep them safe.   The Greek Government of the time had no say in the matter, Britain ruled the empire and they were afraid of upsetting them.

There’s layers and layers and layers in that story, not least the current stripping of Greece’s economy by the Eurozone, as Pallas approaches a conjunction with Uranus (freedom from the collective rule).

On a personal note we need to look for what treasures have been stripped away from us under the guise of our own wellbeing. Where have we put ourselves to the task of creating wars/cities, and left behind the more important soul tasks of weaving a meaningful life from our own creative intelligence.  Pallas rules all these things.  She represents the return of the daughters of patriarchy to ‘mother’, where all her inherent gifts can once more be allowed to flourish.

What gift’s are emerging within you now? This is the basis of a new inclusive civilization being created through and for you.

Magdalena’s story is not dissimilar.  If you’ve read Margaret Starbird’s book The Woman with the Alabaster Jar, you’ll have some understanding of how difficult it is to sift through the existing rules and religious systems to find the buried aspects of the feminine that we are recovering just now.   We’ve been taught that we must believe these stories – the very ones that make us wrong, that cloak us in invisibility.  The asteroid Magdalena, currently in Gate 17.4, asks that we step beyond the ideal version of ourselves and find the truth.  Not who we should be, but who we chose to come onto this planet at this time to truly be.  Perhaps we believe what we have to offer the world is not enough, but Magdalena says that old story no longer works for any of us.  You and I are real.  And we’re here now.

Uranus represents the place where we need to break free from the old rules of the collective consciousness and create something for ourselves, something so new and special that you are the only person in the world who can do it.  It doesn’t need to be anything the rest of us can see or touch.  It’s your breath, your thoughts, your feelings, your unique way of being.  When you go to the very source of energy flowing through your life and make an offering there, no matter how small and insignificant that offering might seem to be, this is your creation.

Opening New Time Dimensions

This week we have taken huge steps to opening two new dimensions of time.  Scientists have puzzled for ages over why we have three dimensions of space, and only one dimension of time.  It doesn’t make sense!

Dr Katya Walters has written about the existence of two additional dimensions of time sitting under the Planck level.  I will come back to this topic soon.  But for now I just wanted to point out that the channel from the Sacral to the Ji Centre containing Gates 5 and 15 – some of you call it the Channel of Rhythm – is all about opening those additional time dimensions.

Gate 15 is the wide galactic sweep of time and Gate 5 is earth time.  Rather magically, in Gate 5 line 3 is the Great Attractor, which is a weird time warping super massive black hole like thing! “Thing” isn’t a technical term,but no one really knows what type of ‘thing’ the Great Attractor is, so it will do for now.

This week the Sun has been in Gate 15, and sure, it’s there every year about this time.  The difference this year is that the Nodes have been in 34/20 and this is another time warping channel.  When you’re allowing the whole bandwidth of your creative energy, aka your Sacral Centre, to be available for life in the moment then time simultaneously expands and contracts.  You’ve probably noticed this happening lately.  Time goes on forever, a day can seem like a lifetime because it’s so filled with wonder and magic. And yet, paradoxically, it also seems to go quickly.  The drag factor we all know from long days spent starring out the window of classrooms on a beautiful summers day is gone from our lives!

Expect more time warps as Jupiter conjuncts the South Node in Gate 20 (time warp central) on 2nd July.   This conjunction frees soul aspects locked in the past by our old belief in religious, cultural and philosophical dogma, and we are already well along that pathway as Jupiter and the South Node have been edging closer and closer to each other.

The second reason this year’s Sun transit through Gate 15 is more significant is that the transit chart for 21st December 2012 has only one channel defined – the 5/15.   It’s a time warp event!   Mercury (bringing to consciousness) in Gate 5 and the Earth (grounding, slowing down, sustainability and making connections at the global level) in Gate 15.   It’s good to be aware that we are opening dimensional doorways and bringing additional realms of time consciousness to the planet.

Transit Chart for 21st December 2012

Transit Chart for 21st December 2012



What Can A Blind Eye See?

Our own native son James Murdoch is being hoisted on his own petard as his claims to know nothing about the phone hacking going on in his News Corp in the UK turns around and bites him squarely on the bum.   Apparently it’s not just about what James actually knew, it’s also about what he should have known.  It’s called CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Messrs Murdoch!  And it takes into account not just your actions, but also your omissions.

