Creating a Post-Global Era of Love

13th June 2011

We are in the midst of an initiation, a spiritual growing up, that manifests as an inner healing and outer evolutionary expansion.  Here’s what’s going to happen over the next few weeks.

Let’s start by looking at the dwarf planet placements, because most of what is happening revolves around them.

Makemake and Ceres are tugging at our emotional strings, opposite each other in Gates 6 and 36.  These gates form an astrological square with the Galactic Centre up in the Ajna Centre in Gate 11, so they always create a powerful pressure to release the old and embrace something so new it’s not even on our radar.  These gates affect how we experience and express our emotions, and how we connect with others on the emotional/intimate/sexual/creative front.

Makemake is in a channel that takes all our emotional energy and feeds it through to the Sacral Chakra.  The gate it’s meeting up with is called Dissolution, and is about allowing dams to burst, freeing up blocked vitality.  The blockage is a defense mechanism, designed to prevent our creative energy being overwhelmed by emotional data.  But it’s no longer working for us, and has become like a rigid suit of armour that keeps us in reactive mode, using conflict and crisis to keep our true emotional responses at bay.

Ceres is bringing up deep emotional information, in the Gate of Bringing the Darkness to the Light.  This is a gate where we can feel as if our soul is locked up within our body (and see the correlation here with Makemake in Gate 6 where we our emotions are blocked in their connection with our vitality/creativity/sexual energy causing our energy to dam up).  This deep emotion is showing us where we have not received the nurturing we have needed, and where we have deep and hidden shame for not being good enough to receive love and nurturing.

The square with the Galactic Centre is made so much more significant due to the North Node being there as well.  The Galactic Centre squeezes all the old subconscious material out and then feeds in amazing new feelings and ideas.

Ceres differs to the other three dwarf planets – Makemake, Haumea and Quaoar – in that she orbits in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.  She’s very much a part of our ancient earth journey, more of a known quantity.  However the other three have a more galactic flavour and when they are activated they intensify our evolutionary potential beyond the global.

I’ll mention Quaoar and Haumea as we go further along in our story.

So today, we have the Moon passing over Quaoar in Gate 26, the Sun and Mercury conjunct in 45.  The Centaur Pelion is in Gate 21, filling in that gap between the Heart Centre (red triangle) and the throat.  Persephone is also in Gate 45 today.

Quaoar brings order to chaos, and in the Gate of Taming Great Power it is asking us to trust heaven’s power to flow through us.

All the energy is released and the currents of change flow faster, deeper and more powerfully.  It’s beyond our capacity to understand where this is going, much less control it.  All we know is that it is strong and true and we can have confidence in it.

There is no security to be had in trying to stop the flow of energy, only those who move with it will flourish.

Hilary Barrett

The Centaur Ixion was conjunct Quaoar when it was first discovered back in 2002, and joins Quaoar in Gate 26 at the moment.  Ixion’s presence adds a possibility for healing, especially of violence and abuse within families through arrogant disregard of others and a desire to have our own way.  Ixion is willing to go back to the places of hurt and try again to dig down to find reconciliation and true connection.  We are moving out of an ancient abuse/crisis/sabotage loop that has been eating up our vital energy, and into a clearer energy of creation.

Tomorrow the Moon will pass over Gate 43 (UT 13th June,  8:00 till 17:00), triggering the Mars and Sedna activation in Gate 23.  During this activation, Mercury will be conjunct the South Node, bringing in the whole Makemake, Ceres and Galactic Centre energy.

Mars wants to just push and shove and make things happen, but every time he moves he seems to get caught in his own sticky web.  Those ancient underlying dynamics are coming to the surface and his only choice is to submit and surrender to the needs of the time.

The issues you face will be deeper and more far-reaching than you expected, but so too will be the eventual benefits of your actions.

We are at the beginning of a new epoch, the short term survival based attention span of the old Mars energy is being rocked to it’s very foundations by the 12,000 year orbit of Sedna and the connection it brings with universal lifespans.

