I’ve been reading a bit lately about the Singularity.  When I first heard the term I assumed it referred to the point at which the duality we have all been living in for millenium resolved into oneness.  This is what I believe the whole 2012 thing is about.  If you haven’t seen Terence McKenna’s take on 2012 and the I Ching, I’ve included a video at the end of the post.

But no, it’s nothing so wonderful.  To my surprise and amazement, the Singularity turns out to be the point at which robots and humanity merge.  There are people who are excited about this.  Apparently the idea of becoming TransHuman is appealing.

As someone who grew up with the Six Million Dollar Man, I can see where they’re coming from.  But. We are talking here about superhumans, artificially enhanced by things like robotics, neurotechnology and implants of various kinds.

Of course it’s already happening.  How many of us know someone with a titanium hip or knee?  And how many people would be completely lost without their GPS and smartphone?  And have a look at this:

Prominent futurist Ray Kurzweil told the US Congress of Representatives that smarter-than-human intelligence is likely to arrive within twenty to thirty years, at his testimony at a hearing on the societal implications of nanotechnology.

Kurzweil believes that once nanotechnology matures to a certain degree, it will permit us to scan the human brain at the fine-grained molecular level, uncovering the cognitive regularities responsible for our intelligence. At that point, Kurzweil claims, it will be possible to either enhance human brains cybernetically, or completely transfer (“upload”) human brains onto computers – probably nanocomputers – and run them at accelerated clock rates, resulting quickly in transhuman intelligence.


I had a bit of an experience of this a week or so ago.  My phone rang and when I answered it a recorded voice said “Kim Gould please call 1800 xxx xxx xx and quote this reference number &#$%$##.”  And then hung up.  I have no idea who that call was from.  It could have been my telephone company, a telemarketer, who knows?  A few days after this experience I had to call the accounts department of a medical company to query a bill.  I rang the number and when it was answered this is what I heard “Hello, reference number please.”

These calls got me thinking about how we are being ‘robotisized’.  I mean, why would a company think I would respond to either of those situations?  It’s because we are gradually being trained to follow robotic like prompts.  If you’re not convinced, have a look at this Visa Card ad.



So who are the cool and savvy good guys, and who is the awkward guy who’s a loser for not keeping up with technology?  Now look again and see who you’d rather be?  This is the best training video I can imagine for more negative aspects of  the Gate of Grace and Beauty – Gate 22.  This is the superficial world we all become trapped in – the world of gloss and glamour and artificial community – when we don’t take the time to find out what our emotions tell us about what’s right for us on a personal level!

There is a dangerous and largely invisible push to block us from our natural intelligence and birthright.  Reliance on technology weakens us, separates us and interferes with our natural human processes.  It also carries hidden within it a myth that we cannot self-heal, that we cannot connect over distances, that we cannot intuitively choose to be in exactly the right place and the right time, that we have no connection with the earth’s abundance unless rescued from starvation by genetically modified grains, that we must be rescued from our own destructiveness, and that the earth is angry with us and will destroy us given half a chance.

It is a shortsighted view of humanity that is incapable of perceiving the new trajectory of our evolution!

I want to push it one step further.  We can already access the benefits of this new TransHuman.  If we simply relax into love and our own multidimensional consciousness we can evolve into something that most people would consider to be divine!  It is the result of hard won efforts at the soul level, not by getting an implant, a mechanical “upgrade”.

Have you ever watched a science fiction movie and wondered why it’s all about hatred, war and destruction?  I have come to believe that most people have absolutely no idea what is shifting beneath their feet – the very basis of what it is to be human! As we move beyond the limited reality of the third dimension (or whatever you want to call it) and into a much wider consciousness of truth, love and beauty the superficial survival needs of humanity fade away.