Of course it’s not just the Murdoch’s who have suddenly been asked to see what they have previously been blind to.  We are all in the same boat.  Yesterday, as Uranus went retrograde, Ceres moved into Aries and Venus moved into Gate 39 and triggering the potent Neptune, Chiron, Snow White configuration in Gate 55, all the fury of those living in the illusion that someone else would take care of them if they followed the rules, was released into the world.

Mars continues in that very significant Gemini Throat Gate 35, the one that allows us to make easy progress so long as we agree to connect with deep seated and uncomfortable emotions.  Right now we are being asked to trust ourselves as we never have before, to dance a new creation with no guarantees of how we will be met and received in that place other than what we know in our own heart.  New minor planet Salacia – Neptune’s unwilling bride – is in Gate 36.2.  Philip Sedgwick gives these keywords for Salacia:

Positive – driven, determined, resourceful, able to work with the unseen, chaste, pure, calm, sensational

Negative – salacious, ostrich-like – hiding to avoid commitment or confrontation, relationship phobic, exaggeration, distortion of facts and visions, projection, hyperbolizing

Back to the News of the World for a moment, it encapsulates everything that is shifting and changing just now.  Since the story broke a few days ago, James and Rupert have repeatedly made the outrageous statement that their number one priority is to protect the one woman executive involved (and strongly implicated) in this drama.  What is that about?  Business journalists around the world are scratching their heads and saying ‘Are they nuts?  Their whole multi-billion dollar organisation is on the line and that’s their number one priority??”

I suspect that Salacia is a part of this dynamic and that it is also being affected by Saturn’s current trine to Pallas (in 19).  Pallas is a dwarf planet candidate so she’s not an inconsiderable energy in the chart.  In addition to being trine Saturn (old structures, Rupert Murdoch and other patriarchal influences), she’s also trine Ophelia and in a channel with Damocles and Nessus.  Read more about Ophelia’s Solution.

Pallas Athene could be seen as an attempt by an unsure young patriachy to co-opt a token of the old matriarchy to help it feel safe on it’s journey to adulthood.  They dressed her up as the daughter,  but really she was their only link home and they needed her much more than they ever let on.   This explains why she is the last port of call for the old patriarchal energies –  there’s an instinctive sense that she’s the mother ship, they’re last chance for survival.  All this, when it looks on the surface like they’ve perhaps just gone a bit dotty over a youngish woman who should really be sacked and handed over to the police with her male colleagues.

The second thing is the interlocking parts to this story.  Scotland Yard didn’t follow up because, well they need the media to make the police look good.  The politicians didn’t follow up because, well ditto really.  I mean who on the planet can afford to upset Rupert?  Thanks to one lone Labour MP in the UK Parliament who kept banging on about this for years, until finally it’s come to light.   And that light reveals the complex and unexamined web of relationship that has kept the entire structure of the patriarchy invisible and intact. Until now.

Expect further unravelling as the new energy of Saturn throws out the old rule book and calls for personal responsibility and Pluto asks to see where the money and power have been squirrelled away.   We about to discover what a blind eye really can see!




Embodying The Planetary Matrix

3rd May 2011 ~ New Moon in Gate 24 line 6 at 12 Taurus 30 at 6.51am UT.
This New Moon brings the new masculine into alignment with the earth so that there are no more obstructions to us moving forward to express our potential.
It connects our creativity with the earth, and represents an embodiment of the Planetary Matrix.


This really marks a watershed for the end of the patriarchy.  It is a reclamation of our own personal yang energy – taking back responsibility for our own potential, our creative energy, and our own personal sense of knowing and soul direction.

I’m glad I gave myself permission to be imperfect in a recent blog post, because this is the most imperfect blog I’ve ever written.  I’m writing about a reconnection, an alchemy, that I have had to integrate as I have been writing. It’s as if I’ve had to hack this post into stone!  Nonetheless….

I hope you enjoy it.  🙂


Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus

I want to start out by pointing out a few home truths about Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.   Since September 2009, these three planets have been dancing around each other and messing with global politics and the lives of ordinary people.  It’s not surprising.  They are named after Greek and Roman Gods who considered mortals to be nothing more than pawns in their personal larger than life dramas.