Here at the end of stripping away (gate 23) there is a resource unused and a potential untouched. The ripe fruit will naturally and painlessly drop ‘strip itself away’ from the tree, the seeds it contains will germinate and begin new growth.

On 15th /16th June we have a Full Moon lining up with the Galactic Centre.  Have a look at those activations to Gates 11 and 12!  This is likely to be very stressful, because it’s literally sucking out of our subconscious the conditioned tendency to block our emotions as a way of protecting ourselves from abuse.

I’ll write a more detailed blog on this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, but just note as well that Venus is in Gate 16, so she connects Saturn in the Gate of Depth to the Throat, bringing it to the party as well.  And this is a gate where we can feel deeply unsure of our own self worth.

But Jupiter comes to the party by moving to the Gate of Nourishment (27) in the Sacral Chakra.  The big message here, I’m resisting the desire to write this in CAPS, is that we can only live in the moment when we put our own needs first.  This is not selfishness.  This from Hilary Barretts I Ching:

You locate power, meaning and authority outside yourself and gaze at it slack jawed, expecting someone or something to provide what you need.  You have given up the intrinsic magic of your own nature.  What you are depending on is not your true support and it will be stripped away from you.

I want to stress that this is a good thing!  Here’s the short version – if you are trying to fix someone else, heal them, correct them or control them in any way, step back and look instead at what you need for yourself.  Then cut out the middle man and organise what you need.  Chaos is in the Gate of Progress, bringing Ceres to the Throat.  This from Philip Sedgwick on Chaos:

Positive – orderly in the face of confusion, goes with the flow, mellow and non-stressed

Negative – worked up, paranoid, projecting fears, assuming disaster is a step away

So the way to make progress is to pay attention to the details of what we need in each moment because that is how we will find order amidst the confusion, and go with the flow.  Remember that Pluto comes into the mix via Ophelia in Gate 18.  She can represent the part of ourselves that is invisible to others, and suffers to the point of neuroticism and self-destruction as a result.  Pluto transforms us by bringing us the power and authority to claim our own calm grounded joyfulness that holds the seeds for our ability to manifest into the physical plane.  Mercury (52) will be in the gate opposite Pluto (58) in the Root Centre from 19th to 22nd June.


On 19th June, Venus moves into Gate 35, giving us a Venus/Ceres hook up.  Remember that Chaos is there as well.  Chaos represents a return to first principles, we are no longer content to take the word of others about what we feel, what we need.  Instead we are now able to access and harmonise with a quantum reality that is universal, and to draw our sustenance from a sense of galactic belonging.

I expect this will feel quite amazing, as we begin the process of returning the daughter (Persephone) to the earth and the flow of nourishment is renewed.   But the nourishment is different this time around, because it is not dependent on the interpretation of intermediaries.

I expect this period – from 19th to 23rd June – to be quite profound.

Something else spectacular is happening from 21st June.  Mars moves to Gate 20, connecting with Haumea in 57.  And Mercury moves to Gate 39, connecting with Neptune, Chiron and Snow White in 55.  Pride and shame are big underlying dynamics, so please be aware to breathe through any sense that you need to hold a certain position or way of being.  I’m not even going to begin to try to explain what this might mean, there is just too much going on here.

On 26th June Ceres moves out of Gate 36 and into the Ji Centre in the Gate of Innocence (25).

On 27th June, Mercury moves into Gate 62 at the Throat Chakra, and makes a channel with Uranus.  Okay, so that’s going to be really big.  When Mercury and Uranus get together we can expect astonishing new information.  It’s especially important because that particular channel is connected to the ancient part of the brain that operates at survival level.  It’s instinctive and right now it’s very confused because it’s getting messages from more enlightened parts of our brain (the parts that hold an electromagnetic connection to the universal holographic heart), but everything it has ever know tells it that we are are in great danger and should do something. Right now.  Like, you know, immediately. It doesn’t really matter what, just MOVE!

To add fuel to the fire, Mars shifts into Gate 16 on 28th June, bringing Saturn (the stern patriarch) and Pluto (power and authority figures into the mix).

