Gateway To The Garden

The landscape shifts like sticky mud under our feet as we try to hold our ground.  December dishes up the unexpected, as if we have been searching in the garden for a particular plant and suddenly wander through a gate to find ourselves in another garden entirely.  Reacquainting ourselves with our new environment needs to be our main focus for the next few weeks.  Who knows what wonders we’ll find there!

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Yesterday’s New Moon was conjunct The Great Attractor (5), and the Full Moon on 20th is in the same channel (15).   This channel is the only one activated on 21st December 2012, and it deals with the opening of time dimensions and a re-balancing of the masculine and feminine energy.  Time both speeds up and slows down, warping space and our sense of self.  Being ‘at home’ becomes a soul journey rather than a real estate transaction.

Human Design Transits for 6th December 2010

There’s a whole pile of things going on in the chart right now.  With the Earth in Gate 35, we are able to express our emotions directly and immediately.  Usually a transit to this channel leads to emotional outbursts, but this time the planetary influences have created a deeper slower expression.

In the emotional centre, Neptune is conjunct Chiron in Gate 30.  These two have been travelling together since 2008.   In this gate they seem to be bringing up old emotional wounds to our sense of needs and wants and desires.  They are giving us a reality check on our fantasies, and in this way creating the conditions for instant manifestation.  If what we want isn’t really what we want, but just a glamourous fantasy (think Ferrari), then we will have subconscious resistance.

Feeling wounded about not getting what we want focuses our attention on this question over and over again – is that what I really want?  Or perhaps we could put it this way – if that Ferrari turned up in the driveway right now, would it make me any happier?

There’s a deep but mistaken belief here that we need to rely on others to get what we want.  And this involves manipulation of them (but muuuummmmm!!, why can’t I have it!!!!) and of ourselves as well, as we shift and twist to make ourselves the right shape to attract what we believe we need.  And because we haven’t yet quite mastered the manifestation dance, we never got to do the bit where we learn how to distinguish our true desires from our “childish” fantasies.   We are filling in the dots now.

The second emotional issue is Jupiter and Uranus in Gate 36.  There is a sense here of feeling that our emotional selves are quite mad, they just won’t listen to reason or comply nicely with our ego goals.  And they are making it difficult for us to fit in with the old concept of time.  If I feel emotional and can’t get my work done by 5pm, is that wrong of me?  Waiting for emotional clarity isn’t something we can get sorted by making to-do notes in our diary.  It’s much more receptive than that, and this is where the feminine integrative aspect of self can’t live within the prison of our current time frames.

That suppressed emotional energy is like a powerful horse that will ride in and carry you forward exactly as you desire (36.2).  But our addiction to mechanical time keeps it locked away where it can’t topple the order of our neat and tidy lives.  Without that power we find even walking is difficult (there are so many hexagrams that talk about not being able to walk just now!).  We rely instead on the false ‘horsepower’ of our imaginary Ferrari, living on fantasies where the real thing is waiting for us in an adjacent and parallel time universe.

The third highly significant event is Pluto (58) and Saturn (48) making a sandwich with Gate 18 being the delicious filling.  Gate 18 is a profound gate of DNA healing that affects us on the mental and physical levels.  Pluto (and Mercury about to retrograde) are letting us know that joy is our natural birthright.  I want to quote from 58.1 in Hilary Barrett’s excellent I Ching:

This is the promising beginning of a conversation: not mere self-expression, but the capacity to listen and respond.  You foster trust, and make mutual enrichment possible, by opening up your inner space to exchange.

The foundation for this responsive communication is autonomy and self-reliance: it means that you have something to give, and that you can create a harmonious connection that is not dominated or distorted by what people need from one another.

This is a channel that deals with our relationship to authority – tribal leaders both matriarchal and patriarchal.  There is a potential rigidity being cleared from our energetic fields as we realise that we are safe to connect with the depths of our own horsepower, our own truth and confidence (Saturn in 48.6).  Again from Hilary Barrett,

Water flows strongly into this well from underground sources.  It’s an image of effortless plenty; the water rising in the well, gathering even more as you draw from it – a constant dependable flow.

It might seem safer to cover the well.  You might want to hold yourself apart from the flow of giving and receiving for fear of losing your freedom and autonomy in the constant exchange.  Yet only when you remove the barriers and become part of the flow can you experience the true essence of the situation and tap into it’s deeper potential.

It’s hard to believe that we could be safe in a world where we can wait for the goodness and joy to surface naturally.  It’s difficult to trust that we have all we need within us to manifest what we truly desire without struggle or manipulation.   The Moon is passing over the Galactic Centre (11.5) later today and that is likely to bring new ideas that have you stepping into the next part of that journey into your new garden.


A Day of Massive Integration

Does it feel like you’re being sucked into a whirlpool? Or perhaps racing down a ravine on a flimsy raft? Both of these images make sense.

Apart from the obvious – Cosmic Cross, sitting between two eclipses – we have lots of dwarf planet and black hole action going on. Plus Mars and Venus are playing out an ancient story right before our eyes. Let’s go have a closer look.

Our galaxy revolves around the sun. Which revolves around the Galactic Centre. Which itself revolves around the Super Galactic Centre. Wheels within wheels. And then we have the super massive black hole called The Great Attractor. So what?

All three black holes are impacting hugely upon us right now.

Let’s start with the Galactic Centre. In the Human Design Chart it’s in the Ajna Centre in Gate 11, which is about Heaven and Earth coming together. And sitting right there keeping it company just now is the very important dwarf planet, Ceres.

