Grand Water Trine ~ October 2012

Human Design transit chart


The Moon is about to pass over Ceres, and in the process it will activate a Grand Water Trine involving Ceres, Neptune,  Mercury and Saturn.

Where we find Mercury, we find an increase in consciousness.  Ideas that have eluded us suddenly become clear as the light of day.  The tricks we’ve been playing on ourselves are revealed as sleight of hand.

Mercury is sharing a gate with Saturn just now.  It’s a gate about changes in our social fabric that bring a higher order of caring for each other.   It’s the Gate of The Ting, Gate 50 in the Spleen Centre.

Luckily for us Pandora has turned up to grace us with her presence in this gate at just the right moment. Pandora is opening that box filled to the brim with her natural abundance, no longer convinced that she will damage the world irreparably if she dares peer beneath the lid.   What we have believed is wrong in us is becoming oh so right!

What’s a culture worth if it isn’t based on the health and wellbeing of it’s people?  What false stories keep us locked into a world of false lack?  What have we been convinced to suppress for the apparent reason of greater good?

Neptune is also known to have a few tricks up his sleeve, notably the ability to seduce us with the apparent nobility of self sacrifice.  As children we learn to hold ourselves in so as not to threaten our family with our omnipotent infantile power.  Or so it seems.  As we grow and mature we are loath to overtake our parents as mature adults.  We’ve learnt our lesson that the threat is real.

This Grand Trine is removing that coding from our DNA, allowing each one of us to step into our spiritual maturity and contribute to a society worthy of our best intentions. Neptune asks you to hold a vision for earthly transformation that includes an understanding of your own visionary capacity.

In partnership with Snow White, Neptune is dismantling our fear of the daughter.  She’s beautiful, she’s potent, she holds the keys to the dimensional portal of growth.  In fact she holds the secrets to our very survival.  (And don’t forget that Salacia, the young woman who is Neptune’s unwilling bride,  is creating a connection between Jupiter and Neptune just now. )  In Gate 55, Neptune lets us know that endings are okay.  In fact, they form an essential aspect of life.  When we get to the end of something it’s not so much a death as a transformation.

Not surprisingly, the mythology of Ceres is also centered on the daughter.  (Daughter Persephone in Gate 46 is square Ceres just now, showing a difficult relationship between mother and daughter.)  Ceres is in the Gate of Humility, Gate 15 in the Ji Centre.  This gate tells us that false humility is inauthentic.  We need to have the courage to release our ‘daughter’s creativity’ into the world, not matter how strong our feeling to hold it close and protect it!

It’s not just the daughter who’s sacrifice is being put to the test of reality in this Grand Water Trine.

Cyllarus is in Gate 39, creating a channel with Neptune.  Cyllarus is the warrior, needlessly sacrificed in battle.  Cyllarus is the lost masculine energy in the chart.  This centaur shows where we hold our active principle back from the world, afraid that it will be put to the purposes of others and lost to no good effect.   If our best masculine energy is put to war, what are we to create with?    How are our effects to create being eaten up by battling false threats and defensiveness against loss?

This Grand Trine is a potent point of shift, bringing together many disparate energies.  Saturn in Scorpio asks us to be open to new interpretations, to allow the unthinkable, the unknowable, the dispossessed and overpowered ideas to surface and become part of our sustenance once more.   Ceres brings grief in the loss of what’s passing and new alchemical gifts to learn.   Neptune is literally lifting a veil from the dimensional doorway that has been cloaked in loss, revealing an abundance undreamed of.


Intending, Healing, Creating

23rd July 2011

There is no doubt we are in interesting times, and not quite what many of us would have imagined a decade or more ago when we contemplated the possibilities of the shift we are now moving through.  And yet, how extraordinary not just to be here, but to know that something profound is happening around us.  Something other than fear and crisis, debt and terrorism, disease and famine.

Ceres, Famine and Innocence Un-nourished

Speaking of famine, my open G Centre has been so affected by Ceres moving into the Gate of Innocence (25) and passing over the Aries Point (which she did on 12th July), that at times I’ve felt my chest would crumble.  Or perhaps burst open like in the movie Alien!  Ceres represents all manner of nourishment, feeding, receiving love, eating disorders, agriculture, the culture of food.  And famine.  And just as she arrived at the Aries Point ((0 degrees Aries) to begin a new cycle, the UN declared that Somalia was officially in famine.