This is an incredible opportunity to step into the power of our own knowing, to integrate ancient and modern aspects of mind.

And last but not least, on 30th June there is a 95% eclipse to Venus.  You can see here that Venus eclipses are not rare, but Venus is very active just now and this one will be powerful.  The Sun is opposite Pluto and Mars is still in Gate 16, bringing Saturn up for expression (also Haumea in Gate 57), and Ophelia is still in Gate 18 so Pluto gets a run for his money as well.

Let’s just also note that Venus is conjunct the South Node and almost exactly opposite the Galactic Centre.  Surprised?

You feel shame and carry it enfolded within you as part of yourself, whether or not you are fully aware of it’s influence.  Since you don’t feel entitled to anything much, you draw back into yourself and don’t feel able to ask directly for what you want or need.

Let’s have a look at Saturn in Gate 48 line 2:

Its possible that rather than experiencing the clear flowing water, you only experience the well’s dark isolating depths and all you see is what you can believe in, a small visible immediate boon for yourself.

Shame and feelings of inadequacy keep us from claiming our power.  They keep us small.  In the hidden web of control on this planet they are one of the main tools used to manipulate others.   There is an immense web of authentic connection being created just now on this planet and beyond.  Watch to see the difficult and uncomfortable feelings that arise between now and the end of June because these are keys to getting free of the ancient fears that keep us locked into the survival aspect of humanity.  We are healing and connecting with our galactic selves.   This is a planet of love and we are going post-global, reaching out to each other and in the strength of that place sharing what we have achieved here with the entire universe.




Getting Off The Merry Go Round

11th April 2011

We’re all in recuperation mode, recovering from giving too much and receiving too little in return.   There is a major disenfranchisement being revealed just now.  Around the globe we’ve been effectively shut out of the power to influence our own lives economically, politically, sexually.  We’ve been told we don’t deserve things like health care and homes, the right to vote, to care for our children properly.  And so we try harder, and harder.  And get less and less.  It’s time to get off this merry go round and make claim to our own existence, create our own ease and prosperity.

Astrologically what’s triggering this process is a line up of dwarf planets that are revealing an underhanded game of ‘blame the victim’.

Quaoar is on a slow approach towards the Galactic Centre, already in Gate 11.  Makemake is in Gate 6, square to the Galactic Centre.  Both Quaoar and Makemake have an aspect of disenfranchisement – throw the indigenous people out of their homes because we want the land.  Or in Makemake’s case because we want to put the people into slavery.

Lilith played her hand in the recent New Moon, and expecting women to play the victim for society’s ills has been a large part of the US political debate since then.  Icelander’s are having their own experience of wondering why they are trying to repay the money plundered from their economy.  This is a question that is about to explode upon the world at large.

The North Node is supporting these two planets, directly conjunct the Galactic Centre (11.5).  New ideas are being revealed, old ideas suddenly and shockingly debunked.  And the South Node – what we need to let go of?  It’s in the Gate of Standstill, a place where we say ‘Oh, blankets and trinkets.  What a lovely offer, you’re so kind, but No Thanks!!’

And then there’s Eris.  Tomorrow we have the Sun conjunct Eris, and then the whole Aries bunch will turn up to inhabit Gate 42 between now and early May.  Jupiter, Mercury, Mars and Venus.  1992 QB1 is in Gate 42 as well, creating a bridge to a new consciousness, a new prosperity that flows from creativity not power, greed and theft.

Eris is showing us a new way to walk away from the complications of groupthink and find our own path.  No more parcelling out the blame and then playing the game.  If you know how family systems work, you can see it writ large on the political scene at the moment – each party and ideology playing their part in the drama.  We project our hidden darkness onto the other players and everyone goes around again.  Merrily, merrily!

Uranus in Gate 25 says disentangle yourself from this old matrix of complexity and live freely as yourself.  The new fractal connections arise from flowing freely, not enmeshing out of fear of survival. Ease, grace, prosperity. Stop going round and round in the old game, and claim them as your birthright.