We find extraordinary new capabilities coming to the surface – the ability to love unconditionally, to perceive patterns of connectedness that were previously invisible, to consciously connect with the plasticity of our brains, cells and DNA, to communicate without speech, to ride a wave of synchronous universal creativity, and so on.  These emerging capabilities make the idea of becoming TransHuman seem like a nightmare rather than a wonderful vision of the future.

This new apocalyptic vision is sometimes referred to a the Post Human World. It’s true! You can google it!  Futuristic scientist Dr Michio Kaku talks about this Post Human World in this short video.  I’m wondering how many of the benefits of this brave new world you are already experiencing – or beginning to understand how to create –  in your life without the need for any technology at all? Perfect body, perfect health, agelessness, real connections with mythical creatures, time travel, etc, etc, etc.

The Human Design Transits

Today is activating an awareness of this attempt to push humanity into a helpless robotic future.  Atlantis and Nemesis are opposing Ceres and the Moon.  The Earth Mother and La Luna meet technology head on.

Atlantis and Nemesis suggest that we better stay on the surface, trapped in our own survival fears because if we relax for a moment we’ll starve to death.  With no trust in the feminine – either the nourishing mother or the potent creative potential held within the daugther – we are truly adrift in the sea of male creativity.

This attempt to keep us all in the superficial is simply Mars trying to avoid his deeper emotions about the mother/feminine – but to no avail since these will begin to surface in early June as Ceres shifts into Gate 36 on 30th May.  In his attempts to avoid the deep complexity of the mother/son relationship, the masculine turns instead to technology.

If any of you have read the work of Joseph Chiltern Pierce (highly recommended) you will know about his research on the bonding that babies do with technology rather than their mothers in hospital births.  Intriguing stuff given this whole TransHuman story is coming from the baby boomers – the first generation to experience wide scale hospital birth!

Atlantis is in Gate 64 at the moment, meeting Nemesis in 47.  Ceres and the Moon are in Gate 22 (which is the opposite gate to 47).  And the South Node is in Gate 12.   Atlantis is also square Persephone and trine Mercury (in the Gate of Earth – 2).

Atlantis represents the use of power, especially in technology or information, against another.  Nemesis represents the place where we return to again and again until we finally understand our adversary. Mercury and Venus are conjunct in the Mental Gate of Returning – coming back again and again until we finally work out what is really going on.

There’s a strong relationship aspect here, as Atlantis is also exactly conjunct the relationship asteroid and minor planet Juno!

If you’ve been watching my Facebook feed you might have seen how conflicted I am about getting a new smartphone.  It’s because I love technology but I know the dark side that it brings to our lives – South American miners being poisoned and dying for the minerals in our laptops and phones, the electro-magnetic energy that soaks our homes from wifi, the effect on our brains of constantly being ‘connected’.

The daughter and mother are re-uniting on 30th May as Persephone in 35.6 meets up with her mother Ceres in 36.1 – 30th May 15:00 through to 1st June 22:00 UT. I expect this will be a time for completion of the family dynamic that’s been healing between mother and daughter – the princess/daughter energy I’ve been writing about.

Also, note that Mars and Venus are conjunct in the Ajna Centre, so we can trust in the growth of true relationship. The daughter is being freed up from the vapid projections of both parents, and this allows her gentle fertility to bless the earth once more.

Note that Gate 24 is the mental portal for the Crown Gate of Inner Knowing – Gate 61. It’s what we do on the mental level with our inspirational knowing of what is true for us as individuals, a powerful thing indeed! With no belief in that gentle energy of our inner daughter we can never know our own creations. Only in knowing this can we make our own invisible world become visible and manifest.

And right now that means allowing both the masculine and the feminine to play their roles.  When this happens we can truly relax and stop overcompensating!  And move into an era of abundant free and empowering technology, rather than old ideas that robotics will be our future!

The I Ching and Timewave Zero 2012

Here is a video on Terence McKenna’s calculations using the I  Ching.  Skip over the first few minutes to 2.50 where you’ll go straight to the relevant bit.


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