Uranus – Father Sky 

Son and husband of Gaia




Son of Uranus


Son of Caelus


Son of Cronos


Son of Saturn

There is a family pattern here of son’s killing fathers to protect mothers.  Not a very healthy family dynamic.  They buried or swallowed the children, effectively creating a “stillbirth”.  Whilst Uranus the Sky God came down each night to cover the earth and mate with Gaia he found his children monstrously ugly and buried them under the earth causing great pain to Gaia.  Saturn killed Uranus by cutting off his genitals, an obvious statement of emasculation – at the request of the mother. Jupiter did the same thing to his father, Saturn.   There is then almost a karmic completion, when the son turns against the feminine as a way to assert his own masculinity.

A devastating war that nearly destroyed the Universe ensued between Saturn and Jupiter.  Jupiter was able to make use of the weapons of thunder, lightning and earthquake and was victorious.  Some of this may sound horribly familiar to you just now.  Are we, in fact, sitting amidst a not so mythological war between Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter as they attempt to destroy creation to prove their masculinity?


One of the main issues in this chart is the way in which our potential as humans is stillborn, our ‘creations’ destroyed.  Many of us have the experience of trying again and again to get our lives to make sense!   From birth – even before birth – we are being interfered with in ways that prevent our natural growth and development as powerful sovereign beings.  At this moment my focus is on the 2000 year old lie that men give birth, and women don’t.  That life comes solely from the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  There is an underpinning here of hatred and fear of women (see this), that they have been blamed for the sins of the father, so to speak, for so long.  Men suffer equally, under a system where they are disconnected from the earth, the mother and their own femininity.  Our babies, our potential, our creativity, is swallowed up in the war to prove who’s boss.

New Moon in the Gate of Returning

Today’s New Moon is in the Ajna Centre in Gate 24.6.  This hexagram is made up of Thunder and Earth.  Thunder is the eldest son, the yang returning after winter darkness when the old yang completed and died away. Earth is the mother, responding to the new yang energy of the son so that he can move forward without obstruction.

“Things cannot go beyond the extreme.  When they reach the limit, they turn back to the origin.”

The old yang has gone to it’s extreme and the new yang now turns to the earth to begin again.  In the Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter story the son supported the mother against the cruelty of the father.  It was only when the son grew to be a husband and father himself that he took on the mantle of the fathers actions and repeated them.  He had learnt that the way to be a man was to destroy creation, to bury it deeply within the earth in the hope that it wouldn’t rise and destroy him in turn.

Pan, Eros and The New Masculine

While Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter have played out the old masculine dynamic, the new masculine energy has been quietly making inroads.  Two asteroids in particular – Pan and Eros – have been turning up at auspicious moments to show the way forward.

Pan is in Gate 45, so he is bringing the whole Channel of Initiation to the Throat, including all those extremely important activations in Gate 21. Also, for those of us born between approximately 1941 to 1963, our natal Eris is in Gate 21.  Venus is there now, taking on great responsibility in the old order, rather than flowing with the new and as yet unknown.

Gate 45 represents the lord, the king, the one who owns everything and lets us use it.  But Gate 45 – the gate of money – is about gathering the pieces together in a shared destiny, a shared purpose.   It’s about aligning your effort with your purpose and in this way gaining access to the resources of the community.  It’s scary to let go and flow with the collective energy, mixing in and releasing our need to distinguish ourselves in some way and in a sense that is the core of this New Moon.

Eros (22) is making a connection with the South Node (12), suggesting a transformation, letting go of something from the past.  Eros represents the cosmic masculine’s desire to create.  Demetra George sees Eros as a higher octave of Mars, refining and transforming the instinctual sexual energy.   We will feel blocked if we accept the idea that we have to compromise ourselves (South Node is in the Gate of Blocked/Standstill).   This is an emotional energy, so allow something shamed or guilty (disgraceful) to rise up and inform you, to clear the blockage.

My son has been offered a deal by his school today, he can only stay if he abides by certain rules – like wearing a uniform and attending 100% of classes – that he finds offensive to his dignity.  The school can’t understand why he won’t compromise himself, they don’t hold his soul knowing in any place of value compared to the smooth running of the system.  I suspect we are all experiencing a similar choice somewhere in our lives today.