New Moon ~ Fear of the Flow

New Moon:  3rd February UT 2.30am.

Satellite image for Tropical Cyclone Yasi

Well there’s no need to read a transit blog to find out that this is one doozy of a New Moon.  We have a monster cyclone in Australia – and for once that’s not media hype, a volcano erupting in Japan, mammoth snow storms pounding the US.

We also have major unrest in Egypt that threatens the fragile stability of the Middle East, the oil industry and the global economy.

They have one thing in common at least.  Their effect is more widespread than we would normally expect.  Yasi is likely to contine beyond the coast for many hundreds of miles, and the US snow storms are cutting a swathe through the midwest.

As I suggested in my Short Take on 30th January – this New Moon has been building on the Sun, Mars and Ceres energy in the Root Centre in Gate 19, prior to the Sun shifting to the Ji Centre in Gate 13.  The potent combination of the two gates has created a bridge between our personal emotional world and the greater collective, between our personal survival and our desire to be part of the collective heart.

It is asking us to look at some specific issues – how we use our power (Sun), how we apply our will (Mars), a deep need for intimate emotional connection (Moon), and how we can become neurotic when we don’t get it (Ceres).  These are all clear messages that fit neatly into the category of environmentalism.   I’ve seen many descriptions on twitter of Cyclone Yasi as a ‘bitch’ – our disconnection from mother earth, and her angry response to this callous disregard.

I’ve watching television coverage from Queensland as I write and David Koche has just described the situation with Cyclone Yasi as akin to a war on terror, but “it’s a war on nature”.

And it’s not just an earth thing.  The Great Attractor, until recently considered the biggest thing known in the universe, is involved (in Gate 5.3, sextile the New Moon and creating a channel with the South Node) no doubt adding to the immense size and scope of these two extreme weather events.

But there is something much, much deeper going on here, and it’s happening within you.  It’s the war we all carry on against our own nature.  This New Moon is itself a stepping stone to the new energies that are becoming available to us in 2011.  It brings a chance to be compassionate, open and accepting of our full natural selves, and an opportunity to see our own warrior nature and allow it to champion our own cause in alignment with the ultimate good.

And the war is also between the structures we have built up to keep us safe (and feeling nurtured and nourished) and our true nature.  Roads, homes, schools, ports, island resorts – are preventing the free flow of wild energy that is a natural part of life on earth.  It’s not that we have to do without structure, it just needs to be more in tune with nature, more flexible and less likely to be destroyed.  Saturn (structure) will continue to be conjunct Haumea (healthy relationship with the earth) in the Spleen  Centre (physical realm) till October 2011, so this is a long term project!

Pluto in the Root Centre in the Gate of Joy is acting as a transformer to the Kuiper Belt, stepping us up to the energy of creation, and the chance to restructure our experience of death and transformation.

The structures are internal as well, held in place by our own unconscious beliefs about what’s required for our safety and survival.  We reject what nature offers and make do instead with an inferior version, something more ‘civilised’.  Ophelia and Zeus in Gate 48 are playing a role, with Ophelia representing the way in which we experience having strong emotions ignored.

You may want to hold yourself apart from the flow of receiving and giving for fear of losing your freedom and autonomy.  Yet only when you remove the barriers and become part of the flow can you experience the true essence of the situation and tap into it’s deeper potential.

Hilary Barrett

This is the addictive and delusional basis of our modern culture and psyche unravelling.

As always these days, I’m struggling to know where to start, what approach to take to cover the energy of the New Moon.  There are so many options.   Let’s look at the Sun and Moon.  They will be in Gate 13 line 1.

Inside the walls is the familiar village; outside, a bigger world where more can be gained or lost.  Those who think of venturing out naturally gather here at the gate – a little band of potential fellow travellers, united by their willingness to explore.  Gradually you come to the gate and gather courage to brave the unknown.  You may be concerned about what lies beyond the walls, but you’re going in the right direction.

