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Snow White and the Theft of the Time Lords ~ the Pisces Full Moon

  25th August 2010 Today’s Full Moon might be in Pisces but it’s no laid back affair.  In fact, it’s electrifying as the Moon conjuncts Snow White in the Gate of Thunder and Fire ~ Abundance (55.2). Snow White fascinates me, and not just because she sits bang on my natal Chiron.  Oh well, okay … Read More »

Spitting Out The Poison

[JP-Facebook-Like] 21st August 2010 I’m watching the global debate just now on what will save us all. It’s assuming we need to be saved, which is interesting in itself. And I’m watching Mercury in the Gate of Oppression and Exhaustion bringing a black cloud of doom and gloom and ‘I can’t go on another minute … Read More »