The Galactic Centre is like a giant vacuum cleaner that sucks out all your old subconscious ideas and replaces them with new ones. We simply have to look at the planet making contact with it to see what kind of ideas are getting removed and to know what they’re getting replaced with. Ceres represents the places within us that haven’t been nurtured and nourished, plus loss and grief, and anything to do with food.

This pressures us to release old ideas that don’t feel good and to learn new ways of thinking about ourselves and our lives. Thinking nurturing thoughts, releasing grief at not being loved.

Moving through space and time, we arrive at the Super Galactic Centre and find …. Saturn! In the Human Design Chart the Super Galactic Centre is in Gate 46 in the G Centre. The Super Galactic Centre wants us to find a soul mate. Not in the romantic sense and not even necessarily in the love sense. It wants us to have stable loving and creative relationships, starting with our relationship with ourselves.

This is the Gate of Pushing Upwards and it’s story is that of a seedling pushing up through the soil towards the light and warmth of the sun. The seedling doesn’t really know where it’s headed or what it will find when it gets there.  All it knows is that it must make the effort and it must move towards warmth and light.  Saturn helps us release old self imposed limitations to relating, peeling off heart armouring, and supports us to build solid stable and supportive long term loving creative relationships.

And The Great Attractor?  It’s in the Sacral Centre in Gate 5, Waiting for Nourishment.  And it’s joined by a Centaur called Ixion.   Eric Francis describes Ixion quite eloquently as “a total asshole”. Astrologer Nick Anthony Fiorenza makes this revealing comment:

“… at the least [Ixion] would also seem to be related to the suppression, manipulation, and the exploitation of women. And more specifically about those in authoritarian positions being brought to justice for deeds involving the suppression and manipulation of people, especially women, as well as the the tyrannical destruction of people for one’s own end.”

To his credit, Ixion appears to be using the immense power of The Great Attractor to reveal the way in which a certain sort of powerful, authoritarian asshole has been operating to our detriment right under our very eyes. Even to the point of having us play a part in our own destruction.   It’s as if the oil spill has drawn massive attention and now we are all on a path of unravelling, being drawn into The Great Attractor’s energy field with no hope of escaping until the story is complete.

So that’s the black holes.  But with all that going on, they are only part of the story.  Remember the Cardinal Cross?  It’s gotten bigger.  Crosser?  Because Pluto has now joined all the other players in the G Centre.  Jupiter and Uranus, Saturn and Pluto – three of the four points of the Cross (Jupiter and Uranus are both at one point) – are in the G Centre, which is all about the way we connect to each other.

8th July 2010

8th July 2010

Have a look at the connections in the chart today.   If we add in the dwarf planets Ceres, Haumea and Eris, we have a connection from Root to Ajna with the Spleen Centre included as well.   Let’s take account of Vesta in Gate 64 in the Crown,  dwarf planets Orcus and Makemake in 59/6 connecting the Sacral Centre to the Solar Plexus Centre, and the Centaur Bienor (the Strong Man) in Gate 51 – Shock – bringing in the Heart Centre and we have all 9 centres activated without having to resort to anything beyond the very sigificant cosmic players.

I’m not going to try to go over all the aspects, because it would make our brains explode on this amazing day.  Let’s just leave it this overview.

It may feel like something beloved is being removed from our lives, although we may not know what it is.  We may feel as if we are heading into a personal dark night or a global apocalypse.  This is Ceres demanding her dues as Earth, potentially releasing an outpouring of emotional energy (via Makemake and Orcus in the Solar Plexus emotional centre).    If we want to be a part of this earth play, we have to acknowledge our part in it.  We do this through our bodies and this brings Venus into the picture.

In the Feminine Mojo Teleseries, Venus was a revelation, a powerful new influence, re-emerging into our lives.  Both light and dark, morning and night.  In the Sacral Centre just now she takes hold of our energy and demands we use it in her service, and this may involve going into a personal dark night on the way to our own new dawn.  Venus tells us that we cannot live without love and beauty.  Ceres allows us to grieve for the times we have had to do so.

It drives me crazy when I read that a Venus transit means we’re going to feel lazy and spend too much money!  How this trivialises us!  Lazy is the new creative!   Money is the new abundance!   No more slavery to the protestant work ethic and doing without so that a handful of powerful people can suck up all our earthly goodness for themselves.

There is rising up a joyful, erotic and loving energy from this womb-like depth.   It is unsinkable.  It’s is unstoppable.  It’s a Venusian force of nature.  As Venus tells us in The Abyss (gate 29) we only have to flow with the rushing river through the abyss to reach the ocean.  We don’t need to try to heroically climb the sides of the ravine, or struggle to move rocks that appear to obstruct us.  It’s all in the flow and letting the water carry us on.

Mars in the Gate of Oppression and Exhaustion is instrumental for the next few days.  He is making us angry and overwhelmed.  He is probably making our head spin as he asks us to dig into our anger to dicsover the point at which it transforms to become our passion.

This is not a time to repress your rage, the world needs your fire to protect what’s rightly yours.  And mine.  And ours.   It’s the key to moving out of thoughts that will otherwise cause our own extinction.    Mars is bringing wild dreams of destruction, blood, and release from servitude.

The next eclipse is going to happen right on top of Eris, so we’ll leave her till then.  Take it easy today and enjoy the birthing of an amazing new world of creative connection, love and an erotic sensual expression of life!