I explained to my son that the school system believes that the bubble it lives in is the totality of reality.  In fact it makes up only a minute proportion of reality and it’s time for each one of us to step out of that bubble, to take the challenge and prove that we do believe in what we know to be true.  Enough to step out and live it.  The I Ching says there’s no need for fanfare here – your honest presence and commitment are enough.

I declined to get into a philosophical discussion with the principal about the nature of reality :).  You can imagine that conversation!

Eris and Terrorism

This New Moon comes on the heals of an exact conjunction of Jupiter with Eris, and Mars a whisker away from them. Eris has much to do with war – she is significant in the chart of Joan of Arc.  Generally I see Eris as being the one who is blamed when things go wrong.  Everyone else forgets what they added to the drama, and points the finger at one person.  Take Osama Bin Laden as a topical example.  I’m not saying he was a great guy and someone you’d want in your neighbourhood.  But he does strike me as a bit of a fall guy for terrorism just now.  His death certainly takes the heat off questionable US behaviour over the past decade or so.

Eris is shifting our focus on who is actually responsible for what – holding people accountable for their actions within the group matrix. It can be very, very difficult to sift through complex situations like the Global Financial Crisis, but Eris has been supporting us to begin that process and point clearly to those places where we can see that blame has to be attributed, even if we can never understand the big picture completely.

Eris may need to act in ways that seem chaotic and “blameful”.  Eris shifts us from one era to the next, but sometimes the beginning may not look pretty or even make sense to those watching from outside of us.  Remember Eros in the Gate of Grace who is being called to act ‘disgracefully’.

Philip Sedgwick has this to say about Eris:

Her astrological signature implores each person to make highly individualistic decisions regrading status, money, success, visibility and compliance or disregard for all social norms. Together with Jupiter and sparked by Mars, personal reversals of fortune can be conceived and created.

From my observations I’d say that Gates 13 (Seeking Unity With Others) and Gate 49 (Revolution) are the main gates that have an effect on terrorism and political unrest.

On this New Moon these two gates tell a significant back story.  Well, not so far back really.  They are side by side in Aquarius, and there has been a parade of important players moving through them in the past weeks, cleaning up the mess of the old in the wake of the Aries rush for the new.  (We had 7 planets in Aries last week!).


Nessus has been in Gate 49 since early January 2011. This is important because Pallas, Vesta and Kassandra have been moving through the adjoining gate 19 over the past 2 weeks, facing off over our need to be in touch with our feminine wisdom (Pallas), to have control over our life, including our sexuality and creativity (Vesta), and to effectively share our intuitive knowing with others (Kassandra).

This channel is extremely emotionally sensitive – the reason for much of the anxiety people have been feeling over the past 10 days.  It feels keenly when others hold different views and perspectives.  With Lilith and Vulkanus in the 17/62 channel, we can let loose if our opinion or world view is threatened.  I want to weave back into the Mental Projector issue held within the heart of this New Moon further on.

Nessus is about how men use their sexual energy without regard for others. Nick Anthony Fiorenza says this about Nessus:

Nessus inspires our need to radically sever from the conformity of the past and pierce our veils of illusion, to relinquish our denials, and to enter new realms of vision and creativity. Aiding in creating greater awareness around issues associated with tyranny and sexual abuse, suppression and denial.  Inspiring a perspective from the incarnational purpose of the soul.

Melanie Reinhart relates Nessus to issues surrounding sexuality, death, revenge and jealousy. Although Nessus may appear to have a disrespect for morality, a bit on the wild side, it also seems to teach us about embracing our sensual and sexual nature, to enjoy this abundance in life, rather than denying it or shutting ourselves down to it due to righteous or erroneous beliefs of wrongfulness or emotions of unworthiness.

As a centaur, Nessus connects Saturn with Pluto, and that’s very significant because right now Saturn and Pluto are working together, separated by only one gate – the Gate of Repairing Family Dynamics (18). Ophelia has been in Gate 18 recently but has moved on now – one aspect of Ophelia is that she was used as a pawn in a political game and was invisible on a personal level.  See here for bin Laden apparently using a woman as a shield to protect him.