Hilary Barrett

As we nervously peek out through the crack in the gate, our old reality is being washed away.  Poseidon, Decaulion (the Greek version of Noah) and Ceto (a terrifying deep sea creature) are still in place in Gate 44.  They were triggered by the Full Moon on Quaoar in Gate 26, causing the major flooding in Queensland 2 weeks ago.

Mars will be in Gate 13 line 2.   Ceres is holding the bridge, back in Gate 19 line 6.  She hasn’t finished there with our need to see where we reject nurturing.  A positive relationship between the two brings a feeling of acting on behalf of our own successful outcomes.  The negative issues include a subconscious grief and incapacitating loss arising from the rage of the mother directed our way.  The fear, sense of abandonment and loss of nurturing intimate connection were like a death experience when we were children.

Mars in Gate 13 line 2 has something very interesting to say.  We are not here to be safe and secure, and sometimes we just need to let go and see what happens.   Even our spiritual beliefs may become too small a space, because any rigid adherence to security eventually becomes a prison.  And a rigid adherence to security is very, very imporant to a small child who cannot rely on his or her parents for safety!  This immensely deep and painful wound is being healed on a global scale.  In this sense, the ice in the Northern Hemisphere represents the cold aloofness and the tropical cyclone in the Southern Hemisphere represents the rage and destructive fury, both disowned by us and projected out onto parent figures, mother earth, father sky, god and the universe.

Just one more point I want to make.  I’ve used the word ‘neurotic’ a few times in regard to Ceres.  It’s a word I have taken from the description by Demetra George in her book Asteroid Goddesses.  I believe this word holds the key to this New Moon.  Increasingly it seems difficult to understand what is going on in our lives, even to make sense of our own behaviour.  We naturally tend to think that we are wrong, that our reactions are neurotic.  This tendency comes from our experiences of being cut off from our natural selves.  I watch parents do this to children all the time.  “Don’t cry, there’s nothing to be sad about.”  or this “It’s okay, that didn’t really hurt.”  or try this one “Go to your room and I never want to see you behave like that again.”  Complete invalidation of the child’s reality means that our truthful and natural responses are quashed and rendered ‘neurotic’.  As a result we cultivate inauthenticity.

We are being asked to own our athentic wildness.  We are being given the opportunity to see that our willfulness is not destructive, as we believed when we were small children and it appear to destroy our security.  We are reclaiming our so-called neurotic selves.  We are being allowed to find a balance between flow and stability, a new type of security that holds us safe in the collective heart of humanity and the cosmos.

I suggest that if you feel a sense of being overpowered just now – whether it be a political revolution, a cyclone, a blizzard or just your own emotional overwhelm – you practice gradually and carefully allowing yourself to experience the flow of that energy rather than trying to keep yourself energetically ‘safe’.


The Galactic Doorway

18th January 2011

Watch the video for these transits.

This weeks Full Moon will open a gateway to the voice of the Galactic Centre.  What is that voice saying?  That it’s time to let go of projecting our issues onto others in order to defend our own vulnerable inner selves.  It’s a bit like the football idea of playing the ball not the player.  And for those who don’t play football of any persuasion, that means when you go in for a tackle your aim is to get the ball, not take down the player.  We’ve been taking each other down for millenium in our attempts to get the ball.

We are learning to detach from the negativity without blaming others or engaging in any old abuse dynamics of victim and perpetrator.  We are calling in a new co-creative power.  In doing so we are passing over a watershed that is of monumental significance.

virus VON fractalia ~ www.flickr.com

Shifting to Collective Consciousness

We’ve almost completed the evolutionary shift from tribal (or community) to individual.  That shift has involved things like flower power, finding ourselves, free love and not having to be a shopkeeper just because your parents were.  We’ve moved out of traditional roles like husband and wife, and learnt we could love ourselves even when it seemed no one else did.

Now we are taking the next precarious step of bringing that new found individual self into the collective.  And that’s a bit scary because our group memory is tribal and something deep within us is sending out warning signals.  But that old version of loss of self is no longer possible.  We hold our unique spark at the soul level and no one can take it from us.

