The Ninth Wave

On the 9th March 2011 we will begin an intense 234 days of transformation and integration leading to a new level of consciousness, according to Mayan Calendar authority Carl Calleman.  Calleman describes the shift as the Ninth Step in Consciousness – the Universal Underworld, the last step before the completion of the current period of human evolution.  The original step – Cellular Underworld – began over 1 billion years ago.

According to Calleman the next 234 days will consist of periods of intensity lasting 9 days followed by a descending intensity for the next 18 days when we are able to integrate the higher energies. The Ninth Wave is about creating harmony from what has evolved previously, to let go of old personal agenda’s and begin manifesting unity consciousness with all that is. This represents a choice between truth and tradition.

9th March 2011 ~ (set for noon Hawaii ~ see note below)


We have been uncovering a hidden aspect of self over the past 18 months, removing blocks and obstructions from the emotional, mental and cellular layers.  This ninth wave represents the beginning of a new journey, the release of something that has not seemed to be present in your life before.  Expect to discover surprising new things about yourself.  Recognise that we are brand new here, we don’t know our way.  We must be humble and allow ourselves time to learn who we are and how we can be.

The key features of this chart are
  • moving away from helping others and becoming more aligned with imagining our own best life
  • becoming aware of the way we have internalised the ancient feminine/masculine roles
  • and how we extrapolate them out into our relationships
  • maturing into becoming our own authority
  • learning to operate alone and without support or approval from others
  • opening up to authentic and intimate encounters with others in all circumstances
  • letting go of sensitivity to critisism and rejection
  • releasing our need for external status of jobs, trophy partners, etc


Life or Death

The activations are for a Body connection to Soul (Spleen to Ji), in a channel that gives us a profound opportunity to align our behaviour with our instinctive selves (57-10).  This is the “anti-zombie channel” – it has the capacity to inform our cells with spiritual light rather than adrenal based pressure to do, to replace the death energy in our cells with life energy.

The current activations to the Spleen and Solar Plexus Centres release unconscious material stowed deep within our cells, making peace between our civilized and wild selves and releasing dammed up vital energy.  They release our instinctual nature from it’s pallid prison of false morality, our emotional energy from rigid convention, and our mental awareness from slavery into creative play.

Saturn in the Spleen Centre has been busy presenting us with difficult situations that have forced us to release old subconscious material down to the cellular level.  This has created a false perception of a lack of wellbeing, as we reversed out of old patterns of ill health.  Not that we haven’t suffered the symptoms, but the cause has not been illness in the conventional sense, but a vibration of illness giving us the chance to see and clear it from our lives.  That process is likely to continue till September 2011, but the intensity will lessen.

The Sun is in the Solar Plexus Centre, in Gate 22, showing us the beauty of a gentle submission to the time it takes to see the bigger picture.  Rushing ahead keeps us trapped in fear and survival.  Withdrawing and withholding prevents us from our abundance. This from Hilary Barrett’s I Ching:

Remain true to yourself as well as to the beauty revealed.  Retain your personal integrity even in the moment where you are most fully immersed, having plunged deeply and swiftly into the water of experience.  Don’t drown in your imaginings, stay aware of what you are accepting into yourself and why.  You can swim with the river’s current without dissolving into it.

This aligns so clearly with the fire and water elements that we have received in the last Full Moon and New Moon.  Our own flame continues to shine brightly, even in deep water.  We maintain the individual flame of our soul light while joining into universal consciousness.  In fact, universal consciousness cannot evolve if we allow our Self to drown in it.

One of the most significant ideas upon us now is to understand HOW we can flow and maintain our individuality.  Isn’t it an either/or situation?  Doesn’t it go like this:  “We can be individuals, or we can be part of the collective”.  We tend to see it that way because of our conditioning – our fear of rejection.  Our fear that we are not special enough to be included, not good enough to be invited in, not creative enough to contribute something worthwhile and not lovable enough to attract companions.   This pandemic of fear had become our reality, bleeding into our relationships and institutions, breeding issues of hierarchy and control.   But now, we’ve stepped out of the game, and the game is breaking down.

