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The Galactic Doorway

18th January 2011 Watch the video for these transits. This weeks Full Moon will open a gateway to the voice of the Galactic Centre.  What is that voice saying?  That it’s time to let go of projecting our issues onto others in order to defend our own vulnerable inner selves.  It’s a bit like the … Read More »

An Innocent Full Moon

[JP-Facebook-Like] 23rd September 2010 Today’s Full Moon rides into town on the heels of this weeks   Jupiter conjunction with Uranus in the Gate of Innocence.  Throw in a Pluto T-square and we’ve got ourselves a real shake up! The Full Moon in a line of the Gate of Innocence suggests we be good and true, … Read More »

Pluto T-Squares and Aquarian Full Moons

[JP-Facebook-Like] Over the next few days you will come face to face with some ideas that you suddenly realise are just plain wrong. The Aquarian Full Moon on 26th July brings with it a new groundedness, an ability to see with clearer eyes, taking action from our hearts and a breakthrough in how we connect … Read More »

Tending Your Inner Flame

[JP-Facebook-Like] Mars has moved into the emotional zone and hit us in our intimate relationships.  Especially for those with activations in the adjoining Gate 59, this is a powerful influence.  Gate 6 in the Human Design chart holds many emotions and seeks to bring together our emotional and sexual/creative natures.  Not an insignificant process! Mars … Read More »

The Luminous Transformation of The Diabolical Self

[JP-Facebook-Like] Here’s something that’s always fascinated me.  People’s fear of having no rules.  I am always being given reasons, really good reasons, as to why we need rules.  It’s the only way we can keep the evil in check.  Not you and me, mind you, but those bad people out there.  My beautiful Facebook friend … Read More »

A Day of Massive Integration

[JP-Facebook-Like] Does it feel like you’re being sucked into a whirlpool? Or perhaps racing down a ravine on a flimsy raft? Both of these images make sense. Apart from the obvious – Cosmic Cross, sitting between two eclipses – we have lots of dwarf planet and black hole action going on. Plus Mars and Venus … Read More »