Again we find the idea of disconnection from the feminine – her very existence is as part of the earth, to be owned and used for power and status.  Her value as equal partner in the divine dance of creation is still barely a blip on the screen.

Keep in mind Eros and the South Node, and Eris’ need to create change – both point to acting disgracefully!

Pallas and Kassandra

On the New Moon, Pallas and Kassandra have moved on to Gate 13, which is about universality – we are all one and can learn to live in harmony with each other.  The message in these gates is to see how we can blend our unique contributions to find common ground.  As we discover common ground and the alliances it creates, we find strength in each other and can take further risks, entering new territory.

This is the opposite of the logical ‘one reality’ universe that says there is one truth, one reality which we can all subscribe to if we just get the facts.  This reality requires that we shut down on our embodied wisdom and listen only to what is going on in our heads.  We don’t share, we line up and march in one single direction.  Just back to the school system for a moment, we are all familiar with the single concept of intelligence and the disregard for a huge chunk of human perception and conceptualisation that’s taken for granted in most schools.

Here’s a great quote from astrologer Dan Rudhyar:

‎”Facts” can be used to destroy the integrity of the human person, even if they are correctly ascertained; because when presented to that person by another individual (or in a book stating them), the knowledge of these facts may utterly confuse or even kill as well as heal and make whole.

Facts have no value except in relation to the consciousness which perceives them.

Return of the Mother – Metis and Haumea

One of the things that tipped me off to what was going on in the so-called “back story” was when I realised that the asteroid Metis was travelling very close to Pallas throughout 2011.  The story goes that Pallas was born from the head of Zeus, but digging deeper we find that her mother was Metis, Goddess of Wisdom.  With these two travelling together we can expect a shift in Pallas from being an upholder of the patriarchy, to being more in touch with her feminine wisdom.

This is a big deal.  A really big deal.  Women are so well trained to stay within the rules of patriarchy that some aspects of government and religion have been able to get away with major abuses of women, children and the planet.  (Remember Lilith is in 17 and Vulkanus in 62 – you may have noticed the volcanic anger about abuses against women being expressed lately).  Much of the abuse goes completely unseen, because it is literally woven into the web of the ‘one reality’.  Anyone who speaks out against it is treated as bonkers in some way.  Today, in my discussions with the school,  I was very politely labelled as ‘alternative’ and thus sidelined completely.  A wacko who’s views are outside of the agreed reality.

Pallas in Gate 19 over the past 10 days (adjoining 49) has been a pivotal energy here, showing the shift in emphasis from a purely masculine perspective to a more balanced view of the world that includes and values feminine knowing.  This runs very, very deep as there is much about birth and creation in this New Moon chart.

The Mental Projector

Another thing that triggered my ideas about this blog post were my observations over the weekend of women desperately seeking the approval of a few different men in discussion groups I’m involved with. It seemed very obvious and I was getting that tingly sense that here was a major clue … to something!

I watched these women discount themselves and what they knew in favour of earning kudos for ‘getting’ the intellectual aspects of the issue under discussion.  I could actually feel the ‘hit’ in my body – the addictive rush of approval from the male teacher as they got a pat on the head. This is what we are taught – to do what’s necessary for approval, to give up anything for that hit.  To answer the question right, to do well in exams, to come up with a great proposal at work, to write a popular blog post.  Even as I write this my body says – yes this is a huge addiction in our society.

The fear of activating the subterranean violent hatred of women/the feminine is ever present.  We have not really been conscious of this fear as it operates at the collective, as opposed to the personal, level.   We are supposed to be scared of authority, our entire system of government is based on that premise!

I’ve felt that energy in women’s groups over and over – the Pallas Athene need to be useful, to be good at what we do, to succeed in a man’s world.  I have observed that it goes much, much deeper than we realise, and with 2000 years of patriarchy behind us that is not really surprising.  Imagine how much of our energy is going into this almost invisible need for mental recognition.

Both Pallas and Minerva point to the desire for approval of the father – especially at the mental level.  Pallas I’ve talked about.  Minerva is in Gate 39.6, lining up with Neptune, Chiron and Snow White in 55.   Metis and Pallas will be exactly conjunct on 28th September 2011, and both will be in Gate 60.1 on the September equinox.  I mention this particular date because Saturn will also be conjunct Haumea on the September equinox.