It is crucial just now that we dismantle the last vestiges of that tribal survival mind.  We are becoming conscious of any negative thoughts we are having about anyone, and are learning to ‘play the ball’ instead.  We need to untangle the negativity that we’ve wrapped around each other, to see that projecting it back and forward like a manic game of astral ping pong helps no one.

Root Centre

There is so much activity to the Root Centre – Pluto and Ceres, Mars and the Sun, Magdalena and Mercury, Apollo, Kassandra, Pallas and Nessus.  It goes on.  It’s a survival soup, because the Root Centre is where we hold the data we need to stay alive here on planet earth.  Only problem with that is – things are changing so quickly that our data is way out of date and so are the falsely conditioned  instinctive and emotional survival responses we’ve been limited to.

The Sun is in Gate 60 in the Root Centre with Sappho, suggesting we can move through limitations by finding the commonality with others rather than looking for differences.

Also in the Root Centre, Mars and Ceres in 41 are creating a channel with Chiron and Neptune in 30 accentuating the feeling of a lack of landmarks for what we may desire.  It’s as if we look around and can’t even see the building blocks we need to create the life we long for.  But the next few days – until 25th January –  are a time for pruning the deadwood away, rather than building something new.  Neptune tests our ability to stay with the flow rather than grab at the next bright shiny thing that bobs by on the flooded tide with the potential to keep us afloat.  Our vision of what we want needs to shatter and be replaced by the truth of where we are now and the magical involvement each one of us has in this precise moment.  And the next.  And the next.

The Moon and the Galactic Centre

The Moon and Earth are in Gate 56 in the Throat Centre.  It brings the energy of the Galactic Centre (in Gate 11.5 in the Ajna) to the Throat for expression.   This is a difficult gate, bringing a feeling of being a stranger travelling through a strange land.

There are no other minor planets in Gate 56, accentuating the Moon’s loneliness there.  It’s as if our innocent and childlike selves are wandering around trying to make sense of a new landscape.  There are certainly issues here of abandonment and/or the isolation required to stay safe when we can’t make sense of what’s going on around us.  Kassandra’s involvement suggests that we feel cursed in not being seen and believed, as if our innate perceptions are considered suspect by everyone we meet, and so we’re not sure if we can rely on them or not.

There’s one minor planet in Gate 11 with the Galactic Centre – Vesta.  She of holding true to our own sovereignty, of knowing our own sacred truth against all attempts to degrade it. There is something very significant here for me – the process of ‘defrocking’ the Vestal Virgins was one of stripping the sacred from our sexual relationships.  In a sense it rendered our relationships powerless and sterile.  Vesta at the Galactic Centre has the capacity to restore them.  The regeneration of Vesta also represents our ability to maintain our own inner sacred creative flame and a warm nurturing hearth and home.

The Flood

Poseidon arising from the flooded Brisbane River

The New Moon back on 4th January was a trigger for a sticky web of emotional toxicity to be released.  And then came the flood – well at least here in Australia.  Poseidon, Deucalion (the Greek Noah) and Ceto, an aquatic monster symbolizing the fears of the unconscious mind and a tendency to feel sorry for ourselves.  All in Gate 26 (which means they are connecting in with Saturn and Haumea in the Spleen Centre).

They create a channel with Quaoar in Gate 44, who brings the ability to break out of limitation to create something that’s pretty damn close to the purity of our vision, our original template. How?  By celebrating life, singing and dancing and going with the flow and allowing each moment to be new.

The floods here in Australia started when Mercury passed over transiting Quaoar.  The thing most people have commented on is the amazing community spirit they have brought out in people.  That energy was held very strongly by the Queensland Premier Anna Bligh who walked a brilliantly fine line of calm and clarity.   Like Obama, who made a brilliant speech after the shooting in Tucson Arizona, Bligh has her Neptune in Gate 44.   They both displayed the ability to speak to the wounded (Chiron is conjunct Neptune just now) while holding to our highest ideals.

Just as Noah was told the floods would cleanse humanity, so these events have enabled us to look more closely at our inhumane treatment of each other.  Sledging political opponents, passing neighbours on the street without a hallo.   Both events speak to a new energy for collective coming together.