I recently listened to an interview with a man who was wounded in the first of the demonstrations in Libya.  A family man, he heard about the demonstration in the morning and knew he had to be there.  Even though he realised his life would be at risk, he couldn’t say no to this rare chance to claim freedom from tyranny for his children.   In some way, we are all facing that same choice.

We are going through a difficult initiation of realising we are alone.  We have only ourselves to rely on.  And yet, the more deeply we delve into the pain of this realisation, the more fully we can share ourselves with others and they with us.  Facing all those fears of non-inclusion, we realise we are free to be ourselves.  And even more, we are free to love, to dance, to create and to support and encourage each other to do the same.

The Libyans know this.  The want to keep foreign interference out of the current unrest, because they know that it would create complex new relationships that will bind up any new government.  On a personal level it’s similar – we can support each other without the kind of helping that is basically interference.

The Earth is in Gate 47 – Oppression and Exhaustion – in the Ajna Centre. When we give our minds control, everyone loses the plot.   Left in charge but with no access to true awareness, the mind is like a frightened and lost child.  It’s only ally is the shallow ego self, a shell of bombast or a ghost hiding away from the world (probably a combination of both), leading us into oppression and exhaustion.  In line 3, the Earth explains that we have been reaching for things that are toxic to us.  But now we are transitioning to a time when our mind can go back to it’s creative playfulness, giving over to our true authority – emotional and  physical knowing.

One of the most profound shifts we are experiencing is a true relationship between all three areas of awareness – our mental, emotional and instinctive awareness.  This completely removes inner conflict because every aspect of ourselves gets a say in our lives in each moment.

With Chiron conjunct Snow White in the Gate of Abundance (55.2), we are waking up from a deep sleep to find a crisis has developed.  Where is the handsome Prince?  The beautiful Princess?  The Earth in Gate 47 says that the real partnership we seek is hidden within us.  There’s no saviour here but you.  And even though you might feel like you’ve lost your way, the truth is that there is something inside you that knows.  And it is this part of you that is coming back to life.  Again, here is the idea that we have to take the risk to be alone, to face aloneness, to go on alone and without support.  This is a paradox, because with Sappho also in Gate 55.2, we are assured of friendly companions.  They are our abundance just now.  But they will only reveal themselves once we have taken the risk and leapt into the unknown.

The Moon is in the Yin/Yin hexagram representing the Earth, The Receptive (2).  Dark, fomenting, a container from which the chaos gives birth to form, the Moon in this gate asks you to trust your inner knowing over anything outside yourself.   The subconscious self can know things that the rational mind and the light of day do not understand.  The Moon in this gate also suggests the need to wait for the light of clear day to show us the way rather than tripping over our compulsive drive for security and safety that comes from living in the lunar half light.

Subtle signs show the way and when you apply sensitivity you can see the patterns of what is coming.  Your steps are so important, tiny changes now determine the pathways of the future.

Mercury is conjunct Uranus in the Gate of Innocence (25).  Orpheus, Apollo and Hera is in the adjoining Gate of Shock (51).   There is a teasing out of the self in relationship, as we disentangle ourselves from family dynamics (Apollo) and the power struggles of roles and ownership (Hera).  Orpheus wants to look to the other as a way of saving himself, but we’ve been down that road for so long we’ve lost ourselves.   If ever the saying was true it’s now – the one about letting go of what you love and if it comes back to you it is yours.   Each one of us is striving, even driven, to be as truly and passionately ourselves as we can possibly be and in some ways there feels like a need to ditch the other as too much ballast.  And at the same time to cling as tightly as we can out of fear of aloneness.

But that’s the old view of what’s going on.  In the new reality we are fellow travellers and the isolation we may experience reveals itself as an illusion.  The more we love ourselves, the more love there is.  The defined Ji Centre makes loving each other a natural way of life.