Some conclusions

The New Moon in Gate 24 shifts us out of our mental prison, the place where we are only true if we can prove ourselves with facts.  It lets us know that we can trust ourselves to move out into the world with our ideas, our intuitive sense of what is true, and we can return safely, again and again.   This is the Gate of Return.

Like a small child toddling out to explore the world and then returning to the safety of his mother’s lap, this New Moon represents our ability to experiment with life. It is a critical gate in establishing the meaning of our own lives within the context of our own personal big picture. This constant returning to the mother is very different to the straight line forward motion we have become accustomed to.

With the support of those with common vision, we can share, act and play in alignment with our own truth and return to the safety of our own bodies, to our mother, to the earth. We take our ideas and then we act to embody them.   In this way we move way beyond a purely mental understanding (imprisoned in the mind and unable to align with reality) and into the realm of pure physical manifestation.

In this way we draw on the support and synergy of our community.  In this way we act and return, act and return, allowing birth and creation once again to arise naturally from the coming together of feminine and masculine in loving embrace.  It seems very, very important to go slowly enough to untangle the bonds of hatred that have kept us imprisoned.  The son and the mother are creating a new world and we want to ensure the karma is complete.



Jupiter conjunct Eris

Jupiter met up with the Goddess of Discord Eris yesterday for the first time since Eris was discovered. And Mars is there, within one degree. You know, just to make it more fun for us!

Jupiter expands what it touches, so Eris themes loom large this weekend for all of us. I’ve been saying for ages now that Eris represents a place where we have tended to take the blame for a complex situation, as if everyone else’s contribution had become invisible and we are left holding the smoking gun.

This is a really big deal because deep down in the DNA of each of us is something we have taken responsibility for within our family dynamic. Are you the crazy one? The sick one? The one who works hard? The married one?

We’ve been untangling ourselves from these projections, letting ourselves off the hook, since Saturn joined with family oriented Haumea in the Spleen Centre back in September 2010 (when it went into Gate 18).

Eris can also indicate a fear of unintended consequences. It’s not that we need to be concerned about unintended consequences just now, because we are doing a massive clean up. Instead, we need to be aware of how we have shut down aspects of ourselves that have created unintended consequences in the past.  Why would you keep trying to do something when you just know you’ll get blamed as the bad guy?  Over and over again!

I’ve had so many examples of this over the past 24 hours I could hardly count them – People afraid of confronting the damage they’ve created in the lives of others, feeling powerless to do things differently. People afraid of standing up to injustice and chaos out of fear they’ll be blamed. People too afraid to confront things they don’t like in their lives because in the past they’ve experienced shocking responses when they stood up for themselves.

Although Eris and her crew are in the Sacral Centre (in Gate 42), there’s a strong emotional content to this energy.

Lurking off to the side, Vesta and Pallas are in Gate 19 and Nessus is in Gate 49. Kassandra was in Gate 19 as well until she moved into Gate 13 yesterday. Vesta and Pallas are in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter with Ceres, and are significant enough to be classified as dwarf planet candidates, so they are well worth taking note of!

These two gates – 19 and 49 – connect the Root Centre to the Solar Plexus Centre  –  feeling safe to express your true emotions free from the fear of being rejected.  And speaking of being rejected, they’re joined by the almost invisible Goddess of Wisdom, Metis tomorrow.  Remember how Pallas Athene was born by popping out of Zeus’ head?  Well if we dig back through the mythology we find that she actually did have a mum – Metis.  The rejected and invisible wisdom of the mother.

Pallas can be the place where we choose to take the masculine view of reality rather than the feminine.  The feminine reality then operates under our conscious awareness, often creating chaos.   A great example – I’m working through a situation with my daughter where bullying by girls is going largely  under the radar whereas bullying by boys is pretty obvious and in your face.  Metis is like the mother ship of feminine wisdom turning up and reminding us of what we’ve forgotten.

Nessus represents a karmic completion that ties in perfectly with the ideas put forward by Eris – responsibility taken!

The most poignant key concept for Nessus comes from Melanie Reinhart: the buck stops here, indicating that in some situations it speaks to the conclusion of the karmic cycle involved: the truth revealed, the perpetrator caught, the situation resolved, responsibility taken.

