The asteroid Vesta is bringing our focus to our own soul needs at the moment, and this may be putting a strain on relationships.

Vesta represents our need to focus on ourselves to the exclusion of all else.  People with strong Vesta’s in their chart tend to be passionate about a cause or their career.  Germaine Greer is a good example, with Vesta in 13  creating a channel with her Earth in 33.  When Vesta makes a contact in a composite (relationship) chart, we would tend to see a shared focus on career. It’s not really the place you want to look for a love interest.

So when Vesta wanders around the Throat Centre, as she is now, it doesn’t bode well for shared intimacy.  Except in one area, and that’s experimental or sacred sexuality.  Vesta is not a monogamous kind of girl.  She represents sexual repression (and we could include monogamy there perhaps) or sexual freedom at all costs.

In August this year Vesta was in Gate 35, the expression of sexual experimentation and I saw a reported increase in extra marital affairs and orgy or group sex activity. Most often however, Vesta will have us drawing back our energy into a more individually focused place.  A healthy Vesta will not compromise herself, and only operates from the sacred.

Vesta is currently in another Throat Gate – the Gate of Standstill – where Heaven and Earth move away from each other.

Nothing moves, nothing grows, communication doesn’t happen, everything is negated or blocked.  

If we are unable to be met at the level of the sacred self in relationship, we cannot move or grow.  If our intimate partner can’t or won’t communicate at that level then we are negated and our soul is blocked.  Who are you when your partner cannot see you?  What can you do when your relationship appears to hold no creative possibilities?  It’s not that you’re doing anything wrong.  There is no need to strive to overcome the situation, but simply to go about the everyday small details of your sacred self.  Focus on the quality of communication rather than the cleverness of words, of of using conversation to score points.  Be aware of any sense of sacrifice – are you sacrificing something that is no longer of value to you, or have you wandered into an old conditioned martyrdom where your sexual and creativity energy is stifled.

The Vestal Virgins were charged with connecting humanity to the Goddess, through two rituals – the vestal flame and sacred sexuality.  These represent creativity and sexuality – very Sacral themes.  Consider how your sacral energy feels just now, and where it may be blocked, especially be aware of anywhere you may have cut yourself off from beauty, making do with a thin and inadequate substitute.

Vesta is challenging us to sort through our lives and identify the soulful aspects of our relationships.  Another important asteroid, Pallas, is in the adjoining gate 22. Together they are telling us to reveal ourselves to express what is beautiful, pure and simple within us, to share it.  If we find it is not received then it may be time to release ourselves from that relationship and move on.  Regardless of how we are received, it’s time for us to realise that our honest presence and commitment are always enough.


Img:  “In the Temple of Vesta” by C. Hölscher, 1902  ~

Kim Gould is founder of and Creator of EmergentHuman.Design.

She enjoys keeping her world-wide community on the emergent edge of consciousness, since 2003 on the blog.