At the time, Ceres was opposite Nemesis (46.2) who can represent our old and well known enemy, the darkness that we can’t seem to escape from. This gate tells us to open our hearts and give what we can even if we feel it is a drop in the ocean and can’t possibly do any good. We may not rush off to join Volunteers Abroad.  We may not even donate money.  What’s important here is our intention to share the experience rather than any huge practical engagement.

Ceres was also trine the Moon conjunct Chariklo (34.1).  The power of Chariklo in this position is that she is able to hold a healing space without the need to rush into action.  Her benefit comes from waiting for clarity on the bigger picture, rather than putting a lot of energy into short term but perhaps ultimately unhelpful measures.

On a personal level, we have had to look within our own hearts to see what short term measures we have learnt to use to protect ourselves from ‘famine’ and ‘civil war’, and the consequent inability to connect with what truly nourishes us.  A personal example – in the morning when I’m writing our two cats usually like to come in and curl up with me.  I was quite shocked to realise that this is deeply comforting to me, but that I was always on edge about it (not consciously, I’ve only just realised this!) because somewhere along the line I have taken on a belief that it’s wrong (dirty) to have animals in the house. Relaxing into their gentle comforting presence without that underlying anxiety makes me want to cry with relief.  Every time I do this lately I feel like I am releasing milleniums worth of self denial.

Really allow yourself to test out everything in your life to see what truly nurtures you.  Remember Ceres is in the Gate of Innocence and so this is a very gentle, quiet, even vulnerable energy.   What makes your heart (in the centre of your chest and the middle of your back) feel content?   This is your own personal healing. Chariklo (daughter of Chiron) gives each one of us a powerful opportunity to use our own energy (she’s in the Sacral Chakra) for our own nurturance.   As our own personal famine begins to abate, the dark mass of people in Somalia will have less reason to play out the drama on behalf of humanity.

Salacia the Runaway Bride

Now to something at the other end of the global spectrum – runaway royal brides.  Our newest dwarf planet candidate, Salacia, was the unwilling bride of Neptune.  Apparently feeling herself unworthy, Salacia took off and hid in the ocean to avoid marriage.  Neptune sent the dolphins to find her and in the end all was well.  There are some benefits of being King of the Deep!

Salacia in the Gate of Bringing the Darkness to the Light (36) was activated by Venus, Neptune, Chiron and Snow White on 24th June and a few days later news reports started coming out about another runaway bride.  South African Charlene Wittstock was reported to have tried to flee Monaco three times to avoid marrying Prince Albert.  On the day of the wedding, Salacia was making aspects to the Sun, Moon, Makemake, the Nodes, the Galactic Centre and Sedna (another unwilling bride who ended up in the ocean).  Oh and she was directly opposite Juno, Roman Goddess of Marriage and another dwarf planet candidate, who was conjunct Makemake in Gate 6.3 at the time.

Let me tell you what Gate 6 line 3 is about – the power of an ancient hereditary monarchy.  True!  And the commentary suggests that there is no escape.  The best thing to do is to allow this power to nurture you rather than trying to run away.   Prince Alberts PR team were adamant that the runaway bride stories were not true, but if you happened to see any pictures of the wedding … well I wouldn’t say it’s characterised by the warmth and intimacy we’ve seen in other recent royal weddings in London and Denmark.  There were also reports that immediately after the wedding Prince Albert had to go off to have a paternity test and so the lovebirds spent their first night of marriage apart.

Maybe that's just her natural facial expression?


23rd July

Today’s chart brings the potential for a huge and sudden shift, probably experienced initially as chaos.  The Moon is about to move into Gate 3 – Chaos and Confusion at the Beginning, creating a channel with the Earth in the Gate of Limitation (60). This channel is known as the Channel of Mutation, a format energy of on and off pulsing that switches us to sudden chaotic change.  This is a 6 hour window created by the Moon (UT 22nd July at 22:00 to 23rd July at 9:00).  This is what I call a ‘birthing channel’ – it runs between the Sacral (creation) and the Root (physical manifestation).  The Earth in the Gate of Limitations calls on us to honour our humanity and our physical connection to the time and space dimensions of this planet.  Sometimes things just take time.