We are awakening and coming back to ourselves, drawing closer to a greater spirit of togetherness.  To do so we need to continue to release all the cellular aspects that still hold onto the old notion of romantic love and family, financial status, career ladders, academic authority, parental authority and any other type of externalised authority or role.  (Venus in 19.2 and Pluto in 58.4, and Thereus conjunct Achilles in 16).  This could create great anxiety and/or depression.  Look for the old belief, the old story and allow your breath to carry it out of your system.  If you feel the need to control or judge, remind yourself that everything is just how it needs to be, even if it looks like it could endanger you in some way.  The danger is likely to be old shame, old guilt, old fear.  No longer present.

When Mercury and Uranus meet we can expect flashes of intuitive knowing, as the personal mind opens up to universal inspiration.  This process will release us from the need to identify with or claim importance from a label or role.

Mars is in the Crown Chakra, is at the completion of the Hexagram cycle in Gate 63 and poised to begin anew.  As our warrior self makes attempts to conquer this new world we can often feel foolish, humble, confused.  This is a sign that we’ve tried to push forward too quickly and slipped back into old ways.  The major task of Mars is to ensure that all aspects of our self are protected and provided for.  He doesn’t need to be concerned with what others are doing.

Jupiter in the Heart Centre, in the Gate of Biting Through meets the asteroid Diana in Gate 45.  Do you feel hunted, as if your wild self is trapped in trying to make ends meet? Make enough money to survive?  Keep up with the Jones?  Jupiter and Diana are letting us know to look within for our resources.  Jupiter will show us where we have tended to take our gifts too lightly, where we have resisted opportunity, and where we have been reckless with treasure we should have valued more.  We need to stop trying to get others to take responsibility for our abundance and begin to develop our own creative powers.  Between 9th and 12th March we get a free pass, so keep your eyes open, and be ready to leap at any opportunity presented, even though it may not seem perfect.

It’s likely we may also experience an increase in interference in our lives.  But in this new Jupiter cycle we can see the real cause of the interference, rather than a narrowly focused annoyance at the symptoms.  We are looking from a broader perspective and so our response creates great change.

Saturn has been a profound activator since it joined Haumea in the Gate of Intuitive Clarity (57) in early December 2010.  They meet the North Node in Gate 10, connecting the Spleen Centre to the Ji Centre – body connecting to soul.  A humble and gentle approach to life allows us to penetrate deeply, and to receive as much as possible from each experience.  There is a combination here of moving patiently forward, only taking action in the direction of your dreams when the time is right.  The day to day grind that makes up the working world for most people is completely unnecessary.

On the other hand, if we are too humble we get thrown off course.  Busy-ness with no real purpose is the result.   When it is time to act, we should act.  Note that both Haumea and Saturn both carry the potential for volcanic response, to blow off the old subconscious material and create ‘new land’ for ourselves.

One of the negative aspects of Saturn is loneliness, and the connection with Haumea has brought up the loss of family for many.  I am using the word family in a broad sense.  Saturn and Haumea have made it very clear to us that we need community to prosper.

Pluto is in the Gate of Joy, simply making sure that we can see where we are giving away our authority over our own lives and allowing ourselves to be pressured away from our natural joyful experience of life.  How can you fully enjoy the moment?  What more can you bring to your experience and expression of now?


This is a summary of the major planets and other significant influences for the Human Design Transit chart for 9th March 2011.   Over the next few days and weeks we are set to experience a wave of spiritual initiations as we launch into the Ninth Wave of Universal Consciousness.  I will post a video showing the first set of those waves tomorrow.

** I’ve used noon in Hawaii for the chart, based on advice from Calleman (via Alecia R.)

Read more on the Ninth Wave ~ http://www.calleman.com/content/articles/dawn_of_the_unity_wave.htm


  1. without conscious knowledge, i must have been sensing this:

    “We are going through a difficult initiation of realising we are alone. We have only ourselves to rely on. And yet, the more deeply we delve into the pain of this realisation, the more fully we can share ourselves with others and they with us. Facing all those fears of non-inclusion, we realise we are free to be ourselves. And even more, we are free to love, to dance, to create and to support and encourage each other to do the same.”

    and i say this because i have been sharing with friends, something as a solution that emulates this:

    “… we can support each other without the kind of helping that is basically interference.”

    the only mistake is, i came in between (making THAT solution, ‘intereference’ that you mention) – by trying to push the idea.

