48056.originalWe have a problem with fear in our society.  We’ve confused two different fear events.  One is that moment when our heart leaps into our mouth as we spot the saber tooth tiger eyeing us off from behind a nearby bush.  The other is blocked intuition that shows up in our lives as constant worries, free floating anxiety and even depression.

The saber tooth tiger event is hard-wired into our DNA.  It bypasses our conscious mind and triggers the fight or flight response.  It floods our body with adrenaline to allow us a super-human response, and it blocks our capacity to consider options.

Taking the time to think things over and consider options is life threatening when we are staring at an immediate danger.  Properly considering options also requires access to our limbic (emotional or mammalian) brain.  We can’t make good life choices without our emotions, but this is not about life choices.  This type of fear is simply about surviving the next few minutes, and the saber tooth is not too bothered about our emotional response to being dinner.

This version of fear – the  fight or flight type fear – comes from the Root Centre in Human Design.  It’s an immediate threat to survival that triggers adrenaline.

The second kind of fear is a modern phenomenon.  It arises from what I call the Dominator Model.  One aspect of the Dominator Model is where the mind dominates the body to such an extent that we lose touch with our intuitive responses to life.  This type of  fear is not so much about threats to life as it is about our ongoing well-being.  In fact, it’s not really fear at all!  It’s a free flowing intuitive awareness of what’s good for us and what’s not.  This is the stuff we find in the Spleen Centre, and it has connections with our emotions so it’s a more holistic way of making choices in life.

I was thinking about this dual nature of fear and composing a blog post in my head (as I do) when I pulled out Karla McLaren’s wonderful book,  The Language of Emotions and found this:

Most of us think we know fear because we have experienced the mood states of worry, anxiety, trepidation, terror or panic.  However none of these emotions is fear!  Though we have all felt true fear (there is no way to survive without it), we have so completely confused it with anxieties and terrors that we have lost our ability to identify fear as the distinct and vital capacity it is. 

Right now we have the Sun, Venus and Mars in the Gate of Shock (51).  The Earth is opposite in the Gate of The Gentle (57).   This is a partnership of energies that call us to tune into the first subtle stirrings of our physical intuition.  It carries the dna memory imprint of our fear of the unexpected.  When we are so overloaded, so rushed and so busy, how will we cope?   When we slow down enough to hear the first stirrings of that small gentle voice and enter into a dialogue with the incredible intelligence of our cellular self, life opens up in astonishing ways.  We begin to step out of culturally conditioned fear based state and into relationship with reality.

The Gate of Shock sits in the Heart Centre, the intermediary between the emotions and our higher self.  It too can operate from fear – the ego’s fear of loss of control, of isolation and annihilation.  But if we shimmy up the consciousness scale a bit, the Heart Centre presents us with a more positive experience.   Here we find the emotions are a pathway to our soul geometry.  They bring the individual part of you into relationship with the collective – what’s unique about you, your personal preferences and delights are important to us all.

So how do we  tune into the difference between a life threatening event and an overdue work deadline?

There is a deep and profound wounding that is being repaired over the next few days.  Because we have lost much of our conscious connection with our body intelligence we have built up layer upon layer of unprocessed shock from unexpected events.  Our brains push us ever onward towards our egoic goals, but our bodies have been left to hold the damage.  This subdues our capacity to listen gently to our intuition.

The Earth activation for the next 5 days is in the Gate of Intuitive Clarity.  This is an energy of gently feeling our way into situations.  It’s not a sharp cutting energy – shock! fear! Instead it is a quiet sensation, perhaps a prickling of the skin or a twitching of the nose. It is the body expressing itself in response to our environment.  This gentle intuitive sense offers us a chance to enter into conversation with a deep knowing of what is good for us as individuals.  It’s not about recommended daily intakes or ideal weight to height ratios.  It’s something deeply personal. Through it’s link with the Heart Centre, it brings us closer to our soul geometry and provides a bridge between our emotions and our higher self.

Our bodies need to heal, to get healthy, to renew their relationship with joy.  As we get to know our ‘fear’ in this more natural way, our bodies can reconnect with a gentleness and innocence that’s been lost.  We can begin to understand what is truly threatening and what is simply a culturally induced anxiety syndrome.

Take some time over the next few days to feel your feet gently upon the earth, to feel the breeze on your skin and to listen deeply to the language of your cells.


Kim Gould is founder of LoveYourDesign.com and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the LoveYourDesign.com blog.