And after leaving Gate 3, the Moon smoozes on up to Gate 23 in the Throat Centre.  This is the Gate of Splitting Apart, again characterised by chaos.  Current home of transiting Sedna, this is a powerful energy of dissolution of old outworn roles and responsibilities as defined by others.  Sedna seeks to bring us back to what is real – community and the nourishment we share with each other and the planet.

Mercury is taking the Sacral energy up towards the G Centre, meeting the Super Galactic Centre in Gate 46.  This is on the Libran point and is always seeking connection and balance but Gate 29 at the Sacral is in the Abyss, feeling as if there is danger on all sides.  Try as we might, the cliff walls of the abyss keep us locked into a certain route.  We might aspire to be elsewhere, but here we are.  We might feel that we should be out in the open – loving, relating, free and happy.  But this is a journey and we can’t get there in one single bound, or leap to the perfect outcome without effort.  Mercury advises us to seek only small gains, what is available to us in the here and now.  Trust that each small step you take is perfectly aligned with the outcome you want.

And finally, look at that Ajna Centre, lit up like a christmas tree in July! Jupiter has moved to Gate 24 at the top.  This is the gate of Returning, coming back again and again to an idea, trying to find a solution.  It asks us to follow our own path very closely, to see what is beginning to germinate.  And it asks us not to fear that we are heading back the wrong way just because we seem to have to deal with some issues from the past as we move forward.  We aren’t back there, just cycling out into a new level of the spiral.





What Can A Blind Eye See?

Our own native son James Murdoch is being hoisted on his own petard as his claims to know nothing about the phone hacking going on in his News Corp in the UK turns around and bites him squarely on the bum.   Apparently it’s not just about what James actually knew, it’s also about what he should have known.  It’s called CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Messrs Murdoch!  And it takes into account not just your actions, but also your omissions.

Of course it’s not just the Murdoch’s who have suddenly been asked to see what they have previously been blind to.  We are all in the same boat.  Yesterday, as Uranus went retrograde, Ceres moved into Aries and Venus moved into Gate 39 and triggering the potent Neptune, Chiron, Snow White configuration in Gate 55, all the fury of those living in the illusion that someone else would take care of them if they followed the rules, was released into the world.

Mars continues in that very significant Gemini Throat Gate 35, the one that allows us to make easy progress so long as we agree to connect with deep seated and uncomfortable emotions.  Right now we are being asked to trust ourselves as we never have before, to dance a new creation with no guarantees of how we will be met and received in that place other than what we know in our own heart.  New minor planet Salacia – Neptune’s unwilling bride – is in Gate 36.2.  Philip Sedgwick gives these keywords for Salacia:

Positive – driven, determined, resourceful, able to work with the unseen, chaste, pure, calm, sensational

Negative – salacious, ostrich-like – hiding to avoid commitment or confrontation, relationship phobic, exaggeration, distortion of facts and visions, projection, hyperbolizing

Back to the News of the World for a moment, it encapsulates everything that is shifting and changing just now.  Since the story broke a few days ago, James and Rupert have repeatedly made the outrageous statement that their number one priority is to protect the one woman executive involved (and strongly implicated) in this drama.  What is that about?  Business journalists around the world are scratching their heads and saying ‘Are they nuts?  Their whole multi-billion dollar organisation is on the line and that’s their number one priority??”

I suspect that Salacia is a part of this dynamic and that it is also being affected by Saturn’s current trine to Pallas (in 19).  Pallas is a dwarf planet candidate so she’s not an inconsiderable energy in the chart.  In addition to being trine Saturn (old structures, Rupert Murdoch and other patriarchal influences), she’s also trine Ophelia and in a channel with Damocles and Nessus.  Read more about Ophelia’s Solution.