    (i was proposing forming a group with a different structure n purpose than most groups we see. and this purpose – as it is now clear to me – seems to have stemmed from a sense of the need of ‘non-interfering help’, which each of us need)

    so… thank you kim… this clarity you have brought makes my resolve more powerful, yet more gentle, supple and flexible…

  2. Aahh Kim…I thought you might have been at your loom, weaving another magic-filled masterpiece – and here it is!
    An epic with sumptuous detail and precision, a gigantic sweep and a tender message. Amazing!

    …’release our instinctual nature from it’s pallid prison of false morality, our emotional energy from rigid convention, and our mental awareness from slavery into creative play.’
    Pure Poetry.
    Thank you dear heart for your generous offerings. Yours is the kind of help that does not interfere, the accompaniment that is not suffocating or demeaning.
    Here is to Harmony!

    Anna x

  3. Oh my heavens!!! I have been writing many aspects of this article in my journal over the last week. It’s been an incredible journey and this is wonderful confirmation. I have already shared it with many on my email list. THANK YOU for your service to humanity and all of its inhabitants. Many blessings to you!

  4. Abundant gratitude Kim – this is the message I was seeking to gain clarity.

    Thank you ‘#2 biren’ for sharing your thoughts with us.

    ‘We are awakening and coming back to ourselves, drawing closer to a greater spirit of togetherness.’

    Many blessings to all!

  5. Kim: first of all, thank you. february felt incredible but march has been kicking my ass. thank you for all the insights and pointers. i may have experienced my very first “9 day initiation”–from feeling vibrant, healthy, strong, and very very aware and thankful for it, to a case of whiplash that put me out for several days (pretty much 9 days as i look at the calendar).

    this idea of community has been big in my heart and mind. also, how to free ourselves from the stripmall, big box, retail world for something a whole lot more satisfying. all i got was living in the woods like gypsies. not sure i can handle that. 🙂

    Biren: i too want to engage with others in a way that isn’t “me telling you what to do” or “you telling me what to do”. that kind of sharing has been on my mind for months as well. i do hope you can share more of that part of your journey if you are able.

    • here i am. thnx kim.

      eve… like you, i hv been dancing around with the ‘urge of community’ – inside me, and outside in my life.
      my strong need for individualism makes this especially challenging for me – to understand the paradox of my 2 seemingly opposite urges, and to balance the 2 outwardly.

      this is an image i recently ‘saw’, which explained an aspect of the paradox i grapple with:

      i saw our human-world as a container filled with various atoms. and each of us was striving to be ‘hydrogen molecules’
      (we seem to hv arbitarily decided that hydrogen molecule is the ‘best’ or ‘perfect’ state of being that we need to strive for).
      each of us was seeing human community as ‘a container of hydrogen’: the best way to be together… to stay together… was to be a ‘collection’ of indistinguishable hydrogen molecules.

      this is not only impossible, it is stupid too – every atom trying to change into hydrogen atom, or form a hydrogen molecule.

      when the oxygen atom stays rooted (happy n joyous) in its nature, and hydrogen in its own… the community that forms is ‘water’.
      the community doesnot form ‘in spite of’ both retaining their ‘nature’; it forms BECAUSE they retain their individual-ised nature – even in, and as, the community.

      *flash 2*
      this doesnot mean that the moment oxygen and hydrogen come in contact, ‘water’ develops; no.

      the oxygen and hydrogen atoms float around freely in the container, staying, being, living along with many others…
      till a catalyst – a moment, event, entity, etc. – comes along… a specific condition develops… for the communion that forms water…

      i would like to break here.
      felt like continuing as a response to whatever response that comes up here.

      • Biren,
        Thank you for your thoughts! They do have meaning for me.

        “my strong need for individualism makes this especially challenging for me – to understand the paradox of my 2 seemingly opposite urges, and to balance the 2 outwardly.”

        — this is a challenge for me as well. i am supremely comfortable in a warm room all alone…until i am not. i think as i am learning to check in with my body and its abilities and to trust my intuition my *hiding* will diminish. unfortunately following my body’s needs doesn’t seem to time well with that outside world schedule. and that is a process all its own, right? of trusting that i will be where i need to be when the time is right for me.