Eric Francis

It’s a really potent combination on it’s own but if we add in everything else that’s going on, it’s a huge component of what we’re experiencing just now.


NB:  Sarah Palin has Design Jupiter conjunct her Natal Eris in Gate 21.1.


New Moon and Solar Eclipse

4th January 2011

Although today’s New Moon is in Capricorn, there a deep and dark undercurrent of Scorpionic energy riding it’s wave, and that darkest of feminine energies Lilith plays an important role.  The hidden depth and secret power that has been wrapped in the suppressed wrath of the feminine has awakened, because we now have the compassionate container to express it cleanly.  It seems possible that the feminine aspect of men is more strongly affected by the energies this week.

It’s happening in the Root Chakra, so it will deal with fear, emotional anxiety, depression and any core issues of security and survival you might be holding onto.  Physically it will be about sexual issues, legs, feet.  the immune and adrenal systems.

I want to start out by looking at some more subtle influences and then move onto the big issues – like Jupiter – Uranus opposite Makemake in the Solar Plexus Centre having a powerful effect on the emotions, and  Saturn – Haumea connecting with the Nodes, bringing the body into alignment with our hearts and our soul geometry.

Firstly, there is the strong ongoing theme of unravelling family patterns.  Pluto in the Gate of Joy in the Root Centre is driving this process, reclaiming our authority over our own lives, listening to our own inner voice without dominating others or being dominated (Kassandra in 58.1), letting go of reactive impulses to make a fast break and escape restrictions rather than engage fully with our own lives (Icarus in 58.2).  We need to look beyond the struggle to see what we are struggling towards and focus on that outcome (Pallas in 58.3).  We can’t dictate how things will turn out, but neither should we shy away from knowing what we would prefer.

Adding to this is Apollo conjunct in the Sun and Moon (38.3), representing a tendency for families to keep on doing the same things generation after generation.  The solution on offer is to be aware of your vulnerability in this process, to experience how you might feel attacked, humiliated or shamed in the way things are usually done.  You need to know about this.

You need to know, because this is a moment for you to take charge of your own life if ever there was one.  The chance to blame others has evolved into a higher level of personal responsibility.  We are growing up, achieving mastery.  Nemesis in 18.1 says, turn and face your demons and name them as your own.  The I Ching speaks of facing down the angry old ghosts of the ancestors and saying ‘this is my life’.  We are making repairs and they are based on our own guidance, our own consciousness, rather than being based on long-held but mistaken bandaid measures.  This is why we have to do things so slowly and deliberately at the moment, because we are cutting new pathways of life.

Eros is conjunct the Sun and Moon, calling you out to new soul partnerships, although the reveal may feel dangerous to your newfound vulnerability.   Eros seeks to raise the masculine creative principal from one of domination to a soul partnership with the feminine.  This partnership gives rise to passion, attraction, potency and vitality.  Eros in such a crucial and significant position on this Solar Eclipse indicates a major shift in the way the masculine operates on this planet.

Up in the Throat Centre, another harbinger of the new masculine, Pan, is conjunct Sedna in Gate 23, dissolving our attachment to status and roles, to goals and outcomes, allowing us to become more gentle and accepting and open.  We may not be receiving what we expected from life just now, but it is more juicy and filled with promise than we can possibly imagine from a place where we have become drunk and lost on more superficial treasures.  Eros in Capricorn (38) and Pan in Taurus (23) indicate an earthy sensuality and  a powerful recovery of the masculine sexual and creative potency.

And the feminine?  There are two Liliths – an asteroid and the Dark Moon.  The asteroid Lilith (in 14.3) conjunct Venus, has the power to shift relationships – to self and others – to dedicate our lives to something higher than conflict, strife and struggle.   She can let go of her need to control.  We are facing in the right direction, we simply need to be receptive rather than willful.  The Dark Moon Lilith in (25.3), is a pointer to where we can let go and connect to the beloved in the form of the absolute, here we are being asked to release our attachment to anything other than our own simple and vulnerable innocence, to open to greater vistas of self.  She is paving the way for Jupiter and Uranus, who are both headed back towards the Gate of Innocence – Jupiter moves on 13th January and Uranus on 7th February.