Pallas Athene could be seen as an attempt by an unsure young patriachy to co-opt a token of the old matriarchy to help it feel safe on it’s journey to adulthood.  They dressed her up as the daughter,  but really she was their only link home and they needed her much more than they ever let on.   This explains why she is the last port of call for the old patriarchal energies –  there’s an instinctive sense that she’s the mother ship, they’re last chance for survival.  All this, when it looks on the surface like they’ve perhaps just gone a bit dotty over a youngish woman who should really be sacked and handed over to the police with her male colleagues.

The second thing is the interlocking parts to this story.  Scotland Yard didn’t follow up because, well they need the media to make the police look good.  The politicians didn’t follow up because, well ditto really.  I mean who on the planet can afford to upset Rupert?  Thanks to one lone Labour MP in the UK Parliament who kept banging on about this for years, until finally it’s come to light.   And that light reveals the complex and unexamined web of relationship that has kept the entire structure of the patriarchy invisible and intact. Until now.

Expect further unravelling as the new energy of Saturn throws out the old rule book and calls for personal responsibility and Pluto asks to see where the money and power have been squirrelled away.   We about to discover what a blind eye really can see!




New Moon in Gate 63



Today’s New Moon represents a watershed.  We’ve already committed to a shift.  We can feel it within ourselves, but for many of us there is still a frustrating dissonance with our external reality.  The good thing is that we are now relaxing into being at home in open ended and uncertain situations. We have gone beyond an intellectual understanding that it’s the journey and not the destination that’s important and have embodied (at least partly) an acceptance that we will never arrive.

That sense of never arriving is, in a way, the watershed we have crossed.  It represents the return of a mature feminine energy within us to balance the elemental energies of our lives, calming and supporting us.  Although it still feels like we’re balancing in empty space, we are in fact walking across a bridge between realities.  How we move forward is much more important that what we actually do.  Our intention in acting is more important than the actions themselves.  Now is a time to let go of what things look like and focus on how it feels to you, and how inspired you are within the circumstances.

How we ground this shift – how we move it from the inner plane to begin shaping our external reality – is hugely significant. We are replacing something toxic and corrupt with new clear cut patterns for living.  In this fresh new reality we never arrive, but live as co-creators who begin anew in each moment.  Sometimes it looks like progress, sometimes like retreat.  What matters is you stay true to your chosen direction, your own nourishment, wellbeing and connection.

New Moon in Gate 63 line 3

New Moon in Gate 63 line 3


The New Moon happens in the Crown Chakra, in Gate 63 line 3 at 20.45 on 4th March 2011.  Gate 63 is the place where we realise something has come to an end and we stand at the threshold of a new life.  We need to grieve what we lost during the old process.  The asteroid Child has passed over the Galactic Centre and has joined the North Node in Gate 10, a process that is not unlike a vacuum cleaner that clears out our past and deposits us at the gateway to our future.  We are almost too afraid to move lest we disturb the perfection of the potential we see.

Eurydike and Black Moon Lilith in the Gate of Brightness Hidden (36) suggest that if your innocence, your inner child or inner feminine has been seriously wounded to the point of immobility, it’s important to get yourself moving again.  Do any little thing that is different to what you’ve done in the past.  Involve your physical body.  Eat new foods, walk in new places, dance new dances.  Quaoar is approaching the Galactic Centre in Gate 11 and he suggests we embrace our fear of chaos in order to find new creation.

We can look back and see that things could have been different.  And if they had been, we may have fared much better.  But that’s past now and it’s time to begin letting go and look to the future, even if our vision is still a bit fuzzy on the details.

The New Moon in Gate 63 line 3 is where we meet the Demon Country, the place where constant incursions on our wellbeing seem to undermine our peace and prosperity.  But so long as we face any knocks and shocks with absolute sincerity we will lay the foundations for the clarity that creates a strong foundation to support us for many years to come.

With Mercury in 22.4, the key is to make your essence beautiful, and make your beauty the essence that you share.  The time for finding our value in money, jobs, relationships, status and ostentatious displays is over.  We can now perceive the simple unadorned natural beauty of our lives, relationships and work.  And we are beginning to trust that it is exactly this simplicity that others are seeking in us.