Soul Relationships

There’s every type of ‘abuse’ imaginable sitting in the transits at the moment, most noticeably to me is Transpluto (intense critisism) in Gate 29 in the Sacral Chakra meeting Juno (relationships), Typhon (a multiheaded monster who seems impossible to defeat) and the Super Galactic Centre (triggering a search for our soul mates) in adjoining Gate 46 at the G Centre.

This is significant because Pluto and Saturn are being brought together by Nemesis in Gate 18.  This is a gate that is way out of control on this planet, but basically has as its base the ability to see what is wrong with things.  Combined with Saturn in 57 it brings a piercing sword of truth that hurts like hell.  Nemesis can make us feel like we’ve come up against this pain over and over again and will never be able to move past it.   It’s not the truth that’s the problem, but the way we’ve been wielding the sword.

In our relationships we are perhaps involved in intense projection of our own wounded lack of wholeness caused by:

  • feeling unfairly critisised by others
  • not having a way to explain to those we love what we perceive to be wrong with our lives and what we need to make it better.

And I know this is probably enough, but just let me add one more ingredient to the mix.  The Sun in Gate 60 is meeting the M-32 galaxy in Gate 3.  This galaxy is a satellite to the Andromeda galaxy.  According to Philip Sedgwick the core idea here is the paradox of being whole and alone as a way of coming closer to others.  When we live in our own truth we generate a field that naturally attracts all manner of soul mates to us.   Gate 3 is a gate of new beginnings so subtle that few can feel its energy except as chaos and confusion, but the shift has definitely landed.

My friends and I have often joked over the years as we’ve moved through our ‘shadow’ and ‘inner child’ stuff that we must surely be scraping the bottom of the barrel now!  We’ve given up wondering about that, but there is definitely a sense of that in these transits.  We really are becoming incredibly clear and calm and self sufficient within ourselves even if it does feel like we’re going mad sometimes!   The next few days may feel strange and we may at times feel quite alone, but we’re all alone together and that will become apparent soon.

Trusting our Innocent and True Selves

Our true intuitive responses to life and our deep emotional wisdom are being called forth.  We can trust ourselves.  When we do, remarkable things happen.  Here’s the last word from Hilary Barrett’s I Ching – Jupiter in Gate 25.

When there are obstacles, perhaps when the free flow of communications is blocked, this does not mean it is your job to engage and grapple with the problem.  Making progress is not the same thing as clearing blockages – not when you can simply walk past them, disentangled and move on.

Video Blog for 11th January

Enjoy the video take on today’s transits.  Just one note, Haumea is in Gate 57 line 4 (not line 5 as I say in the video).

Cute Little Girl in Pink Dances on the Beach during the Kite Fes

Dancing Life


26th September 2010

I’ve been reading about the financial ‘adjustments’ going on in Europe. The major issue we’re facing at the moment is that no one knows how to get out of this mess. That’s because most people are still looking for solutions within the old paradigm.

A friend spoke to me last night about living in debt. We’ve been out of balance with the planet, digging up the past in the form of fossil fuels to run our homes and vehicles. With Mercury in the very last position in the I Ching ~ hexagram 64 line 6 ~ we’ve run out of past and all we have left is the present. We’re overdrawn on every balance sheet available ~ culturally, economically, environmentally, socially, physically, emotionally.

The Sun is about to move over Saturn in Libra, bringing some restructuring that will rebalance our lives. They’re not just in Libra, they are (or will be, the Sun shifts tomorrow) in the gate of Correcting What’s Been Spoiled. At the same time Mercury moves in the gate of Exhaustion. These two gates are powerful conditioning fields and for two days we have a doorway wide open to change.

The gate of Correcting What’s Been Spoiled is the place where we hold DNA mutations that we believe (at the physical level) are necessary for our survival. They are directions from the past on what to do in any given set of circumstances. Perhaps your great grandmother added a mutation for what to do if someone uses an angry tone of voice, and your great great grandfather added his bit of genetic advice on what to do if you hear a very loud noise (perhaps shells exploding!).

