The world is going to hell in a handbasket. Or something like that. But we don’t have to go with it because we’re the ones leading the way out of here.  Right now the challenge we face is our need to connect with others when deep down we feel terrified that we’re doing it all wrong.  The spectre of rejection and critisism hides beneath our every interaction just now.

As the Moon passes over Neptune, Snow White and Chiron in the Gate of Abundance and Luminosity (55) later today, Venus will be square Pluto. Here is my excellent image to explain it.

Can you follow that :).  The green rays show Venus and Pluto square.  The yellow is Neptune, Chiron and the Moon.

Gate 17 is a very interesting energy.  It connects to the Spleen Centre, and is the place where our mind tells us what is what according to what we’ve experienced in the past.  So that we don’t live life like Drew Barrymore in 50 First Dates we have this system that references back to the past and gives us the benefit of experience.  And not just our own experience, but everything stored in our DNA.  But our DNA is a bit screwy just now because we’ve sort of shifted realities without our DNA being terribly aware of it.  Hence our normal responses are a bit off beam.

My 13 year old daughter’s been talking to me a bit about how confusing people seem just at the moment.  I explained that they are surrounded by a green jelly that turns everything she says and does into something that fits with their version of reality.  So their responses don’t really have too much to do with what she put out. They truly believe that she said what they heard.  Not true at all.  That helped!

We only experience confusion when we clutch at security rather than opening cleanly into the moment.  And security is a big issue just now as we have a load of activations sitting between the Root and the Solar Plexus Centre.  We feel emotionally sensitive and not quite sure how we are being perceived.  Are we safe if we say this?  If we do that?

An astrological square is where we feel like we’re mixing oil and water.  Pluto is in the Root Centre in the Gate of Joy (58.4).  We have particular ideas about what makes us happy, but Pluto has other ideas.  We can truly trust Pluto even though he often has us feeling like we’re being crushed between a rock and a hard place.  Let go of trying to control where he’s taking you and enjoy the journey. Allow yourself to start moving along Pluto’s fault line and watch the magic happen. After all, Persephone became Queen of the Underworld after she surrendered to him, and she quite enjoyed that I suspect!

Venus is in the Gate of Leading and Following.  What if you don’t have all the answers?  What if you don’t have all the details?  What if you’re wrong?  Who cares?  Let’s be completely imperfect and let’s congratulate each other for how imperfectly we are communicating with each other.  After all, one person’s imperfection is another’s paradise. Throw your craziest ideas out there and let’s get on with creating something delicious from them!




Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.