        –in reading your words about hydrogen and oxygen it made me think of a book i just read: where good ideas come from. the author talks about the “adjacent possible”. we wouldn’t have our life on earth if hydrogen hadn’t been just what it is at the time that it was and oxygen being what it is at the time that it was.

        our current culture seems to limit, diminish, and prevent the free flowingness that creates adjacent possibility. so i wonder how we can create more and more “adjacent possibilities”. so what we need is limitlessness and growth and encouragement to our possibilities and the creativity that flows from different forms coming together in that limitless, growing, encouraging way.

        so what would that look like in a community? kind of a fractal-ing out of communication and connection and creativity is what i’m seeing at the moment.

        i’ve been interesting in the *art of hosting* which supposedly takes on mediation and change in a way that all parties are heard and the “wicked questions” are asked. but my interest actually hasn’t taken me any further than perking up when it’s mentioned. but it may be of interest to you if you have not heard of it.

        looking forward to more conversation. thank you!

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  7. @Debra, Eve…
    you wouldn’t come close to knowing how much your words helped me steele my resolve…
    thank you.

    eve… it’s nice to know that the trials and tiumphs of my journey could be meaningful to someone else too.
    how, or where, do you think we can converse about that? this ‘comment section’ seems unwieldy…

  8. Biren you can click the reply button next the the name and start a ‘nested’ type of conversation. (Run your mouse over to see it). If it works for you, it would be great for the rest of us to share what you have to say. <3

  9. Thanks all for your comments. Eve I just wanted to mention the strip mall issue. As we’ve become very sensitised to anything that is ‘toxic’ to us – whether it be emotional, environmental, political, physical – we are becoming very aware of what doesn’t feel good for us. That is mostly from Saturn’s time with Haumea in Gate 57, but also it’s stronger now with the activations to the Gate of Innocence (25) in the Ji Centre. Anything lacking in soul feels wrong. We don’t have to take it into ourselves, just note it and move on. Taking it in is the old way that has been causing us pain. We’re finding a new way to create change now.

    • So, I wonder, as I note it and appear to also take it in that what I get if I just note and move on is that I’m moving on to….*nothing*….there’s nothing there. Except for the sense that what once would have been someone’s personal joy–for example: owning a shop where kids could paint plates & cups & bowls, has been standardized and populated with disgruntled teens who hate kids and parents desperate for something to do that looks like being together.

      Ok, off to try more of this “noting and moving on”.

        • eve… i think, what kim calls the ‘nothingness’ is what the hostings in ‘art of hosting’ are designed to create.

          like you, i too have just been ‘perking up with mild excitement’ about art of hosting… and i haven’t given it attention and space – either in my mind, or life – for it to take root.
          maybe i am waiting for the time or trigger from my ‘ji centre’, to take it in deeply, or to dive into it.

  10. God (in no gender form)
    God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change
    the courage to change the things I can
    And the wisdom to know the difference
    for I wish to be the change I want to see in the world

  11. Hi Kimberly,
    You did here poor old ra passed away on sat 5.30 gmt,I know you trained under zeno,I was just woundering if you had anywords,you always have prefect words.


    • Hi Maeve,

      Yes I did hear about it, with his Sun and Moon in Gate 51 – the Gate of Shock – we might have expected him to go suddenly, leaving everyone in a state of shock! I never met Ra, and I feel sad that now I have lost that opportunity. It’s quite a watershed moment for the global Human Design community. He was such a powerful paternal figure of authority and direction, and leaves a huge vacuum. I am so very interested to see how the community constellates itself in his absence. I know that many, many people who were inspired by Ra to discover better lives will be grieving deeply, as will his family. A true initiator, I’m sure he will be profoundly missed.

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  13. wow, this time period given for the 9th wave almost exactly frames what was a very intense transformational period in my life… it brought things out in me that I did not know where there, yet how funny, because it felt more like I was remembering things, like something was being broken open and restored at the same time. Thanks for this juicy summary, so interesting to read in hindsight.

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