These genetic mutations have worked in the past because life has changed very little over the millenium. Our DNA was well suited to such slow and steady building up of survival information. These days, with such rapid change, the information is worse than useless. It’s become a threat to our survival, keeping us locked in and responding to a past that no longer exists. Nevertheless, giving up these adjustments feels dangerous, fearful, terrifying. Some part of us knows they aren’t true and yet ……..

Mercury is showing us how we have been strung along, believing things that seem increasingly untrue.  For example, products in supermarkets described as ‘strawberry flavoured’, have a photo of a big juicy strawberry on the pack, but when we read the ingredients there is not a single strawberry there!   As my friend said last night, we have been fooled out of our humanity.  Along with Neptune and Chiron down in the Solar Plexus (emotional) Centre, Mercury has been pulling the wool from over our eyes.  We are becoming less like sleepwalkers out to buy the latest iPhone just because …  well we don’t really know why, and more like humane citizens in a global network of real people sharing a planet.

Today though, we complete 5 days of dwarf planets Haumea and Quaoar supporting us to release fear based ego structures that have us living a lie in one way or another.  These fear structures keep us from relating to each other at the cellular level and force us into false and measured constructs of self that have a smile pasted on our face and an approximation of reality on our lips.  Carefully weighing our suvival chances in each moment, we must be ever vigilant to the threat of life. Or so we believe!

In Gate 26 in the Heart Centre (ego and will) from 2007 to 2011, Quaoar lets us know that when we dam up our energy and our very will to live in order to placate the fears of our ego self we create nothing more than chaos.

Quaoar is one of our new dwarf planets, named after the creator god of the Tongva people, the indigenous inhabitants of what is today the Los Angeles area of Southern California.   With Venus in the adjoining Gate 44 and Mars joining her there later today, Quaoar gets to party with Pluto, Haumea and Altjira (a TNO who is doing a long term placement in Gate 20).

Pluto recently went direct after 5 months retrograde.  I immediately felt a strong death energy take hold.  When that death energy stalks the planet it’s like a seductive voice calling us to release life from our systems and follow death instead.  It’s all too hard, death whispers to us. It would be so much easier to just let go.  Saturn in the Spleen Centre (also connecting to Pluto) has been activating a sense of being cut off and isolated from our bodies and from others.  At the cellular level.

Bangarra Dance Theatre ~ Australian Indigenous Dance Company

What does that mean?  In our culture we tend to relate at a very superficial level that involves mainly just the conscious mind and the throat (speaking).  Our senses have become numb to all the more subtle ways we are connecting with each other, with nature and with our own bodies.  Living in this “modern” way is hard work.  Not only do we need to use our energy to shut down huge and wonderful aspects of ourselves, we also need to work harder to try to get our basic needs for relationship met because we are trapped outside of what we seek.

Despite the resistance, there are very deep cellular changes going on right now that will shift the trajectory of humanity.

Breathing deep into your body, being alert to any areas ~ organs, joints, limbs, area of skin, etc ~  that are not being fed by the breath, breathing out any old fears that arise, these are all great ways to move through the next few days.

Using your mind to figure things out is not the way to go just now, because the mind is still in the process of moving out of that false superficial reality.  It’s the body’s intelligence that we are connecting with in a powerful way.

Releasing plans and allowing yourself to be informed by what life brings you in each moment is another clue as Venus and Mars shimmy it up in the Gate of Encountering.  When we open to what we truly know about each moment, we can encounter any situation and be safe.   When we encounter Venus as an integrative field of being, and Mars as a responsive field of doing within the field of being, then we are balanced.

Quaoar and Altjira both danced the deities into being and then left them to it.  The deities then went on to create a wonderful world, just as they pleased.   Both Quaoar and Altjira speak of having no ego involvment in what we create.  The act of creation is enough, they don’t hang around and try to keep their ‘offspring’ under control but move on to the next creative act.  Life is a dance.