It’s vital that the feminine energy opens up to receive the new masculine.  If it’s not received, the masculine energy remains essentially impotent and infertile, not even knowing it’s own potential for creation.

Eros’ soul mate Psyche is in Gate 35 with Chaos.  This is the Gate that brings Jupiter and Uranus to the Throat for expression.  The TNO Chaos is there as well.  While Eros is supporting us to feel physically safe, Psyche is helping us clarify our tendency to try to intuit what others are thinking or feeling about us.  She is working in the realm of our emotional sense of safety.  Our own wrong thinking and the emotional response we have to it creates an obstacle.  We believe ourselves to be attacked, isolated, unsafe.  Psyche says to take pause, to create a space where we can apprehend the true opportunity and gift in the situation.  “like a net that, without moving, catches fish while the water flows on through.”  In this pause you may feel uncertain, but Chaos promises a new form is taking shape, a new beginning is arising.

And sitting there all alone – isolated – is Mars in the Crown Chakra.  A gate of huge power to release the unseen and unknown into the consciousness of humanity.  There is nothing in Gate 24, so this activation will only affect those who have Gate 24 in their own designs.  The first stirrings of the new masculine, occuring in the old masculine arena of Capricorn.  I have seen some astrologers suggesting that this New Moon and Solar Eclipse are about strengthening the structure of the existing masculine and recommending we work hard and seek status and success.  This is a complete misreading of the deeper shift that’s going on here.

There is a spirit and connection to flow here that is our saviour within.

Inner truth is opening up a flow of change; existing frameworks and agreements of all kinds can no longer be taken for granted.  there is guidance available that can lead you towards good fortune – but it’s as well to be vigilant for other factors that may complicate matters and disturb your peace:  half hidden needs or beliefs, other people’s influence, or divergent, mutually incompatible desires.

Makemake Petroglyph ~ Wikimedia Commons

And what of the Jupiter – Uranus conjunction?  It’s in the Solar Plexus Chakra, which deals with emotions, in Gate 36.5, opposing dwarf planet MakeMake in Gate 6.6.  In the last of these conjunctions, Jupiter and Uranus, seek our mastery, our ability to operate without approval (Uranus) from our own sense of purpose and meaning (Jupiter).

The Sabian Symbol for this eclipse is “An Ancient Bas-Relief Carved in Granite Remains a Witness to a Long-Forgotten Culture.”  This is extraordinary, given the activation to Makemake and the history of ‘spoils to the victor’ that he brings to consciousness.  (more here)

Makemake, like the Easter Island statues, is a sentinel for a life lived in harmony with the abundance of nature – sensual, sexual, living each moment with each other in joyful celebration.  Makemake’s long forgotten polynesian culture on the island of Rapa Nui was destroyed by the Europeans who believed their ways were superior.   On a personal level Makemake represents an integration of that oppressor within, to see clearly how our desire for status and material goods has led us out of the garden.  It’s about integration of the superior and inferior selves at all levels – the ego who believes an Armani suit and a pair of Manolos makes us superior (and it’s hard to resist given we were raised in this culture), believing an iPhone makes us connected, and that judging others as less ‘spiritually advanced’ makes us more so.

Makemake in 6.6 tells us that we will never win.  Because the concept of winning and losing is an illusion.  So why are we competing?  Why are we struggling?  Why are we fighting?  These are ways to trap ourselves in a constant struggle for scraps, trying to protect ourselves against loss.  If we fight, we always lose.  Our culture has trained our body, mind and emotions for conflict, for pessimism, for loss.  It’s time we stop believing in it.

And last, but not least, is Saturn conjunct Haumea in the Spleen Centre.  I say not least because this New Moon is about our material wellbeing – our ability to come out of our conditioned self-isolation and create joyful abundant community.  This self-isolation may be so subtle many of us are unaware of the power it holds over our lives.  It is a watershed for the integration of the individual into the collective.  The individual may see it as a death rather than a rebirth, but the that’s how the ego rolls!

It is, in a way, a rebirth, completing our physical birth as we develop emotional stability and clarity that allows our bodies to experience life on earth as they were designed to do – in Bliss, Pleasure and Ecstacy.  Don’t take my word for it, these are the names of Psyche and Eros’ three children.  They are part of a prophecy for the full integration of duality.