New Asteroid Salacia

Joining Mercury in Gate 22 is a newly named asteroid and dwarf planet candidate called Salacia.  She was Neptune’s wife, and represents calm and sunlit waters.  In line 6, she suggests that we are exploring entirely new (oceanic) territory and the flame we can feel is to light our way for expansion through partnerhship.


Before she was convinced to marry Neptune by a dolphin, Salacia was a nymph.  From my blog post on 24th June:

As Melanie Reinhart notes in her book Chiron and The Healing Journey, “By the time of the Greek myths, the nymphs had lost most of their original instinctual vitality and dignity, and were reduced to benevolent nature spirits…

That’s my emphasis on the word “benevolent”. I want to know, benevolent to whom? Not, obviously to the nymphs themselves, and presumably not to the goddess they served, the power of the feminine or it’s sexual expression as a force of healing and creativity.

Salacia’s appearance is timely.  This New Moon is in Pisces.  She was the wife of Neptune, ruler of Pisces who is dwelling in the only channel activated at the time of the New Moon.  Also, when Salacia was originally discovered back in 2004 she was in Gate 63 line 3 – the exact position of this New Moon.  Her full meaning is unclear yet, but no doubt we’ll hear more from her!

Fire and Water

The last Full Moon occurred in Gate 29, opposite Gate 30 where Sun, Mercury, Mars and Neptune were transiting.  The two gates represent fire (30) and water (29).  This New Moon happens in two gates that combine fire and water – Earth in Gate 64 and Sun/Moon in Gate 63.

The blend of these two elements gives clarity and action (fire) within the flow (water).  We’ve been blowing off steam (too much fire) or withdrawing in pain (too much water) for a long, long time now.  But we’re getting the balance right more often than not these days and Saturn and Haumea are helping us use these energies in conjunction with the earth and wind elements.  In Gate 57 in the Spleen Centre we find the double wind hexagram (air).   Both Saturn and Haumea represent the earth element, Saturn as ruler of earthy Capricorn and Haumea as Mother Goddess of Hawaii.  Both Saturn and Haumea contain the energy of volcanoes – when the underground material (subconscious) becomes so hot that it blows.  Used wisely, this energy creates new land rather than massive and chaotic destruction.

It also creates new families.  Saturn was involved in some serious family dynamics and Haumea is the only dwarf planet that has a strong family influence. With Mars in the Gate of Family (37), there is much blowing off of steam just now.  Most of this steam relates to unexamined needs for nurturing that we are projecting onto family members and lovers.  For those of us wanting to do things more consciously we seek to go a bit further.  We want to be as clear as a flame within the stream of emotional experience.  We want to step out of the old patterns of denial and avoidance.  In this way we prevent the old influences from creeping back in and embedding them in our new reality.

Bath or Birth by h.koppdelaney on

Right now we are crossing a bridge between realities, choosing one pathway from the many.  It’s so important to allow ourselves the time to be illuminated so that we can see the simple and true nourishment that life is offering us in return for what we have given up in the past.   Venus (in 41) is creating a channel with Neptune in the Gate of Illumination (30).  There is no need to make everything right, no need to feel secure, to avoid the risk of alienation or rejection.  We offer what we have to each moment, no matter how insignificant it seems.  In this way we connect with life minded people with similar interests (Sappho in 30).

Mars in the Gate of Family brings an influx of energy to our search for home, intensifying emotion, challenging the established ways and putting relationships to the test.   Home is a co-operative space where we invest ourselves in a shared journey towards common goals, it’s where we come to learn what is of value.  Home requires the constancy of the feminine, she who knows how to be still and wait in the unknown becoming.  Steadily over time we create a space where we can all grow freely into our natural form.

The old warrior Mars energy has retired for repair.  Witness the shifts in the Middle East as people rise up against the tyranny.  Our new internal Mars energy is massively and unconditionally protective of the sensitivity, gentleness and connectedness of our wild and natural selves.

Today’s New Moon occurs in the Crown Chakra.  We have worked hard to win the territory of our hearts and souls back for ourselves.  The next six months will call on us to value our new territory highly, to protect and nurture it, and to share it freely with those who have come to represent family to us.  Without forcing anything we will find our way illuminated with a new kind of light.